America – We Will Stand and Fight – Support Gun Appreciation Day

Gun Appreciation Day is not just a time to celebrate the right to bear arms, but it is a time to acknowledge the precious gift that no other nation on earth possesses. This is the gift for every man and woman in this nation to stand toe to toe with an oppressor, either foreign or domestic, and announce, “As for me and my family my right to bear arms will not be abridged nor shall it be stolen!”

This day is your way of demonstrating that constitutional gun rights do matter. This is your opportunity to stand up and acknowledge that a nation that fought a War for Independence to be free from tyranny of an imperial elite will not bow on bended knee to a 21st century version of that now residing in the White House. January 19th is the nation’s day to go to your local gun range, gun store or gun show and bring your American Flag and a ‘Hands off my Guns’ sign to show your support!

In fact, according to a national Fox News poll released Friday, January 18th, 71 percent do not think tougher laws can stop shootings like the mass killings that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in December. “Nearly twice as many voters say there would be less violent crime if more law-abiding Americans owned guns, than if guns were banned.”

On the other hand, liberal gun control organizations have launched an advertising campaign to scare parents in homes across America into accepting the tepid rationale of President Obama’s official response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Obama wants to disarm America by frightening America with edicts that do not address the reason for the mass killings.

No parent in America wants to be on the receiving end of a call from a school or receive a knock on the door from a police officer about fatal shootings at their child’s school. Yet, in the post Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings era, gun control alarmists have ratcheted up their threats on gun rights, by using the main stream media. The words of these media talking heads has been vitriolic and poison the airwaves that permeate American homes daily with lies.

Gun control measures are not new and one of the most infamous examples where this has been used as a precursor to attacking its own citizens was done by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi government, five years after being in power. Sound familiar?

In 1938, the Nazi Party enhanced the Weapons Law and enacted handgun control. Firearms ownership was restricted to Nazi party members and other “reliable” people. Later that year, the government barred all Jews from owning any weapons or seeking weapons from businesses that sold them.

Now comes, another national leader, in the form of the American president. This leader has issued a list on Wednesday, January 16th, of 23 demands concerning gun control. Under the pretense of protecting the innocent children and teachers, Obama wants to diminish owner’s rights while paying lip service to real causes of gun violence in mass shootings.

These languid measures to appease liberal gun owners are a ruse. He has issued a list of suggestions which are not funded, while moving with deliberate speed to strip guns from the homes and hands of honest law abiding citizens. In other words, Obama has attempted to give America the basketball court head fake.

Gun Appreciation Day - stand and support American's U.S. Constitutional right to bear arms

Gun Appreciation Day - stand and support American's U.S. Constitutional right to bear arms

January 19th, Americans have the opportunity to show the president, the congress, but most importantly, Americans who support the Second Amendment, these head fakes do not work. This day is a way of demonstrating that constitutional gun rights do matter. This is the opportunity to stand up and acknowledge that a nation that fought a War of Independence to be free from tyranny of an imperial elite will not bow on bended knee to a 21st century version of that now residing in the White House.

Reaction to the proposed legislative edicts by President Obama for a reinstated sticker assault-weapons ban and a 10-round limit on magazines is raising concerns by state and local officials. According to Fox News, Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller has already told Vice President Biden, that he will not enforce any recommended gun laws he deemed unconstitutional.

A Texas state legislator went a step further. Rep. Steve Toth (R) is planning legislative action to make it illegal for the state of Texas to enforce any federal laws that restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens to own semi-automatic firearms or the size of gun magazines.

The essential concern of the legislative and law enforcement community in states that are disturbed by Obama and the gun control fanaticism is will it eliminate their citizens from protecting themselves.

Germany’s history of gun control measures must not be America’s prologue to a future where the government can gradually whittle away a citizen’s gun rights. Americans must have the capacity to stand and fight against criminals or anarchists representing Obama’s version of a socialist American government under United Nation’s law.

Today, embrace this national day of gun appreciation as a measure of respect for the Second Amendment that millions of Americans hold dear. The gun control activists want a dialogue in America, but only if it is based on discussing ways to disarm citizens. Show America that today this is your answer to a national dialogue.

Show America that Gun Appreciation Day is your dialogue with Americans who are willing to stand up and fight for the constitutional freedom to keep themselves and their family safe. Send the nation a clear concise message: Guns and the Second Amendment is what Americans will stand and will fight for!”

Gun Appreciation Day Comes to Mid South - Memphis

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.
  • Harvey Goldstein

    A one-day protest will not cut it. We need to get out onto the streets and educate and enlighten the people that terrorism is alive and well in the White House. Obama is your classic tyrant like Stalin and Hitler who has the backing of the Union thugs who believe that they can have their cake and eat yours too; and only those who love and cherish freedom can stop Obama and his cronies dead in their tracks.

  • Bill Adams

    I went to the rally in Albany, NY. There were 2,000 there. We're fighting for our lives here in the empire state. The rest of you better get your sh__ together or you'll be like us.

  • Charles Nickerson

    All I can say is Praise the Lord and Pass the ammo. to paraphrase the quote

  • Dabenn
  • Freedom11

    KING Obama thinks if he says it, its LAW ! His BUT Kissing media helps to enforce it. Some people believe anything they hear. No matter what the reason.
    If it's true(VERY SELDOM),a lie(most often) AND/OR against the laws of the land that many people have DIED FOR( FREQUENTLY )AND/,OR spelled out specifically in the Constitution. The GOP is doing very little to stop him!! His Commie policies steal our HealthCare, our money,now he is TRYING for our guns as expected !!! Your 14 year old daughter can get an abortion even if you don't like it ? He is also stealing the future of our children,grandchildren, and our country. he uses OUR tax money to give weapons to Muslims,to, Mexican Driug gangs( bu the wants to limit,take our guns) He uses our TAX money( Stimulus) to pay off his political buddies ,and invest in jobsoverseas
    THis HAS to STOP !
    THis man claims to be a Christian(B.S.), but he has problems taking an OATH on the
    BIBLE, like ALL Presidents BEFORE him !! He has decided on his own this is not a God Fearing,Christian based country ?? wrong!! Due to his policies,Israel receives very little help,and are surrounded by Muslim countries trying to destroy Israel. I have a PROBLEM with ALL of this!! I hope and pray you do to ! THis country HAS to turn to GOD to survive !

    • don

      god is more than likely piveed at this godless bunch.we will have god on our side but we will have to win it

  • William T. "Buck" Futter

    I have to say - I was at the West Hollywood, California rally, and there was only me, and a homeless guy who asked me for spare change; and when I refused him, he tried to piss on my shoes. I managed to deflect most of it. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG with you people?

    • don

      your standing the center of marixsm. an you ask what the hell is wrong. my friend you can look in ant direction as see an answer. .o by the way explain deflect most of it

    • Gene R Swank

      I bailed out of So Cal in 2006, it is all fa far left police state where everything is against the law. The police, prosecutoers and courts are all corrupt. I cant and will not return ever. I moved to Alaska but am now moving to Arizona where they still stand behind the constitution.

  • Nadine

    Boston...we went yesterday too!

  • SGM Bob

    Actually -- you should have sent this message out a couple of days BEFORE Gun appreciation Day.

  • tt82

    I went to my capitol today in Oklahoma and there were a lot of patriots there. Im ready for step two.

    • Nadine

      Boston...yes...we went yesterday also!

  • Zelda

    I read all commits and we all agree ....NOW WE NEED TO MARCH TO DC

    • Nadine

      I to get Glenn Beck or Hannity or Huckabie to start it going! We need a national voice!

    • William T. "Buck" Futter

      Joe Pyne would be even better! Oh, wait, I forgot, he's dead. Never mind

    • Nadine


  • Fred Palombi

    I just got home from the Denver Gun Rally on the steps of the Capital building. Great turnout, excellent signs, very well behaved. I would venture a guess that there were a couple of hundred armed concealed carry citizens there. And guess what? No one got shot. Imagine that!

    • Nadine

      Boston too!

  • Dean Braun

    Obama is a psychopathic lying hypocrit and a fraud.

    • Nadine

      I hope none of you are watching this Fraud LIE while taking the oath & spend TONS of our money to celebrate the distruction of OUR country! How mush did it cost us for mouchelles new dooo! She looks like a BEATLE!!

  • KayDeeBeau

    I have to say - I was at the Nashville, TN rally - there were only about 3-4 hundred there - WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG with you people? So what was so important? So you are fine with the govt attemtping to place a lien on you rights? Here is a clue - the word unalienable - is really supposed to be pronounced un-a-lean-able - meaing - no one can place a lien or claim on your rights. You think the Government is benign and isn't doing anything to INFRINGE on your rights?

    • [email protected]

      not enough lead time

  • Meadowhawk

    Bay County, FL held a rally to honor our Second Amendment, well attended by over 300 people of all ages, all walks of life, today. People brought babies in arms, dogs, posters, flags, and the elderly and disabled came with walkers and scooters. The street was a cacophony of supportive honks by passing motorists. Very proud of my city and my county.
    Strangely, our elected officials didn't show (with the exception of one). We will stand fast for the Constitution.

    • William T. "Buck" Futter

      Was Florida radio personality Randi Rhodes there, too? If so, it will probably be covered on her radio program, next week.

  • retiredmillwright

    I deeply appreciate what our forefathers did for me. With guns and their blood they bought many generations of freedom such as the world had never seen before, for us. It looks like the gun control tyrants are closing in to take our freedoms away from us again. So far its mostly a war of words, but their intentions are very clear. They want our guns and other freedoms and in return they promise only more socialism and lies. Its time I think for the American people to pay our forefathers' back for their sacrifices before our freedoms are snatched from us at the point of a gun one at a time. We need to draw our line in the sand and tell big government to keep their socialism on their side of the line and we will keep our freedoms and guns on our side of the line, and stick to what we have declared, come hell or high water.

    • William T. "Buck" Futter
    • don

      you don't quit understand to reach their goal of total marixs commist agenda there can be no i'll stay here you over their its has to be complet power over us. their willing to fight for that control an ONLY the 2 admendant stands in their way. so there will be a fight an lines draw. they think they can win it an have been planning for awhile. they got their ammo bought an think their ready. we will face defeat but will prevail in the end. we have to.

    • mtncrusr