Your Taxes Are About To Go Up, But So Is Congress & Federal Workers' Pay

As we stand on the edge of the fiscal cliff and an amass of taxes referred to as Obamageddon, we find out that Barack Obama has just signed an executive order that will raise the pay of Congress and federal workers. According to a Presidential Executive Order, issued by Barack Obama on Thursday, there will be an end to pay freezes on federal employees, which would give many federal workers a raise. Some of those "workers" would be Vice President Joe Biden and members of Congress.

For tax year 2011, Joe Biden reported that he made $225,521. He'll be making a little over $6,000 more this year, $231,900, because of the pay increase.

Members of Congress will see a much lower increase from $174,000 to $174,900.

Here's how the new pay increases breaks down:


The full list of increases and who is affected, along with the text of the Executive order can be viewed here.

According to, "The pay raise will generally be about 1/2 of 1%." also writes, "The legal authority for the new executive order is in the continuing resolution that is currently in effect. It reads, in part:"

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any statutory pay adjustment (as defined in section 147(b)(2) of the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 (Public Law 111–242)) otherwise scheduled to take effect during fiscal year 2013 but prior to the date specified in section 106(3) of this joint resolution may take effect on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after the date specified in section 106(3).

The Weekly Standard reported in an update:

According to a senior Republican congressional aide who has reviewed the executive order and consulted with the Congressional Budget Office, Obama's pay raise will cost $11 billion. "The CBO told us that the President’s pay raise for federal workers will cost $11 billion over ten years," says the aide.

The aide explains, "On the cost-estimate, CBO says the (discretionary) cost of the .5% pay-hike the President is calling for in the Exec Order – relative to a freeze – is about $500m in FY 2013 and $11 billion over the ten years from FY 13 - FY 22. The reason why the FY ’13 savings is only $500 million is because the pay hike as proposed by the President’s Exec Order would not go into effect until April 1st, 2013 - when the current CR expires. So it only covers half the fiscal year. The annualized cost of the pay hike is about $1 billion/year."

By the way, that $11 billion cited, means $11 billion from our pockets. For federal workers are not producers. They are merely doing a job paid for with taxpayer money. In other words, Obama just put more burden upon the American taxpayer.

So, with Obamageddon upon us, fiscal cliff talks scheduled for Sunday evening, and the debt ceiling approaching on Monday, and even a the country being on the verge of a "milk cliff," Barack Obama doesn't attempt to slow down, but rather pushes the accelerator, demonstrating that he has every intention of not negotiating with his opposition.

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272 thoughts on “Your Taxes Are About To Go Up, But So Is Congress & Federal Workers' Pay

  1. Mr. Brown, I like your posts and read them often, but you shouldn't lump all Govt workers into one category. I work for the Air Force as a Civilian employee, but I am a lowly GS-07 and make less $ today than I did when I was on Active Duty back in the early 90's. I know that our nation can't afford this raise, but not all of us "evil" government workers are the enemy.

  2. Congress needs to do the honorable thing and find a sword to fall on .

  3. Let us hope and pray the we "go over the cliff". At some point in time this country MUST learn that elections have consequences. Put your finger in that pretty fire and guess what. . . you will get a painful burn. Socialism has never worked in any country for any period of time and will end up providing slavery of its people. It is time to take our country back.

  4. "What a great deal" getting a pay raise and not doing Your job. There obummer goes again always looking out for the taxpayer.

  5. Obama constantly talks about reducing the deficit but is allowed to wave his hands and add billions to it with executive orders. He talks about making social security and Medicare safe, but gives the “middle class” a tax reduction by taking away the only direct funding for these programs in effect for decades, again by waving his hands. He has no intention of solving this country’s money problems. Instead, he is well on his way to destroying it by doing what the communist party planned several years ago.


  7. This government is destructive.