Michigan To Consider Nullification Of NDAA Indefinite Detention In January

On Friday, Michigan State Senator and Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) told People Against the NDAA's (PANDA) Michigan team that the first item for consideration in the new January legislative session will be a bill that states that Michigan will no comply with the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

According to the press release by Founder of PANDA Dan Johnson:

The dedicated efforts of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), the Tenth Amendment Center, and thousands of volunteers paid off in the Michigan Legislature on Friday. Senator Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) - the Senate Majority Leader - told PANDA's Michigan team that the 2013 version of Rep. Tom McMillins' HB 5768 (non-compliance with the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA) will be scheduled as the first item for consideration in the new legislative session beginning in January of next year.

The bill, originally introduced in June of this year, was passed unanimously (107-0) by the Michigan House earlier this month. On Tuesday the bill was referred to the full Senate by the Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) without a dissenting vote. The progress enjoyed by HB 5768 to this point was unusually quick and the unrelenting visits, calls, and emails from volunteers played a key role in this progress. This week, Senators and their offices were quite impressed by the large volume of calls and emails made by the energetic members of PANDA and coalition partners in support of the bill.

Johnson also went on to state, "We will be back in January with numbers, spirit and enthusiasm. Building on our success in 2012, we will focus the energies of our growing army of volunteers on getting the bill through the House and Senate and on to Governor Snyder's desk for his signature. We ask all those concerned about the NDAA to prepare to join us in January for our final push."

In addition, legislators often catch the heat for things they support that they shouldn't. This is an opportunity to call or email the following lawmakers and thank them for supporting the bill.

1. Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Auburn Hills), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Bill author and sponsor
(517) 373-1773 ; [email protected]

2. Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee
(517) 373-3447 ; [email protected]

3. Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R- Kalamazoo), Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee
(517) 373-0793 ; Fax - (517) 373-5607

4. Sen. Tory Rocca (R- Sterling Heights), Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee
(517) 373-7315 ; Fax - (517) 373-3126

5. Sen. John Pappageorge (R- Birmingham), 2013 Senate Sponsor
(517) 373-2523 ; Fax - (517) 373-5669

6. Rep. Greg MacMaster (R-Kewadin), Co-sponsor
(517) 373-0829 ; [email protected]

7. Rep. Jeff Irwin (D- Ann Arbor), Co-sponsor
(517) 373-2577 ; [email protected]

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  • grannylake

    The real shame of the NDAA is that it was drafted and enacted in the first.

  • sbr823

    If obama can ignore the laws he does not like then so can the states!

    • RubyBlu

      Love, love, love Gov. Snyder of MI - finally, someone who can see the former and future of that great state!

  • Greg137

    Contact your State Governors tell them to nullify this evil law the NDAA...
    We don't need a police state here! If you think we do, then you haven't tasted the sweetness of liberty, and for that you should be pitied, at least Before we drop kick you out of our country... LONG LIVE AMERICA, and LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

  • rchguns

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Like-minded states need to form alliances and take back states rights. The federal government is out-of-control and has no concern for the average citizen and will do everything in its power to bankrupt the individual states so they'll have to go to the federal government. Don't let this happen till DC to take a hike.

  • Don

    Come on Ohio, you can do the same thing. Show John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others in the US Senate and House that States have rights not afforded to the US Government. My hat is off to those Michigan lawmakers who stand up for their people on this unconstitutional NDAA.

  • agbjr

    A Republican Governor with guts, a State Legislature that stands FOR the right to work and against union bosses, and now a State Senate that exercises Tenth Amendment rights ... gee, Michigan may just become a self-reliant and Constitution-abiding state once more! Go Michigan!

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      if they can clear up Dearborn....just sayin'

  • vet

    All Republicans go figure.

    • Bob2002

      Did you complain when the Democrat majority in the House and Senae passed ObamaCare, in 2009, when over 50% of Americans did not want it?

    • jmark72

      Hey vet, Republicans are FOR the U.S. Constitution! The NDAA is unconstitutional (goes against the Tenth Amendment) and was signed by that fraud creature ObaMao. BTW vet, get new glasses - the last one on the list is a Democrat: Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor). I guess brainwashed liberals like you only see and hear what you want! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and think for Yourself!

    • TexasJester

      You forgot to mention that in addition to the Tenth, it goes against the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments!