Dems & RINOs Get Together to Legalize Illegals

On Sunday, Democrats and Republicans announced that they will be putting forth a one-step bipartisan bill which will put down a path to allow some 22-31 million illegal aliens living in the United States to not face the consequences of their illegal actions, but rather be placed on a road to citizenship. A six member group in the Senate is working on the legislation.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) told Fox News Sunday that, “We are committed to a comprehensive approach to immigration that we can live with."

“Sitting in these meetings with three Democrats and three Republicans, working on this immigration issue has been as encouraging as the rules vote on Thursday night," he said.

“We are trying to work our way through some very difficult issues but we are committed to working on a comprehensive approach to finally in this country have an immigration law we can live with,” he added.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told Fox he is optimistic but “details matter.”

“We’re at the talking points stage,” he said. “We need to get to the legislation.”

On ABC's This Week, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said, “I’m quietly optimistic we can get it done.”

Many of the usual culprits in legislation like this, are South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez, and Florida Republican Marco Rubio.

Heading the subcommittee is New York Democrat Chuck Schumer.

The Hill reports,

Rubio in the past supported a piecemeal approach, however. And while Rubio has openly discussed a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, he has included strict caveats.

Rubio would grant temporary legal status to those who passed background checks, underwent fingerprinting, demonstrated English skills, and could prove having an extended residence in the country. These newly legalized immigrants could apply for permanent residency leading to citizenship but would not receive any expedited consideration. They would have to apply through the same channels as aspiring immigrants outside the nation’s borders.

Rubio’s purported plan received an important endorsement from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) last week.

President Obama is also preparing to launch a major push for comprehensive immigration reform with a speech in Las Vegas next week, where he is expected to outline his proposals.

The obvious problem that this presents is that it rewards people for being criminals. It doesn't impose penalties and punishments for breaking the law in America, so why should we expect such people to follow any of the other laws in our land if they won't follow one of the most basic for those coming to America? Keep that in mind in case Marco Rubio's name comes up for nomination in 2016 and keep it in mind when others such as Lindsey Graham come up for re-election in 2014. We already know that Democrats need to go.

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  • Tian Parnther

    As an immigrant who is a proud American citizen, I the idea that illegal immigrants have access to anything, is still something I'm still trying to comprehend. I'm will to stand corrected if I am wrong, but isn't it a Federal Offense to enter this country illegally? This is a violation of Federal law, because immigration is a part of Federal law.There are some laws that we don't enforce or at least enforce them enough such that they are effective. One of the things that can be done is to enforce this E-verify law with every employer or company that hires people. If anyone can't work, they will have a hard time eating. Then they must go some where else. However I know that this government will not deport 11-18 million illegal immigrants. However we must take into consideration people like me and family who came here LEGALLY, and the millions of others who are still in their home countries around the world working through paper work and fees are being shafted by passing any type of amnesty! It does not matter how light it is! The only thing left to do with illegal immigrants is divide them into groups. First you have to sort out those that are in colleges and universities. If we let them stay, (unless they earned an academic scholarship), they pay the out of state fees like the other citizens. Once they graduate (if they chose to stay) they have to pay fines (however because of their college loans, those fines could be reduced by 10%. For the ones that are in the military, they are the only ones that could stay with little or no fines. Then there are the smart ones that work in the high technology industry, such as science and engineering. With the money they make, they can afford to pay back all the taxes and fines for are the years they have been hear illegally. Then you have the ones that work out in the fields picking fruit or on factory floors, landscaping and etc.. Give them temporary or season work permits. After the work permits are expired, they either go back home or go to jail. They can apply for citizenship, but they have to go to the end of the line lack everybody else. For those illegals that don't fit in any of these categories, then they must leave.

  • Shell

    This goes far beyond just illegals, welfare, and drugs ... the "open borders" allow Islam to walk into America. This is a lawless, renegade US gov't giving comfort and aid to our enemy, and aiding them w/ funding and strategy to establish their caliphate. God help us all ...

  • ste1021

    McCain is at it again. Can't wait to make American citizens compete with millions of illegals for jobs. And just wait til they are getting health care and welfare paid by YOU.

  • matism

    Rubio has shown himself to be just another Shrub. May he rot where he belongs, along with the REST of the jackasses-in-elephant-suits.

  • Backhoe

    That is hust all we need, 11 million illegal families on food stamps and welfare to break down America.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Republican Congressmen are very short sighted. The amnesty bid is to elect Jeb Bush in 2016, Jeb along with his Mexican wife. But supposing enough Republicans can hold their noses to elect Jeb, what after his 4-8 years in the presidency? Who can Republicans elect after amnesty? Republicans will only be able to elect a minority or a mixed racial couple, which is a sad commentary on the Republican Party. The ability to elect only a minority or a mixed racial couple is wrong. Jindal was correct in reporting what the Democrats have been saying all along: Republicans are the "Stupid Party". Illegal aliens are not what Republicans need to give amnesty. What Republican need to give amnesty is "WAR".

  • Davison Horst

    Stop the companies from hiring them, with draconian penalties if necessary toward the companies, and cut off all social benefits to them. They will self deport. If we allow these illegals to stay here and become citizens then the Republican party will never win another election. Don't these idiot rhinos know this?