Obama: Give Me Debt Ceiling Power Or I'll Veto My Own Tax Proposal

In case there is still anyone out there that continues to believe that the 2008 campaign lines that Barack Obama gave about changing the way Washington works, stopping "politics as usual," and providing more transparency in government are true, then get a load of this. On Wednesday, Obama demonstrated just how partisan and how much of a power grabber he is. He indicated that if he were not given unlimited powers to raise the debt ceiling, apart from Congressional approval, that he might just veto his own tax hike proposal should it come to his desk.

As Obama addressed corporate CEOs at the Business Roundtable, he told them that business leaders "should not accept going through" another debt-ceiling crisis like the one that occurred in 2011, which caused stocks to fall and ended with the first U.S. credit rating downgrade.

He said that the Republicans using the debt ceiling as leverage, in order to get more spending cuts, is not only a "bad strategy for America," but he was adamant that it was a game he would not play.

The Hill reports,

The president told the CEOs that a fight over the debt ceiling would cause more uncertainty for business. “We can't go there again,” Obama said.

He also quoted Business Roundtable President John Engler, the former Republican governor of Michigan, who said the debt ceiling was "not a good weapon for anything except destroying our own credit rating."

Obama’s comments drew a sharp rebuke from Republicans, who argue Congress’s role in raising the debt ceiling serves as a key check on excessive government spending. GOP leaders noted proudly they were able to force some $2 trillion in cuts during the debt-ceiling showdown last year.

“The president wants to have the ability to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants, for as much as he wants, with no responsibility or spending cuts attached,” said spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Don Stewart. “This is an idea opposed by Democrats and Republicans alike; it's a power grab that has no support here.”

We already know that Obama and the Democrats are not willing to compromise on anything. They even rejected House Speaker John Boehner's proposal on Tuesday, which was blasted by conservatives. Obama is going to play hardball and the Republicans had better wake up to that. You've been dealing with the man for four years now.

Consequently, Obama's own proposal could not pass either the House or the Senate, but apparently he wants to be the "Buzz Lightyear" of debt and demand the power, given to Congress in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and go from $16 trillion to "infinity and beyond!" Congress must keep him in check or it will most certainly spell the end for the U.S. economy.

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407 thoughts on “Obama: Give Me Debt Ceiling Power Or I'll Veto My Own Tax Proposal

  1. obuma should stop this fiscal cliff b.s. the government can't even fix itself. how can it fix the nation? let the people take care of things. we don't need the government in our lives. and get these bums off of welfare and food stamps and section 8s. why am i paying for these people to l;ive? put them in shelters. it's not my fault they have 7 kids and no daddy. we are going to hell in a handbasket carried by the government. who cares if the government goes broke. they did it to themselves. can i raise my debt ceiling? you cannot borrow to get out of debt idiot obuma. you failed basic economics. also pass the fair tax law. that way even people on welfare pay and working people don't pay income tax. a federal sales tax is the way to go.

  2. wattsupstupid says:

    I wouldn't trust him with a dime why would I want him to have unlimited access to OUR money

  3. The House of Representatives must stand firm on it's Constitutional authority and responsibilites! If they are to hand them over to another branch of the government they might as well all just go home bescause they would serve no purpose. What has happened to common sence and sound logic in this country?

  4. The president has a proven record of "down with America"! His plans were made before he left college, before his Harvard days! He has hated America from that time. I don't know his plan for sure, but He is headed toward the so-called cliff. And he does not care, because any way that destroys the Constitution, the Republican Party and others, and the Free Enterprise system, is what He is all about! So the Republicans can wring their hands and fret and give Him what he wants and that will very effectively end America as we know it!
    House Republicans could pass a bill extending the tax law as it stands. They could also pass a bill that put payroll taxes back where they were and they could be bipartison by adopting a Democrat bill that authorizes drilling in state waters off shore Virginia! And they could by air time on one of the lamestreet media and have someone who can speak without
    a teleprompter explain what these measures do for THEM and the American way of life! Then go fishing!
    Let the President and Harry Reid do their thing! Walze off the cliff OR veto the bills! And
    that will be on the President and "Dirty Harry" !!! And remember, they will blame the Republicans... It is what they have been doing since life started up on earth!

  5. time to send this monkey into space like we did in the 60's

  6. I just want to thank all the idiots who voted for this A hole!! I can only hope the Odumba just goes away soon!!

  7. DO NOT give this man this power! He is out to bring the USA to its knees. IMHO, I think he wants to have sharia law in this country, and abolish our Constitution. You elected people there in Washington are walking on thin ice with the American people. Some of you are traitors, and you know who you are.

  8. LittleOldWoman says:

    This is just another instance of Obama showing his true colors, and it is almost an outright declaration of his insane desire and intention to become dictator of this country! If we can't get this madman out of our White House soon, this country will be history within a very short period of time. Obama made a thinly-veiled threat regarding the amount of power he wants to possess, and a statement like this should be proof that he plans to destroy absolutely everything the United States of America has always stood for. If this latest example of his outrageous lust for even more power does not prove to the "sheeple" just how much of a fervent and dedicated socialist/communist he really is, then nothing will!

  9. If Obummer were given the power to raise the debt ceiling on his own, it would be the end of us. He has already demonstrated time and again that he has no restraint whatever when it comes to blowing our money.
    The Republicans really suck and it is getting harder and harder every day to tell the difference between an elephant and a donkey. (Ass).

  10. Obama is a "bubble boy" - living in a world of his own creation, thinking he is a god, and being enabled by idiots who live in the insane asylum with him that we call our government. He is ambitious and dangerous. Let him veto his own proposal. It will prove how power hungry and destructive he is. Congress: Call him on his hatred for America and the Constitution and take away his "executive" power by defunding all his orders. You have nothing to fear except your own cowardice!

  11. The automatic cuts and return to Democrat/Clinton tax rates will help to get the nation on the path Democrats had proven to work (tax rates under Clinton) and reduce the military to the budget Democrats claim the military is okay with.

  12. The president tends to resort to temper tantrums. Pass my bill now! Dont' read it. Don't think about it. Pass it now! Because I said so! Now, he refuses to discuss spending cuts, and insists on the raising tax rates, because it's not fair that the wealthy already pay 80% of all federal income tax. (sticks out pouty lip, stomps foot) So, it is his way, or he will cut off discussion. Didn't he do that last year with the debt ceiling talks? Has he actually read the part in the Constitution that delineates the powers of the executive branch? I mean the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Let's put in the space suit as he is pictured here and blast him into orbit to see what his ceiling is!