America Has Changed But Have We?

The post election doldrums is too fast setting in but what does it all mean?

First and foremost this is not your father’s America and fast becoming not that which our forefathers would recognize. Did you think the day would come when alternative lifestyles would be more accepted than traditional values where folks would have to fight to keep marriage between one man and one woman? How about print media being surpassed by the nebula of the internet or free speech lost to political correctness largely for those who trend left of center or those who drink the purple Kool-Aid? We live in a time where the messengers increasingly are drawn from info-tainment shows pushing out those with journalism training. As Washington prayed before, as well as, during battle or as Madison penned the US Constitution, one has to wonder did they foresee the loosening of our religious connections or disbelief in the coined phrase, "In God We Trust"?

Second, look around us and see the complacency, loss of a work ethic, squeezing out of entrepreneurs and small business people, neglect of rural and urban environs leaving many behind in the rush to the suburbs and unraveling family ties with a sense of sorrow that more children are born out of wedlock than within.

Third, the browning of America continues to force the hand of those who cling to their biases without trying to find solutions.

Fourth, who would have thought the creeping socialism trend from Social Security to Medicare/Medicaid to now ObamaCare would wipe out our personal independence in favor of our increasing government dependence? Who would believe in a nation built on capitalism that it would be wrong to make too much money legally? What were Bill Gates or Steven Jobs thinking when they dared to start Microsoft or took a bite of Apple rendering knowledge about technology which would change the world? Do they owe us from their genius and wages a share as if they didn’t build it? Overriding this is a world drawn smaller by robotic communications where few ever talk face to face. The melting pot concept stands out clearly as a stock of beef stew where identity politics allows us to be picked off and separated by party, religious, ethnic or deeper philosophical concepts which are the antithesis of Freedom, Democracy, and the US Constitution.

There is more. However, the overarching theme in America is the warp drive rush to an unsustainable economy where more is spent than is taken in. Here money is what you say it is (fiat currency) rather than a currency of exchange with measurable value against some universally accepted standard. With sadness, we are a nation at a stalemate from within. Republicans are sadly blinking on the deficit and cutting spending while The Obama Administration is creating a moving stonewall behind which our children’s futures become more indebted and less secure with current tax payers increasingly drained of their resources.

When will we do as our soldiers are asked like the time we did in WWI or WWII--put the nation first? We must return the government to its constitutional underpinnings and stop government by Presidential Executive Orders, rid ourselves of inept legislatures who don’t get it and demand that states under their 10th Amendment powers learn to stand for fiscal sanity as the federal government becomes a wooly mammoth bound to take us towards extinction.

It’s time to Believe in America again and restore her to greatness as more than a shining beacon on a hill, rather let her become a beat in our hearts.

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  • freedomringsforall

    I agree:

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  • Donro

    Democracies have a limited lifespan of 250-300 years and then they rot from within just as we are witnessing here in America. Our founders and the early historians realized we had the best form of government, but it would fail once the voters learned they could steal from the treasury with their votes. That is exactly what has happened and the majority of voters (at least 51%) are mooches, maggots and freeloaders who will vote for anyone who promises them free this and free that. We witnessed this in the 2012 election. It is happening before our eyes. I can say that I have seen the United States of America at its zenith and at its rush to destruction. America is so far gone that Barack Hussein Obama, our Muslim/Communist president, will not have to fire a shot to convert America from freedom to slavery. This is why so many of us advocate Texas seceding from the corrupt, bankrupt Federal Union.

  • retiredmillwright

    The simple truth in Pride goes before the fall is plainer everyday to we Americans who care and worry about America.

  • Donald Harvey

    well i know we need more common sense thinking and we need to get back to respondsible spending, but trying to convince those that are sucking on the hind teat of the gov. with all their handouts is another thing. we as a nation will be like greece by the end of the obama reign of terror. you can't keep giving out those handouts and expect fewer and fewer people to work to give up their hard earned dollars for the parasites that are bleeding the people dry.