‘Three Strike’ Mental Illness Violence Law May Have Prevented Adam Lanza Slaughter

Adam Lanza's mental illness claimed the lives of his mother and 26 innocent school victims

Adam Lanza's mental illness claimed the lives of his mother and 26 innocent school victims

There was a fear moving across the American heartland long before Adam Lanza stepped onto the nation’s stage and donned the dark murderous mass killer robe. This 20-year-old joined the unique club of notable mass murderers that used a gun as a weapon of slaughter. After his onslaught the gun control hysteria surrounding stricter legislation has risen to a fever pitch.

Why purposely avoid holding the gunman’s mental instability responsible? Should any dangerous behavior factors or legislation that could have been in place to prevent this terrible murderous outbreak be considered? What if there had been a ‘Three Strike Rule’ in place for Adam Lanza, which allowed automatic involuntary commitment by mental health authorities? Mothers, fathers and siblings need this kind of solution that will not make them the next horrific headline in America’s homes.

This rapid rush to judgment and instant condemnation of guns as the casual factor for the mindless killings by a disturbed gunman is just too convenient a straw man. Adam Lanza, according to Fox News reports, was upset that his mother was going to commit him for psychiatric treatment. And it was Adam Lanza that constructed the plan to destroy his computer to remove any evidence concerning his plan to murder.

Yet, it has been the mainstream media, along with the urgency of the gun control first responders to keep overlooking the obvious. This disturbed gunman may have used guns as weapons to kill, but it was his mental illness that was the true deadly assault weapon!

It is essential that the loss of such precious young children, teachers and Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, not be buried in the grave, while the true culprit to their senseless murders is ignored. Adam Lanza, a mentally disturbed young man, stole three legally registered weapons to commit his crimes. The emphasis is that the weapons were legal.

The actual crimes were formulated in his head and his conduct, unrestrained by possible intervention of law enforcement or mental health authorities, that became the deadly weapon.

So, why do politicians want to dismember the constitutional right to arm and protect the life of an individual or a family? These officials and gun control advocates are afraid to tackle the hard question and solution to this outrage. They absolutely refuse to hold the individual who had a mental illness, and has shown previous signs of forceful, dangerous behavior, responsible for his actions.

Instead, this endless cat and mouse game is played on the national stage by congress, state legislatures, and mayors like Michael Bloomberg, who hide behind their own protective guards and trained security. These first responders of gun rights denouncers are disingenuous. They purport to seek a conversation on what can safeguard society’s innocents, but denounce attacks on Hollywood movies and violent video games which savage the young minds of young children thousands of times a year.

These same gun control activists do not seek cooperation or genuine discussion but would rather demonize gun rights supporters and castrate the National Rifle Association (NRA) at every given opportunity.

On Friday, December 21st, when Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s Executive Vice President advanced proposals at the Washington D.C. Press conference, the mainstream media and gun rights opponents trivialized his comments. They demonized his earnest request to call upon Congress to pass a law putting armed police officers in every school in America.

According to Fox News, he spoke to the need for Hollywood to rein in its violent movies and for manufacturers of violent video games to consider the harmful impact that tens of thousands of hours of violence has on young children before they are 18 years old. These compassionate words were ignored by the liberal media. Instead, they feel that these mentally ill domestic terrorists will not mindlessly kill school children, if legitimate gun owners are stripped of their legal rights. Are you willing to take that chance with your child?

The harsh reality is that in America, there are tens of thousands of families who hide in their bedroom, kitchen or basement praying that someone in law enforcement or the mental health community will intervene.

These are the first victims. They desperately wish someone would help restrain, or intervene when their mentally unstable child, or young adult, continues to threaten or be abusive. Why wait until he takes the possible next step toward unrestrained deadly violence?

The individual who perpetrates the criminal act should be the legitimate focus, not the weapon he used. When this type of violent behavior is identified the person should be involuntarily removed before murdering family members and other innocents.

In order to keep the next Aurora, Colorado, or Newtown, Connecticut from becoming the new tragedy, a ‘Three Strike Rule’ to identify and remove a violent mentally unstable person from the home must be enacted. If there are three provable reported instances of agreed upon signs of dangerous or threatening psychotic behavior, that individual is taken from the premises for treatment by the local mental health authorities.

It is certainly too late for Nancy Lanza, the murdered mother of Adam Lanza. Perhaps if she had access to a ‘Three Strike Rule’ removal process, Adam would have been taken before the attacks and her murder.

The nation must take a step back from this frenzied gun control singular solution dogma. Of course, America need answers, but they will not be found in gun control laws in Connecticut or Colorado. These states already have strict gun laws, and still the tragic mass murders were not averted. A ‘Three Strike Rule’ is a workable solution which can be used to prevent another unbalanced gunman from causing more tragedies.

How about a meaningful dialogue around this solution that involves the gunman’s actions and protects the lives of potential victims!

Adam Lanza Feared Being Committed

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.

237 thoughts on “‘Three Strike’ Mental Illness Violence Law May Have Prevented Adam Lanza Slaughter

  1. It is totally rediculous to blame inanimate obljects for human behavior, but we have a totally rediculous Government that won't think past the level of a three month old baby, so what do you expect?

  2. A three strikes mental health law would NOT have prevented any of the school massacres. Are ya all crazy? (Get it?) a person has to be:
    1) of legal age to be put away for ever

    2) have been convicted of at least TWO major violent crimes

  3. It is time we quit paying Psychiatrists huge salaries for inadequate patient maintenance with absolutely no cures for chronic mental illness. Chronic mental illness has a disease pathology that does not just reside in or originate in the head. The pathology of the disease affects the brain through chemical imbalances. Mental illness cannot be cured with counseling – not ever. This is the problem: Allopathic Medicine has no cure for mental or any other chronic disease. Ancient Natural and Alternative Medicine had cures for chronic disease; however, treatment of chronic disease starts with expert diagnosis and ability to evaluate treatments. Allopathic Physicians have no diagnostic techniques,
    relying exclusively on limited laboratory tests and only on patient statements for psychiatric diagnosis. Pretending to handle the problem of mental illness is not going to get the job done no matter how much more money is put into the mental health system. Nothing will be done to change the outcome for those suffering from mental illness or destruction of their victims because Psychiatrists do not have the skills to solve the problem. When an Allopathic Physician is presented with a cure for chronic disease, one receives a blank stare. These physicians take their orders from the pharmaceutical
    companies. In order to solve our societal problem, the solution below needs to be implemented to end chronic disease not only for sufferers of mental disorders and their victimization of others, but for all chronic disorders.

    Natural and Alternative Medicine uses 3 diagnostic techniques very successfully: Those techniques are Iridology, Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), and either Expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. Iridology is accomplished via a camera linked to a computer. Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing) can even be done from a distance by mailing DNA swabbed cotton balls to a physician experienced in the art. Expert Pulse Diagnosis can
    either be Oriental or Indian Ayurvedic. Expert Pulse Diagnosis takes the most time to learn, but is absolutely necessary for any physician who wants to diagnose chronic disease or assess a patient’s status and the efficacy of treatments. An expert pulse diagnostician can detect the progression of the disease and the area of the body from which the disease originates. Pregnancy can be diagnosed within 24 hours of conception by a physician expert in pulse diagnosis. A combination of these diagnostic techniques
    gives cross-verification to the physician. And, the first 2, Iridology and Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), will aid the physician’s diagnosis, until he is expert in Oriental Pulse Diagnosis. (Distance pulse diagnosis can be accomplished via a lock of hair by keying in on [DNA], just as can be done in Kinesiology Saliva Testing with a swabbed cotton ball.) Allopathic Physicians face severe incompetence in every area besides the Operating Room and treatment of infection, demonstrating a Dark Age lack of knowledge. Many people believe this ineptitude is due to a stranglehold on Allopathic Medicine by the
    pharmaceutical industry, but this problem is also due to ingrained arrogance and incompetence on the part of Allopathic Psychiatrists. The State of Texas refusal to accept a mental health diagnosis from anyone other than an Allopathic Psychiatrist bears witness to entrenched ignorance on the part of state regulators regarding the competence of psychiatrists to diagnose.

    Federal Government involvement in Medicine and Medical R & D is also a major factor in the lack of cures for chronic disease. There is too much money available from the Federal Government, so the status quo is reinforced instead of competent cost-effective treatment developing to meet medical needs. Necessity is the mother of invention only when the Federal Government isn’t in the driver’s seat handing out the dough.

    A step by step solution to the problem: Allopathic Physicians first need to learn Natural and Alternative Medical diagnostic techniques. Second, all of the old ancient medical formulas and techniques need to be researched. It is impossible to research efficacy of treatments without expert diagnostic techniques for value assessment on patients. I use an almost completely unknown acupuncture protocol (self-administered much like a diabetic gives himself insulin injections) that treats many chronic diseases, as well as other little known medical knowledge for the majority of my health care needs. I use this acupuncture protocol now only for health maintenance. Friends are now asking me to share my medical knowledge because there is no treatment available for chronic disease. Chronic disease treatment is “Do it yourself healthcare, or do without because
    Allopathic Medicine provides absolutely "NO" cures.”

    The major solution to high health care costs and successful treatment of mental disorders is for states to mandate medical schools to teach expert diagnostic techniques to first year medical students. If students are lacking in proficiency in expert diagnostic techniques at the end of the first year of medical school, they need to be washed out of the program. We can eliminate the majority of the expense and failure in our medical system by insisting our states get tough on the way physicians are trained.

    Congress and State Legislatures can get Dr. Vassant Lad of Albuquerque, NM and, or other pulse diagnosticians to give demonstrations in Washington and the various state legislatures by diagnosing Congressmen while they are sitting in their seats in Congress. Dr. Lad or other expert pulse diagnosticians could rapidly perform a blind study for a state legislature on an acupuncture treatment protocol that I have in my possession that cures chronic mental disease as well as other chronic diseases. All that would be
    required is for Dr. Lad to take the pulse of patients before and after the acupuncture treatment, in order to prove that a profound change occurs when the treatment is administered. This acupuncture protocol can be acquired by contacting me: anncgm1@gmail.com

    House members can send a saliva sample to Healthy Bodies in Wills Point, TX to be diagnosed and receive treatment, in order to test the efficacy of this diagnostic method. Congress or a state legislature can invite an iridologist into the state legislature to
    diagnose everyone sitting in a House seat. Since these diagnostic methods can be demonstrated, our Allopathic Medical Establishment can make no excuses for current inept and expensive medical diagnosis and thoroughly inadequate palliative care.

    There is no excuse for mass murders. Another threat, under our current mental health system is the continuing risk of internment in a mental health facility for those who are not actually mentally ill, due to the lack of diagnostic skills. With the progression of our Police State, we could encounter the internment of dissidents, unless expert diagnostic techniques are implemented.

    Even with extensive training time for physicians and long times for treatment, our society could be well on its way to freedom from chronic disease within 15 years, if we insist on implementation of expert pulse diagnosis. Without expert pulse diagnosis, no Allopathic Physician will implement any of the Natural or Alternative treatments that surface because he has no ability to easily discern the value. That means we are stuck, until we change the system. Psychiatry has not progressed beyond its infancy, and it will only progress when the public insists on competent diagnostic techniques. We have the ability to make our state and federal governments give us better health care, so let’s do it.

  4. Hard to believe a site supporting freedom would produce some kind of article like this. The may have been the weapon of choice, the blame placed on the mental illness but the shooter is also a victim. He is a victim to the gov't protected pharmaceutical companies that produce the psychotropics that he was taking. If any other industry produced the damaging things that big pharm does, they would tarred and feathered. The prescribed psychotropics are the elephants in the room no one talks about.

  5. If a Politician wants to look like he is doing something for the Sheeple all he has to do is back an Anti-gun measure. No Work involved, just some Smoke and Hot Air. Next election cycle if he is lucky violent crime has gone down, as it has been doing without the help of Gun Laws across America, and he says to his sheeple see what "I" did.
    Put away someone Mentally unstable, goodness NO; they might Vote for him. He can't chance that.
    My question of the day is, When will motor vehicles be banned, as they kill and maim annually more Americans than the whole Vietnam war. They are Licenced, Taxed, and Regulated, and still they kill. Oh! Everyone owns one, but not everyone owns a Firearm. I see now, because everyone owns a Car we will ignore THAT daliy carnage. What Fools We are.

  6. The only comment I will add to this sad comentary is the suggested 3-strike rule should be a 2-strike rule. Any "repeated" instance of serious mental instability should be evaluated for treatment and possible control. Logic and reason dictates even a serious single instance should be evaluated.

  7. I have read these facts several times. thanks for researching them & sharing. We don't need to ban guns but ban menially ill , dangerous people from being on the streets.No one is safe to day.

  8. 3 Strikes is to many. At first exam a person deemed prone to violence, they should be hospitalized until declared non-violent

  9. Politicians and liberals do not care about the murders and they don't care about the mentally ill. All they care about is disarming America. They can never attain their goal of communism and absolute power as long as we are armed.

  10. Legislating bans of anything simply doesn't work. Criminals don't care if something's banned; only the honest citizens get restricted, not the criminals.

  11. The ACLU & other legal groups would never tolerate this.

  12. How does anyone know he was "mentally ill?" I believe people want to believe he was because that is the only acceptable conclusion to his actions, but there is no solid evidence that he was. If he was Asperger's, that is not a mental illness. Is it possible he was acting on his "evil," sinful nature? Once a law like this would be passed, it would soon be abused!

  13. Having a team of mental health professionals cannot stop evil in a persons heart. The burdon for stopping this man's actions is not for his parents, his doctor, therapist, or his pastor (if he had one), but rests entirely on Adam Lanza's shoulders because he pulled the trigger, he willfully committed murder. Individuals are responsible for their actions. You will stand alone before the throne of Christ.

  14. The first serious step that must be taken is that it takes money to create the treatment centers and to staff them with appropriate personell. If the Government is hell bent on spending to bail out their friends and supporters, the congress needs to stand up and say NO! Take that money and give it to the states so they can build the treatment centers and staff them in a way that makes a difference. There is no problem identifying these people. Their "condition" is known when they start school and is tracked thoroughly. Identifying the individual's who need treatment is not the problem, it is there no such treatment available for those with mental health issues. Had it not been for Eunice Kennedy, I doubt all the money that is currently being spent to help those with mental retardation and hundereds of other develpmental disabilities would be there. The problem is that Medicaid decided that since the "mental retardation population" gets all these funds via something that is called a Mediaid Waiver (I work in this field so I know what I'm talking about) in the State of Ohio, if a person also has a mental illness, they are placed under our auspices, and we are not mental health experts. So this is what is a common situation within Ohio...A person is diagnosed with a developmenta disability (DD)-had to onset before the age of 22 and is expected to last indefinitely, and has a major impact on the day-to-day life of the individual--and that DD is mild mental retardation. That person goes through a determination process and they get served by the County Board-Ohio has 88 counties and 88 CB's--from birth to death. They may also have diagnoses of schizoaffective disorder, intermittent explosiive disorder NOS (not otherwise specified), bi-polar, depression and anxiety. We are trained in the area of the mental retardation, but not the mental health part, but because they are on a Waiver there could be over 70,000 dollars spent on housing and staffing each year to provide services for that person. Medicaid says we are supposed to roll in the Mental Health treatment since we are getting the waiver money. The problem is that devolved down to taking the person to crisis, and if crisis at the local ER deems it necessary, they admit them for 3 days. They see a phychiatrist, but not in the mode of being continually treated for their MH diagnoses, only as a barely preventative measure where they are put on meds, offered counseling, and that is about it. The mental retardation staff are supposed to assist in overall treatment and supports, but the agencies that provide that care are not mental health agencies. They are people who help the person get ready for the day, help with laundry and other aspect of daily living skills. Take them to medical appointments so the person gets to see their psychiatrist or counselor, but there is no qualified MH follow up. Because Medicaid has given all the money to treat the DD populatiion, they closed down MH centers hoping some would be absorbed by us, but the rest are left to their or their family's devices.
    The bottom line is that there needs to be billions of money not given to entities like Fannie, Freddie, Goldman Sachs, AGI, Government Motors, Green Jobs companies that have an inside with the President, and these billions should go to all the states to build appropriate mental health residential facilites with trained staff, a psychiatrist on staff, a psychologist on staff, and trained people to provde the daily interactions to help the person with their daily living skills and such. Instead it is sluffed off on to the entities who serve people with DD's and some uninformed government offiicals seem to think they are all the same. I'm telling you from first hand experience that serving somemone with MR, CP, Arthrogryposis, Autism, Aspergers, ect., is a whole new ballgame when you throw shizophrenia or b-polar in the mix. Medicaid is responsible for not seeing there is adequate funding for people that are ruled by their mental health conditions. Again, identification is not the problem as ever person eligible for our services through the DD Agency in Ohio--all of their mental health diagnoes are know and listed. The schools have that info and if parents had someplace to go where they could get the the treatment their child reallly needs, that information would be diagnosed and given up right away. We know who in our system is dual diagnosed. We also know how much money we get and how much has been cut, and now those with mental health as the primary diagnoses is stuck because bailouts of big corporations and unions are more important. What is more important that ensuring the basic health and safety of each of our communities by making sure the proper treatment centers are available. I deal with this everyday and it is a travesty that for whatever reason, the government has turned it's head on the mental health issue, sluffing it off to someone else, like Medicaid, to come up with the funds to deal with this. There is too much fraud and too many crooks in Washinigton for our people in the country to get a fair shake. That's why they all need to go home, and let you and I run things--people who live real lives.

  15. It is the Liberal's and Socialists fault EDP's are walking free today. They emptied the nut bins a long time ago with the ACLU

  16. There're tomany worped thinking people in this room! I haven't read much positive things in this room, only plenty of hate and the how to armed myself so I might shoot my neighbors if I disagree with them.

  17. Ted the drunk senator from Mass. car killed more people then all my guns. Lets ban drunk senator's, oh wait then there would not be any senator's. Not a bad idea. They are useless anyway.

  18. Robert Norwood says:

    This isn't about what happened, it's about the unrecognized built in defense mechanisms humans have to assign blame elsewhere, on in-animate objects if possible, and distance themselves from the uncomfortable. A truck flips, a gun kills, drugs are to blame, etc., etc.; people are just victims. For those with a cause, such as the elimination of things they are against, like cigarettes or guns, any opportunity is manna from heaven and sheeple go along with it because it tells them they are okay, they are not flukked up humans with an inability to stand up straight, take responsibility, and do the right things - even make tough choices. Liberals, which accounts for most of the anti this, anti that mentality are looking for a way out, a way to feel good without doing the hard work or make the real sacrifices. They don't want the responsibilities of defending another let alone their own country, they don't want to get hurt, they are afraid to die, they are cowards and the only way they can feel good is by attacking religion and other people's freedoms, especially the freedom to make their own choices.

  19. What do you expect? The Media are some of the dumbest people on Earth. They don't know the proper definitions of words and mispronounce words all the time!

  20. Tom. Truly ask an see what happens , I did an Christ came in my life. Man that was incredible . You have to realy want to see the truth .