Pelosi: "Assault Magazines" Have To Be Outlawed

Yes you read that correctly. Nancy Pelosi used the term "assault magazines in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell in talking about how the kind of firepower allegedly used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings should be outlawed.

Before I continue, I have been guilty myself in referring to certain types of weapons, even some I own myself are considered by the left to be "assault weapons." I have not cared what people have called them in the past, to be honest, that does not make them anymore or less dangerous than any other gun. However, in reading a piece by Jan Morgan, I think I'm going to stop referring to them as such. Here's what Morgan writes:

My AR is not an assault rifle.
It is not an assault weapon.
It will never be used to criminally assault anyone.
My AR will only be used for defensive and sporting purposes.
It is simply a modern musket.

Continuing with that point, let's define our terms here. "Assault" is defined by Noah Webster as:

1. An attack or violent onset, whether by an individual, a company, or an army. An assault by private persons may be made with or without weapons. As assault by an army is a violent hostile attack; and when made upon a fort or fortified place is called a storm, as opposed to sap or siege.

2. An attack by hostile words or measures; as, an assault upon the prerogatives of a prince, or upon a constitution of government.

3. In Law, an unlawful setting upon one's person; an attempt or offer to beat another, without touching his person; as by lifting the fist or a cane, in a threatening manner. If the blow aimed takes effect, it is a battery.

So Morgan is correct. My weapons, and I'm sure many of yours, will never be used to criminally assault anyone. In fact, if we were to use the term "assault weapon," it could literally be applied to anything; a baseball bat, knife, pencil, barbed wire, or even a car!

However, Pelosi moves the argument up a notch. Now she is not even calling for a ban on what she wrongly calls "assault weapons," but is calling for "assault magazines" to be outlawed!

She told Mitchell on Tuesday:

“How does something like this happen? Because a person with impaired judgment had access to firepower that should be outlawed. There is no reason why these assault magazines – and that’s what they are. We’ve got to call them what they are, assault magazines. you aren't even allowed to have that on a hunting gun in California, which has three shots.”

What the heck is an assault magazine? Are people with AR-15s and AK-47s now throwing their fully loaded magazines at people? This is so far over the top it's rather difficult to take seriously, but we must because these people are the ones framing the argument and if we do not correct the misuse of language, and yes I am one that is looking to correct my own in regards to this matter, then we will inevitably lose the argument and with that the fight over our rights.

Again, I'll remind Pelosi and the rest of us that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Since the Supreme Court has ruled this applies to individuals and since the Amendment begins by defining the purpose for the right to keep and bear arms is with regards to a "well regulated militia." The problem comes for both the courts and the Congress with that nagging little bit at the end, "Shall not be infringed." This is the beginning point of where the liberals start. Our voices must be loud in pointing that out.

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743 thoughts on “Pelosi: "Assault Magazines" Have To Be Outlawed


  2. Isn't "TIME" an assault magazine?

  3. Nancy, you don't have to PROVE you're an arsehole. We already know...

  4. This moron needs to be outlawed.

  5. Can anyone be more ignorant, yet arrogant than this poor soul?

  6. freedomforall says:

    Let's begin with outlawing this fool's brain. It should be banned and her mouth should be sown shut for the outlandish, stupid, shit-for-brains words that have come out of her mouth. What an abuse of power from this midget-minded retard. This is coming from the person that said, "let's pass the obamacare bill, haven't read it, but we'll read it after we pass it."

  7. DrBillLemoine says:

    Doesn't make them any more or less dangerous that another weapon--assault weapon. That's the totally assinine statement of the author. OK, stupid, why then does the pentagon keep upgrading weaponry to kill more enemy soldiers faster if that's true? No wonder we stalemate on budgets, gun control, essential social programs that serve the public interest. With mental midgets like the writer, we'll never have a serious discussion, with facts and rights/freedoms of the other guy. It's always mindless narcissism, self-serving and mirror gazing, perhaps with a gun in hand. Total nonsense the right thinks is reasonable while the majority of the world says "no".

  8. Pelosi has to be outlawed!!

  9. polosi has alshimers!

  10. I guess all you people know she comes from a totally corrupt democratic machine family in Baltimore.

  11. Andrea Mitchell & Nancy Pelosi!! Two douche bags!!

  12. Mark Hawthorne says:

    Nancy Pelosi has to be outlawed.

  13. Did the college Nasty Piglosi attended teach stupidity? If so, I'm sure she aced it! If stupidity were painful, she would be in constant pain. She really IS from the planet Stupid, but she isn't half as stupid as the voters in her district.

    • AMEN

    • When are these dumbasses going to realize that it's NOT the weapon but the idiot behind it that is doing the damage. It don't matter if it is a gun, knife, ballbat or anything else that is used, it is still the person behind the weapon. The weapon is inert and can't do anything but respond to actions by the person who controls it.

    • Me_in_Canada_eh says:

      Careful, not too loud, or you'll wake her from her stupor.

  14. Go ahead, out law them. I have plenty.

  15. retiredmillwright says:

    Nancy Pelosi knows how to make millions off insider trading
    and has done so and still remains above the laws that would send the little
    people to jail, in a New York minute if they had done the same as her. She has
    helped squander trillions of dollars belonging to the tax payers and their
    grandkids. Nancy is a Socialist and is frightened of the little people that she
    has stolen the American dream from; on the other hand she likes her body guards
    to be well armed. She knows all about expensive wine and owns among many other things
    her own vineyard, but doesn’t know anything about guns, but the socialist’s
    creed of banning them to make the citizens easier to force feed more socialism.
    She knows that criminals will always be armed but isn’t frightened of them,
    because she has body guards and she and her fellow socialists in Washington are criminals too.

    • Nancy, you ignorant twit, I challenge you to come personally to try and take my constitutionally legal weapons from me? I dare you, to try! You will find out what an assault rifle feels like up your keester, with me pulling the trigger enough times to empty my 30 round magazine. You have your bodyguards, and I have my 2nd amendment. When you spring for MY bodyguards, to protect me and my family 24/7, then we can talk. Until then b*tch, just STFU!

    • She is the white Maxine Waters

    • Me_in_Canada_eh says:

      That's how they stay in power, because they are criminals, through fraud, blackmail and coercion.

    • retiredmillwright,I thought everyone forgot about the insider trading her and the hubby did?Good for you!She's in it up to her EYEBALLS!She's a SLEAZEBAG!

  16. You can bet somewhere Pelosi has a gun protecting her right now, but she wants to take away ours. 9 times the people die each year from malpractice than do from these types of shootings and the hypocrite pushed for Obamacare.

    • Old Curmudgeon says:

      Not only does she have armed body guards, she has one of the very few concealed carry permits in the state of about hypocritical!! Why is her life any more important than any one else?

    • Great idea, lets take the guns away from the guys protecting Obama...Make the White House a no gun zone....He does not like guns you know.

    • You may be on to something there ! I like that idea

    • I can't recall when he said this but he did say - if they bring kniefes, we will bring guns. I think this regarded the GOP - that to me is a threat - lock him up

    • Me_in_Canada_eh says:

      She is proof that evolution is false. There is no lower form of life.

  17. A loon with an agenda, and it's not to help the people.
    This is too simple for the left so here it is, you start gun control talks by first coming clean on Fast & Furious. Next, people known to have killed someone else, loose all rights, and don't get a taxpayer funded sex change operation. Stop the left wing blogs calling for killing conservatives. Next stop encouraging social chaos groups. Next, clean up the movies, video games, and music that glorifies killing.

  18. Shes from San Francisco what can you expect from a stupid liberal democrat

    • NWFLconservative says:

      Absolutely NOTHING, and she lives down to our expectations perfectly

    • Me_in_Canada_eh says:

      She's proof that evolution is false. There's no lower form of life.

    • I don't know what happened to that town, I use to go for a few for seafood and sour dough bread when traveling thru the area, I don't bother anymore, and its a shame to its a wonderful spot, but they are nuts.

    • California was once a wonderful state. Hippies took over the north, Mexicans took over the south and many foreigners from Vietnam and India and Pakistan etc...Used to be is the word....Used to be only the earthquakes were bad...I predict a tsunami before long, a big one...Hope Nancy is in town....

    • Used to be a marvelous state. Loved to travel up and down the coast camping. Now I feel an oppression I can't handle when I am there too long.

    • She is from the "LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS"

    • Fruit Flies!!!!!!!

  19. NWFLconservative says:

    This woman is as CRAZY AS A SHITHOUSE RAT. It is a good thing I already have as many of those "assault magazines" as I will never need.

    • If they try to take them they will get to see how the business end of a weapon is used. Assault magazines, now I have heard it all. Bet she doesn't know the difference of what and assault weapon is. Our AR15's are civilian replicas of a military weapon, it only shoots semi-auto and not fully auto.... But what would she know.....Comrade Feinstein is one to watch, she is two faced and will tell you one thing when she knows she is lying to you.....

    • Feinstein like all jews cannot stand the truth.

      Here's some more of the crowd that want to take not only our guns but our freedoms.

      This sounds like Schumer, Lautenberg, Kohl, Boxer, Levin, Lieberman, Berman, Reid, Wexler, Lantos, Bloomberg, Clinton, Brady and others of their ilk.

    • not all the for the rest of your statement I agree....

    • True, not all Jews, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership understand how to stay off the cattle cars but not the vast majority. Most Jews are highly leftist in orientation and support any opportunity to move the country in that direction. They have the same genetic make up as those that marched right unto the cattle cars in 1941. Only problem they are marching the rest of us as well. Of course that does not let the rest of obama's voting blocks off the hook, blacks, single women, gays, Asians, Catholics...

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      And...... they have the same genetic makeup as Jesus Christ. Just the facts.

    • Jesus WAS A JEW, out of the House of David.
      If you are going to claim to be "Christian", that is "Christ-like" ... shouldn't you "act" and "live" as did the Christ?
      Jesus went to "temple" and "kept the High Days", AS WAS HIS CUSTOM.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      If I lived and acted like Christ, I would be a Jew. What's your point?

    • That is EXACTLY my point.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Well then, okay!

    • Jesus threw the greedy parasitic jew bastards OUT of the temple.

    • Actually - I believe it was the Levites that Jesus threw out of the temple.

    • You are correct "Not all Jews" but it is amazing that ANY Jew would be for gun control after the holocaust. And, it seems, most Jews in the USA are.

    • Well, Hitler was elected, with the help of Jewish voters.

    • like here ,where 66% of jewish voted with "'mesiia"'obama=
      w/out them votes,now we have a REALY american president at W.H.
      next time,maybe they will vote with fidel castro or chavez.
      i"m in love with israel,but i hate jewish from u.s.a,because them pretend to be jewish

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      I'll bet most of them have a spell checker and have at least a grade school level of education.

    • It is really hard to understand what mango is trying to say, maybe just one drug to many, I have reread this a couple of times & still don't know what he is trying to say a living contradiction

    • There are many Jews on our team--but I am with you on the perplexing question of why Jews would not 100% support gun ownership and most other conservative values. I think it is as one observer said, "They are their own worst enemy."

    • . Our government has created a new religion. Mankind has raised himself to be God. Man no longer believes that he needs God. Our government no longer trust or fears God. History has a way of repeating itself. not just for the Jews but for a nation that turns it back on God

    • Yup true words bro

    • There are basically two types of Jews. The authentic Jews are Jews by birth & religion. The rest are Jewish of birth but as to their faith, they are by & large secular & overwhelmingly far left commie/libs & a shame unto themselves. Like you posted Bill, it just makes no sense @ all that any Jew would be against a law abiding citizen keeping (owning) & bearing (carrying) a firearm when thinking back to the holocaust! I began 1st grade in September of 1941 - - 3 months later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I grew up with WW2 & the Korean Conflict whilst going thru grades 1 thru 12 & remember all too well the black & white films of bulldozers pushing piles of dead, emaciated bodies of Jews into mass graves.

    • By "authentic" Jews, do you mean biblical Israelites of the Old Testament or the Babylonian Talmud quoting gypsies?

    • Clint, had you paid attention to my post you would have realized that I was speaking of Jews TODAY. As to your comment concerning "biblical Israelites of the Old Testament, only the tribe of Judah were Jews. Way too many people believe that the whole 12 tribes of Israel were Jews - - not so!! Add to that, the nation state of Israel much in the news daily, is not the biblical nation of lsrael. Biblically, a nation is comprised of tribes & all refer to people, not a land mass such as today's Israel.

    • Thanks and I was paying attention to your post sir, I just wasn't to sure where you were going with it. Like you said, way to many people think all Jews are the same.

    • You are welcome!! Enjoy your holidays!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Those who forget history or refuse to learn from it are doomed to repeat it. The problem now is that during Hitlers' reign of terror there were just a few million out to get them. Now, they are facing a potential of 1.6 Billion Muslims, one of which, I believe, resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • Right back @ ya, sarge!! You used one of my favorite quotes, so here is another from history that is so pertinent today - "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" Poodleguy is also an Arizonan!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      I'm "defecting" from AZ in January, we're moving to N Las Vega. Next time around I'll be able to cast a vote AGAINST Whorehouse Harry Reid.

    • Way to go sarge! Say hello to my money when you get there! I assume that you are retired USAF. My son is an E6 Tech & was stationed @ Nellis for over 6 yrs w/the 66th Helicopter Rescue Squadron, aka The Jolly Green Giant. His home base now is Offutt in Omaha & is now deployed to Qatar & my grandson, a Lt03 Naval Aviator is in Bahrain as well. Thank you for your service & God bless!!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      No, my friend, I'm not retired Air Force. Look at my "avatar". That is the Emblem of The United States Marine Corps..I retired from the Corps in July of 1980. I spent 24 years, after that, working for a major provider of weapons to the Gov't. I retired from that position in Jan of 2006. I have recently sold my "side business" and am looking forward to actual retirement.

      Thank you for your comment and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    • OOPS!! Sorry about that, I never diss a Marine & I should've paid attn to the shield. I just did some world record conclusion jumping when I saw that your location is in Marana, near Davis Montham of course. Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!! & back atcha!!!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      You certainly did not diss me. No problem!
      Semper Fi!

    • ivan petrofsky says:

      Feinstein is a soros jew. You know, the kind that selected who would go to the gas chambers!

    • I think you see the truth clearly my friend.

    • Not all Jews.

    • Why label all Jews the same? That shows you are a bigot. American Jews, maybe, but go to Israel and tell that to the IDF.

    • A jew is a jew. They can't change their smell or their lying thieving parasitic way.

    • Oldcoyote - You are traveling down the wrong road buddy. You had better be more concerned about what God thinks of you. In the end you will answer to Him and so will everyone else including the Jews. Everyone will be without excuse and that includes you. So you had better find out what He expects of you now because after you leave this earth it will be too late. Furthermore God has a lot to say to those who mistreat the descendents of Abraham who are Jews. He says that He will bless those who bless the Jews and He will curse them He will curse (Genesis chapter 12). Like or not, the Jews are God's chosen people and you do not shake your fist in their faces without inviting the wrath of God upon yourself.

    • Correction - God says "AND THOSE WHO will curse them He will curse....

    • Was he talking about the Khazars or just those from the tribe of Abraham

    • They're all the greedy parasitic lying thieving same.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      And..... You are a despicable racist bigot. Are you related to Hitler, or maybe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

    • There is no "tribe of Abraham". Tribe of Judah, maybe?? He was the father of Ishmael, son of Hagar the maidservant & after being run off into the desert "like a wild ass" he became the progenitor of the Arabic race! That is why the Arabs hate the Jews, because Ishmael was denied the birthright!!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Just use the "edit" button, works fine!
      It's too bad that we can't "edit out" racists.


    • Sorry, there was no such thing as a Jew(sons of Judah or House of Judah) in Gen. 12 only Hebrews(sons of Heber). Also no Israelites until Jacob(Israel) had children.

    • STOP. I am a jewish person and i love my country, the USA. i am not happy w/the language i see written here anymore than what i see transpiring in my country .... for ALL PEOPLE. mind your tongue, PLEASE! further, i am a conservative and proud of our country and where we came from. i am concerned for where we are headed and these comments do NOT help anyone! happy holidays to all and to all a good nite.

    • I agree. Nice post and a Merry Christmas(lol) to you as well!

    • easy now,everyone here doesn't hold to the same morals.myself I would like to see kenyans banned from running for president but that didn't work either.

    • I'm NOT Jewish, and I'm offended by this too. Why are you picking on Jews.? SOME Jews may be for gun control--nobody at the JPFO website is. Jesus was a Jew, and never renounced the Jewish religion, nor his Jewishness. Might want to pack up your skinhead and go to More your speed...

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Lumpy, shouldn't you have directed your comment to "oldcoyote" instead of "shocked"?

    • Right on. We can be our own worst enemies too. It doesn't matter the race of the person in the foxhole next to you--just the direction his rifle is pointing!

    • No kidding! what a collection of ignorance above. There are people of every political/racial/ethnic/religious/sexual orientation that believe one way or the other. For the fools above to break this discussion down to blame of one or the other is disingenuous and ignorant.

      To WIN this battle, and it IS a battle, WE will have to rise above this moronic chatter and appeal to the rational and emotional buttons of our intellectual and philosophical opponents. And, it will take a LOOONNNGGG time to win this Long War!

    • Col Richardson says:

      "It is impossible to overestimate the stupidity of the general public."

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Disingenuous and ignorant are the hallmarks of many who post their racist drivel here.

      Thank you!

    • you are in the minority in the jewish population.70% the are progrresiv-democrat or even communists

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Still haven't found that "spell checker", have you?

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Shocked, Good for you, more people need to castigate "old racist". He needs to be flagged as inappropriate every time he posts, however, the "flag" function doesn't appear to be operational.


    • You're an idiot...STFU. You bring not an iota of intellectual capacity to the conversation and are useless in The Battle...again, STFU. Just sit there, in your parent's (or your own) dark basement and continue to stab your thigh with a dull knife. You deserve your isolation.

    • Old coyote, you ate some bad road-kill. You open your mouth and bad stuff comes out.

    • Look out, the Left uses this tactic on comment boards all the time to make it look as if conservatives are bigots. This is a Marxist troll. Please, moderators, purge him.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      If enough of us flag him as inappropiate, he will be banned. "Click" on the "down" arrow on the right side of the comment box. ;=)

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      I'm not too sure that oldcoyote is a Marxist troll. The Muslims have been very active lately, posting their "Hate JEWS" mantra.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Kind of like the Westboro Baptists?

    • To my knowledge, I've never had a Baptist lie to me or steal from me like the jew slime does on a daily basis.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      It just shows your level of ignorance and bigotry to make a statement like that.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Racist bigot! I think that you are a Muslim troll.

    • I didn't realize that Israelis could vote in an American election.Are we talking about this country or Israel? There are very few American Jews in Israel. They are a totally different people from American Jews. American Jews are, for the most part, Marxist/Socialists. I grew up with them in New York. It's just the nature of the beast. Their counterparts in Israel are pretty conservative and definitely not Marxist/Socialists. The funny thing is that Jews are the smartest people on earth. But, they vote for an ignorant Alfred E. Newman for president. Go figure.

    • The Gentile Marxist/Socialist threw them out of Russia, et. al. (Oh, sorry...sent them undercover to the US as spies, and they never went back---as the Kremlin Kommisars hoped and expected would happen.). Yes, the Communist Apparatschiks were as antisemetic as the rest of the European Gentiles, but they saw the Jews as willing tools, that went along with the October Revolution rendition of "We Are the World". Marx, jewish himself, even condemned Judaismus. I don't think American Jews were taught Marxist political thought in Schul.

      Persecution does a funny thing: it brings together diverse groups together that would normally not have much in common other than that experience. Community Organizers (Marxist/Socialists) thrive on this, and building such a coalition gets us what we got. The majority of American Jews did vote for Obama, as did Blacks, and Hispanics. Dems are still working on the Amerindians (Note the new "Tribal Health Care portions of the ACA.).

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      There you go, cutting down my hero Alfred E.

      Comrade NObama just doesn't amount to a boil on Alfreds' ass.

    • I've been to Israel once, only briefly. I've got to say, there is something pretty hot and also comforting about those young Israeli women walking around with M-16's or Uzi's slung over their shoulders.

    • I luv a woman with a rifle and a pistol on her hip. My wife sees me looking and says, ""That's your w--." well never mind what she says but she has me pegged.

    • jews from israel is REALY JEWS.I LOVE THEM.they are patriots,fighters for israel.jews from s.u.a are "'fighter w/mouth.they can not be able to preserve own sinagogue(in hollywood-fl.sinagogue is in bankruptcy.)

    • That's sinandgouge!!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:


    • I've often wondered why it is that the jewish members of congress and the senate seem to be the most virulent haters of the Second Amendment. A disarmed population is the surest indicator of impending genocide and jews of all people should know that. The folks you list are without doubt domestic enemies of the Constitution (with the exception of that ancient piece of crap Lantos who is a foreign enemy). They and their totalitarian agenda must be stopped.

    • As a constituent of Feinstein's I care not of her religious flavor but I am deeply offended by her attack, and that of others on my Second Amendment rights and the Constitution.
      You forgot Eric Holder and Barack Obama from your list and I pretty sure they're Muslims. The opponents of freedom and liberty come from all religions.

    • Dianne F., has body guards now but she still can carry a concealed weapon. Then Bloomberg has body guards too- and how many other people who say (no guns) have their body guards? They don't have to be Jewish-that's silly!
      it is sickening to hear BHO as he avoids FAST AND FURIOUS AND THE BENGHAZI FAST AND FURIOUS---he's such a liar --ugh-UGH!

    • Col Richardson says:

      Here's a fact to chew on. The Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any demographic group. They excel in science, literature, Math, music. At the same time, a bewildering number of them vote democratic and would walk willingly into the cattle cars. You explain it. I cannot.

    • It's simple to explain, just do the numbers and look at the facts. The world atlases all show more jews after the war then before. Look at how many lies have been changed to cover lies that have been exposed.
      Bones don't burn. Where are the bones?

      Eisenhower (jew), Churchill (part jew) and DeGuall wrote several thousand pages in their memores without any mention of any jew killing or "holocaust" whatever.
      Why would they ALL omit this "history" from their autobiographies if it ever occured in the first place?
      Also why did the jews have laws passed in some foreign countries that force people to believe their lies or go to jail?

    • Col Richardson says:

      You are quite insane. I had military friends who helped rescue prisoners from several Nazi camps and I am quite sure that the stories they told and the pictures they showed me of gigantic piles of bodies were quite real. You are not in good company with Achmadinajad and his ilk.
      Please do some research then apologize for your monstrous allegations.


    • At no time did I say some didn't die. Many died from cholera and tetnes. I will believe the facts over jew lies and propaganda they use to support their holocaust industry to extort more money from those that are blind like you and dumb enough to believe the lies they peddle. My fathers cousin was a POW and laughed about it every time it was brought up when he was still alive.

    • Col Richardson says:

      Why people like you deny the facts that Gen. Eisenhower and people who I personally know WHO WERE THERE, can only be attributable to irrational hatred or complete psychosis. Maybe you have rabies? Coyotes frequently have that disease. Do you have a fear of water? That is called Hydrophobia. Normally, I wouldn't waste my time with such as you and the nutty Iranian, but maybe someone on this site may buy your line of delusional lies.

    • Read the books. They are available at Amazon.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      There is another variety of rabies that, I think, more aptly describes oldcoyote. The hydrophobia is not apparent but it alters their behaviour. It is known here in AZ as "dumb rabies".
      Semper Fi

    • Col Richardson says:

      Amazing, isn't it, Gunny?

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:


    • Col Richardson says:

      A term of honor, Sgt.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Well then, thank you, I am honored.

      Semper Fi, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Col Richardson says:

      And to you and yours. God Bless.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Thank you Colonel!

      What branch? Timeline?

      I joined the Corps December 18th 1959. Retired July 1980. First 11 years shooter/sniper and sometimes a tunnel "rat". After getting "dinged" three times, I retrained into Aviation Electronics. Great career overall, except some incidences in Viet Nam, and some other (classified) operations.
      Semper Fi

    • Col Richardson says:

      God bless you a hundred times over. Tunnel rats have my undying admiration. I was just a Ist Marine grunt then platoon leader in Korea 1951-2. I only got dinged once. :-)

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      My gosh! I just celebrated my 74th and thought that I'm getting to be "older than dirt". I believe that the "dirt" in your area must be just a bit older than mine.
      Semper Fi Colonel and god bless you and yours.

    • Col Richardson says:

      I do believe that both of us beat the odds!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:


      You've got that right. I can't remember what the projections for longevity were for 20 year retirees when I retired, but I do remember that, for a 30 year retiree, the projection was about 2 to 3 years. I've been retired for 32 years, so guess that I'm doing well.
      Once again, Merry Christmas and may you and yours enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year.

      Semper Fi.

    • Col Richardson says:

      The projections for both of us were very poor. That is why there are averages. Somebody has to drag them up as well as down. Merry Christmas and happy New Year, and a few more!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      The problem with oldcoyote is that he IS in company with Achmadinajad and his ilk. He is as bad, if not worse than, the Westboro Baptists.

    • Even if the famed Holocaust were true, do not forget about the roughly thirty million that were slaughtered under the communist Soviet Union and all the Christians slaughtered under all the ten persecutions lasting over three hundred years, ripped, bur, torn apart, raped, shredded, fed to lions, quartered, crucified, etc. Thousands under the age of ten years old were forced to act in real life plays for Nero, Diocleatian, Maximius etc where they actually played the victim whom was murdered in some sick way..... because they refused to give Christ up. Most do not realize that the twisted race of people that claim righteousness today in the State of Israel, the same people who hold dearly to there heart the Babylonian Talmud ( not to be confused with Old Testament ), the same Sanhedrin High Preist scum that created the scandal of the cross, are in fact the same ones who claim oppression everywhere, all throughout history.

    • Thank you Clint for being honest and telling the truth.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      I've decided that you are, in addition to being a filthy racist, a Muslim troll.

    • I've decided that you are, in addition to being a filthy lying thieving parasitic jew pig a jew pig that that cannot stand the truth about jew pigs.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Old Racist Bigot,

      Do you understand redundency?

      Actually I'm a White Anglo-Saxon Protestent. But I respect and honor a people who have been persecuted, enslaved and murdered, by your brethern, for thousands of years. They, despite all of the effort to wipe them out, are still here. Why? Because they are God's chosen people.

      You, obviously, are one of Satan's chosen people.

    • I would have to see the stat's on the claim that Ashkenazi Jews excel that well. I would pre-cautiously say do not believe everything you are told, for the ones we are speaking of also had there hands in writing history to fit there cause.

      The above link is just a teaser. If you want to really study this issue, which I do believe to be the one of the most important issues today as a world, please visit the below link. The author has exhausted a study into the subject which clears up any and all confusion of Israelites, todays "Jews" and reveals TRUTH to the matter.

    • Col Richardson says:

      Look up reliable IQ data. Their findings are consistent across multiple studies. Anecdotal evidence also adds veracity to their findings. Ever seen the list of Jew Nobel prizes for the sciences? Pulitzer Prizes for literature? There may be a weakness in athletics but they are great warriors. BTW, I am English by birth and Caucasian.

    • Thank you for the info. It is no importance to me of what race or ethnicity you are. Again, it is highly important as Christians we begin to see our worldly problem and where its roots are. As an Englishman, your roots in The Way our highly important. Ever wondered where the Lost Sheep of The House of Israel went to? The Lost Tribes?

    • Colonel, there are just a lot of people that have been educated beyond their intelligence!! Add to that, being very intelligent does not necessarily mean the person is able to reason sensibly.

    • Col Richardson says:

      That is a profound truth.

    • Hey oldcoyote, have you ever considered trying to get your point(s) across without constantly stooping into anti-Semitic rhetoric??? In the event that you don't realize it, arguments lose all credibility when racism is injected. FYI, I am not Jewish, just a white bread Constitutionally conservative Christian. Do yourself a favor & think before you post!

    • Anyone that tells the truth is branded anti-semite by the jew swill.

    • You just continue to expose just how much of an idiot you are!!!! About the only thing you are going to understand is this: go phuque yourself, dummy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The lying jew slime in you is oozing again.....

    • oldcoyote, you are one gob of excrement that needs a serious ass-kicking & believe me, if we were to ever meet up, This ol' vet will be wearing the Lucheses' that'll get the job done. Crawl back in your hole, you miserable snake!!!!!!!!

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Please don't lower yourself to "Old Racist Bigot's" level. There's no reason to let him "get off" while he is intellectually masterbating. I use the word "intellectually " with great reservations in his case.

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

      Have a small problem with Jews, do you? Racist.

    • Truth Defender says:

      What do you want expect from such Jews, as the author from a Jerusalem Post article, "Stalin's Jews" said, "We Jews Killed More People than any one else in the 20th Century". Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky (Bernstein) ,Yagoda( murdered 10+ Million), Kagenovich, murdered 14 Million,Beria etc on and on the list of Anti Christ Murders. Those individuals were Jewish Communists. As Gun Control is a "Communst Thing". under the Disguise of "Liberalism" ,Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg etc are all Communists. By their very own actions makes them members of the "Keneset", as they are for Israel Murdering and violating people anywhere they want. They are anti American Communist Terrorists who seek to murder our Liberties.

    • I bet she thinks my 30 year old .22 rimfire rifle is a assault rifle too then. After all, it holds about 15 rounds. It is semi-automatic. If aimed right, it could kill a person.

      I wonder how many people are going to have to die in a "gun free zone" by criminals with guns before they get that guns are not the problem. It's the criminals that are the problem.

      I still wish at least a couple teachers/staff at Sandy Hook school had been armed. The death toll would likely be 3, maybe 4, including the shooter himself.

    • The thing is--stopping school shootings, assassinations, etc., are the pretext for gun control. They are not the reason. The reason is to leave the citizenry helpless against whatever harebrained schemes they devise.

    • They just want our guns. They don't care who dies and who lies to do it. They know we are citizens as long as we are armed. If we are not armed, we are slaves.

    • Right on and have they published how much drugs (in this case-ANTIDEPRESSANTS ) ARE involved in this and other incidents???

    • I have a friend that is BAD bi-polar. She used to go get counselling and therapy but can't now. Want to know why, Obamacare. Even tho she is on medicaid, she is disabled, she has to pay $56.00 where she used to have to pay $3.00. She has her meds, she has a VERY supportive family and she has me to talk to as well but she really misses her counselling and therapy. She told me once that the meds can deal with about 2/3's of her problems. Having therapy and counselling was the rest. The good thing about her is that she would likely hurt herself before anyone else and she knows she has a problem. That's the first step, knowing you have a problem.

      I to worry about kids being given mind altering drugs. A small percentage may need it but not all of them do. I would be willing to bet that 80 or 90% of the kids on mental drugs do not need them. Nothing to back it up, just my opinion.

      I'm waiting to hear what all help that kids got and what was refused.

    • Andrea Roltgen says:

      No, not that I've seen. We flood precious brains of little boys as young as 2 and 3 with psychotropic drugs...we bathe brains in neuro-toxins via countless injections beginning immediately after birth and flu shots during pregnancies when their brains are developing...we ensure any males around them are powerless to raise act as a model for strong male character..they don't want to offend any feminists..then we sit them in front of television, video games glorifying killing innocents, and indoctrinate them in public schools to teach them that Christian values are wrong..that "right" is hate-filled and a target. We fund their attending progressive Marxist colleges where they drink and have sex and take drugs. We are oblivious to their replacement relationships online..never forming any real ones where accountability is necessary. We take away any emotional tie to life by perpetrating that lives are worthless because we can take it in it's most precious state in the womb-no questions asked.

      Then everyone scrambles to wonder why and to blame guns. Wow for ignorant...and yet folks still want to blame guns and magazines for the weapons..way too hard to blame our own frankenstein militant youth and young adult culture.

    • John Caprarelli says:

      That is excellent Andrea. If you don't mind, I'd like to copy it and use it in the future when talking with liberal and progressive nutcases. Where I come from -

    • Andrea Roltgen says:

      Certainly, Mr. Caprarelli.

      God Bless you.

    • John Caprarelli says:

      Thanks. Take care Andrea

    • 2nd Amendment by lying about it's necessity in history.It's more necessary
      today with the gov, we have, and the main stream medias lies.

    • Andrea Roltgen says:

      I very much agree it's even more necessary today. I was attempting to illustrate that the re-writing of history and indoctrination has caused a generation to believe the myth that it never really has played a foundational role, thereby it has no need to stand untouched.

    • Andrea,this is the best post I've seen on this subject..Do you mind if I copy this and post it on FB?

    • Andrea Roltgen says:

      Sure, be my guest.

      Have a blessed day!

    • Thank you..You have a blessed day also..

    • This very well said...thank a 61 year old man...i have had the opportunity to step up to the plate and help raise my step-grandson.My step-daughter has told me several times that she is so happy with the fact that I,and my brothers had such a positive effect on her son...He was with us for 7 years...from 6th grade to when he graduated from high grandson's father went to prison for his role in an armed robbery(spending 15-20 years) my grandsons credit...he is doing extremely well...he works ,and is going to college to get his enegineering degree....oh...did I mention he was shot in a drive by shooting when he was 4 years birmingham, alabama....I am very proud of him...he 'mans up' every very responsible,and look forward to him coming home for Christmas(he lives out on his 20 years old...not an easy thing to do )..When an adult sets the example by being the know what i mean.....just thought i would let you know how much i liked what you have posted...mike burch

    • grandmaforliberty says:

      have never heard it better said....good job Andrea...

    • Remington 870 says:

      You hit nail on head. This entire gun debate has nothing to do with gun control. I will always suspect some government complicity in the Newtown killings. No one has yet explained who the two persons dressed in cammos caught by Newtown police after the shootings in the school area? Possibly gov agents dressed in cammos helping the shooter? Great conspiracy theories.

    • I don't think the Government did this or had anything to do with it but I am not saying it isn't possible either. I think a really bad thing happened by a person that had mental problems. When this happened, the old 'don't let a tragedy go to waste' kicked in. The thing is, they can NOT get around the fact that if just ONE teacher/staff had a gun, he could have been stopped and we would be talking about 1, 2 maybe 3 dead instead of over two dozen. That's IF we would have even known about it. The only reason we are hearing about is the number of dead. If the shooter could have been stopped, we may have never heard of this happening at all.

      I don't watch the Mainstream media but I do watch Fox some. I'm glad people on Fox are at least talking about getting rid of gun free zones and the fact that gun control is NOT going to stop this from happening again. While Fox is moving left in my opinion, it still is better than MSNBC.

      My biggest fear is that somebody is not going to be able to get a gun and decide to use explosives instead. When that happens, we could have a Oklahoma City style bombing at a school. Can we even imagine the number of dead kids that would lead too?

    • Remington 870 says:

      Crazy people are going to kill whether they have a gun, knife, baseball bat or car...they are going to use what is available. More security at schools and public places will help, but nothing will ever stop the lunitics.

    • I have said this before but not sure if I have here. What scares the stuffins out of me is this. IF, big IF, they do get rid of guns, what is next? Explosives. Imagine a Oklahoma City style bombing at a school filled with kids. Just imagine that. We will be praying for guns to come back so that at least the number of dead and injured will drop. While guns can give a healthy count for the dead and injured, explosives would be huge. For those who think that can't happen. It already did in Russia. EVERYTHING bought for Oklahoma City was legal. Fertilizer and fuel oil. Really high death toll. They had some sort of explosives in Columbine too but didn't get the chance to set them off. This could very well be the next thing. We can NOT outlaw fertilizer and fuel.

      As I have said before and just said to my Congressman, we need to get to the root of this problem and it is not guns. We took God out of schools and about every place else and we are surprised that evil has taken our schools over. Only a complete fool would expect anything else. Guns are only a symptom of the problem but not the root problem.

      John Adams said this: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

      Basically, if we take God out of our people, we fail.

    • Something to Think About says:

      Check out Bath, MI. 1927 I think. Someone lost an election so he dynamited the school boiler. The blast and resulting fire killed more than the nut-job did in Conn.

    • When is the last time YOU tried to buy a few hundred pounds of fertilizer?
      Yep! Try to buy enough and it's an FBI background check for you.

    • To answer your question, last year. No checks or anything. Walked out with many bags of ammonium nitrate. More than enough to build a bomb. Also, they sell it by the ton of you don't want it in bags. They even have a truck to haul it with.

      I also buy diesel and kerosene too. Tractor and a heater. Also use those to start fires for brush piles. I fill those in 5 gallon jugs and sometimes buy 30 gallons or more at a time.

      Maybe it is just your thinking or maybe it is just you they are worried about. lol

    • Potassium Nitrate is the one that is used for booms !!

    • You know what really amazes me, Allegedly, Adam lanza shot his Mother. Why didn't the neighbors call the Police? I know his mother lived on two acres. But you can still hear the multiple rounds going off. also first reports were that he used the glock and sig sauer handguns. most reports stated that the AR-15 was found in the vehicle.

    • Col Richardson says:

      Too many people on Fox are becoming lefties on this issue. Elizabeth McDonald joined Pelosi this morning. As a man bred in the west, a hunter since childhood and an infantry combat veteran, IMHO these northeast pseudo-intellectuals are sissies that are just making noises over issues they truly know zero about. I grow weary of saying that it is people that are the problem, not their cars, guns, knives or bats.


    • you are right about the left, thats why you have to write them and let them know you see it, and dont like it.............

    • dalek-you know I have been saying the same thing about fox, I thought it was just me, But they are moving left a bit, Why? Is it pressure from the big boys on the left? or they have been threatened in some way.

    • I don't know why but I know they are moving left. I'm not saying they are liberal yet but they are not nearly as conservative as they used to be. I don't mind opposing views but when you start pushing things as a whole network, then I mind. I want the facts. I'll form my own opinion. Some shows are better than others.

    • Fox has totally been compromised, neutered, or maybe Roger and Rupert were given a choice to either stop reporting things that haven't been approved by the White House, (as the rest of the MSM has done), or else prepare to be indicted for the illegal wiretapping case in England.

      This past summer lefty bloggers were anticipating the day that would be taking place. Then it just seemed to fall off the radar, and Fox began getting fitted for it's sheep costume.

      I don't watch them at all anymore.

    • I don't doubt anything when it comes to the government anymore...Anything can happen. and nothing is too far fetched that they can't and won't do to support something that they are after....

    • I never figured out just why all these mass killers like to dress in cammies !!! Are they playing too many games or trying to be Hollywood heros ?

    • Remington 870 says:

      Have you seen the video shot from a helicopter circling the Newtown school immediately after the murders? The chopper shots show police chasing a cammo dressed person whom they surrounded and cuffed. Another cammo person was apprehended next to the school and cuffed. Nothing was ever reported and the idenities of these two suspicious persons doesn't exist. Newtown murders are something much bigger in the One World Order movement to disarm America and make Obama King.

    • That's true. These self-serving zombies could care less about citizens being killed. In fact, they're fully prepared to kill us on their orders. This is an excuse to grab our guns and render us helpless. The fascist-democraps never let a good crisis go to waste.

    • If they want to save the lives of hundreds of children and adults alike, put a stop to DUI's - ban cars.

    • But let's remember how well prohibition worked. Banning alcohol is the right thing since that is what causes the law to be broken and the deaths. Thing is, look how well that turned out. A good thought tho, blaming guns is the same as blaming cars for DUI deaths. Cars are just the tool used just like guns. The underlying problem tho is a person will to do whatever they want even if it hurts someone else. Banning cars would not help because people would then use something else. Banning guns leads to the same place.

      Basically, banning anything only leads to bad people having what is banned. It also gives us things like Al Capone too.

    • Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
      Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    • Andrea Roltgen says:

      Amen! I know if I were a teacher there, like when I am a teacher at home, I'd want to be well-armed against a society that has no end to it's depth of evil.

      If anyone comes into my schoolhouse, I'll defend my 7 children with my "assault rifle"...assaulting no one, but protecting life endowed not by the gov't but by my Creator! I would do the same for any precious lives.. and I would bet even the most liberal among them in the school, who "hates guns" would have reached down and grabbed a bit of integrity and defended other precious lives. We'll never know. "This "serious crisis" must be stopped! This "violence" must end! We must protect the people from themselves! Grab their guns!"

    • Remember that the person who shot Reagan used a 22. Are those now to be included in the ban?

    • I can say for a fact that a .22 is just as dangerous as any other gun. A .22 pistol was the choice of the mafia hit men. It was quiet compared to other guns. It was also powerful enough to get through the skull but not strong enough to get back out. So, if you shoot a person in the head, the bullet just bounces around in the head destroying brain tissue all the time. A hollow point .22 bullet can be really deadly. The mafia proved it.

      Gun control. Anyone compared this to prohibition? When they outlawed alcohol, we got Al Capone and people like him. We had numerous people killed, including law enforcement. I don't think anyone can say alcohol doesn't kill either. I lost my brother to the stuff. We also loose people to drunk drivers too. Thing is, prohibition was a miserable failure. Crime we didn't have before prohibition we had lots of afterwards. Look at Chicago now. What if we never tried Prohibition? Would Chicago be the crime riddled cesspool it is now? Al was born in New York, another city riddled with crime and gun control laws, but did most of his dirty work in Chicago.

      Should I even mention the drug war? I'm not for legalizing drugs but going by the usage and crime drugs cause, we lost that war a long time ago.

      I've said this before. We don't have a gun problem. We have a crime problem. Guns are used for good every day. Alcohol is consumed by millions every day that never hurts anyone, including themselves. Our main problem is that we lack a value on life. We took God out of schools then we get the devils work. I have no idea why we are so shocked and surprised about what is happening.

    • Rose-Marie Noa says:

      I would be willing to wager she doesnt even know what a "magazine" is!!! She thinks it's like "People" magazine that you can read or look at pictures! She just looks at the pictures because she cant read!!!

    • they know gun free zones have the most crime, I think thats the way they want it. It gives them a fighting chance to fight the 2nd Amendment. If all we read is how a person with a CCW stopped a shooter going into a school then the left wont have something to argue about and complain.
      they would be stuck with saying thank god there was someone there to stop him... think about it, May seem far out there but never put anything past them.

    • I can't disagree with that. They wait for a tragedy that they can fit to their agenda then jump all over it. Anything that doesn't fit their agenda, they ignore.

    • "They" must have rampant crime in "their" GUN-FREE SLAUGHTER ZONES - in order to keep harping on the need for more control to prevent these things from happening.
      Yep! Circular!

    • Hell, I have a Ruger 10-22 that looks just like a Thompson Mod 1927, including a 50rd drum for the .22 cal rimfire cartridge. I built it just for the fun of it & this DFC would classify it as an "assault weapon" & to me that is so ridiculous that it is comical!!!! C'mon, Nasty Piglosi - - try & take this one or any of mine from me, you bi itch!!!!!!!!!

    • Watchman on the Wall says:

      Our government and the global elites who own and control them are the criminal element we must be most concerned about. They believe our Constitution needs to be tossed out completely so they can impose their vision for a New World Order totalitarian police state. Once you confiscate the weapons, then you round up all independent thinkers and "re-educate" them or exterminate them. 146 million Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian people were exterminated by their own Communist governments in the 20th century to "consolidate power." But first they disarmed them.

      "Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it." - Edmund Burke

    • Stupid liberals will find a way to blame the ones killed..likely you looked cross eyed at one of O'bumbles brotheren or sisteren. He wants criminals to have guns and that includes his security brown shirts ...HEIL HITLERAMA

    • I saw the preliminary list that comrade Feinstein who is slated to be the head of the judiciary commitee that will be assigned any work on gun control. she bans about everything short of a rolling pin. atruly frightful liberal indeed. Her standing is comparable to wicked witch pelosi

    • Sounds just like The Obamanation.

    • I thought I had heard it all one morning listening to the morons on cbs talking about someone using an "assault pistol".now I have to deal with" assault magazines"groewing up in the land of mickey mouse has taken a toll on pelosis mind,that is if she had one to start with,which seems unlikely.

    • She probably thinks it is a "magazine" that you can read

    • Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000
      Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    • Col Richardson says:

      Let's see Pelosi and the other rats in Congress do a pilot study. CLEAN UP ILLEGAL GUNS IN DC. The home of Congress is at once the most dangerous ten square miles in America. Go ahead, blabber mouths, show us how it is done. "Knock on every door" tell Leroy you want his Glock.

    • shes one of O's main people, just like him,,,,

    • She is so stupid she would not understand if you drew her a picture!

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      bvelon: RELAX!!!! they are POLITICIANS, and their LIPS ARE MOVING!!

    • I like that outhouse rat, can i use it in defining leftists?

    • Enubus, the nonPC term is "crazy as a shithouse mouse"

    • damn, I like that one, too!
      Thanks, Don!

    • I am! It works for me!
      Those damn outhouse rats.....
      Got a nice ring to it, doncha think?

    • How about goofy as a tree lizard.

    • Stick to your guns !!

    • Robert12Disqus says:

      do you ever wonder how they stay in office? if they're that crazy how do they stay in? i've met crazy people, but our population at large doesn't think like this as a majority. so the question is how dooooo they remain in "office" having been "elected"? i'm thinking something isn't right with our election system and based on my research it would appear i'm more correct than even my research has reflected...

    • How does Pelosi stay in office??? One word "California". Need I say more?

    • Illegal vote and Berkley.

    • mostly, the word is Unions! We don't have honest and fair elections here in Ca. The unions are able to tell which candidate will win and exactly by what percentage they will win by, months in advance of the election. Most amazing! They must be pyschic!

    • Before getting rid of (1) gun - we need to get rid of pelosi - she is a danger to this country as well as reid & obama, The last election in my opinion was rigged. -

    • ask pelosi,why she was fired from los angeles times?????
      because she was smart, inteligent???
      i dont think so!!
      my proof: she said:food stamps is good for the economy of u.s.

    • She, and the rest of the dems, just go to show that there is something more dangerous than guns and bullets... that would be some idiot that votes democrat. Tell you what dems, you back the various voter id laws, then in a few years I'll back the legistlation to ban guns. Of coure there would be no legistlation to ban guns because without voter fraud there would be too few democrats in office to bring it up!

    • larryincamden says:

      Or is the "Outhouse Rat" refering to a magazine like "Soldier of Fortune"

    • you made my day!
      Thanks ;-D

    • Someone needs to shove the magazine up Nancy's arsehole!

    • Damn, quit insulting that outhouse rat!!!

    • They don't respect the Constitution in the least. The question is: Would an unarmed citizenry have been able to get our independence from Britain? The answer, of course, is no. If Americans had been unarmed in 1775, we would probably be part of Canada right now. Then again, if Americans had been unarmed in 1695-1763, we'd probably be part of a French-speaking Canada right now.

    • One correction : " the 2nd Amendment was written to give the people--". Actually the Bill of Rights does not give rights, it Enumerates inherent rights (God given) and limits government from taking them away.

    • Col Richardson says:

      I really, really resent this.
      Signed, sh1thouse rat Jerome.


      In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953,
      about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
      up and exterminated.

    • That was another jew operation as I understand it.

    • In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million
      Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    • Col Richardson says:

      Raymond, do you ever try to figure out what percentage of the human race has any reasoning capacity? This whole gun issue is clear as crystal as far as guns being legitimate defense tools, how gun control by government never ends up well, never works as advertised, and how criminals by definition won't turn in their guns. Yet with every incident the same suspects (Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer.....) propose the same non-solutions and their constituencies nod, drool, and put them back in office. That closes the circle on my original question and contains within it its' own answer. SEMPER FI

    • Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total
      of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
      rounded up and exterminated.

    • Col Richardson says:

      You make my point for me.

    • China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
      political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    • : ) I'm sure he didn't mean to offend you.

    • Col Richardson says:

      I never take Raymond as offensive to the truth.

    • will be better to ban her from politics. she is so idiot,moran and illiterat.

    • When Pelosi is talking about "assault magazines" it more than likely refers to any publication that is thrown at someone. Pelosi and Congressman Hank Johnson of "Guam tipping over" fame are just full of all sorts of misinformation - as are most Progressives/Liberals!

    • Col Richardson says:

      She is talking about a copy of Ebony that Sheila Jackson Lee thought was lying next to the flag the astronauts placed on MARS. :-)
      My God! We pay these idiots huge salaries to watch over us?

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      I agree totally. She OBVIOUSLY is unaware of the American right to FREE SPEECH!!!
      Now let me think!! Is Pelosi, by any chance a Liberal Democrat.
      WHEN are the next elections where Pelosi will be standing again??
      Where`s the Tea Party when you need them??