The NRA Calls For Bigger Government To Protect School Children

On Friday, Vice President of the NRA Wayne LaPierre held a press conference in the aftermath of the Shady Hook Elementary School shooting and made great arguments for the Second Amendment and how it is used to protect the public. He made great points about violence in movies and video games and about the inaccuracy in the media regarding ammunition and firearms and pointing out the lies that just one more gun ban or one more gun control law will protect people "where 20,000 others have failed!" So what issue do I consider the NRA wrong on? The fact that LaPierre called on Congress to put armed police officers in every school and to do it before January.

LaPierre said,

"I call on Congress today to act immediately, to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school — and to do it now, to make sure that blanket of safety is in place when our children return to school in January."

Friends it sounds good doesn't it? But remember, this is calling for more government. Please do not mistake my comments on this issue to be completely in opposition to the NRA. Nothing could be further from the truth, but do you realize the funding this would take? Do you realize the amount of competent policemen this would take to achieve? This is a terrible call and though LaPierre is willing to put his money where his mouth is and offer training, the question I have is, why doesn't he offer to simply do this for teachers and other school officials? Why must we constantly be looking to government to solve the problem?

LaPierre said, "Our training programs are the most advanced in the world. That expertise must be brought to bear to protect our schools and our children now. We did it for the nation's defense industries and military installations during World War II, and we'll do it for our schools today."

"The NRA is going to bring all of its knowledge, dedication and resources to develop a model National School Shield Emergency Response Program for every school that wants it," he said. "From armed security to building design and access control to information technology to student and teacher training, this multi-faceted program will be developed by the very best experts in their fields."

There it is! Simply get Congress to remove the "Gun Free Zones" and start training teachers and principals. They obviously are prepared to teach them, along with students. This would be at no additional cost to taxpayers or the federal government and would not require the feds to do anything except untie the hands of the people. In fact, it could be argued, and is being argued, that States have the right to make this a part of their system now.

I realize, even according to polling, that most Americans agree that putting police officers in every school is a good idea, but again, I ask you, how practical is it compared to letting teachers arm themselves, have a concealed carry permit and be trained? When you compare the two, I think, at least for conservatives and liberty lovers, the second approach is the better of the two.

If you follow LaPierre's reasoning, how far will this be applied? After the next shooting at a mall, will we hear cries of "an armed policeman at every entrance, store and elevator?" What about the next shooting at a place of worship? Will we hear the cries of "an armed police officer at every place of worship?" If more government is the answer we give and ascribe to, then how can we rightly say we are for smaller government?

While I am for much of what the NRA stands for, which is why I'm a member, I think the approach that Gun Owners of America's President Larry Pratt was much more in line with my own thinking and results in less government and less costs. It is a whole lot more reasonable and practical. This is why when my membership runs out this coming year, I'll be joining with the GOA. We need small government answers to issues like this, not bigger government responses.

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  • Wolf-Talker-1

    Even the NRA sees the need for bigger Government!

  • riceinwa

    Perhaps the NRA is reacting to the screaming and yelling that has come from the communists when anyone has mentioned training and arming the school administration and teachers. Although that is exactly what the Israelis have done. I understand that both Iowa and Texas are looking at arming the school administrators/teachers...but OMG! you'd think someone asked the communists to give up abortion...their darlings in the NEA being armed...unthinkable. The confiscation of all personally weapons is much preferred to having one of their own learn to really defend the children and certainly fits their agenda better.

  • Ted Smith

    If we have guards with guns in banks to protect our money why not have guns in schools to protect our children?

  • abovethelaw

    The feds continue every day to fail in every way. Giving the feds any type of responsibility to protect chidren will fail and become another bloated failed system. You have only to look at the track records,present and past! We do need to protect ,but the real cuprit is failure of the system to allow rabid individuals to live in society with more freedoms then the common citizen,gun ownership is a responsibility,and a right not to be taken lightly, in our society it is unfortunate that the failure of our laws and officials put people in a position that people feel the need to protect themselves,and feel the rights of the criminal are greater then the law abiding citizen! A gun ban is always the first thing you hear from the very officials that are supposed to protect, but only create the problem! The system to protect the innocent is at fault here,and its clear instead of our officials admtting and working on a real solution, the law abiding citizens rights become the target! Until we get a just, law abiding government in place ,the problem will continue! The government left is bent on disarming the general population for obvious reasons,bottom line is the American people have created a dictatorial monster! We need to replace 90% of the federal government ,starting at the top!

  • Ron Alford

    It is simply common sense, criminals - mental or otherwise are not likely to go to a school when they know they will have to face another gun.

  • George

    point well taken NRA should no better about states rights

  • TPM

    I'd rather we spend money on protecting our kids than providing security for our politicians.
    Who'd miss a few of those aholes, anyway?

  • Wayne

    I am a retired police officer and an NRA member. I have talked to a number of fellow retired officers and we all would happy to volunteer time to guard schools. Right now we can't because schools are "Gun Free Zones." "Gun Free Zones" are one of the dumbest things politicians have ever come up with. They just guarantee helpless victims.

  • gnafuasusual

    We don't depend on Big Government! We depend on individual schools to clear and accept an armed someone with a great deal of training to watch over the children/students. The idea is to get away from Big Government because that is part of the problem. Morals have been destroyed with Big Government and that leads to people doing horrible things and thinking they can because they don't know good from evil. They no longer have a conscience.

  • Greg137

    This is why I am a BIG supporter of NAGR(National Association of Gun Rights) and NOT a big NRA supporter! It was suspected by the NAGR that the NRA were a bunch of sellouts..
    I guess this proves it... NAGR is a grassroot organization that focus's exclusively on protecting the Second Amendment, and membership is cheaper than the NRA..

  • Carl Stevenson

    Frontsight, one of the leading firearms training organizations in the world has publicly offered free training to teachers (I believe 3 per school).
    Frontsight can train people that have never handled a gun to be more proficient than most street cops IN 4 DAYS, and their facilities are arguably the best in the country.
    (I have no financial interest in Frontsight, but I am familiar with their program and facilities.)

  • Carl Stevenson

    The NRA proposal is a step in the right direction, but doesn't go far enough. One armed person isn't enough to provide adequate security to a facility the size of most schools.

    Israel had some horrific school massacres. Their solution? Train and arm the teachers. It works. They haven't had a major incident since, despite being surrounded by madmen sworn to kill all Jews and wipe Israel from the face of the planet.

    From my point of view, as a father of three and grandfather of 10, if the teachers aren't willing to take responsibility for the defense of their charges they should find another job and let someone who will defend the children take the position.

    The principal in CT bravely tried to defend her students, but she was doomed from the start and had no chance. No matter how anti-gun she may have been (I don't know), I'd bet at the end she wished she had a gun so she would have had at least a fighting chance. Would she have died anyway? Perhaps, but at least her final bravery wouldn't have been futile.

    Before someone says, "Guns in the schools, are you crazy?", consider a few facts:
    1) As just stated, teachers are already checked and presumed to be trustworthy.
    2) The ONLY thing that will prevent these attacks, or at least minimize the body count, is an immediate response that terminates the threat (plainly put, kill the perp ASAP)
    3). Federal government statistics prove that law-abiding people who carry a gun are more than 5.5 times LESS likely than the police to shoot an innocent bystander, despite the fact that "civilians" justifiably kill many more criminals each year than do the police, as they defend themselves or others when faced with violent crimes.
    4).Guns themselves, when responsibly handled by properly trained people, NEVER harm innocents. They do NOT "just go off". Their presence under the control of properly trained teachers and administrators would pose NO threat to the children. On the contrary, it is the ONLY way to prevent, or at least rapidly stop, these sorts of attacks.
    5) As these mass shootings show, signs and laws don't stop criminals and psychos, who don't care about the signs, don't obey laws, and usually plan on dying, either at their own hand or through "suicide by cop." Less children and teachers would die if they got their (death) wish as promptly as possible at the hand of a properly equipped teacher.
    6) Every moment of delay in neutralizing the threat equals more dead innocents.

    Stop the insanity. Allow teachers to defend themselves and their charges and require that they be trained and equipped to do so.

  • Stephen Ray Hale

    I also understood Wayne to mean
    that we already HAVE...if you posit the idea we have too many weapons...the
    number of desirable volunteers willing to help.

    On the other hand, concerning
    funding, though I do not even consider charity or education a function of any
    government from Federal down through the local governments, were we to divert
    the monies back to the aim of government of PROTECTING the innocent lives,
    liberties, and possessions of the people and their progeny, from that of
    misplaced charity which governments cannot do in that charity is defined
    unconditional love...and have you seen any government largesse NOT have
    strings, mandates, and CONDITIONS, we would have monies enough to so protect
    our children, and it would lie entirely in the purview of our governments to so
    provide that protection.

  • tod

    Get rid of TSA,and put guards in the schools.

  • capset55

    I think if we return the length of receiving unemployment back to 26 weeks, let people buy their own medication, eliminate Obama care and let people buy insurance where ever they can get it cheapest, get rid of the Obama phones, get rid of all the tax loopholes, return the federal government back to a reasonable size, get rid of all the deadwood that is sitting around collecting paychecks for doing nothing and that is just for starters. I believe we could keep the schools safe without incroching upon our second amendment rights. and at the same time pay down the national debt some. Oh and might I add let everyone pay 'some' income tax so we can all have some skin in the game.

  • Mike Oliveira

    Lots of good ideas here, but none of them will be implemented because the eventual goal of this administratiion is CONFISCATION. They know that they wont confince you of their Heinous plan, but they can, and will reach the uninformed, those who know nothing about firearms. They are fear mongers of the worst kind, exploiting this unspeakable horror for their own gain.

    How do they do it? Simple, Blame the problem on guns and institute an Assault Weapons Ban. They know very well that the rifle used in this tragedy WAS NOT an Assault Weapon, that Assault weapons have been banned from the general public for over 50 Years...Unless you pass a very strict background check and get a special license from B.A.T.F. But that doesnt matter to these power hungry charlitans. they know that the uninformed will think this draconian ban will stop this kind of horror from happening again. Sad to say, they are gaining momentum for their scheme, and its partly our fault, we are preaching to the choir so to speak, we talk to each other, but how many of you have talked to the uninformed, called into talk shows and told them that the Assault weapons Ban Is just a Hoax? That the rifle used is just a semi auto just like your hunting rifle and shot gun. Yeah, maybe it LOOKS like and Assault Weapon, So what do we do, ban guns by the way they look?
    There are suppsosed to be 80 million gun owners in this country, but the NRA, the largest pro gun organization has only 4 million members. If you have a problem with the NRA, join one of the other gun rights groups, Only the force of numbers will give us a chance of beating these communists at their own game. GET PROACTIVE! INUNDATE the talk shows, they give you a forum to state yor case to the uninformed. Talk to your co workers and friends, let them know the truth about the ban. That It Only Bans Legal Semi Autos, and NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS.!
    We had better make our voices heard lound and clear, each and every one of us need to help educate the uninformed, because their the ones who are going to eventually decide this issue.
    Yes, I have and am, doing the things I have suggested...Please join me, and dont let them win the battle.

  • argus 4


    I certainly don't want any more federal involvement with our schools; however, I am deeply concerned with the idea of volunteers. They may have been trained in the use of firearms, have the best of intentions, but the sort of supervision they would have and how much responsibility they would bear need to be clearly stated before I'll buy into such an idea.

    At least with a governmental entity supervising the security personnel -- we must hope more enlightened and responsible than those employed by Homeland Security (Ha!) in the TSA -- we have a definite institution responsible. We need to be able bring to justice any security officer who overreacts and commits even voluntary manslaughter.

    Mr LaPierre's proposal needs to be carefully thought through and revised, IMO.

  • sovereigntyofone

    If we can have a janitor or custodian in every school, what is the big " money issue " over having an qualified " armed guard " in every school. The bottom line is. These liberal communist talk a big show over the death of little children but when it comes to putting the money where thier big mouths are, they are against it. Let's be honest shall we? It's not about protecting little children from future violent acts, it's all about the " Total Gun Ban " agenda. Once we as a nation are disarmed, the Democommies may do as they wish and we will not be able to protect our Constitution or our children.

  • 1Responce

    In the past, whenever a bank was robbed, the uniformed guard was the first one targeted. Teachers, principals, cooks, or custodial providers would be much better. No one would be easily identifiable as carrying a weapon. Not just one, but multiple armed employees would be better. Let the NRA train them as their donation to the cause. It is possible that some of those employees would become excellent shooters, since some people who have never fired a gun can be more easily trained than current users. The novice has no bad shooting habits to be changed and can learn properly from the start. My sister-in-law received gun training in her thirties and did so well they wanted her to become an instructor. Give them some kind of a bonus to motivate them to volunteer without getting carried away. Gas money for the training, purchasing a gun of their choice they can own, and we can let the gov't give them some of the tremendous amount of bullets they are currently buying as part of their contribution to saving children's lives. If they are really serious about not letting this happen again.

  • afanaglenn

    Now even the NRA is advancing reactionary solutions instead of a studied solution. This is just what we do not need, So tired of reactionaries. Study the situation and come up with a studied soution that does not compromise the rights of law abiding Americans.