Pelosi: "Assault Magazines" Have To Be Outlawed

Yes you read that correctly. Nancy Pelosi used the term "assault magazines in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell in talking about how the kind of firepower allegedly used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings should be outlawed.

Before I continue, I have been guilty myself in referring to certain types of weapons, even some I own myself are considered by the left to be "assault weapons." I have not cared what people have called them in the past, to be honest, that does not make them anymore or less dangerous than any other gun. However, in reading a piece by Jan Morgan, I think I'm going to stop referring to them as such. Here's what Morgan writes:

My AR is not an assault rifle.
It is not an assault weapon.
It will never be used to criminally assault anyone.
My AR will only be used for defensive and sporting purposes.
It is simply a modern musket.

Continuing with that point, let's define our terms here. "Assault" is defined by Noah Webster as:

1. An attack or violent onset, whether by an individual, a company, or an army. An assault by private persons may be made with or without weapons. As assault by an army is a violent hostile attack; and when made upon a fort or fortified place is called a storm, as opposed to sap or siege.

2. An attack by hostile words or measures; as, an assault upon the prerogatives of a prince, or upon a constitution of government.

3. In Law, an unlawful setting upon one's person; an attempt or offer to beat another, without touching his person; as by lifting the fist or a cane, in a threatening manner. If the blow aimed takes effect, it is a battery.

So Morgan is correct. My weapons, and I'm sure many of yours, will never be used to criminally assault anyone. In fact, if we were to use the term "assault weapon," it could literally be applied to anything; a baseball bat, knife, pencil, barbed wire, or even a car!

However, Pelosi moves the argument up a notch. Now she is not even calling for a ban on what she wrongly calls "assault weapons," but is calling for "assault magazines" to be outlawed!

She told Mitchell on Tuesday:

“How does something like this happen? Because a person with impaired judgment had access to firepower that should be outlawed. There is no reason why these assault magazines – and that’s what they are. We’ve got to call them what they are, assault magazines. you aren't even allowed to have that on a hunting gun in California, which has three shots.”

What the heck is an assault magazine? Are people with AR-15s and AK-47s now throwing their fully loaded magazines at people? This is so far over the top it's rather difficult to take seriously, but we must because these people are the ones framing the argument and if we do not correct the misuse of language, and yes I am one that is looking to correct my own in regards to this matter, then we will inevitably lose the argument and with that the fight over our rights.

Again, I'll remind Pelosi and the rest of us that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Since the Supreme Court has ruled this applies to individuals and since the Amendment begins by defining the purpose for the right to keep and bear arms is with regards to a "well regulated militia." The problem comes for both the courts and the Congress with that nagging little bit at the end, "Shall not be infringed." This is the beginning point of where the liberals start. Our voices must be loud in pointing that out.

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  • EF

    In the Immortal Words of Ronald Reagan!
    To Nancy Pelosi "There You Go Again"

    She's Singing the Same Uneducated Tune! Lol!

  • oldcoyote

    Why not everybody that thinks guns are sooo bad just turn them in and be done with it and leave us law abiding citizens alone?

  • Jay Pee

    Nancy Pelosi and her ILK (including Obama, Reid and Biden) were exactly what and whom the founding fathers had in mind when they penned the 2nd amendment.

  • sandra

    She should just shut her mouth because everytime she opens it more of her brains fall out. How many times has law enforcement seen a gun or an assult magazines shoot someone?His responce would be never. stupid is as stupid does. she must be running out of brain materal.

  • Just the facts

    First of all assault rifle is a fully automatic rifle. An AR15 & AK47 are semi auto rifles, you need a class 3 liceance to own an assault rifle. A fork, butter knife, tub of water, a rock can all be used to kill, after guns are gone and people kill more people what are you going to ban next, for the record Drunk Drivers Kill More People Than Any Other Form Of Death.

  • dillon650

    All it takes is one round in a magizine to be an assault magizine.

  • ToadStool Manor

    The immediate goal of the far-left thinkers and now this current administration is the COMPLETE disarmament of the civilian population. A gun-free population cannot standup to a government whose leaders have become tyrannical and completely turned against the will of it's citizens. Therefore it's citizens MUST be disarmed, as armed citizens are considered a threat both individually and collectively to the beneficence of the 'system'. In Britian and Australia where a gun ban was instituted, it failed and gun crimes have continued to soar. But the Lib-left-gun-grabbers could care less about this fact. The end goal is the absolute control of the population.

    FACT 1: The Gun Ban in those countries did not and is not working to deter Gun crime.

    FACT 2: Criminals will ALWAYS have a source for guns.

    FACT 3: After a gun ban, you only make law abiding citizens an easier target for criminals by stripping them of any ability to defend themselves, and by default, absolute servants to the state.

    FACT 4: There will be NO far-left utopian world of perfect world order. That
    was tried in 1932-1944... look what that led to.

  • IddiKlu

    I think Pelosi needs to be outlawed, as she goes against the law of the land. She is 'unconstitutional'.

    • WAMama

      Along with the treasonsit himself and all his cohorts!

  • wmagg

    While Im sure that the rights of the American people as a whole matter little or not at all to Piglousy and her ilk Where were the rights of the teachers and the students. The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. excuse me but the last time I looked, so called gun free zones were and infringement and therefore a violation of the rights of the people under the constitution. As for the assault magazine issue has anyone other than ME realized that this brainless COW never knows what she is talking about and has never one time gotten it's facts right. When it comes to the constitution of the United States Of America perhaps someone should read it to her so that she knows whats in it. Just remember this, It takes a village of idiots to allow this uninformed and ignorant bit@h to spout her brainless drivel and call it knowledge. Thanks Cali for another of your wonderful examples of just how the school system in Cali has failed.

  • justamused

    I think we need STUPID PEOPLE CONTROL! That way people like pelosi would never make the cut to be elected to congress in the first place!

  • kielie698

    One more thing that maybe those out there do not know:Currently, members of congress receive a full pension at age 62 with 5 years of service. Duh. everyone else has to work a lot longer for a pension and SS benefits.Members of congress and the Senate, ie, Nancy peolosi gets a considerable amount more. Maybe someone out there can delve into just how much she will get on your hard earned money and to not only take your money, but dictate policy on how you will get a lot less, not to mention her convoluted ideas on how to take away your freedoms.

  • retiredli

    Why not start with eliminating all the democratic Hollywood violence in the movies and on TV. Remember the type of people that elected Pelosi are from. Weirdos.

  • ErnieDavidson

    Molon labe Nancy ... Look it up ...


    If Pelosi and her family should ever be unfortunate enough to have a home invasion by not just one person, but a gang, she will wish to God in Heaven that she and her family all had many "assault" weapons and many "assault" magazines loaded and ready.

  • sheinLV

    Just what the he!! is an assault magazine?...Pelosi is much more dangerous to this country then any gun

  • kielie698

    What about assault Pelosi's? Can we ban her and her dimwit ideas's. Can we ban her Mouth? Gee, why don't we just just ban everything, that way maybe they can get around to banning the whole washington liberals out of office, for spending, spending and using the tax payers money to come up with taking our complete freedom's away. Let ban the airoplane rides for her, lets ban her perks after she leaves office, no insurance(different than what we get), no pension, nothing. BAN, BAN BAN. stands for Bamboozle and Banditry. Thats what this whole administration has done to this country.

  • servant

    ok "PLASTIC FACE" you make as much sense, as one attempting to put deodorant on a skunk! Shut-up and stop loosing the little credibility you may still have!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The gun confiscators, like Pelosi, will do or say anything to further their misguided agenda of diminishing American liberties..

  • Hilly

    Nancy P. Lousy, please tell me exactly what an "assault magazine" is? I've heard of Better Homes and Gardens, I've heard of G.Q., I've heard of Hot Rod and People magazines, but I have never heard of a magazine called "Assault". It must be a magazine about what the idiots in Washington D.C. are doing to the citizens, right? In that case, I don't need that magazine, all I have to do is watch T.V., turn on the radio, or even look at my pay check.

    I sincerely feel that if you want to outlaw anything, it should be politicians like you, you scum bag.

  • James Maxwell

    Out of curosity has she had a brain scan done recently? It sounds as though the Botox
    baths she takes daily have had a unintended result on her. They shrunk what little brain
    she had if there ever was on to begin with. Like most of the Left wing Socilist Democrats
    in Cali she has definately drank way to much Kool Aid to be allowed out in public by
    herself. We already know she does not play well with others unless they are all in the
    mosh pit with the socialist democrat in the house in Washington DC.