Pizza Hut Delivery Man Demoted After Defending Himself Against Attackers

Sam Swicegood, a Pizza Hut delivery man in Maryland, fought off a group of attackers as he was attempting to deliver pizzas, and what happens? Pizza Hut gave him a demotion.

According to Swicegood, he was sucker punched, which caused his glasses to "fly off." He then dropped the pizzas he was carrying and began to swing a small piece of a tent pole he had at his attackers, while covering his face. “It’s a little fiberglass road I had up my sleeve not thinking I would actually have to use it but more or less having a little comfort up my sleeve,” recalled Sam.

Swicegood faced five attackers and said those odds "is just not a good situation to be in."

He said, "I thought I was about to die."

The attackers fled without his money or his pizzas. However, Fox News Insider says that Pizza Hut cut his hours and his pay for violating their "no weapons policy."

The local Fox affiliate in Baltimore reported, "During the days that followed Pizza Hut made Sam a cook, slashing his hours and salary. Sam had violated Pizza Hut’s weapon policy which states that a driver cannot be armed."

Swicegood is college student simply trying to make ends meet delivering pizzas. He said, “I was making about 11 or 12 dollars in tips,” which helped pay for college.

Sam said,

“I’m not saying we should arm all delivery drivers, but I’m saying that punishing delivery drivers for defending themselves as they’re being attacked is unjust.”

It is unjust.

In November, one of Sam's co-workers was held at gunpoint and robbed in the same area that Swicegood was attacked. So far 3 of the 5 individuals that attacked Swicegood have been arrest. They are all juveniles.

Not that I'm a fan of Pizza Hut, but I'll take my business elsewhere when I'm purchasing pizzas from now on until they make this right. After all, Sam and people like him are performing a job for them and in these cases they are doing it by putting their lives on the line, literally. This is just one more area where if the company wants to exercise the right to disarm their employees they should be able to also be sued if the employee is attacked for the company's failure to provide adequate protection. Otherwise, allow people to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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  • Texas Tanker

    I had a friend in college who had served in the military, got out, and went to work in a 7-11 convenience store, a part of the Southland Corporation, until he made up his mind about what to do with his life. Late one night three young thugs entered his store, wandered about, came to the cash register, produced a pistol, and robbed him. He did everything the employee manual called for him to do. Except for the .357 magnum under the counter.
    The young lads walked out of the store, but the last one turned, produced a straight-razor, and proceeded to cut my friend badly. Once on the left arm and once across the belly. Jack said the kid was laughing about "cutting a white MF". Jack had not planned to do anything but call the police, but he grabbed his pistol and shot all three of them while holding his intestines in with his left arm & hand. Then he collapsed. The shots attracted a patrolman who got my friend to the ER and the thugs to the morgue.
    Southland Corp. paid for Jack's medical bills. On his release from the hospital, he got fired for resisting the robbery. I don't patronize 7-11 to this day.

  • sheinLV

    It sounds like Pizza Hut doesn't want their delivery folks to defend themselves at all and is okay if they are robbed, beaten or more Pizza Hut for me....they are part of the problem...time to teach them a lessen

  • concerned person

    this is pizza huts rely to an email i sent them

    My name is Carol Ferguson and I work at the corporate office of Pizza Hut with Mr. Kane.

    appreciate you contacting us on the issue involving one of our drivers.
    As you would expect, nothing is more important to us than the safety of
    our team members and our
    customers. Unfortunately, there were some inaccuracies in what was
    originally reported. The driver was not demoted. His wages were not
    lowered and his hours were not cut. We can assure you that the driver
    involved is being treated very fairly, with the utmost
    concern for his well being. The matter continues to be handled
    appropriately by the local franchisee and employee.

    Thank you again for your email.


    Carol Ferguson

    Sr. Manager Pizza Hut

  • Greg137

    Has pizza hut gone liberal too?! (SIIIIIGH...........) Now I AM depressed.....

  • Doc Savage

    Business are terrified of law suits because of employees harming others. They get nailed for millions which could put them out of business. The LAW makes them responsible and lawyers coming crawling from under rocks to make big bucks. Therefore employees are hanging out on a limb. Hey you get beat up at work and you get workers comp. What a deal!!

  • Steven Pierce

    I was never a big fan of them, but I will do my best to stay away from them. We should find a way to make the company aware of this also..

  • kay

    Yep, Pizza Hut policy is for their delivery people to just stand there and be beaten or worse killed. I'll never buy anything from PH again because they are unAmerican and anti-self defense. I strongly urge all to boycott PH and let them know why.

  • Miko

    He should be a good democrat citizen and lie(?) down and take your beating.

  • dad666

    No Company should have the right to take away someones right to defend themselves and call it Company policy. All Pizza hut drivers should quit and let them eat dirt for deliveries

  • Noni77

    Boycott Pizza Hut and WRITE TO THEM saying you are and WHY!! In essence, their policy is that it is better to "lose" a few employees, than to "appear" not "politically correct". These are human beings they are willfully endangering!! But Pizza Hut has no regard for that.

  • freedomringsforall

    Wow what a weapons welding monster and major threat to society this guy looks like.
    Surprised Pizza Hut didn't have him arrested on the spot for being the terrorist that he certainly and ever so apparently appears to be.
    Oh Wait a minute does Pizza Hut have TSA doing there security policy for them!?
    Come on be honest!!!