Obama Administration Asks Federal Judge To Dismiss Cases Of Americans Killed By Drones

The hypocrisy of the Obama administration is nauseating. While everyone is saddened by what we have heard coming out of Newton, Connecticut, it has been both frustrating, angering, and sickening to hear from Barack Obama and the legions of gun control advocates in the wake of the shooting Friday, which claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 adults.

As Obama stood and gave his speech, giving political "tears" to the thought of the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the loss of life of those so young, he made no mention of the many children that have been killed in drone strikes around the world by his own command, including those who are American.

Obama's administration is now asking a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit that has been brought by the families of three Americans, yes that's right Americans, killed by drone strikes in Yemen that were authorized by Barack Obama.

The lawsuit points out what I have written on before and that is that Anwar Al-Aulaqi, who reportedly issued instructions to detonate an explosive device aboard a U.S. airplane over U.S. airspace, flying from Amsterdam to Detroit, on Christmas Day, 2009. Al-Aulaqi was targeted later for assassination by the U.S. government via a drone strike. Later it is said his 16-year-old son was also targeted in a separate strike, though there is absolutely no evidence that he held his father's beliefs or was involved in any terrorist activity.

When asked about Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, Anwar's son, and his thoughts on the death of the boy, former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs callously said that the boy, "should have (had) a far more responsible father."

As Barack Obama now has a Presidential "kill list" and has been reported that he is making a it a permanent staple of the "war on terror," it is disturbing to find that even Republican lawmakers are backing him in this endeavor. When Rep. Peter King was interviewed by WeAreChange.org's Luke Rudkowski and asked about what he though of the President's 'kill list' and that in light of the murder of an American citizen, the 16-year-old Al-Aulaqi, he abrasively answered, "It's totally right and totally Constitutional!"

With a mentality like this among those in Washington, should it not give us cause to ponder what will happen in the U.S. when 30,000 drones are in the skies controlled by these people? I think it should.

I think it should also cause us to ponder the significance of the case before the federal courts. Should this lawsuit be found to be without merit, there is no doubt that a dangerous precedent would be set, in which the executive branch not only determines that Americans do not have the Constitutional right to due process, but that the same executive branch can be judge, jury and executioner of those citizens.

Watch a short report on the feds attempt to get the lawsuit tossed out of court:

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84 thoughts on “Obama Administration Asks Federal Judge To Dismiss Cases Of Americans Killed By Drones

  1. TruthandFreedom says:

    It's believed a drone was used in Indianapolis around 2 months ago!!!

  2. I don't particularly like Anwar Al-Aulaqi. I totally disagree with his political and religious views. However, the man was driven from the U.S. by constant harrassment of government officials. He was literally driven into the arms of our enemies by our very own government. He was never openly and legally charged with a crime, nor convicted of one; which means it would have been illegal to apprehend him, much less kill him. As for his son, a 16 year old minor, his killing was even more clearly unjustified, murder and conspiracy to commit murder by Barack Hussein Obama and his criminal minions.

  3. Wolf-Talker-1 says:

    As long as it is the "Government" doing the killing it is of clurse legal and justified!

  4. obammy the murderer from kenya

  5. Mr. Brown:
    There are very few issues of obama's that I agree with. However, Al-Aulazi was on foreign soil, plotting violence against innocent people, and fighting with our enemy. The fact that he was an American citizen is moot. He was not only with our enemies, but a major player in planning future attacks. This makes him a TRAITOR and his death was the price he paid for his treasonist acts. Even had he been on American soil, the crime would still have been treason.

    • Why not just try them in absentia and then kill them if they are found guilty?
      I suspect that should keep everyone happy about the process.

    • Patriot, when faced by an enemy in the field are you content to read him is rights before he shoots you? Who will conduct this trial in absentia, a civilian courts with attorneys intent on getting their client off and panels made up of gullible, uninformed jurors? Regardless of the place of his birth, he was first a enemy combatant and a traitor to his country.

  6. OK, just because they are Americans (or U.S. citizens, as I prefer to call then) does not mean they are good people, because if they are plotting AGAINST the USA then that means they are our ENEMIES, and I do not care WHERE they came from!

    • You better pray our Government never targets you as a terrorist. Without a trial, how do we know what crimes either father or son (who should have had a more responsible father ... really?) were guilty of? We need to follow our Constitution. Maybe when big brother bullies you a bit, you'll wake up and realize that our Forefathers gave us certain rights because they knew how corrupt Governments can be. One our most precious rights as American citizens is(was ?) the right to a trial when we are accused of a crime. The Media can tell you any line of bull they want you to believe and obviously you listen to them. Personally, if I'm going to be accused of something, I want my day in court. Obama was not 'elected' to be judge, jury, and executioner, even though he'd have us believe otherwise.

    • The - founders - did not give us any rights. What they did ,, was acknowledge the rights of all men created by our Lord . ( endowed by our Creator )

      Now if one wishes to get - technical - lol, Communists , and atheists and such don't believe in God .. So do they also ,, have such rights :) . That would make for a good court case I think lol.

      Rights given by any - state - or federal government - ,, can also easily be taken away by same .
      Just food for thought 57girl . But I do believe that all men ( peoples ) have such rights given by the - Creator - . :)

    • The founders set forth a Constitution giving us many rights. Our rights to life and liberty are indeed God (if you will) given, but beyond that the American people have enjoyed freedoms seen by no other Nation on Earth. Our Constitution and the structure of our Government, with its checks and balances, set the guidelines to protect the people from a tyrannical Government. It's too bad, we've fallen asleep and allowed so many of our rights to perish, while our current 'leaders' trash our founding papers. For example, where the hell are Czars ever mentioned in our founding structure? Yet we have forty + Czars to override Congress these days. And now, without trials (NDAA) to prove our own innocence or guilt, who's to really say who is, or is not, a terrorist? I think you misunderstood my point.

      We need to resurrect our founding papers (including returning the power of coinage to the US Treasury) and abide by them. That is really all it would take to put America back on her feet. The problem is, that we've side-stepped our Constitution and Bill of Rights in so many ways, it may be impossible to ever fully reclaim the full scope of the rights we once enjoyed as a Nation of free people.

    • First step to doing this would be to kick - all - communists out of the entire school system. That would include - universities - as well. Teaching our children our history, and civics ,,, is paramount in bringing back the Constitution. Without that,, it would just be another temporary take over . And you can not read any part ,, of our founding documents ,, that does not ,,, mention God in some form of use. Hell, even the Supreme Court building has God ,,, plastered all over it inside ,, as well as outside . Without God , there is only man's whims to live by. And you can see first hand ,, where that leads us lol. Communists in government , atheists ( and make no mistake , that is ,, a religion ) running rampant in the country , And PC everything run amok . Chaos ,,,, rules America as we speak.

    • Perhaps an Un-American Activities Committee would help ferret out these so called professors who's goal it is to indoctrinate our youth with their perverted politic agendas.

    • Don't need a committee for it lol ... Just run through all the universities and shoot all the professors and you might ,, get them all . :)

      Patriot wrote, in response to har82:

      Perhaps an Un-American Activities Committee would help ferret out these so called professors who's goal it is to indoctrinate our youth with their perverted politic agendas.

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    • Now there's a novel idea! :)
      I'm sure it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • And fun too :) .
      Then we could round up all the administrative staff and have hunting excursions with live game just like in hollywood movies :) . While they lasted anyways. I am sure the rush to buy the special tags or permits for the season would run out fairly quickly lol. Depending on how greedy the owner of the communists was I guess. :)

      Patriot wrote, in response to har82:

      Now there's a novel idea! :)
      I'm sure it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

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    • It's not just the school's fault that our children are constitutionally illiterate. Parents need to first educate themselves, then make sure they forward that knowledge onto their own offspring. How can you fight for rights that you don't know you have? And you can be sure, our Government is not going to clue our kids in, given the fact they are doing everything in their power to strip us of our rights, little by little. Information is everywhere. Why does everyone rely on the Government (and the schools) to guide our children? They have too much influence over our families already.

    • Hey 57girl, remember Crosby Stills Nash Young "Teach your children well"?

      "Can you hear and do you care and
      Cant you see we must be free to
      Teach your children what you believe in.
      Make a world that we can live in."

    • Yes, I do. We should blow the dust off of some of those old 60/70's songs. Many of them would fit right in today. So sad, that wars go on, and our Government is so damned corrupt. Think of how lovely life could be if we took a lesson from some of the hippies of yesteryear. I find it very sad indeed that people spend so much time fighting among themselves and waiting for handouts, rather than loving each other and taking responsibility for their own lives. Of course, I remember when I still believed that America was truly the land of the free, too. What an illusion.

    • Here's another good one: Buffalo Springfield. Good one!
      Some of these when revisited seem a bit prophetic. No?

      There's something happening here
      What it is ain't exactly clear
      There's a man with a gun over there
      Telling me I got to beware

      I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
      Everybody look what's going down

      There's battle lines being drawn
      Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
      Young people speaking their minds
      Getting so much resistance from behind

      What a field-day for the heat
      A thousand people in the street
      Singing songs and carrying signs
      Mostly say, hooray for our side

      Paranoia strikes deep
      Into your life it will creep
      It starts when you're always afraid
      You step out of line, the man come and take you away

      We better stop, hey, what's that sound
      Everybody look what's going down

    • I have that CD and a lot of others from the era, so I do know the lyrics. Sad they are still as true today as they were 40 or 50 years ago, isn't it?

    • You sure have that right 57girl.

    • Our constitution does not give us rights, these are rights we've always HAD. The constitution simply GUARANTEES those rights in written form.

    • You have some valid points, but the citizens targeted apparently are not simply ordinary Joes off the street. They are people who are PROUD to be plotting against the USA, and THAT'S why most of them have joined al-Qaeda!

    • Well MrSpork, the way I see it, the Government can accuse any smuck of being a terrorist, shoot him/her down, and carry on with their day... Next.
      Without a fair trial with a judge and/or jury, who's to know, whether the accused is really guilty, or not? We, as American citizens, are supposed to be protected under our Constitution from being 'murdered' by own Government, at least until we've had our day in court. If the 'terrorist' is found guilty, sure, hang'um' high. Until then, we are making a severe mistake in condoning ANY American's murder based on accusation alone.

    • Giving anyone, ANY ONE person the ability to determine guilt and whether or not someone is to live or die is a travesty. All citizens have the right to be tried by a jury of their peers. Do not allow this right to be washed away due to feelings of retribution, no matter how heinous the crimes may be. This is akin to lynch mobs, without the mobs. Heaven forbid that you or anyone you love has a target placed on them by this poor excuse for a president. Don't loose site of the long term ramifications of allowing him to do this. Caligula did the same.

    • Mr Spork, did you notice a couple years ago when the politicians labeled a - whole segment - of our society as - domestic terrorists - ??.

      And do you think for one second ,,,, that they will not use these on us ,, here in our own country ??? ,, if they manage to get this tossed out ??.

      I do not ,,, have a problem with drones taking out terrorists ...


      I may be a right wing conservative . But I love this country. And yet ,,, I ,,, am labeled a - domestic terrorist - ,, by communists currently residing in DC...
      So just ask yourself ,, just who ,, will be deciding such things ??. Us ,,, or the communists , or more pointedly , a fascist foreign muslim smelling up our White House ??.

  7. Obama should have been tossed out of office long ago. But for us, as American citizens, to stand by and continue to allow this man to hold office is a travesty against our Constitution and all that America stands for.

    Just wait until Obama has the drones flying over American soil armed and aimed, then maybe we will stand in protest of such unconstitutional bills as the NDAA. He will, no doubt, use the NDAA as a free pass to assassinate whoever he damned well pleases, it seems. Granted, the people killed thus far by armed drones are on Foreign soil. Hmmm, maybe that's why we have to worry about terrorists to begin with. I'd be pretty pissed if any other Nation came here and did to us, what we do to them.

    We need to bring our troops home and mind our own business. I suspect things would settle down Worldwide if we quit bullying the other Nations. And God knows, America could use the reprieve financially. No wonder we're broke and trillions of dollars in debt.

    For that matter, if we simply followed our Constitution (including pulling the power of the purse from the hands of private bankers and putting the right of coinage back into the hands of the National Treasury (no interest involved), we might, once again see the light at the end of the tunnel. The unjustified, illegal, wars we've been fighting for the past 11 years would have to end and the Patriot Act and NDAA would become Null and Void. To boot, Obama would automatically be dethroned since he is NOT a Natural born citizen.

    In a nutshell, we need to blow the dust off of our Constitution and abide by it's laws. Anyone that doesn't honor their oath of office to uphold and protect our founding papers should be expelled from office. Washington D.C. would be a ghost town overnight.

    • Just don't forget that the muslimes DECLARED WAR on the US by coming here and killing us FIRST. THAT led to the "war on terror" and it WAS a war - declared and begun BY MUSLIMS. By our Constitution and all the laws of our country, when a foreign entity comes on our shores and kills us that is war. Granted we should just go wipe them off the face of the earth and get our troops back here. All 'bamy is interested in is getting US soldiers slaughtered. How many people are aware, do you suppose, that this exact same war was fought - INCLUDING the US - in the 1700's? It was called the Ottoman Empire and they had the same goal - Islamic takeover of the planet. We have already lost troops to this same event. It NEVER ends with these animals. That would include 'bamy, I think.

    • Becky, with all due respect, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., wouldn't even know America existed had we not gone over there in excess of 50 years ago and upset the shah of Iran. Since then we've been arming our allies, only to have them become an enemy later. Then, they shoot us with our guns, etc. I don't claim to be an expert on Foreign affairs, but sometimes all has to do is to put the shoe on the other foot and ask themselves "What might my reaction be under the same circumstances." America is a Sovereign Nation and we should act like one. Had we done so all along, we'd be a lot richer and there were be a lot of people alive today (on both sides) that have died in vain so the bankers can get richer, keeping the turmoil alive, as they fund both sides of the war. We started this ball bouncing where we are concerned. The fact that the Muslim Nations have been killing each other for 1,000's of years is/was none of our business and we should have left it that way. The terrorists that 'struck' on 911 were supposedly from Saudia Arabia, not Iraq, and not Afghanistan. We were lied into war with those Nations, plain and simple. In 2002 (3 ?) we turned around and sold Saudi Arabia over $1 billion in bombs. We are being taken for fools, dear.

    • 57girl, then by your very reasoning the Bosnian conflict should have been allowed to continue - with us - supporting the Christians ( instead of the evil muslims ) in that one who only wanted to take back ,, what the muslims took ,, from them during WW11 as well. It is a well known - fact - ,, that muslims and islam , sided with ,, and were complete allies of Hitler and - slaughtered Christians by the thousands during that war.

      Or by your reasoning , Israel should be allowed to slaughter all ,,, the muslims invading thier lands form 5000 years ago too. And not in the history of the world has there - ever - ,,, been a nation or country ,, known as Palestine .. That noun is describing a region of land in an entire area ,, of land over there . :)

      Just a little - real world - history for you to ponder :) .

    • My point is that we are supposed to be a Sovereign Nation and we should be minding our business unless directly attacked. We would have been spared the attacks on 911, had we not set the fuse in the early 1950's, interfering in 'foreign affairs'.

      The Muslim Nations have been killing each other since the beginning of time. Why is/was it up to America to stick her nose into their business?

    • As you ,, yourself just stated . - islam - has been at war with the entire world for some 3000 years . Just how long do you think it will take them to get around to us hmm ???. - islam - Tolerates - ,, no other religion ,, or belief ,,, in its deadly wake. Personally , I prefer to fight them in - thier - countries. Not ,, in our own streets. Which by the way is inevitable ,,,, the way politicians keep sucking up to that trash . I am not getting on your case. Just pointing out you have - some - facts wrong is all .

    • Being a product of the Christian Bros. school system and a drinker of their fine brandy :), I recall over 40yrs ago, we were tought that eventually the middle east turmoil will visit our shores. Prophetic?

    • Yes, as a young boy I can remember my parents talking about just such a thing too. Not to mention the over running of the borders by illegal mexicans . I am from Tucson by the way. Which is about 45 miles or so from the border.

    • Our foreign affair policies should be aimed at what's best for our own best interest. We support Israel because they are the only democratic civilized people in that region. There's an old adage saying "Might makes right". I think we've lost our way in that regard. We need to fight evil where ever it shows it's ugly head. Example; Palestine. A nomadic Arab peoples who have been tossed out of every country they have attempted to dwell in. The Muslim Brotherhood were also Nazi sympathizers too during WWII. Islam is a scourge upon humanity and needs to be wiped out for everyone's sake.

    • Becky , and don't forget the embassies ,, and - legal - military bases ,, as well as the murders of American civilians by muslims over the - past - 40 years either .
      They declared war on the USA ,, a long time ago. But it wasn't brought home to roost until 911 ,, when most Americans finally seen what has been around for 40 odd years already. But , it seems most have already forgotten even 911 already.

    • We are soon to find out just how many really - believe - in the Constitution .. And sooner ,, than most think I believe .


  9. Although i didn't find WeAreChange.org on the list of 152 organization funded by George Soros and his Open Society Institute it sounds like an organization that would be funded by Soros and the Open Society Institute.

    • Soros has many shell organizations that he funnels money through.
      Ford Foundation, The Anenberg Foundation, etc, etc. Open Society Institute their butts! This guy should be declared public enemy #1 and dealt with accordingly.

  10. This is not your father's United States of America.

    • This isn't my USA either. I remember a time that a person known to be an adulterer (e.g. Gary Hart), recreational drug user, or communist wouldn't be elected president. Clinton was suspected (e.g. Gennifer Flowers) but he provided reasonable doubt ("I tried MJ but I didn't inhale") for many. Now, we have a proud drug user ("inhaling was the point", Choom Gang) and suspected communist in the White House. In addition to this, Obama talks and acts as a dictator, choosing not to enforce laws he disagrees with (DOMA), modifying laws he disagrees with (welfare work requirement), and creates laws which Congress had voted down (DREAM). The economy has been in a prolonged rut when it historically bounces back strongly. And Obama was re-elected with such a horrible record. I didn't think it was possible. I didn't believe the polls but I just couldn't see how such a terrible president and terrible person as Obama could be re-elected. This isn't the USA that I grew up with and knew in my adulthood (I am 50).

    • That's when we were a nation of morals and integrity.

    • Don't lose all your faith Geo in SD. 'bamy the communist DID NOT win reelection. Georgey Porgey Soros bought him electronic voting machines and they made sure these were in place in all the 'iffy' states. Then Soros had them all programmed to take almost ALL of the Romney votes and switch them to 'bamy the communist. This is what Communists DO! That is exactly what Chavez in Venezuela has been doing. What Russia does when they get someone like Putin in power. The only country that does this OPENLY is North Korea. 'bamy joined the ranks the of the communists in Russia and Chavez with his election theft. We have way too many people too stupid and ignorant to be allowed to vote - but his stealing the election took the cake. So it wasn't possible George. It was theft. Hold your head up. We have many battles yet to win.

    • On election night, when I saw that Obama was reelected, I just felt sick. I was weak and had to go to sleep early. Even more upsetting to me that Obama was reelected was that it appeared to be the will of the people. It was even more upsetting to me that the people chose to elect him with what we know about him now. I hope you are right, Becky, that the election was stolen. If it wasn't, that means that the USA has fundamentally changed for the MUCH worse - disastrously so.

    • Yes Geo in SD, it made me so sick I couldn't even keep watching the returns. We ARE becoming outnumbered by the idiots, morons, and just plain ignorant in this country. I just don't think we were that outnumbered in this last election - and I believe that's why 'bamy-the-commie had Soros (or the other way around) rig the electronic machines to switch votes. But I DO think from now on we will be outnumbered because nothing was done to stop the fraud. There are no consequences for the commies in this country any longer. And THAT is far more upsetting to me. We'll have to see but I can see commie wins until we have taken back the education system and have purged our population of all the morons ruining the lives of the rest of us. It's just too bad we can't keep the misery only to those who asked for it!

    • You are delusional we were dancing in the streets when he won. It is the republican party that was been stolen by you reich wingers..

    • You may want to check out the link to understand your origins. It's titled Grinding Down America. Proud? Anyone else interested in knowing what's going on in this country, check out this full length movie while it's still available. It exposes these numb-nuts and their agenda.


    • I just watched it. It is excellent. I encourage people to be sure to watch the whole thing. 90 minutes might seem it would be tedious but you won't regret the investment in time. Be sure to watch the last 20 minutes. It is uplifting. If you just watch the first 70 minutes or less you will leave depressed.

    • How could Obama be reelected when massive voter fraud and Ohio unions were destroying property with Republican stickers on it? Unions were intimidating voters. Voter Fraud occurred in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Florida in the democrats favor. I say Obama was placed in office in 2008 and 2012 rather than being elected.

    • Check out this link. It's exposes what's going on in this country.
      This is a full length movie and is currently free. Check it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    • You are correct on all points. The Clinton's set a new standard of debauchery in the White House that had never been seen in this nation since its founding. His refusal to resign over a clear sex scandal and perjury in a court of law clearly showed that our nation was drifting morally. He should have been convicted in the senate after he was rightly impeached, and jailed for high crimes. But the senate showed their corruption and found him not guilty, purely for political reasons, when he was clearly guilty. He and his wife survived politically, proving that the American people no longer cared about moral character in the highest office in the land. Mrs. Clinton, who then carpetbagged her way to the senate, and then to secretary of state, is now doing as much damage to America as she can, and was directly involved in trying to whip up anti-American sentiment by lying about an anti-muslim video to the entire world, and arming the thugs that killed our Ambassador. We have never had this kind of evil running our government. And now they are moving to disarm the American people, just like Adolph Hitler did in the 1930s. For me this is almost impossible to believe that America could fall this far in one generation, but it's happening right before our very eyes.

      Now Obama has done 10x worse than Clinton as you have clearly shown, and congress does nothing to stop it. They will stand before God someday, but America has become the image of the corrupt and evil Roman Empire, robbing the people blind to buy influence, and openly murdering its own citizens WITH DRONES, and nobody cries out against it! The government of the United States, the federal government, is the enemy of the people and the enemy of God. WHO has done this evil to our nation?

    • Good luck trying to convince people that Clinton was impeached, because most people will INSIST that he wasn't!

    • Many people confuse impeachment with conviction. Clinton was impeached. That is simply a fact. To deny that is like denying that California has a Pacific coast. Clinton wasn't convicted but he most certainly was impeached. (Impeachment is similar to indictment.)

    • You mean it's like denying that California is liberal cesspool of corruption. I would rather believe it does not have a Pacific coast, because that's actually more likely.

    • I think most people believe since he wasn't convicted by the Senate that it somehow negates the fact that indeed he was impeached.

    • He was NOT reelected. Massive voter fraud and union intimidation & violence occurred in several states. The Liberals were cheating en masse. Where I live in Nashville, a Congressman hired a guy to steal Republican signs. We caught him. During the 2008 campaign this same congressman's campaign manager was arrested for going onto a property in Belle Meade and stealing a sign off the property. Still he is in office despite the publicity. However, Nashville/Davidson County is Democrat while the State votes Republican.

    • Hey pduffy, good one lol!

  11. retiredmillwright says:

    Obama has a endless supply of bought and paid for socialist judges at his beck and call. I think their corect name is usefull iodits as Adolf Hitler use to call them.

  12. Markus Reborn says:

    30,000 drones in the skies? A lot of gun owners will get in some heavy duty "skeet" shooting.

    • Sadly, the gun owners on the ground are going to have their work cut out. Shooting down a drone doesn't take out its operator. I'd like to think that Americans will not target their own, but at this point, nothing surprises me. Our Government would probably just stick a few illegal aliens behind the triggers if it ever goes that far.

    • The Constitution state that no American armed forces are not to be used against America citizens. That was before Barry started trashing the constitution.

    • "The Constitution state that no American armed forces are not to be used against American citizens."? What? The way you wrote that makes no sense.

    • Perhaps my wording was feeble--- sorry about that. However, our Constitution is becoming more obsolete everyday ... just look at the Patriot Act and NDAA as two prime examples. Look at what the TSA is doing to us in the airports (which leads me to ask why the taxpayers are footing the bill to 'protect' a private industry to begin with). Those are just three examples of our dwindling rights. The list is long.

      My point was is that it would not be difficult for our Government to arm the drones they are using to spy on us, and shoot us down at will. With all of the antics they've pulled in the past 10 years, that they've gotten away with, arming drones to kill American citizens on American soil would not surprise me in the least. Why is our Government stockpiling ammunition if they don't intend to use it? I just wonder if they would find Americans willing to kill their fellow Americans, or would have to use illegal aliens or other foreign troops to actually pull the triggers. Why is that concept so hard to ponder?

    • The Constitution says: The Military cannot be used against the American people, that is what Black Rain was trying to articulate.

    • He already did trash the constitution: illegally hold the position of commander- in -chief of the USA; declared war 'leading behind' without the approval of the Congress in Libya; appointed over 230 tzars; illegally lifted charge for Eric Holder on 'Fast and Furious'; armed the Muslime brotherhood and the rebels in Egypt, Syria and etc.

    • Well, that would require a VERY powerful shotgun blast, considering that the drones are THOUSANDS of feet high!

  13. The usurper is one dangerous prick.

    • Hey! you think so?
      You know what they say?
      What goes around, comes around!

    • I hope it comes around while him and his herds are on vacation in Hawaii. This year vacation was planned by moochelle in such extravagant will cost tax payers about few millions, what a h... wrong with this horse thief.

    • You are so full of it, during Bush’s two terms, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. it took 4 hours Bush used Air Force One 77 times to go to his ranch in Crawford, TX. Using the low end cost of $56,800, Media Matters calculated that each trip to Crawford cost taxpayers $259,687 each time, and $20 million total for Bush’s ranch flights. That is just the cost of flights, nothing else is included. Obama's 4 million included the cost of security and housing for security, etc.

      the Secret Service rented a very large home adjacent to President George H.W. Bush’s holiday home in Kennibunkport, MN.

      There had been a family living it. Secret Service said “name your price”. I don’t remember how much it was – but it was outrageous. The deal also required that the owners give Secret Service permission to “modify” the house to suit their needs – however, the agreement also included a statement that Secret Service would REVERSE the modifications free of charge and the owners had the option to KEEP any modification the Secret Service performed on the structural aspects of the house.

      This is the way the White House works – no regard for money – and that was a REPUBLICAN administration.

      Also, Obama's jet, a Gulfstream 500, served as a more modest Air Force One in place of the customary presidential Boeing 747.

      So before you open your mouth about all the money spent look at the records and you will see Obama spends much less than Bush.

    • Bush's vacations were modest compared to the arrogant and wasteful Obama's. Stop with the exaggeration. Bush also continued to work while he was on vacation. Obama doesn't even 'work' when he's on vacation OR in the White House. This administration has been a four year vacation of destruction.

    • Amen, about what you say OlderWoman, and who in America would name their child Nikita, unless they are russkie or ignorant food stamp puke?!! I remember the real Nikita and he was a fat old russkie puke that stomped his shoe on the table at the U.N. when I was young. Oh yeh, the food stamp pukes like commies and moos lam pukes. Semper Fi, till I die!

    • I thought you were going to say "it takes one to know one" LOL

    • That is a perfect description of him.

  14. If the scuttlebut is true that our soldiers in Afghanistan have to Merandize (sp?) combatants and the illegals here are also afforded citizens rights and privileges...how can the administration, or anyone else for that matter, say this is "Constitutional"?
    The kill list (just the name makes me sick) is as far outside the Constitution as you can get. This "do as I say, not as I do" administration is masterful at bending, twisting and outright ignoring the Constitution. They know that just as long as they kill off a suspected terrorist, the rest are simply considered collateral damage and is OK.
    All I can say is watch out for the slippery slope people. This is what is called precident. What is good for those citizens killed whether by accident or design, is good for the rest of us. It is the very reason there are lawyers who represent obvious criminals. They are not trying to protect the criminal...they are protecting the rights of the rest of us.

    • They are already flying drones around regions of our country spying on farmers. How long will it be before they start arming them?

    • Arming the farmers, or the drones?

    • What would be your guess? :)
      I think the farmers will have to be arming themselves.

    • Ginny, unfortunately, there have always been "kill lists". It's just that until we got a communist for prez these were mostly used to protect the US interests. 'bamy has taken it to another whole immoral level though by using it to take out WHO HE WANTS. That is one of the things that makes this illegal usurper so frightening. He kills for his fun of killing. And for the POWER of killing. A trait of communist fascists everywhere.