US Foreign Aid: What Are Your Tax Dollars Paying For In Other Countries?

We all hear about how much money our nation, you remember it, the one with the $16 trillion plus debt, just “gives” away to other nations while we have to decide who has to pay more so we can bring down the debt. Well here in this article I'll expose many of the grants that the United States hands out on a normal basis, without worry of ever being repaid. Now how would any Citizen of the United States love to be able to obtain a grant to pay their bills off and maybe buy a new house? Wouldn't that be nice? Well, in a sense our nation just hands out billions upon billions of dollars to foreign governments for just about anything. To begin with, I do not say we should not help other nations out, but we should be paying down our own debt, not giving away money we really do not have. All of the information I obtained for research for the article was obtained at

Let us examine some of these “grants” and see what they are sent overseas to do. First I'll begin with one from back in August of 2012. The title of this grant was called “Afghanistan Gemstones.” I did not make this up. This is what the grant states and the sum of money for this comes to, $1,137,480! This was awarded through the Department of Defense, which makes one wonder just what does the DOD have to do with Gemstones in Afghanistan? The Funding Opportunity Number is HQ0034-12-1-0003. It is listed as "discretionary," so why even give money for Gemstones in another nation? Under Category of Funding Activity, it lists, "Employment, Labor and Training." Now why is it we send over $1 million to Afghanistan while we have people in the United States begging for the opportunity to work, train, and be employed? How in the world can our government even consider this while people in our nation go hungry without homes and live on the streets? This is just the tip of the huge iceberg called, “Foreign Grants.” This particular grant states:

“The Washington Headquarters Services Acquisition Directorate, on behalf of the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) proposes to award a grant on a single source basis to Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD). Section 1534 of the 2012 NDAA extended for one year Section 1535 of the FY 11 NDAA which allowed for the TFBSO to carry out projects to assist the commander of the United States Forces-Afghanistan to reduce violence, enhance stability, and support economic normalcy in Afghanistan.”

Our nation seems to have some of the very same problems and yet very little money is being spent like this here. Why? This is going to be used to, “…reduce violence, enhance stability, and support economic normalcy in Afghanistan.”

It goes on to state why this grant is being considered:

“The Washington Headquarters Services Acquisition Directorate, on behalf of the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), proposes to award a grant on a single-source basis to the not for profit organization, Partners for Sustainable Development. The purpose of this project is to offer 30 semi-skilled Afghan gemstone artisans (30% women) advanced technical training and business development skills in the Indian jewelry center of Jaipur. After the training is complete, the project will assist participants with job placements in Afghanistan. Indian market research will be done to assess the demand for Afghan gemstones and encourage and facilitate direct supplier-buyer links in the region. Students will be given an opportunity to participate in developing a line of jewelry during the program. The jewelry will be sold in trade shows in the US, UK, and internationally.”

This goes to a nation that does not truly care about our nation, in order to support the work of "30 'semi-skilled' Afghan gemstone artisans' (30% women) advanced technical training and business development skills in the Indian jewelry center of Jaipur.” Why is it our nation can spend over $1 million here to “train" people to work while people in the United States are without homes, starving, un-employed, and begging for work? How can our Congress allow this to happen? I am very sorry to state that I cannot show what has been given because it could fill a book with what is leaving our nation and being given away to other nations while our people beg for jobs to help their families here at home.

This next one is listed as, “Azerbaijan Strengthening Health Systems through Integrated Programs (AZ – Ship)” Now this is one which should really bring concern especially since Obamacare has seen the light of day! This one has a price tag of $5.9 million on it and once again it comes from “discretionary” opportunity. The Funding Opportunity Number is – RFA-112-11-000002. Just think of what $5.9 million could do towards helping here in our own nation! This grant is, or was, placed out by USAID (United States Agency for International Development). I have to ask, where is the money from other nations coming into our nation to help us with the huge employment problem we now face?

The description of this grant is as follows;

“Questions and Answers are posted The purpose of AZ SHIP is to address Azerbaijani health system constraints in the areas of governance, resource management, quality of services, and the education and empowerment of health care consumers, which requires considerable strengthening of the country's health care system to improve the health status. AZ SHIP will: build upon achievements made to-date under the previous USAID health activities; emphasize comprehensive national health system reforms; and employ evidence-based, best practices in health system management and health care delivery to improve health in Azerbaijan. AZ SHIP will include the following four components: Component 1: Governance Capacity of Ministry of Health (MOH) to Direct and Implement Health Reform Initiatives Strengthened; Component 2: Mobilization, Allocation and Use of Healthcare Resources Improved;Component 3: Quality of Healthcare Services Improved; and Component 4: Individuals and Communities Empowered to Exercise their Healthcare Rights and Responsibilities.”

Although $5.9 million does not seem like much as compared to the trillions we owe in debt, it would be much better used here in our own nation, as in giving it back to the people to whom it belongs. We should also remember that all of this money does not spring from thin air although the FED seems to think it does. No, it comes from everyone's pay check as taxes and instead of helping ourselves when we need it the most, it goes off to foreign lands to help them with their health care programs while we are about to get zapped with a program that over 70 percent of the people do not want!

This next grant is a big one, the total funding for this one is $23 million! Let's look at this the way it is listed, $23,000,000. Once again it comes from “Discretionary Opportunity Category” and the number for this grant is USAID-TANZANIA-11-007-APS.

Now just what is so very important to Tanzania, a country that very few people know about, much less could even think of finding on a map?


Now just what does this have to deal with? It is basically the use of money to educate young girls about reproduction, and other objects with sexual education of these young girls. The grant is described as:

“USAID/Tanzania recognizes the importance of a country-led platform to foster an enabling environment for sustainable impact. The goal of this APS is to support the conditions that will enable girls and women to achieve positive social and economic outcomes. This will be achieved through four focus areas that support systemic cross-cutting approaches and strengthen catalytic change agents. These four focus areas comprise the different application categories of this APS solicitation: (1) Adolescent, youth and girls' empowerment; (2) Innovations in reproductive health and family planning; (3) Outreach services to increase access to and use of family planning services; and (4) Capacity building for networks, coalitions, and advocacy groups supporting youth, girls' and women's empowerment. This is a DRAFT APS, and USAID Tanzania invites questions and comments which will be used to improve this APS.”

Now considering the fact that some $23 million went to Tanzania, one has to wonder, couldn't our nation could use this type of money for all sorts of objectives, including paying of our own debt? avoiding the fiscal cliff? sending the money back to its rightful owners, the taxpayers? Apparently that does not enter the thinking of those in Washington.

This next one is a golden one due to the amount of money being thrown to this nation of people that still live in grass huts. It goes to Burma, a nation that once again, few people could find on a map since they do not know of it. Yetto this nation the United States is sending some $40 million for what is called “Humanitarian Assistance Program to Displaced Persons from Burma.”

This grant is not from the “discretionary” fund. It is listed as “Earmark.” Now where did Barack Obama go to recently? Oh yes, He went to Burma. Does that make sense? This “Opportunity Category” was listed as USAID-RDMA-BURMA-RFA-48611034. This is money that was “Earmarked” to go directly to Burma and it did not come out of the Discretionary fund. Once again your tax dollars at work for a foreign nation while our people suffer!

The description is as follows, but this is a modification to the original “grant” which means that much more description is in the original grant:

USAID's Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) intends to issue a request for applications (RFA) from interested U.S. and non-U.S. non-governmental organizations to implement a program for continued humanitarian assistance to Burmese refugees, migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) along the Thai-Burma border. One of the criteria of this competitive procurement is that interested organizations should successfully demonstrate in their proposals that they are capable of and have the capacity to deliver services in the Thai-Burma border. The request is expected to be available for the public in late spring 2011. Due to the competitive nature of the procurement, unsolicited proposals will not be considered. All proposals have to be submitted in response to the RFA. This notice does not commit USAID to issue an RFA. There is no further information available at this time concerning this potential RFA and thus further questions or inquiries will not be addressed at this time.

Now many people will state that it is all due to Congress passing bills that have these grants included in them. For most that would be true, but when we look at, let us say, $30,000,000 being given away under the President's name, then we should question why can any President be allowed to send this type of money anywhere? What are we talking about? It is the grant below titled, "Implementation Science research to Support Programs under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief" (PEPFAR).

Yep, Funding Opportunity Number APS-OAA-11-000002 does in fact sends some $30million in US AID to combat AIDS in foreign lands! While we do understand that AIDS is a global problem, why is it or why does it seem that the United States keeps sending money, while our nation faces a debt crisis? Does this make any sense at all? If a child in anyone’s family is suffering, that family will do all it can to help that child first before they go out of their way to help others they know nothing about. Now why does this not apply to our nation? This “grant” is just for scientific research. One has to wonder why the money is not diverted back to the people it has been taken from, the American taxpayer. Once again, this grant is shown as a “Discretionary” fund. Does this make any sense?

This final grant should produce an outcry from everyone who reads it. This grant is called "Mexico Federal Public Defender Program."

This grant is issued under the Department of State, but it is only $2 million. But then again, why send our tax money to Mexico especially for their use to help defend criminals? Why should our nation even consider this to be part of our responsibility? Should we use that money here in our nation to see if maybe we can stop some of these crazy people from killing innocent children and others? Once again, this falls under Discretionary spending. The Funding Opportunity number is / INL-11-CA-0010-MEXICO-070611. One has to think what this is all about. In the description of this grant it is clearly spelled out just what this money was granted to Mexico for.

“The U.S. Government, via the Merida Initiative, is providing support for law enforcement training and development as well as a range of assistance and capacity building for prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys in Mexico. In an effort to complement existing USG and international donor efforts to develop the criminal justice sector in Mexico, the Department of States Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) invites U.S.-based NGOs, universities, and commercial entities to submit proposals for a program to be conducted in Mexico to focus on the federal public defender system administered by the Instituto Federal de Defensoria Publica (IFDP). The project will focus its efforts on supporting the IFDP and its attorneys in making the transition to an accusatory system. This program will complement ongoing INL programs implemented by the Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) and Overseas Prosecutorial, Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) and programs being implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support the criminal justice systems in Mexican states. The goal of this project is to assist the IFDP make the administrative changes necessary for its altered responsibilities under an accusatory system, and to assist the IFDPs attorneys become effective in their roles in the reformed system. INLs support for IFDP and its responsibilities as an integral aspect of an accusatory criminal justice system will bolster accountability and public confidence in Mexico's federal criminal justice institutions. This program is intended as a three-year project with a funding ceiling of up to $6,000,000 (six million dollars) during the three-year period, pending funding availability. Up to $2,000,000 will be available for the first year, with the possibility of funding at similar levels on an annual basis for two more years. There is the possibility of continued funding beyond three years based upon performance and availability of funds. For technical, programmatic, and/or administrative questions, please contact Mary Pat Hayes-Crow - INL/RM/MS at 202.776.8373 or [email protected] Questions should be submitted no later than September 2, 2011 at 5pm. All questions received from applicants along with the responses will be posted on as a separate attachment to the announcement.”

Wow! The United States will help the government of Mexico in dealing with crime! Now just how absurd is this especially when our nation has to fight Mexicans crossing our borders every day with drugs and we have already been made aware of the fact that the federal government knowingly allowed at least 2,500 weapons to cross the border into the hands of Mexico's drug cartels without the Mexican governments knowledge, resulting in hundreds of deaths south of the border and several on this side? Do you think that maybe this money was used to help one of the drug lords in Mexico get out of jail? It sure has not stopped the criminals from killing people in Mexico!

I could go on to show huge amounts of money, like the $24 million being used in Funding Opportunity number USAID-RDMA-486-11-037-RFA, Titled, “Greater Mekong Sub-Region Malaria Control Project” and the list goes on and on. I have shown just a few of the grant programs that give tax money to other nations while our nation fights over how to stop spending. We should eliminate all of these grants until such time that our nation does have money to toss around for the benefit of people that have no basic interest in our nation! Maybe if we would concentrate on our own problems first before we dole out grants to other nations, we could see our people have homes and jobs, but until this grant ideology is stopped, our nation will be doling out billions of dollars to other nations! What a way to run a nation. Yes, it will be stated that our nation has to help the poor nations, but we do that through various charity works. After all government is not responsible for charity. That is left up to the individuals of the country.

Now if you do not like the very idea of all this money flowing out of our nation while we try to figure out how to solve our debt problem, write to your Senator or Representative and tell them to stop sending grant money to anyone until we have dealt with our own debts here at home!

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  • John Sweet

    Stop supporting the advancement of others agenda’s using our Tax Dollars. Stop using our troops and resources to expand the reach of the Muslims. Stop paying for the salaries of the treasonous that are allowing this to happen.
    that will save a bunch of money.

  • gypsy314

    STOP all aid to other country's. Tax payers should not be going into the whole for other country's spending. Stop IT

  • ilenerichman

    All foreign aid should be eliminated. Every country has to stand on its own merits. These grants and foreign aid hav to stay in the US. Money has to be spen on our education of children, training people for new jobs in new industries, bringing manufacturing back to our country by imposing tariffs on American companies that manufacture overseas, as Apple, and then want to sell their product for high prices in this country. The US has to invest money in upgrading our transportation network, including new forms of energy to bring down energy cost and not throwing money away to the Arab countries for oil as Saudi Arabia who are a group of jihadists, giving farmers money for growing food in our country so we do not have to pay high prices for imported food, improving our industries that people that earn a good wage to support our families by being employed in our manufacturing and technology industries, not families overseas. Did you ever hear, "Charity begins at home", All foreign aid should be eliminated. Aid to Americans begins in our country. Let other countries support their own people. Some overseas countries that get money have the high echolen steal the money and leave the people in poverty as Kharzi and his brother. After supporting Afghanastan for so many years, they gave contracts to China to mine their minerals. And many Arab countries give money to jihadists as Egypt that gets a lot of money from US. Now it is Libya, that has been infiltrated swith Al Qaeda, that is being given foreign aid. I say, "Cease and Desist immediately from throwing taxpayer money to foreign countries" Let other countries pick up the burden. It is no longer the burden of the US taxpayers to give money to these dictators who keep their people in poverty. That is their problem, not ours.

  • J J

    America should cut all foreign aid!!! We have enough issues in our own country to take care of. Why should other countries receive American money borrowed from China while America goes bankrupt? Why should other countries get money to do frivolous things with while Americans are hungry? Why do Democrat principles apply but not Republican?

  • Patriot

    Makes no sense to me to give our money to countries that hate us. OH that's right! Our own president hates us too. WE need our money for us. We have a lot of hungry people. Why are our people ....street people and Appallacian people allowed to starve while our gov't takes OUR money and gives it to foreigners?

  • 2pvtyork17

    Mostly it's called big government with big money lookin for big friends. See any out there? The Jewish friendship is slowly getting less,of course that's a President thing,Brits are wondering where our friendship is headed,we are now in trouble world wide

  • har82

    Frankly, I think it would thoroughly - disgust - most people if they knew what our tax dollars are being spent on in the - foreign aid - our politicians - p i s s away - so easily. A hell of a lot of it goes to countries who absolutely - h a t e - this country ,, and freedom of any kind .
    Every time I think of the - billions - ,, squandered away on muslim mosques , and muslim war machines to support this world wide disease it disgusts me to no end.

    The - insanity - of Washington DC ,,, knows no bounds ...

  • spin43

    Perhaps we could install bullet- proof windows in schools and have armed guards on school grounds.

  • Richard Holmes

    This worthless government we have in Washington now is giving America away by the hands full. This oppressive government (the current administration) must be thrown off.

  • Grant Bolwell

    Given the shape our economy is in, my question s is not "What"...but "WHY?!?!??"

  • kbcab


    • freedomgirl

      Yea, I agree, but unfortunately that will never happen...
      The freeloaders took over...

    • Matforce

      Our wrath has been justifiably directed at those who abuse the entitlement system from the ranks of the poor (I know them; you know them). A careful analysis of the increase in USA citizens who have recently been added to the unemployment lines would reveal that many have had the rug pulled out from under them as a result of the 20 year offshoring model that moves that began in 1994, but picked up steam after China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage) joined the WTO, so our "multinationals" could expoit sweatshops on foreign soil.
      Plus, the tax code begun in 1980 when Reagan lowered marginal rates on the our wealthiest citizens from 71% to 28%, cut capital gains in half, and elevated "investment" money to the realm of "untoucheable," has consolidated wealth at the top like we haven't seen in over a century.
      Maybe you think that there’s something wrong with a USA that promotes all of its citizens’ prosperity, but I don’t; it’s smart business. A middle class with disposable income will bolster retail sales and crank up the economy (that is if this increased production actually increased demand for production done in our USA factories and thus,place paychecks into USA workers like it used to do.) Even so, during the past 30 years real output in the business sector grew by 140% (admittedly, some of this increase was due to automation, etc.). Real compensation per hour, however (includes wages, benefits, pensions, and health insurance), increased by only 38% for the middle class worker.

      Post WWII, 1947-1979 America shared equally in the increase in output. During those years the increase that the bottom 20% received was 116%, the top 20% got an increase of 99%, and the middle quintiles increased somewhere within that range.

      Then the world flipped! From 1980 to 2007 the rich took practically all the increase in income. Over those decades, the poor received only a 15% increase and the middle three quintiles got a 25% increase, while the top 20% got a 95% increase and the top 1% received a raise of close to 300%, and they were compensated fabulously before that (Paul Heise, Ph.D. Economics).

      Tax policies that favor the top, combined with USA trade policies FTAs have turned trade surpluses every year prior to 1975 into trade deficits ($600 BILLION/yr. avg. over the past 10 years) have put us in a real bind. To me the key is for the USA to return the vitality of the middle class consumer market, “demand side” because suppy side, trickle down hasn’t worked.

      Plus, the middle class contributes to the national treasury (revenue) right off of their paycheck through a payroll tax. By gutting the middle class and depriving it from decent paying jobs by employing a cheap labor force on foreign soil, I hypothesize, you kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The wealthy that have remained super solvent in this 30 year trend of wealth consolidation at the top, have too many methods of hiding their wealth and keep it from being taxed (research “Top Ten Ways the Rich Escape Taxation), including parking it in offshore accounts. Is it any wonder why the debt is snowballing? The combination of a decimated, underemployed/unemployed middle class, and a privileged upper class that has been provided a myriad of means to hide their fabulous wealth, makes no sense anymore. To ask the privileged to put their shoulder to the wheel and chip in with this national crisis has been propagandized by some as “class warfare.” Disgusting!

    • Sandidad

      Matforce, I agree with almost everything you said, however, don't blame Reagan. He also lowered taxes for the middle class. Why vilify the wealthy, they are paying taxes based on the way the tax code is written. History proves Democrats always want to raise taxes, other than JFK, where as Republicans try and lower taxes for everyone. Our government, especially the Democrats, waste money hand over fist, just like this article describes. I just don't understand why our stupid government always punishes the working class people in America and gives it all away for foreign aid. That is the money that's left over after they fatten their own pockets.

    • Matforce

      We've been involved in foreign Financial Aid since WWII. Shortly after the war. In 1945, the U.S. along with other countries, established
      the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for
      Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) as the two main multilateral
      institutions that would help with debt relief and economic development, as nations rebuilt their ruins sustained from WWII.
      We've been giving BIG $$$ to foreign nations forever. How else do we leverage nations that hate us to continue using the dollar as the international currency exchange?
      This author will not dare tell you about the $Hundreds of Billions/yr. in tax dollars that our elected officials doll our to help fund offshoring corporations who've kicked the middle class workers to the curb for a larger profit margin in sweatshops in China, et al. then park their vast profits in offshore accounts to escape taxation.
      Look into the fate of Bill S3816. it speaks volumes!

  • kbcab

    Foriegn Aid needs to stop now , except for Isreal and England maybe if they quit sending their self obsorbed TV hosts over here and their cleaning product demonstartors...

    • freedomgirl

      HAAAAAA!!! Anthony Sullivan is what? A traitor to America even though he is not an
      American Citizen?
      So what else is new?
      All Non Citizens get more Rights then Citizens..,.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    I did'nt want to read the entire article....I know how they piss it away here in America,,,I don't think I could handle knowing who and what they're doing with the taxpayers money...I would probably just flip out!!

    • freedomgirl

      My response to this article...
      Too Much!!!

  • spadesspouse

    I doubt very seriously that in most if not all cases someone in our government has their palm greased.

    • joanc

      Our Government has not passed a budget in over four years , even though it is required. Checks and balances were written for a reason, but nobody in DC wants to balance a budget, maybe because it would cramp their style. Have you ever noticed they enter DC office with some money,but in a few years, are on the Millionaire's list. How do they do that and maintain two homes? A few seem to be Financial wizards with their funds, but have no problems in spending taxpayers bucks freely.

    • Richard Holmes

      They rob the tax payers and hide it off shore.

  • retiredmillwright

    America sends people around the world, throwing money and
    military aid to countries that don’t agree with us or like us. Hillary Clinton
    has throws out taxpayer money like the queen of a parade and the corrupt
    countries scramble around like kids at a parade grabbing it with both hands.
    This is hard earned and borrowed money that many struggling young people had to
    pay in taxes instead of buying better food and clothing for their kids. The
    borrowed money, forty six cents out of every dollar is money our grand kids
    will have to pay back.(generational debt) The people giving our money away are
    college educated liberal socialist fools who never had to struggle to make a
    living or miss a meal in their lives, much less do a hard day of manual labor
    in their well-paid government job. They should have no right to be giving the
    working people’s money away to, in most cases our enemies’. The money should stay in America and create
    some real jobs for our unemployed.

    • Patriot

      We know our nggr king never worked a day in his life. The ayers family and other thugs paid his way. AND we paid HIS foreign exchange student tuition too.

    • Jo Hughsie

      Ummmm..............isn't that communism??
      I'm just saying...........