Citizens To Demand City Council Opppose NDAA & Patriot Act

Many states are going through nullification of several federal laws, including the Affordable Care Act and the National Authorization Act. Now PANDA (People Against the NDAA) has a chapter that is taking the fight to the local level, requesting that the City Council of Sunbury, Pennsylvania issue "an ordinance to uphold the Bill of Rights and interpose against the unconstitutional indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012."

According to a press release from PANDA, "On Monday, January 28th, citizens, including members from groups such as the Susquehanna Valley Liberty Alliance, the Sunbury chapter of PANDA (People Against the NDAA), Oath Keepers, and the ACLU, along with the Constable of Sunbury's 9th Ward will be presenting the Sunbury City Council and Mayor with an ordinance to uphold the Bill of Rights and interpose against the unconstitutional indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, also known as NDAA."

The press release reminds us that "in March 2012 Pennsylvania State Constable Ed Quiggle, Jr., the elected Constable for Sunbury's 9th Ward, signed a resolution opposing, and requiring non-cooperation with enforcement of, the NDAA and PATRIOT Act."

Pennsylvania also has two other counties, Fulton County and Elk County, which have signed legislation that opposes the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA.

After Quiggle's signing of the resolution he distributed copies to the City Council and urged them to act on NDAA, but as of today they have not.

Dan Johnson writes "Sunbury Councilmen Eister and Troup have been asked if they would consider such legislation during appearances on local radio shows. Both councilmen have stated they would consider supporting such legislation. During a recent appearance on WKOK, Sunbury Mayor David Persing said he didn't know enough about the NDAA and asked for more information. So far, Councilman Joe Bartello is the only member of the council to show strong support for passing an ordinance to oppose the NDAA."

Outside of Pennsylvania states such as Virginia and Utah have passed legislation expressing opposition to the the NDAA's indefinite detention provisions, and many more states are currently considering similar legislation. States such as Arizona and Rhode Island are among some of the states whose legislatures had passed legislation against NDAA during last year’s sessions, but were not fully passed and enacted. Anti-NDAA legislation is expected to be introduced in Pennsylvania's General Assembly during the current legislative session. Cities, counties, and even Sheriffs across the country have taken action to interpose against the unconstitutional provisions of the NDAA.

The movement to bring this to the local level is truly grassroots. The Sunbury chapter of PANDA and the Susquehanna Valley Liberty Alliance are urging all citizens to attend the City Council meeting on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 6pm. They are asking that citizens come together to demand the council pass the ordinance as soon as possible. They are also encouraging citizens to contact the members of the council, as well as, the Mayor to ask them to support the proposed ordinance.

Listen as Jim Stachowiac interviews Dan Johnson of PANDA about the NDAA on

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98 thoughts on “Citizens To Demand City Council Opppose NDAA & Patriot Act

  1. The New World Order is flaunting its illegal powers focusing its attention to the United States the last big prize in their totalitarian agenda, where our government leaders by their silence and compliance turns out to be bed fellows with this international political cabal. Why not the citizen outrage hasn't surfaced earlier when this bill was first introduced is the big outstanding question? This bill is just one of many that is changing the liberty freedom foundation of our nation as created by our founding fathers in 1776. Speak out or sell out, the choice is yours, time is of the essence.

  2. daveveselenak says:

    This is exactly what is needed! There must be a ground up resistance movement to these NWO-ist communist punk^ss lilliputians that are out to enslave America! Rock on! These micreants MUST be made to fear "US" instead of "US' fearing them which equates to TYRANNY! The -------------------------------- in the sand has been drawn by them so the ensuing chaos will be their responsibility! 1776...1776...1776!

  3. This Aritcle should have posted PANDA's web site. We need to bring this to all 88 Countries in Ohio...NOW..!!! This way We the People in Ohio will konw who is a Commie on our City and County Boards, and support Oboozo Communist Agenda, and who is a Patriot...!!!

  4. WE all need to get togather and demand the removal of OBAMA,BIDEN,FEINSTEIN from office and try all three of them of TREASON and sentence all three to LIFE PLUS THREE DAYS IN GITMO ON BREAD AND WATER RATIONS ONLY.

  5. Thanks to all of you that responded to my question. Now, on to Annapolis for the show down on February 6. SB 281, total gun grab legislation.

  6. Will Brazil ban night clubs now after this tragedy?

  7. This is great and I hope other towns and cities take up the banner of self govenment when the Fed government keeps taking our freedoms away. Resist and gain power in numbers across the country.

  8. Smart thing to do is.......simply pull out of the UN. WE don't have to listen to their agenda. WE CAN be a power by ourselves WE have allies that WILL stand with us. The UN has NO POWER within itself. The UN....wants to bully....but has no power to do it. The USA DOES NOT have to listen to them. ALSO.....they shoudln't listen to the dead head.HE puts ideas into their heads. IF WE listen to the UN and dead head.....WE WILL NO LONGER BE A FREE COUNTRY.

  9. i FELL A GOOD MOVE ON THE RIGHT;; if he declares a national emergency his a666 better be in Kenya. He needs to take Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunn, Valerie Jarrett and the rest of his communist pigs with him;; he may get to live a long an communist life in Indonesia.

  10. Remember bottom up top down.. I think Obama is pushing for an excuse to declare a National emergency. and bring out the troops.

  11. There are so many strands of this web - including Agenda 21, FEMA camps, and the unconstitutional power-grab by Obsama...We MUST act while we can, or evil legislation, regulations, and Executive Orders will be our undoing. Obsama is tightening the tournequet around our necks. I believe it is his mission to bring America down. But the "freebees" and "special interest" or "controversial" moves on his part - like a swarm of hornets - are distracting us from our central goal: FREEDOM!

    Further - we as a nation have turned our backs on God, taking Him out of everything imaginable and in the vaccuum, evil is moving in to fill the void.

    "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all." Isaiah 7:9b

    Read your Bibles. Those who put their faith and trust in GOD, who walked in His ways, and obeyed His Word - STOOD FIRM and PREVAILED against overwhelming odds, and were "gathered to their fathers" when they passed from this life to the next. THAT is something the faithless will never be able to do.

    "Put on the full armor of GOD, wo that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to STAND YOUR GROUND, and after you have done everything, to STAND." Ephesians 6:13


  12. Locals should have the final say..

  13. Gun laws like the obamacare don't apply to the government officials!

  14. They just approved 30,000 drones to be in US airspace in 2016. Time to start spying and killing as they see fit with their drones. I forsee 1000s of terrorists to be killed with out trial. All christians, third party voters, protesters, and preppers stand up!!!! Kill list ready! Damn, i'm all 4 of those!

  15. Looks like an avalanche is getting on its grassroots way. People are gradually and finally waking to the fact of all the illegal, unconstitutional ways of the Federal government. It is time to clean house.

  16. Grass roots efforts like this can and most probably will have the greatest impact. We've got to keep educating the public about how significant a threat the NDAA is and what impacts could become. Uncle has the facilities...and the coffins!

  17. They want to divide us. Blame the repubs, blame the dems. They are all the same. Just blame the government. Only a few of the congress critters are on OUR side, they are just looking out for themselves.


  19. worldwatchman says:

    I wonder what a democratic state will do? Would they be that dumbed down for this so-called President to go along with it? I can almost hear them saying that they don't believe that this would ever happen in America with this President. I don't trust the democrats or their so-called democrat leaders. That's a terrible thing to have to say in America but, they leave you little choice.

  20. Don't rely on this media for distributing the info to all areas of the country, it could be compromised by B.O.'s intel agents. Remember how long it took to actually find and kill Osama Bib Laden? - well, Bin Laden used OLD methods of contact, people with letters and carrier pigeons inter-units... and those pigeons were no stool pigeons! If you value your country, do it the old-fashioned way - COMBINED with new technology until it is no longer safe. WARN all your elected reps etc... about your call for States to OPPOSE the National Agenda to enslave all Americans.... copy / paste these letters onto flyers and ONLY give them to the Reps... NEVER the staff, as many staff are working AGAINST their congressmen / Senators and denying them from citizen's viewpoints, and favouring their own agendas.