Union Thugs Draw First Blood At 'Right To Work' Law Protest

Yesterday Freedom Outpost's Kevin Fobbs reported on Democrat State Representative Douglas Geiss' threat that “There will be blood!” The threat came in response to Gov. Rick Snyder's signing Michigan's "Right to Work" law Well, The Democrat wanted blood and he got it. Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder was sucker punched by a Union thug, that has been identified as Tony Camargo, outside an Americans For Properity Tent, where a gathering of literally thousands of Union Workers had come to protest the RTW legislation.

Big money was being offered to identify Camargo and another Union goon by the name of Chris Opalewski. Apparently Camargo should raise his IQ level and not wear a jacket with his name on it the next time he seeks to assault someone who did nothing to him.

The incident then quickly dissolved in a mob rush led by a Union goon identified as Chris Opalewski as they pushed over the Americans For Prosperity Tent and began cutting it up in full view of cameras. Watch for resulting lawsuits to follow.

While not all Union people are like this, you can see from the extensive video available that there are many who don't mind being as vulgar and violent, even to the point of destroying private property on camera. And these are the sort of people who are supposed to be "protecting the workers?"

The protest by the Unions appeared as though it was something out of Cairo and the Arab Spring as one commentator said that the crowd grew to be "10,000 deep."

The Washington Post even reported that “Former Rep. Mark Schauer (D-Mich.) was hit with pepper spray while protesting ‘right to work/ legislation outside the Michigan state capitol on Wednesday.”

While some of the major networks covered the protests, not one of them mentioned the violent assault of Mr. Crowder, not one! You and I know full well that if, say, a Tea Party person would have done this to a Union worker it would be 24/7 non-stop coverage and we would be hit with a flurry of video at regular speed, slow motion, backwards, forwards and put to music to destroy that person, and rightly so. But not one word of the attack on Crowder was mentioned by the liberal media.

Crowder spoke with Dana Loesch following the assault. "They literally would have killed me where I stood if I defended myself," he told her.

"They said they would kill me with a gun. It's all on tape," he continued. "I was beat down by a mob of people."

Crowder went on to tell how the union mob tore down the tent over the heads of women and children inside it.

When asked if police were on hand, Crowder indicated that at that time there were no police around.

Listen to the Crowder/Loesch interview here and watch the video of the assault below:

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194 thoughts on “Union Thugs Draw First Blood At 'Right To Work' Law Protest

  1. And to Think that we bailed these People out, to keep them from loosing their jobs.

  2. The chanting of the pro-unionist reminds me of the sheep in "Animal Farm" who represent the gullible followers of the socialist leadership.

  3. Sweet Lady Mary says:

    Thugs, everyone of them. The police should have arrested the lot of them. To bad that the unions weren't around when Obama's crews were committing fraud during the election.

    • Liberty Protected says:

      THUGS -- seems like violence is common place -- and then I ask myself:

      Is America better off today than 4 years ago?

      I think not. I know that many more people are stressed out and struggling to make it.
      THis is a shame -- a crying shame.... and Obama is simply printing money to increase inflation....................as if costs are not high enough!

  4. Another typical example of Obama's "leadership". These are the people (?) who reelected him, aren't you proud of yourselves?

  5. You people are idiots - like as if the corporations with their GMOs, vaccines, toxic drugs, fossil fuel propaganda, etc have anything good in mind other that raping you to the poorhouse.

  6. Notice how the union-goon liberals are shouting about a "civil-war" on the tapes from Michigan when for once they don't get their way. Imagine their calls for "civil-war" in the future after the takers can no longer receive their freebies once the liberals have destroyed the economy by running off the business owners who provide the jobs, and then the money for their freebies is no longer available.

  7. This thug has been identified, Has he been arrested yet? If not, why?

  8. The very fact that some have to resort to the "F" bomb, only shows their lack of education, and total lack of self-restraint! WHO- DAH- THUNK? They are a classical example for uneducated crowd , who can't think beyond their hourly rates and benefits packages, that MUST result is two actions:
    1. The business owner (s) quit in disgust, and close the plant down
    2. Move the business to a much more business friendly state or nation.
    Do they not remember U.S. Steel or dozens of other highly Unionized Corporations, that are no9 longer in business?
    Most of the big Unions are as "Dogs in the Manger" they have no use for the cow' s hay, but they do NOT want to see the cow eat"
    Please don't hold your breath, for any Union thugs arrest nor conviction, because this is the Democratic Party's CASH COW"! Neither could exist without the other, as in Political Symbioses!

  9. These union thugsshuould be arrested and tried for the crimes that they did, Also Douglas Giess for inciting and incourageing a riot and removed from office!!!! Oh Schit I forgot these A - - holes are abouve the law!!!!!!!!!

  10. I would love to attend and gladly pay for an ultimate octagon fight starring Crowder and that commie, leftist, POS. I will bet on Crowder.

  11. this is exactly why the union is no good, there should be no unions at all, they do more harm than good now, all they want is money, like all the rest they have been corrupt by it.

  12. The article is wrong about there not being any police around. There were some in the mob.

  13. The heck with the Unions, speaking of lunatics!


    Michele Bachmann stopped by Jan Markell’s extremist right-wing radio show
    this weekend to share her latest unhinged conspiracy theory: that President
    Barack Obama is attempting to impose Sharia law in the United States, and Secretary of
    State Hillary Clinton wants to override the First Amendment through a U.N.

    Right Wing Watch has audio of the interview, which
    really must be heard to be believed.

    Bachmann began by warning that “President Obama, if you look at nearly every
    decision he has made about this issue, it is to lift up the Islamists and to
    take down Israel,” before claiming that Obama has enacted “Islamic speech codes” in the United States to shut down any
    and all criticism of the religion:

    Not just verbal speech, but written, a cartoon, a painting, whatever it is,
    if it is in any way construed as being against Islam that is where the
    confrontation comes from the Islamist world and they want to stop anyone in the
    world from saying anything negative about Islam. Which means there is only one
    free speech right and that would belong to the Islamists. Everyone else would
    lose their right of speech and expression.

    The reason why this is important is because this is the whole game, it is
    game over if we who are in the non-Islamist world lose the right to criticize
    what the Islamist does, because the Islamist tries to advocate Islamic Sharia
    law and so anything that we would say in the future, once you criminalized
    anti-Islamic speech, anything that we would say that would be critical in any
    way of anything Islam does would be considered criminalized.

    Of course, the United States’ commitment to Israel has never wavered under
    the Obama administration, and the decimation of al Qaeda over the past four
    years hardly squares with Bachmann’s assertion that the president’s every move
    is designed to “lift up the Islamists.” Putting those facts aside, however, how
    does Bachmann think that Obama could get away with such a blatant violation of
    the First Amendment? As with most right-wing conspiracies, the shocking answer
    lies in the United Nations.

    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she helped to formulate and write and
    pass UN Resolution 16/18, which calls for the criminalization — anti-free
    speech measures,” Bachmann says. “She’s already signed this. While a UN
    resolution doesn’t bind United
    States law, how in the world could the
    president allow the Secretary of State to sign a resolution that indicates that
    we are willing to take away the free speech rights of the American people?”

    Ignoring the fact that the U.N .Resolution in question does not limit free speech at all, Bachmann went on to
    explain that

    U.N. Resolution 16/18 which Hillary Clinton signed, presumably with the
    affirmation of President Obama..that’s the first step in a big step for taking
    away from you and me and all of your listeners our right of free speech and
    expression, religious practice, freedom of assembly, freedom of the printing
    press but even more importantly, it will empower the Islamist to use that
    against us.

    This is not the first time that Bachmann has accused Clinton
    of being complicit in an “Islamist” plot; in July she spearheaded a campaign accusing Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin
    of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. That attack was so far over the line
    that fellow Republican John McCain — who usually loves a good conspiracy — took to the Senate floor to
    denounce Bachmann’s “sinister accusations.”

    If Bachmann persists with this type of paranoid rambling, she may suffer
    consequences for it in the 2014 elections. Unlike most of her colleagues in the
    Republican Party’s crazy caucus, Bachmann faced a serious electoral challenge
    in 2012; she edged Democrat Jim Graves by less than 5,000 votes out of more
    than 350,000 cast. Graves has said that he’ll “keep an open mind” about a rematch, unless Bachmann
    “really changes her modus operandi and starts serving the people” — and that
    certainly doesn’t seem to be the case so far.


  14. Crowder was right in that if he defended himself, he would have been killed as they would have quickly turned it around in their pea brains that they were just defending themselves. future elections hold little or no promise as the dems are stealing elections and transporting people from precinct to precinct. Obama is setting himself up to declare martial law and plans on being in office for way more than two terms. they want to disarm us so only the gubment and criminal will have guns. The unions like those out protesting in Michigans are just like Hitler's brown shirts; only they wear Obama's shuck and jive jackets. They want to herd us like sheep, with no means of self-defense, and basically turn us into soylent green. The Revolution was sparked on far less than this and if we just keep waiting for the politicians to sort it out, we are screwed. Neither side has our interests at heart, only theirs. I have been viliified on here for saying it's time for conservatives to start having some balls and go right back at these thugs. Every sight I'm on, I see and hear and type the same things. All true Americans are tired of this and we are ready to act. So, who is going to lead the charge? Someone come forward and lets start get this ball rolling. Our muslim president is working real hard to destroy us. We have to lock and load and take it to them or they will continue to run over us. The time is now.

  15. Pure thugs, that is what these unions are. I for one am against any union that forces me to pay union dues and then give it to a political party that I don't agree with. A person should have a choice if they want or not to be in a union. These unions are affraid of losing their jobs as they claim but the union workers should be more worried about jobs going over seas and Obama outsourcing by borrowing from China and making deals with them. I find the Liberal Left a bunch of hypocrites, narrow minded idiots.

  16. - EVERY COUNTRY - in history that went full blown -communist - ... had the movement start ,,,, with a peoples - LABOR - movement and riots . Just remember that when you watch these - Union Thugs - while they ,, march in an uproar....
    Also remember , all ,,, these unions were started back in the what 30's ??. That is also when the - communist party USA - was making their views known as well. Somewhere along the line the socialists took the Unions away for the - Mob - as a " political " entity. They all knew the - Mob - , couldn't continue with the leadership as just about every cop on the beat wanted to arrest them for the - crime and corruption - that so embellished - the entire organization. So , the - Socialist Party - , which back then was very quiet about thier leanings took over leadership ( just go back and look at who - all - the leaders of unions were ) , and led it to the democrap party even back then. Check it out . It is all ,,,, a matter of - record and fact - that can be easily ,, checked out.
    Now fast forward to present day and you see all the symptoms of - socialism - mixed in with this - mob - as it riots in the streets. The first thing they did was threaten - violence - when all Michigan did was give people - a choice - OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY " WANTED ", TO JOIN THE UNIONS. As where before it was - mandatory - if they wanted their jobs .
    With all the laws currently on the books - protecting - workers and their rights . Why is it that - unions - are still around ??. There is only one reason for unions to still be active. And that is to support and fund ,, - leftist socialism -. If you don't think that is true. Ask yourself - 1 - question. - Where do all the union monies go that is taken from the employee's ??.. The money trail - never - lies. It all goes to socialist democraps... ALL OF IT .
    You sure as hell never see them donating to any republicans lol.

  17. Violence is the language of barbarians, brigands, and crooks.. Liberals are all three, buit you also have to add Freeloaders to the terms as they are all moochers too..

    • Yes, and remember that when you see 5 city union people standing around watching -1 - person who is actually do some work lol. - EVERY UNION - ,, is this way . Be it civilian ,, or government ( and that includes local, state , and federal , governments)..
      And then remember the - cost - associated with keeping all these people working at their extravagant salaries and benefits as they wile away the day on - your - dime lol.

  18. I want to know why Mr. Crowder didn't call police and have this a**hole arrested for assault. He has the tape.

  19. Ugly face of the DEM Party. Violence and incivility R the Dem mantra. Bullies and brutes emblematic of Obama Regime.