Toothless Few In Congress & The Money Changers At Work

Don't get me wrong. There are a few in Congress with guts to stand up. But there are so few of them that nothing will be done to fix the situation. Those few are stuck in no-man's land. One of them, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, just decided the situation was so bad, he would go where he might make more of difference. I wish him well and hope for his success in all ways.

First of all, I believe we have gradually been operating in Constitutional crisis mode for many decades to varying degrees, until now we are historic Rome, the Weimar Republic, the Soviet Union, and Greece all combined into the most poisonous soup ever dreamed up by enemies of the United States. Just so you know that is my description of the situation we are in.

As the last few years have drawn on into this abyss, I have read quite a few articles on who is behind the curtain pulling the strings. It isn't one who, but a handful of who's and most of them are the global financiers and geo-political power brokers. All of them are despicable users with huge egos. I'm not a financial genius at the level of Freidrich Hayek, of course. But it doesn't take a financial genius to see the United States is being manipulated by money into ethical and Constitutional corruption beyond anything we have ever seen.

I just read a short article today titled Anatomy of an End Run that prompted this post.

For all intents and pur­poses, cap and trade is dead in the U.S., but the global elite’s dream of a Technocracy-based economy is still alive and well. Last month, Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion pitchman Al Gore “again called for a ‘cap and trade’ system by warning Amer­i­cans the country faces a ‘cli­mate cliff’ in addi­tion to a ‘fiscal cliff.’” According to Gore,

“I think all who look at these cir­cum­stances should agree that Pres­i­dent Obama does have a man­date, should he choose to use it, to act boldly to solve the cli­mate crisis, to begin solving it.”

Far short of any voter-specified man­date, Gore pushes on: The cir­cum­stances that he (and he alone) cites pro­vide their own man­date to elected officials. The best eco­nomic schol­ar­ship avail­able sug­gests that any kind of cap and trade sit­u­a­tion would impose a sig­nif­i­cant drag on the economy. Gore pays no atten­tion to such cri­tique, claiming that a carbon tax would def­i­nitely solve both fiscal and his dreamed-up “cli­mate cliff.”
What­ever frontal attack Gore (and other Tri­lat­erals) have launched in recent years, they have not gotten very far. How­ever, the have not and will not give up on their quest for the destruc­tion of the brown economy and the cre­ation of their utopian green economy — Technocracy. So what hap­pens when they don’t get their way? We need not look any fur­ther than the writing of the Council on For­eign Rela­tions (CFR), which has long been a policy center driven by a Tri­lat­eral agenda.
The CFR pub­lished The Global Cli­mate Change Regime on July 5, 2012, which states in part,

“One way for Obama to force progress is to issue more exec­u­tive orders and admin­is­tra­tive rule­mak­ings to par­tially sub­sti­tute for Con­gres­sional oppo­si­tion to his cli­mate and energy agenda. Working through the EPA and the Clean Air Act, he could enact tougher rules that would cut carbon pol­lu­tion from power plants and mit­i­gate the poten­tial effects of the failure to enact a national cap-and-trade program.”

Their con­de­scending atti­tude towards the cit­i­zenry of this country is indeed insulting. Are they the “enlight­ened ones” with some mystic man­date to save us from our­selves whether we like it or not? Apparently.
From a strategic point of view, how­ever, you can see the value of the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion hijacking of the Exec­u­tive Branch of the U.S. gov­ern­ment with the elec­tion of Jimmy Carter in 1976. They knew that the Amer­ican people would never go along with their screw­ball schemes, so they have forced them upon us by Exec­u­tive fiat – exec­u­tive orders, reg­u­la­tions and law-creating trade agreements.
Even though some mem­bers of Con­gress are fully aware of the Tri­lat­eral Commission’s agenda, there is no public recog­ni­tion of their iron-clad hege­mony over the Exec­u­tive Branch. Nei­ther are there any com­plaints about the loss of Con­gres­sional authority and inability to rep­re­sent their con­stituents who voted them into office in the first place.
Mean­while, voters are laboring under the delu­sion that those they elect will somehow rein in the Exec­u­tive Branch. How­ever, this has not hap­pened, is not hap­pening, and will not happen in the future.
How can the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion hege­mony be over­come? Only by a direct and forceful Con­gres­sional con­fronta­tion, including leg­is­la­tion ban­ning their mem­bers and oper­a­tives from serving in the Exec­u­tive Branch.

I could not have said it better. Sure, there are some players not named and the global banksters are not mentioned, but that article tells you a great deal about what has happened to the Constitution. Executive fiat = dictatorship. The President of the United States has become, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a puppet for global powers who really don't give a flying rip about this nation other than what they can take from it, or from us. We are electing people to Congress who stand by with their thumbs in there ears or get in on the take, and generally do nothing to stop this madness. Oath? What oath? We also have a Supreme Court who, even if they could possibly cope with all of the unConstitutional fiats, don't do that job to our salvation either (witness the Obamacare decision from Justice Roberts as a recent example).

And then I read an article at American Thinker today that verified what I am seeing. A quote from that article:

"The Obama administration has pursued an active regulatory agenda. The overall regulatory burden is now $1.8 trillion annually, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and this year alone new rules have added $215.4 billion in compliance costs."

That is one year of regulatory burden, friends! That is losses to the economy, to those of you in Rio Linda, as Rush would say. That is money that could be used productively, if otherwise not scuttled down the toilet for this madness. If the U.S. economy can afford that kind of loss, I've got some green cheese just arriving from the moon for your holiday cheese ball. Put some nice Communist red paper chain (recycled, of course) garland around it, made by the inmates at our public elementary schools. Vodka is optional for adult comrades only.

I've asked myself over the years, "How in the H E double LL are these insane regulations getting put upon Americans?" Where did any freedom go? I didn't vote for the Trilateral Commission or the CFR, or the IMF, or the UN, or the World Bank, or .....well, you see what I mean. So the Presidential election (this time I really do believe was stolen with fraud) is a charade. Sorry, to say. I'm sure I am late to the party on that, since I have always felt it my duty to study candidates and vote in elections.

Here's a thought. Maybe all of those Cialis commercials are really made for male Congress members who obviously are impotent and / or focused on their bank accounts instead of the Constitution. Not sure what to do with the female ones, but maybe Jane Fonda has them covered.

Still pondering.......

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  • 57girl

    Excellent article, well worth reading ... Until we shine a full light on the Federal Reserve (which is the root of our problems), America will continue to decline. It is the Moneymasters that pull the strings behind our Nation's economy and her fate. Our 'leaders' have become an illusion, people set in place to pacify the sheep as we are led to the slaughter. Until people wake up, and take action, we will continue to lose our Sovereignty. Every World organization America claims membership with was dreamed up by the same puppet-masters that control our economy and the major media outlets .... David Rockerfeller's name comes to the forefront of my mind, yet we never hear his name... hum, I wonder why? Yet, good old David, among many others, is one of the ring leaders of the NWO elite's attempt for World dominance. It is a power game for the rich pathetic creatures that have nothing better to do than to try to control the masses. The really sad part is that we let them do it. Maybe it is time to water the Liberty Tree, while we still can. Hopefully, there is enough liberty left to save.

  • Arlaine Bryant

    Read the Bilderberg Group by Ursalin. It is all spelled out and documented by him. You will be shocked at the Bilderbergers, the Tralaterals and the Foreigh Relations Council. The finacial elites have a plan for the destruction of the USA and Barack is their current lackey, Thanks to Georgec Soros et. al.

    • 57girl

      Had Romney been elected, we'd be facing many of the same problems we face with Obama, since he and Obama are both CFR members. I hope by 2016 the people wake up and vote 3rd Party like we should have in 2012. In the meantime, I'd love to see both Obama and Biden proven to be illegitimate Candidates due to a rigged election. Like all else, the people monitoring the major issues appear to be paid off to turn a blind eye to the truth. Where the hell are all of the Patriots?

  • retiredmillwright

    Cheryl very good article.
    I too have watched America slip closer to the abyss over the years. It
    looks like we are falling into a black hole of debt and big government.
    Actually we are being pushed these days by the socialists towards going from a
    great nation to a third world ruin. We have tried the soap box and the liberals
    drowned out our voice of reason. We have tried the ballot box and the hordes of
    entitled either stole or out voted those
    who wanted smaller government and our freedoms, The only box left to try is the
    cartridge box which is only used when people lose all hope in the system and
    have nothing else to lose, and we are rapidly headed for that point.

    • matism

      Just make sure you understand it is their "Law Enforcement" enablers, who swear the same oath to the Constitution, who have brought us to where we are. Treason is the crime that has been REPEATEDLY committed by most of this country's "Leadership". Yet in spite of their oath, which is their ONLY source of authority, this country's "Law Enforcement" have instead groveled before whoever signs their paycheck, and then done exactly what they are told. "I vus chust doink mein chob!" The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

    • cpass

      I fear you are right on this, matism. The best of the best on the subject of law enforcement is the group called "Oathkeepers." But you are correct....treason is the operative word. The Constitution seems to be stuck in someone's attic, gathering dust. Hang in there.

    • cpass

      Thanks, Millwright...Serious people are looking for solutions, in spite of the odds and the size of the behemoth we are up against. The ballot box seems to have been tainted now with illegals and fraud, which means we have to enact voter ID and get involved in babysitting the election process. Mostly, at this point, I think the states with the highest amount of conservative populations are the only saving grace. Even at that, all states have been infiltrated by Socialist Democrats and Federal money that massively corrupts the system to our detriment. For myself, the only possible glimmer of slight hope I can see is in those states. Local and state elections are critical. Unless we can clone DeMint and Rand Paul and Darrell Issah and Inofe and the few who are holding the line....the Federal government has become a totalitarian soviet system. Outside of that, I have no answers. I wish I had better options than this. :-(