Deaf Man Stabbed Because Sign Language Mistaken To Be Gang Signs

Burington, North Carolina police are saying that 45-year-old Terrance Ervin Daniels was stabbed several times after another man mistook his sign language to another deaf man for gang signs.

According to Sgt. Mark Yancey, Daniels was engaged in a "conversation" using sign language with another deaf man when a third man, 22-year-old Robert Jerell Neal, saw it and assumed the two men were flashing gang signs to each other. He then grabbed a kitchen knife and proceeded to stab Daniels, but not the other man.

A neighbor saw Daniels and called for an ambulance. Daniels was rushed to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill and was in stable condition after the crime on Wednesday.

Neal was arrested by police and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, and felony assault on a handicapped person.

He's in the Alamance County jail on a $500,000 bond.

Chapel Hill is the home of liberals in North Carolina and so far, there have been no calls from the Left to ban knives.

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  • 1_Eddie_1

    Oh the humanity! Those nasty knives are evil! Did it have black scales (handles)? Why, I bet if that man didn't have access to that knife, he could not have stabbed that deaf man. Thus we need common sense knife control! You can still have knives, really..... You can have all the knives you want. The only thing is that they can not be any longer than 1 inch in length.

  • obhfwb

    Gangs are the democrats strong hold on law abiding citizens who they want disarmed.

  • Jerry Morgan

    Maybe American Citizens should demand a ban on “SIGN LANGUAGE”

    Seriously though, Gangs have grown to the point that any person with a gang TAT should be arrested and have the burden of proving they are not in a gang. Unable to prove that along with the TAT should be admission of guilt for the crimes required to be a member of a gang. Deport those who are not Natural Born Citizens to the country of their origin. Others should pay the price to society for those Gang required crimes. No trial needed since the TAT is their confession. Something to think about!

  • tarantula27c

    I agree with "fliteking" those "Liberal Fools" believe everyone has good intentions and actually care about their fellow man, and there aren't people with bad intentions. That naivety will get you killed when you least expect it. Put yourself in that situation and "wish you had protection" won't help! Wise up "Liberal Fools".........Gun Free Zones .....invite the crazies, because they are cowards and those gang bangers and their boyfriends.

  • Towncar07

    It shows what ignorance can intelligent person would see and hear (the deaf talk in a certain way) and recognize sign language...the IGNORANT just see gang sign and have to retaliate...shows what the horror of baboon IQ can do...and I'm being unfair to the baboon.

  • RonMar

    Idiot! Barbarian, unworthy to be in our society, as are those who are silent on this stabbing and siding with the idiot, glad that the deaf man or his friend had no weapon with which to defend themselves and each other.

  • Shutter

    Assault knives should be behind locked glass counters and anyone wishing to own one should have to register with the city/state and fingerprinted. How about making smart knives so that they can only be used by the purchaser?

  • J J

    This isn't a new story but....i s there going to be outrage about this now?? Is there going to be an inquisition on knives now?? What's next - baseball bats???

  • Nate Lenz

    'Chapel Hill is the home of liberals in North Carolina and so far, there have been no calls from the Left to ban knives.'

    However, there are rumors that there will be a demand for ASL-control.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Wow. I've seen this story circulated for years, but it has always been "urban legend." Truth is stranger than fiction, what?

    • fliteking

      Your comment is stupid.

      This is not an 'urban legend' , it is a recent report on an incident concerning a disabled man being viciously assaulted and nearly killed.

      What the he11 is wrong with you Liberals ?

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      I did not mean to suggest that this way urban legend, simply that I had heard of it before as such. As to the rest of your original post which you either you or the mods edited:

      "What the he11 is wrong with Liberals these days?"
      Nothing that hasn't always been wrong with them!

      "I saw your previous posts.It only took a few seconds to figure you out, liberals are so simple.

      1. You are a sweaty fat white liberal who lives with a senior family member and sponges off their retirement. "

      Wrong as could be. In point of fact I am the senior family member, and am proud to help support 6 children, a son-in-law, and a grandson all under one large and wholly-owned roof.

      "2. You assumed a effeminate user name because you think it fools people, and somehow it feels good to you. "

      Wronger than I'm even going to bother with.

      3. You feel whatever you say somehow magically comes true, so no need to view the facts.
      Then how come that vacuous Sock Puppet is still in the Oval Office?

      You make coffee and sweep up down at the OWS office, which makes you
      feel important. You would do anything requested to be noticed at OWS."

      I'm an attorney. And I think most here would join me in a resounding "Ffkk the Fleabaggers!"

      "5. You like to find specific groups of people who are different than you and then demonize them (See your former posts.) "

      No, as I say, I simply dislike flood-trolling. It is selfish and ignorant.

      "6. You have no girlfriend, and frankly would 'settle' for a boyfriend at this point. "
      Does a wife of 30 years count as a girlfriend? Do YOU know what the psychological phenomenon of "projection" is?

      I'll just repeat for good measure, What the he11 is wrong with Liberals these days?
      I'll repeat -- nothing that hasn't been wrong with them for the last hundred years.

      "How do you benefit by minimizing a crime on a disabled person? "
      I don't and I didn't.

      "We'll be speaking again."

      Threats? So soon? Why so insecure? Glad to see you're following me.In any case, do feel free to check out the Club, especially if you like Angel Cartwright or Mark Goddard.

    • fliteking

      No threats, none at all, I bet I pegged it though.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Reading comprehension is obviously not your strong suit either. Don't worry, I'm not going to waste any more pixels on you.

      Maybe you hit a wrong button or something, but otherwise explain this in my email:

      Hi Penny Robinson Fan Club,

      fliteking is now following your activity on Disqus.

      Check out fliteking's Disqus profile at:

      If you'd like, click the "Follow" button to have fliteking's activity appear in your dashboard.

      The Disqus Team


      No thanks. Oh, had one of those from Raymond, too. Hi, Raymond.

      Just one last thing, to set your mind at ease, I am a conservative Republican, of the classical William F. Buckley school, and sometimes I do despair to seeing how far down the ladder Republican media personalities have crept and the bases they appeal to.

      Do you even know who Buckley was?

  • fliteking

    The liberals are glad Terrance Ervin Daniels did not have a gun to defend himself.

    What is wrong with you liberals anyway, were you born with brains?

  • Drifanwulf

    This reminds me of a similar incident in California where a deaf couple were shot by a gang member for the same reason. Authorities should lock Neal away for the rest of his life.

  • retiredmillwright

    Always carry in the city, the cities are ate up with violent gang style people and drugs. You might have to save a good person from one of these kind of people when the police aren't about. Things aren't good at all in the big cities. Early one morning in Dallas Texas I once saw about twenty street people come out from under one over pass where they had spent the night. As America spends it's self to death things are just going to get worse.