Attorney General Eric Holder Said What About Gun Trafficking?

Attorney General Eric Holder, during a talk on gun control with United States mayors on Friday, said that the U.S. government will consider “imposing tough penalties on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous criminals."

After going over Obama's executive orders issued Wednesday, Holder said, "The administration has called upon Congress to renew legislation banning high-capacity magazines, including those used in recent high profile mass shootings, to protect our police by getting rid of armor piercing bullets, to pass a new 'assault weapons ban,' updated and stronger than the one enacted in 1994 to keep military style weapons off of our streets."

But Holder wasn't finished. In fact, I'm actually surprised the mayors attending didn't fall out of their chair laughing at his next words. He continued, " consider a series of new federal laws imposing tough penalties on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous criminals."

Can anyone take this guy seriously? Fast and Furious, hello! Holder was held in contempt of Congress for not providing documentation in knowingly trafficking weapons across the Mexican border into the hands of "dangerous criminals." Holder is facing a civil lawsuit by Congress in this matter. Holder's behind was covered by Barack Hussein Obama in this matter via executive privilege. His own ATF can't get violations of gun laws properly prosecuted.

I'll give him warning. Be careful of implementing "tougher penalties on gun traffickers" as you just may find yourself facing those penalties.

He then had the audacity to say that "These measures represent essential parts of any serious comprehensive effort to eradicate gun violence."

No, actually these "measures" are nothing more than a blatant attack on the Second Amendment, masked in the emotional verbiage of the deaths of children and "protecting our police officers." It would be nice for a change to hear our representatives and those who serve in government stand for once and declare the Second Amendment is about arms. It's about being able to put down foreign and domestic enemies and it's not to be tampered with simply because the Federal government was moronic enough to pass a piece of legislation that made certain places "Gun Free Zones." No, essential parts of any serious comprehensive effort to eradicate gun violence is for government to stop messing with the Second Amendment and deal with what it's supposed to be doing and that is abiding by the Constitution.

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85 thoughts on “Attorney General Eric Holder Said What About Gun Trafficking?

  1. Holder has the nerve to open his Pie Hole?...His often murderous activities are to thank for possibly thousands of Murders of Inocent Mexican citizens, but an American! , protecting their home ?...well...., we can't have any of that!
    Obama too, for that matter, allowing our servicemen to be slaughterd in the streets of Benghazi, all for his image and narsissism, Lets see...should a Guy that cannot pass an E-Verify screening be allowed a firearm ?...what about to Sign the Legislation ?

  2. Accountability!!! When we have our government officials can do whatever they want and get away with it, It tells them they are invincible and untouchable. Much like ROYALTY, dont you think? This is what we have, and we will suffer greatly for it. I don't know what President Obama's plans for the USA but I have my suspicions. My fellow Americans It will eventually cost millions of American lives. President Obama thinks he is in control, but is not. The United States could never be conquered by force, but subversion it will fall from within. We are in grave danger and we have many enemies who are willing to participate in our fall. Men throughout history believe they are the ones who should make all the decisions for mankind to be truly happy and protected. But history, as history always does it repeats itself. The cause? We don't learn. and we continue to have the narcissistic people who work their way into positions of power. Accountability is our only answer. Who will join me in making it happen?
    God bless America

  3. Please, can someone, anyone, even attempt to explain to me why can no one do anything about all this corruption. I'm just flabbergasted at the things this adm. is getting away with. It's just insane that no one is doing anything.

  4. By every definition of accessory holder has been an accessory to Murder of a Border Petrol
    guard. He should be charged and tried in court for his transgression.!!!!

  5. Many if not most of the guns Holder sent across the border are still out there in criminal hands.

  6. so- Why is not he in jail as he is a bigger one thanall of the rest!l

  7. The hypocrisy and arrogance of these people is beyond belief!! You could not make this s@#t up.

  8. So who is going to arrest and prosecute Holder, Obama, Biden, Hillary and company? They have managed to funnel guns to drug dealers and terrorists.

    They need prosecution as much or more than anyone else!

  9. What a farce and slap in the face of the american people, our congress/senate and justice system to have this lying hypocrite stand up and give a speech addressed on this subject..... What a shameless balls out mockery of America and all we stand for in the eyes of the world..

  10. cyber_hackster says:

    Yeh, Eric. What about trafficking??

  11. mass murders by our own gov, very sad

  12. Eric Holder is just a taxpayer paid criminal who runs to Daddy when he gets caught not paying attention to his real job. There are no tough laws regarding government employees. It's too bad that we can't seem to prosecute criminals that have found their way into the government!!! Somehow when you get a government job, especially if Obama is your boss, you are exempt from just about anything and everything.