Rand Paul: "People In Congress...Are Not To Be Trusted With Money"

If there is one person I love to hear speak the truth about how government isn't functioning properly it's Ron Paul (R-TX). Second to him, I do enjoy his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). In an interview with Fox News' Great Van Susteren's On The Record on Thursday, Paul told her that people in Congress "cannot be trusted" and "don't deserve to manage any more money."

Van Susteren questioned the Kentucky Senator as to whether the American people should be angry at the process when it comes to the fiscal cliff.

The Senator said that he was definitely "annoyed" because he was in Washington all week and said that they "did nothing all week long."

"If the Democrats have a proposal, why don't they put a proposal forward and let's see if Republicans can agree to it," Paul said. "But they need to be part of the process, and so far I haven't seen much 'give' on the part of the Democrats."

Greta then said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the "House is acting with the dictatorship of the Speaker." This garnered laughter from Paul as he said that he didn't know what that means necessarily.

Paul did point out that the current tax rates are going to expire. He then used an analogy about drowning, which I think makes an excellent point.
"It's like 100 people are drowning and you're going to save 98 of them by only protecting them from a tax increase, you know 98%? And my question is, 'Well, if they're all drowning, right? Which means that raising taxes is a bad thing for everyone, so why would we only do it on two to save 98% from a tax increase? Why would drowning be our policy? Why would we be in favor of a policy of drowning?' You know raising taxes. It sounds like it's a bad thing for everyone. Why are they (Democrats) so insistent that we taxes on someone?"

Van Susteren asked if Paul perceived that people were actually trying to talk and negotiate in the Senate.

Senator Paul said that he thinks that it is all happening among the leadership and said that he has to "ask the media" about the fiscal cliff because many in the Senate do feel like they are a part of it.

Paul took the time to say that he was standing up for the Constitution during the week with regards to the Fourth Amendment and personal emails, texts, and internet searches. For his stance on these things we can be thankful!

When asked if he thought most Americans will see a difference between December 31, 2012 and January 1 or 2 of 2013, Paul said that he believed that some people think that since Obama won re-election there is a certain "inevitablity" that he wants to raise taxes and that he controls the Senate and the White House. "So What I keep saying," Paul said, "is Democrats will probably win. They'll probably get their way either this year or next year and we'll get higher taxes, but it will be a bad thing for the economy. It will be a bad thing for job creation and in the end may not even do what he wants, because sometimes you raise rates and you get less revenue." Paul then pointed to England as an example of raising the rates and getting less wealthy people, which resulted in less revenue. He said that England was not in the midst of "reversing course" now.

Paul pointed to the history of lowering tax rates and increasing revenue. He noted both Ronald Reagan's approach and George W. Bush's approach of the tax cuts that are now our current, set to expire, tax rates.

Paul was also asked about the kinds of plans that are proposed, where we hear about these plans being for "ten years." The question is if a ten year plan is adopted is there a possibility that Congress might come back in two years with a completely different plan?

The Senator said it was possible and that there were two main problems with ten year projections. The first is that historically the federal government is "bad at projections." Paul said, "They can't predict what will happen next year, much less ten years."

The second thing is "You're right, future Congresses can change," Paul told Van Susteren. he then gave examples of what has taken place with regards to rules concerning legislation. He said, "We just disobey the rules. We just don't care," referring to the attitude of many lawmakers.

Paul then addressed the debt ceiling and taxes.

“I would raise the debt ceiling on one condition and that would be a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution," he said. "Barring that, people in Congress, those who I’ve met up here they don’t deserve to manage any more money. They’re doing a bad job managing the money they have. We should not send them any more money. They’re not to be trusted with money.“

Watch the interview below:

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  • Patriot

    I trust Rand Paul and I trusted Ron Paul. Problem is no one listened to anyone but the obysmal leftist paid off media.....................Obama is destroying this country with the help of his democrat and even republican thugs with no regard for the PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARY>>>> they are all thieves, liars and cheats and ole bysmal is the biggest liar and cheat of the bunch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Osbun/100001215333702 Erik Osbun

    In an interview with Fox News’ Great Van Susteren’s On The Record on Thursday, Paul told her that people in Congress “cannot be trusted” and “don’t deserve to manage any more money.” This is an opinion that holds water. It is undeniable.

    Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/12/rand-paul-people-in-congress-are-not-to-be-trusted-with-money/#ixzz2GU5dDHJF

  • RKflorida

    People in congress - Including him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1630719542 George Sengstock Jr

    CUT SPENDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notosharia

    Those "idots-in-Washington" are extremely out of line and a hell-bent on abridging the CONSTITUTION. Therefore they are the enemy of the people. By trying to take away our 2nd Amendment is the prime example. The "liberals" (who have a MENTAL DISORDER)THAT follow this are part of the problem. RON PAUL IS RIGHT. His son is right
    What is so distressing is having an illegal president- who flaunts his criminal traits every day just like the Savages-He is the Jihad of the USA by all the ways he has undermined this country. DEFEAT JIHAD.

  • rchguns

    Have you watched the movie hoarders these people usually have psychological problems like compulsive shopping where they have to buy anything and everything and pretty soon their homes are totally unlivable because the stuff the stack to the ceilings infested with all kinds of vermin. If that doesn't describe Washington DC right now I don't know what would. My mother used to tell me that money burned a hole in my pocket That the Way, Congress is.

    • 44rd11

      Going to Vegas on someone else's money is so much more fun - you can lose it and not worry.

    • Frosty33

      But they don't have any money in their pocket. They are using a credit card!

  • http://twitter.com/ramatwain Pat Pettie

    "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington
    "There is no distinctly American criminal class - except congress." Mark Twain
    "God created horse thieves for practice, then he created politicians." Mark Twain

  • http://www.facebook.com/TomDriscollSr Tom Driscoll Sr.

    I wouldn't trust the idiots in Washington with ANYTHING let alone money.

  • dagriz

    Ive basically givem up........................washington does as it always has------------------------over the cliff------------------gun laws--------no budget-------spend as you want-----------I'm just keeping my powder dry

  • j

    oh so we are winning the war on drugs... funny.... I spent years of my on the war on drugs came to a totally different conclusion... The only thing I saw was death, despair, & destruction... with the public at home inept to consider the amount of people that died so they can get their kicks... but hell lets fire trillions of dollars down the hole, kill tens of thousands of more people and we will stop that black market once and for all! /sarc

  • fliteking

    At times the Paul's are indeed genius.

    I really wish they'd change their stance on drugs and foreign policy.

    RonBots need not respond, I fully understand your wish to maintain a losing position.

    • pat78

      Not a losing position, but a true U.S. Constitution position. 😀

    • fliteking

      First time I got a response from a Paul fan that was non-insulting.


    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      now fliteking, i've never insulted you:)

    • fliteking

      We Conservatives and Libertarians could accomplish a lot together, but the plan would need to include cooperation. To tell the truth I even have a Ron Paul hat while fishing. Enjoy your responses very much. Happy New Year Tim . . . and thanks for putting up with me in 2012.

    • pat78

      I am a Conservative who voted Libertarian because the GOP forced another RINO on us. I refuse to help the GOP help the commies of the Fallen Left.

    • fliteking

      I strongly agree with your sentiment. I have been highly disappointed with the GOP and Replican'ts in general, that said we need to find a politcal position that will allow us to bring folks over from the blue dog democrats and those leaning conservative and I have seen the drug / foreign policies of the Paul's work against recruiting voters . . . if the Libertarians and Conservatives and Tea Party folks cannot find a middle ground where we can work together for a common good we will soon lose this great Country.

    • pat78

      I think the GOP is full of RINOs that string along Conservatives and will continue as long as they can. Their behavior doesn't match their rhetoric. If we truly stand by the U.S. Constitution as it was written, not as it has been "amended" by behavior, we'll abandon the bad behavior we've exhibited all over the world, bring our troops to internally clean house, defend our borders and legalize drugs just like alcohol. The other option is to cut and run (SECEDE) with the U.S. Constitution, values before the 1930's and the wealth we currently have. I'm not so sure we can win against the rest of the world. Judicial Watch reported that Obama received 181 million in illegal campaign donations in one month from foreigners before the past election!

    • pat78

      You are very welcome! We'll all understand love when we respect no one above another. Serving one another is a privilege.

    • May-PA

      Has Rand ever put forth an opinion on drugs or foreign policy? I have heard his Dad's position, but not Rand's.

    • fliteking

      Sure has, easy access via search engine.

    • awkingsley

      @fliteking: When the U.S. military started policing the world, the world did not become a safer place, nor did the U.S. become a more well-defended country. A war on drugs did not make the U.S. or Mexico a safer place either. Quite the opposite happened in all cases.

      The crime rates are fudged by changing the reporting methods, in order to lower the statistics. Some places like NM were considered untenable places to live because NM is a drug corridor. Our corrupt former Governor Richardson changed the crime reporting methods, so that only one crime is reported at each location. The insurance agents have to look through murders and rapes to find thefts now. Each crime at the same location once upon a time was logged separately. Albuquerque crime was on par with Washington DC prior to the change in reporting methods.

      Those who are in favor of a changed Foreign Policy and legalization of drugs have good solid reasons for that stance.

    • pat78

      It's long over due for both to occur. Our Foreign Policy and the war on drugs keeps our corrupt leaders happy and puts us at huge risk! Their are more dangers within our own borders due to our manipulative foreign policy, and their are enough legal drugs that mimic the illegal ones. I'm totally opposed to any kind of drug since they eventually kill us. Natural cures go to the cause of the ailment, whereas our drug culture is satisfied with going after the symptoms.