The Real Class War: Jimmy Hoffa, Ohio Union Bosses vs. Ohio Union Members, OWS

Jimmy Hoffa wants wealth spread around, but not his own; OWS protester wants rich to stop taking from middle class, hesitantly condemns her boss for taking from her; union teacher fed up with not knowing where her dues go; phone call with union representative refusing to help find out. Christian Hartsock reporting.

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  • retiredmillwright

    Jimmy Hoffa is part of the problem we have in America today.
    He is a socialist standing there in his thousand dollar a pair shoes. He takes
    the union dues of working people and spends them on socialist attacks on real Americans
    that the union members have no say in. He is like a small barking Obama dog,
    always making a lot of noise at nothing to try to justify his big fat paycheck
    and million dollar retirement. He is actually helping tear America down and
    wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the butt.