Armed Granny Stops Knife Wielding Robber

I love stories where Americans are empowered by the Second Amendment and they are armed and ready to defend themselves and protect the lives of others. One such story that took place on December 14 of last year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin involved Ernestine Aldana, a grandmother, who owns a grocery store near the corner of Muskego Avenue and Becher Street. As a would be robber threatened her at the point of a knife at her cash register, she pulled out her firearm from beneath the counter and it scared the robber so bad that he ran without her ever firing a shot.

"I was really scared," she said.

The man wielded a knife and began to reach for money that was in the cash register drawer as Aldana pulled her weapon from underneath the counter.

"I didn't think," she said. "I didn't remember what was being said. I just took a step back, grabbed the gun and that was that."

Immediately the man ran away. WISN reports,

Aldana said she and her husband have owned the grocery store for just over two years and have not encountered any problems before this. She said her son bought the gun for their protection, but they never thought they would have to use it.

"My son took me out to the shooting range," she said. "I did twice (shoot the gun)." But she said other than those two shots at the range, she has never fired the gun. But on that day, she came close.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I think I was going to shoot the gun," she said. "But he was already running away. Once his back was turned, I couldn't do it."

Police did make an arrest on Thursday as a result of releasing the surveillance video of the attempted robbery.

Aldana was to receive one of Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan's Golden Glove awards on Friday.

Notice, all it took was the mere sight of a gun in this case for the grandmother to defend herself. I guess since her son encouraged granny to "get her gun" and took the time to take her to the range to shoot, he should be considered a son that truly loves his mother. Hopefully there are more of you out there doing the same for your mom.

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  • My Thought

    I have a friend, who is not only an Obama butt-smoocher, but also demands Americans do not need guns. She rejected the news that a young mother had used her .38 to fend off three intruders, who broke into her home, where she and her three small children would have been defenseless, without that pistol.
    Well, I can't wait to see what this fool will say, when I tell her about this pistol-packin' grandma!

  • WASP

    You'll notice that the libtard lamestream media miss this one, too. Seems to be a trend here.

  • adrianwalker51

    that's what you get when you bring a knife to a gun fight

  • adrianwalker51

    go granny

  • kkc003

    So the argument that all police should have guns - the police would have done a good job of "chalking" the crime scene.

    It appears the regime wants more rights for the criminals vs the innocent- so that in my opinion violations the constitution of "all men are created equal...." you cant empower criminals and not non criminals! period its equality- remember! that's what the left is always yelling!!!!! EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!