The Theater Shooting The Main Stream Media Didn't Focus On & Why

There has been lots of talk over the past few months about gun control by the main stream media and liberals in general. This was anticipated following the shooting in an Aurora, Colorado theater at the opening of The Dark Knight Rises. It escalated over the next couple of months until the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Because so many young children were killed, the emotional response was increased, but I'll bet most people never heard of a shooting that took place at a theater just two days after the one in Newtown and for good reason; it didn't go with the liberal's agenda.

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 a man entered a movie theater in San Antonio, Texas for the sole purpose of killing his ex-girlfriend, because she had broke up with him. The gunman, 19 year old Jesus Manuel Garcia, apparently did not complete his task. He opened fire in the theater which caused mass panic. People were running for cover and rushing towards exits, according to police and witnesses.

At least two people were wounded in the shooting.

So why was there not widespread news footage covering this event? The shooter was stopped. The Santikos Mayan Palace 14 Movie Theater also houses a small restaurant. The shooting began in the restaurant and as people went for cover, Garcia began to fire outside at an unmarked police car. He then moved to the theater where off duty Bexar County Sheriff Officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano, who was working the theater, chased Garcia to the back of the theater and cornered him in the men's room, shooting him several times and taking his gun.

Detective Louis Antu, spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, said, “She took all appropriate action to keep everyone safe in the movie theater."

Armando Oguin, an off-duty San Antonio Independent School District police officer restrained Garcia with handcuffs. He was then taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he was in stable condition in intensive care the following Monday.

My guess is, because the shooting was stopped by an off duty officer and the fact that the crime was not committed with an AR-15 has something to do with why this did not get mass coverage. The fact that no one killed probably adds to that. So what was used? A Glock 23, according to this report.

The Glock 23 is a .40 caliber handgun that holds 13 rounds in its magazine and 1 in the chamber. This is one of hundreds of handguns that would come under Senator Feinstein's "Assault Weapons Ban" bill. Of course, no AR-15 rifle for the media and the left to call for more bans on alleged "assault weapons" and there was not mental health issues for anyone to jump on either.

This really should speak volumes for the media's silence. Yes, the person that stopped the shooter was a police officer, but consider she was off duty and allowed to carry her weapon at the theater.

The point is that the good guy, or in this case, the good gal, had a gun to stop the bad guy. Otherwise, everyone else was a potential victim. Sgt. Castellano is to be congratulated for her bravery and ending what could have potentially been a deadly situation.

After contacting the movie theater I learned that they openly display signs, just like at the Aurora theater, which read that concealed weapons are not allowed. Therefore, it seems that once again a theater takes it upon itself to create victims, rather than empower individuals to protect themselves. Obviously the criminal, Mr. Garcia, paid no attention to the law or the signs.

Garcia was charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $1 million.

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297 thoughts on “The Theater Shooting The Main Stream Media Didn't Focus On & Why

  1. Another reason the mainstream left wing commies kept this under their fingernails. This guy who opened fire obviously has a mexican name. Whether he's an illegal border jumper or not is anybody's guess. But we all know when it comes to something like this, they make damned sure they crow about it if the shooter is white, heterosexual or has any ties whatsoever to any conservative group. If not, they hide it like they do Obama's past.

  2. Did anyone hear Sgt. Lisa Castellano say that she believed only the police should be allowed to carry firearms? I heard it on a news interview, and now can't find it online...

  3. it wasn't covered because this one was not funded or set up by the government like Sandy Hook or Aurora. Question, how does an unemployed medical researcher afford $25,000. worth of equipment when he can't pay back his student loans? And where did he get the body armor that is so new the police havn't even received theirs yet, and why was he so shot up in court that he looked like he was as high as a kite? Maybe to keep him from yelling out that he was set up like Sirhan did when he killed Robert Kennedy! Adam Lanza was killed and had only a couple of pistols with him but his rifle was in the trunk on his car. The police said a AR15 was used, but he didn't say Adam used it. What happened to the man in the parking lot in handcuffs with the blk jacket and camo pants on, and what happened to his to his van with the back window blown out? Just like the Pres Kennedy assasination, the loan gunman theory? Don't trust any Government!

  4. The left flat doesn't get it. The bad guys will ALWAYS find a way to get a gun. Our hope is that the good guys will also be armed so that they can stop the bad guys. I have my carry and conceal license and if I ever get into a situation where a bad guy is trying to kill people I may be able to stop them. If I am not armed I may become a statistic. The world is becoming a very dangerous place and we need more good guys armed. What would have happened at Sand Hook school if some administrators and teachers were armed??? IMHO many of the murdered children and adults would still be alive. What the left forgets is that it is real easy for bad guys to get guns. Even if you think that guns should be taken away try reading the second amendment to our constitution. It give you and me the right to arm ourselves and it does NOT exclude any weapon at all, only comrade Obama and his drones are trying to stop us and shred the constitution. If you love America and believe in her then you must fire the gun grabbing Communists in congress and replace them with those who will uphold the constitution that they swore to do.

  5. bitemehardleft says:

    no other president has sealed his birth cert, college records etc from the American people. Obama is hiding all kinds of things from the people with the help of his Democratic Communist party regime of minions. Lets see it all Oscumbag THIS IS WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT. You always pushing your crap based on that saying so now its really time for the ugly truth about you to come out. Even the blacks know you are not one of them.

  6. when you ban law abiding citizens from carrying a gun, you make a free shooting gallery for criminals

    Sandy Hook and Dark Knight massacres have too many similarities with Port Arthur to be a co-incidence, they were set up by the criminals in the government, CIA or FBI


    yes they are only theories, but where are the pictures, videos and the two other gunmen who were there at all three events and why were they released?

  7. Ray!! Nice comment. The dog is better for society than barry. adolph came for the guns and got them. You know the rest. Tell barry to go to hell. He can't have our guns he can't have our hearts and he can't have our bibles.

  8. You're all racist idiots... Obama is doing more for your country than any of your worthless previous white presidents.

    Health care will be a blessing on your country, who gives a rats ass what his background is, homosexuality has been practicede before Christianity began and abortion should be a choice left up to the woman or wants or, hell, needs it.

    And before you bring my race into this, I'm white.

    • Some village is missing its idiot.

      Obama is doing his best to get as many people as possible hooked on his welfare, so when he really needs to control them, all he has to do is threaten to not feed them. Healthcare is a part of that. So is gun-grabbing.

  9. marcdepiolenc says:

    Interesting that the charge leveled at the shooter was attempted murder of the cop who took him down...the hundreds of prospective victims didn't count, I guess, being mostly civilians. Double standard, anyone?

    • It's been pretty standard since about September 11, 2001. Mere mundanes are not allowed to endanger the Saints in Blue. Ever.