Daughters Of American Revolution Deny Taking References To Jesus Christ & God Out Of Official Literature

The Daughters of the American Revolution, their motto being "God, Home, and Country," has come under attack from anonymous sources claiming that they are removing all references to God and Christianity from its official books. Of course, their website still bears the motto.

In a press release dated January 3, 2013, DAR press contact Bren Landon responded to the anonymous accusations with the following statement:

NSDAR is disappointed to learn that false and incorrect information has recently been circulated regarding the 2011 edition of the DAR Ritual and Missal and the use of the name Jesus Christ in prayers and other ceremonial events of the National Society. The purpose of this message is to clarify NSDAR’s position on the matter for anyone who has not previously viewed the blogs written by President General Merry Ann T. Wright.

She then took on two of the issues that were brought up, stating:

First, the question was posed by a national media group that if the motto of DAR is God, Home and Country, then “…why is DAR taking out references to God…” in its printed material. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as currently written, the 113 page Ritual and Missal contains over 300 references to “Almighty God,” “Great God our King” (America hymn), “Our Heavenly Father,” “Heavenly Father,” “God of Hosts,” “God,” “Lord,” “Eternal God,” “Your Holy Spirit,” “Lord your God,” “Gracious Lord,” “Almighty and Everlasting God,” “Gracious Father,” and similar variations.

Second, the allegation has been leveled that Chaplains and others have been told not to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Again, this is an absolute falsehood. Each Chaplain and other officers are strongly encouraged to create their own prayers into which they may insert the name of Jesus Christ as deemed appropriate for the occasion and the audience.

Additionally, she posted what the President General, Merry Ann T. Wright, wrote in her blog concerning the matter on April 10, 2012. "The Executive Officers believe that the new Ritual and Missal can be used by members of any faith, substituting words as they wish, changing the prayers to suit the needs of the meeting in which they are being used," she wrote. "At our Executive meetings, knowing that we are all Christian, we pray in the Name of Jesus," wrote Wright. "When those are present whose faith is unknown, we pray in God’s name. However, we all recognize that when Christians pray in God’s name we are, indeed, praying in Christ’s name because the Christian faith believes in the Trinity of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We also understand that our Jewish members know God as Jehovah or Yahweh, Muslim members use the name Allah for God and there are those whose spirituality may have a still different higher power or none at all."

"We have in no way mandated that one must or must not use the name of Jesus Christ in the prayers," she continued. "In our DAR rituals, prayers are included. Most of the prayers begin with “Our Father” or “Almighty God” and end “in Your Holy Name.” Christ’s prayer, known as The Lord’s Prayer, the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, Easter and Passover prayers and prayers for other religious observances are included."

Ms. Landon points out that the above citation from Wright's blog post "addresses the last major falsehood: that the name of Christ has been totally removed from the Ritual and Missal. That simply is not the case."

She then appeals to First Amendment.

This article is to correct the previous one which was merely citing Todd Starnes of Fox News (see below). My appreciation for a DAR member who posted informing me of the press release. I'll leave the video from Fox up below.

However, what I want Christians to realize is that the First Amendment and the Daughters of the American Revolution are naively embracing pluralism. It appears from the President General's own writing that she is indicating that one religion is just as valid as another and that Jesus Christ is simply one among many gods. After all, she is allowing for "God's name" to be prayed when others of unknown beliefs are present. This is all the more reason to put forth the name of Christ, not hide from it.

While I am glad that they are not restricting Christians in following their consciences in these matters, it should be disturbing that other gods may be brought to the table as though they are equal to the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who are a part of the organization may not forced to pray, they are therefore not forced to pray in someone's name. By accommodating Jews and Muslims in the manner they are doing is diminishing the glory of Jesus Christ and counting Him as just another god among many. Jesus Christ is the Yahweh of the Old Testament. He is Jehovah, and Allah has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ at all. For it is at the name of Jesus that every knee shall bow (Jew, Gentile, and yes, even Muhammad and his followers) to the glory of God the Father.

Finally, before you think that too harsh, I have to ask, if you are a Christian in the organization and a Muslim enters and wishes to lead in prayer in the name of Allah, are you going to pray or would you humbly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to him or her? The same is true of Jews. What will your stand be?

Here's the interview with Todd Starnes, from Fox News radio appearing on Fox and Friends on Thursday.

UPDATE: Joel McDurmon of American Vision News writes:

So, technically, Jesus has not been “banned” for those who practice in Christian-only groups and choose to insert the name Jesus themselves. But, as an organization, Jesus has been set as one among equals in the American Pantheon as just one more name for the same higher power.

Of course, for those who are aware of the history and nature of Freemasonry, and who can see that DAR is something of a spin-off or cognate to the women’s version of Freemasonry known as the Order of the Eastern Star, this whole thing will make sense. Not only will it make sense, you will wonder why this move did not happen much sooner, say in 1890 when the organization was founded.

Now if Christians would just recognize that this was the nature of the mindset among the most important leaders of our Constitutional Framing era, they would begin to understand much of why America has slowly declined, religiously speaking. It was set up legally to do so.

UPDATE: DAR is finally catching up and being consistent with the American Revolution. Read Dr. Gary North's assessment of it here.

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  • BeagleDawg

    The DAR President General is a hypocrite if you look at all the published rituals the name of Jesus has been removed. This was done under her direction without any input from the DAR membership. The members were basically told that their input was not needed as she was elected President and that was all that is necessary. Sounds very Democratic to me. How many muslims and jews were part of the American Revolution???? Why should members cater to a minority group that has no connection to the American Revolution????

  • Elizabeth Topp Klammer

    DAR is not a spin-off of the Masons or Eastern Star. I am a member of OES and DAR. I an also the Chaplain of my DAR chapter. Fact: no one has ever told me not to use a reference to Jesus in any of our prayers. We open all meetings with a prayer. I have the freedom of choosing the prayers and do so.

  • cathilee

    This story is false. I am the Regent of a DAR Chapter. No State or National Officer can tell a chapter how to pray. They are not required to use a certain DAR Devotion guide. There are many guides dating to 1903 and a chapter can use any of them.
    2011 DAR Devotion Booklet (the most recent version) Prayer V:

    O God, our Creator, we come before You in the consciousness of our mortality, recognizing the shortness of our life-span and our insignificance in Your boundless universe. Humbly we give thanks to You that You have set Your love upon us through Christ, our Savior, so that our sentence of death is changed into an offer of life and we have the hope of resurrection and of glory. Let this Holy Season be for us a time ofself-realization, deep humility and thankfulness for the sacrifice of Your blessed Son, by whom our salvation for everlasting life was made. Amen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whlcat Karen Walters Griffee

    With all the 'political correctness', we may as wel just call any organization 'a club' and any religiion 'a meeting'. Our government doesn't seem to allow any criteria for membership, nor any rules as to what is taught in them.

  • We the people....

    This is deplorable! How dare they! The founding fathers of this country and those who fought in the revolution were christian or jews. There were NO muslims in this country fighting for our freedom. The only way to become a member in this organization is to be a DAUGHTER of a person who fought in the American Revolution. How dare they make this open to muslims! What on earth is the motive behind all this in the first place?Disgusting.......

  • Hiddeninplanesight

    Ummmm... Could the "anonymous sources" reasoning be based on the "star" on DAR's logo, which is really an inverted pentagram? ( upside down star- satanic symbol) Wonder when they started using that?

    • har82

      If they include - other - Gods , then they do not believe in the 1 ,, true God. It is written , - There shall be no other gods before me - ,, isn't it ??. I take that to mean - literally - . :)

  • CatLadyHouston

    I hope this information reaches enough people who will no longer support this false Christian organization. Christianity is a total belief an acceptance that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and he is not the same as Allah, or any other pagen leaders such a Budda. To say Chaplains cannot pray in Jesus Name makes your organization issuing these rulings an unChristian organization. I will never support anything the DAR are involved in.

  • Diane Logan

    So now they will offend Jesus Christ so as to appease those who have no respect for Jesus or His place as part of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Their ancestors who actually were the revolution must be rolling over in their graves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Inman/100001461957539 Mike Inman

    As the son of a long time and very active DAR member I can see no reason whatsoever to include any consideration whatsoever of Muslims inasmuch as there were NONE who were a part of our Revolution and any descendent of one of these patriots who would marry a Muslim commits a denial of all that is good of our Revolution and ought not to be in the organization in the first place.

    • Ladybug

      Amen and amen!

    • Granny


  • agbjr

    "... our Jewish members know God as Jehovah or Yahweh, Muslim members use the name Allah for God ..."

    There is no question Jews lived in the Colonies and fought side-by-side with Christians for independence; check the web site of America's oldest temple, Congregation Jeshuat Israel / Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island: http://tourosynagogue.org/. George Washington himself spoke highly of the Jewish patriots he personally knew. But ... Muslims? To be a member of the DAR a woman must provide incontrovertible proof of direct ancestors living in pre-1776 American Colonies; not hard for Jews and Christians to prove. Pennsylvania had the Quakers, Maryland Roman Catholics, North and South Carolina Scots Presbyterians but prove to me exactly what colony was home to Muslims?

  • Harold

    If this true then they should get honest and drop ",Daughters of the American Revolution" and call thenselves what they really , 'Daughters of Obama's Revolution against America,"

  • johnstephano

    Why are they even talking about Muslims and Allah. I doubt Muslims had anything to do with the American Revolution, where would the linage come from for a Muslim to be able to join?

    • Doris C

      Yes Johnstephano. Where indeed/ There were no muslims in the revolution.obama likes to keep telling us how muslims have improved and made America beautiful.Wrong.

    • Granny

      Proof that the devil never sleeps.

  • DandBA

    The extent to which some will go to be "politically correct" is truly appalling. The scriptures prophesied that the name and person of Jesus Christ would be attacked in just the way it is happening now. I suppose President General Wright (what a title) wants to be with those of the "in" crowd who are making one huge mistake. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED! You can take that to the bank, President General Wright. And may God have mercy on your soul.

  • sha49tn

    Yet those leading prayer can change the wording, & INSERT to fit whoever is at the meetings? If that's not denying Christ, then what is? If any Muslim, Buddhist, etc is a member of this society, why? I don't remember any of those cults being present during the Revolution. If they were, they weren't on OUR side, since they don't believe in God OR Jesus. Disgraceful!

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      I agree that there is a denial of Christ. What they are claiming is that they are not removing "Jesus" or "God" from official documents

  • KingofThings

    They need a roofpreader at Freedom Outpost.

  • lorri

    In JESUS NAME, need I say any more?

  • DAR member
    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      Thank you. I have corrected the information and also replied to the polytheistic nature of what has been expressed by the President General.

    • Doris C

      I believe your article has it right. I think that ppolitical correctness is ruining many an organization proclaiming God our king to be revered and led by. See girl scouts and the trouble boy scouts are having trying to keep their values

  • DAR member

    please do the research

  • http://www.facebook.com/PalinECoalition Palin ECoalition

    Then they need to change the name of their organization also, because they are not worthy to be called Daughters of the God-fearing men who fought in the American Revolution. These men were of the Christian and Jewish faith, and our Constitution was founded on JudeoChristian principles. The Holy Bible was used as a textbook in pioneer schools, and now they try to exclude it also.