Medical Malpractice Deaths Nine Times Higher Than Gun Homicides - Let's End the AMA

I admit that I'm worked up over the advance by the liberals in our country who are out to repeal the Second Amendment, calling for weapons bans, the murder of the National Rifle Association's president and its members. As a result, I want to turn the table on them a bit. Because medical malpractice causes far more deaths each year than guns do, I'd like to demand that we shut down the American Medical Association (AMA.) reports,

The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) seminal study of preventable medical errors estimated as many as 98,000 people die every year at a cost of $29 billion. If the Centers for Disease Control were to include preventable medical errors as a category, these conclusions would make it the sixth leading cause of death in America.

Further research has confirmed the extent of medical errors. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that there were 181,000 severe injuries attributable to medical negligence in 2003. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement estimates there are 15 million incidents of medical harm each year. HealthGrades, the nation’s leading healthcare rating organization, found that Medicare patients who experienced a patient-safety incident had a one-in-five chance of dying as a result.

In the decade since the IOM first shined a light on the dismal state of patient safety in American hospitals, many proposals for improvement have been discussed and implemented. But recent research indicates that there is still much that needs to be done. Researchers at the Harvard School of Medicine have found that even today, about 18 percent of patients in hospitals are injured during the course of their care and that many of those injuries are life-threatening, or even fatal. The Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that one in seven Medicare patients are injured during hospital stays and that adverse events during the course of care contribute to the deaths of 180,000 patients every year.

This is an outrage! I can't believe the liberals are not calling for a complete end to the practice of medicine completely with 98,000 people dying each year from basically medical malpractice. Why is something not being advanced by the federal government? Oh wait, there is. It's called Obamacare, or we know it as "more government." Inevitably this will not lead to less malpractice or deaths. I'm betting long term it will lead to greater numbers of both.

Now, compare the numbers of medical malpractice and the deaths associated with it to those of guns used in homicides.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in a 2009 report it was discovered that 11,493 people died in the United States as a result of being shot with a firearm.

There's almost nine times the number of people dying in this country from medical malpractice and the answer we have to that is to put big, ineffective, inefficient government behind more legislation, more control and more funding, but when it comes to guns, well, we can't have people with scary looking weapons in their possession. We have to create more laws to control them by. In the meantime the liberals never tell anyone that the laws will stop the lawbreakers from obtaining those firearms that they ban. Nor will they tell people that laws do not stop the bullets that comes from the firearms that lawbreakers obtain. People just think that a law is signed and it magically stops bad guys, but it doesn't quite work that way.

So with these simply statistics, perhaps we should begin petitioning the White House to shut down the AMA since they seem to be responsible for far more deaths than anyone with a gun has been.

By the way, yes you can also call for the closing down of auto manufacturers since people are killed in cars many times over each year. Of course, the scary thing is that if we were to do such a thing in a sarcastic way, the liberals would only get a light bulb to come on in their heads on how they could accomplish it.

UPDATE from a subscriber to the site:

There are 80 million gun owners, and each year about 12,000 or so homicides are committed with guns. As I noted before, that includes criminals killed by cops, so the number of law-abiding citizens killed by gun owners is actually lower.

There are about 1.5 million doctors in the U.S., who cause about 98,000 deaths per year due to malpractice.

Every year, about 30 million Americans undergo surgery that requires general anesthesia. Some studies say 20 million, but let's go with the higher number.

If we scale up the number of Americans who undergo major surgery to match the number of gun owners in order to make the ratio of deaths per aggregate group equal, we have to multiply it by 2.6. That would bring the number of deaths by malpractice up to 254,800.

If we scale up the number of doctors to match the number of gun owners, we multiply 1.5 million by 5.3. In that case, the number of malpractice deaths goes up to 519,400.

Therefore, if we go by the number of deaths caused by the number of people who are doctors compared to the number of people who are gun owners, doctors are 43.2 times more dangerous to the general population than gun owners, or 4320 percent more dangerous.

If we go by the numbers of deaths caused by the number of people who are gun owners versus the number of people who undergo major surgery, it turns out that undergoing major surgery is 21 times more dangerous--2100 percent--to the general population than gun ownership is.

So, to recap:

As a group, doctors are 43.2 times more dangerous than gun owners, and undergoing major surgery is 21 times more dangerous than allowing others to own guns.

Clearly we need to ban doctors and surgery as unreasonable threats to our safety.

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  • Bob Lee

    Bad politicians? Outlaw Congress!! and the President!

  • jar

    really, this is your argument? keep rationalizing any way you need to. you are such a victim

  • TexasOlTimer

    More than 40,000 die each year as the result of auto accidents - why not ban cars? About 4,000 die in house fires - should we ban houses or fires? More than 5,000 die each year from homicides in which weapons are knives, blunt objects, poisoning, hands or feet (strangulation, pushing off something, stomping, etc.) or other items. So no more knives, blunt objects (bats, rocks, anything that is strong enough to hurt a body), anything that can poison (medication, items a person can have an allergic reaction to...) and cut off everyone's hands and feet.

    In other words, if a person wants to harm another, they will find a way to do it. In China a man recently killed 22 children in a school with a knife. Our conversation shouldn't be about banning guns or ammunition but about the medical care for those that have mental problems. This has been disbanded for the past 25-30 years. Where does a parent go to get help for their child when there is none?

    The left only uses an object as a talking point when it's something THEY want to ban. Ban mercury in thermometers - it's BAD STUFF! But put it in light bulbs that break easily and cause a haz mat cleanup and then mandate the use of those light bulbs. When it's what the left wants, safety isn't an obstacle. It's only when it's something they don't want, that safety is the name of the game.

    • David

      In China the man stabbed 22 children with a knife - BUT NONE OF THE CHILDREN DIED - NONE!!! NOT EVEN ONE! This was the same week that the 26 people were killed with a gun at Sandy Hook school.

    • TexasOlTimer

      A gun has never killed anyone. I have several and not one has left my house and gone out and killed anyone. A PERSON with a gun, knife, club, rock, or bare fists kills, maims or wounds people.

      If we were to ban anything that has ever intentionally killed people, we would have to ban all fertilizer, oil, pressure cookers, cars (some are intentional when they are driven into crowds of people or just cause some 40,000 deaths a year), fire, water, knives, baseball bats, car jacks, rocks, and the list could go on and one. Some kill massive numbers of people and some only one or two but the object has NEVER killed anyone. It's the item in the PERSON's hand. We have laws to punish people that do that.

    • David Arthur Liddle

      I think that is why we want a thorough background check on anyone wanting to buy a gun.While the gun may be safe in your hand it might not be in the hands of a Drug Addict, Alcoholic, Wife Beater or Criminal for example. That is a good reason - in my mind anyway - to do a background check on anyone wanting to buy a gun. That seems like simple common sense to me. But apparently there are a large number of people who disagree with that. The same person who has no problem with the requirement to take lessons, pass a test, and to be a certain age to drive a car does have a problem doing the same thing with a gun - something that is designed specifically and for one thing only, which is to kill people, Should that be given to ANYONE who wants one? Amy age, any state of mind? (And please don't tell me that a background check is required because it is not. I can't even sell my car to anyone, including my son, wife, friend etc without the necessary papers, but I can hand a gun over to virtually anyone that I know - or don't know. Just saying.)

    • TexasOlTimer

      A background check is ALREADY required to purchase a gun. If I walk into a store or am at a gun show and want to purchase a gun of any type, the dealer will run a background check before the purchase is complete. If I want to purchase one online, the online dealer will send it to a properly licensed FFL dealer who will run a background check (and charge me a transfer fee) before I can complete the purchase.

      A background check is only going to affect those purchasing guns LEGALLY. It will NEVER keep guns out of the hands of those that want to commit crimes with them. They will ALWAYS be available on the black market. Words on paper can never legislate moral behavior.

      How many felons that are prohibited from owning a gun are caught with them in their possession? Those weren't obtained legally and no amount of legislation already on the books prevented that. Adding more will do nothing but make the law-abiding citizens jump through more hoops and pay more money to keep their Constitutional rights.

      And the difference between your car and your gun - you have no Constitutional right to own a car - you do to own a gun.

      Benjamin Franklin - "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (Nov. 11, 1755, in the Pennsylvania Assembly to the Governor).


    got to love this one;; right on

  • retiredmillwright

    There are many things that can kill you in this life we
    live. I got smacked head on at highway speeds by a young lady texting on her
    telephone a year ago. I don’t blame the telephone, she was texting on or the
    car she was driving for the specular wreck that happened, I blame the driver,
    if she hadn’t hit me she would have hit somebody else. I don’t blame the
    doctors’ scalpel when he messes up I blame the doctor. If someone kills with a
    gun, I blame the shooter. Many years ago a man threw a can of gasoline into a
    dance hall and burned to death nearly a hundred people. They didn’t band
    gasoline, but blamed the man that did the crime. Gun control by the socialists
    we have in power is nothing but a power grab. Power grabs happened a lot last century
    to citizens of the world’s countries’. The result ended up making the people
    powerless as their own governments killed their own citizens by the tens of
    millions. I don’t trust a lot of doctors that have committed malpractice, the
    government or the forty minutes to get here, police to protect my family; I do
    however trust my gun

    • cajanone1

      Just think, sharp instruments are a bigger cause of death than deaths by guns. Both have one thing in common, the idiot on the end of the weapon. Obama supports guns when convient and wants to destroy them when it's not. Remember the boy child and his statement "If theyh bring knives we'll bring guns"?

    • Cherry Six

      retired, and so you should, and never give up that which protects you, period, and your family. What is to be, will be, regardless of who is at the helm.

  • dankster

    i don't think that banning the entire ama is really necessary, there could come a time when a person could have a legitimate need for a doctor. but a single-shot doctor will do just fine if one ever has a need for medical action and there is absolutely no reason for any simi-automatic doctors or doctors from the military to be practicing medicine in the united states.

    • lilolady

      Dankster, I think the AMA is as much despised by Doctors as the AARP is by seniors who know that they sold out to Obamacare.

  • Public_Citizen

    Just a thought.
    Let's take the number of firearms related deaths as a baseline [for the sake of fairness we will include all of the suicides in our number]. Using that baseline number let us begin the process to legislate out of existence all of those non disease causes of deaths that rank numerically above the firearms related deaths.
    When all of the liberals are "put to walking" because their automobiles are now an illegal death causing weapon we may find enough of them have an epiphany to begin the reversal of the cult of react first and think about what we have done after.
    "Gun Free Zone" = Magnet for Homicidal Maniacs
    Corollary: The constant litany bewailing the tragedy that we hear spewing from the media makes the unstable mind draw closer to the abyss that ends in mass casualties. {There are already multiple reports of copycats and similar actions that have only been thwarted by alert citizens making a report]

  • Happy Customer

    My God! Cannot any radical liberal associate this senseless tragedy with the loss of grounding of the human SOUL? So many of us have a SOUL SICKNESS - yet the Freedom from Religion gang, the ridiculous, ludicrous Separation of Religion and State gang, the clueless gang, lead us to THIS CONSEQUENCE. America could NOT have risen from its beginnings without the CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW. WHEN will people realize this - and STOP the assault against GOD, our CREATOR?

    • Cherry Six

      Happy, what a handle. Your question - my answer. When hell freezes over. And from the looks of things, that will not be very long.

    • Geoff

      Where is this "soul" you describe? What organ does it reside in? How do you remove one. Or replace one? What if it's malignant, or retarded? What do we do then? Can we transplant one from a donor?

  • Happy Customer

    Drunk drivers... 13,000 plus deaths due to them... outlaw vehicles?

  • HDA

    Tim thank you for this eye opening article, being an insurance professional that deals in malpractice policies I know malpractice is a problem in our country but not to the extend which you've shown us here. Thanks again, and by the way, point well made!

  • Barb Patton

    It they cannot tax sex and them people like our sandra must pay every time she uses condoms given to her with taxpayer money

  • Oops!

    Another idiotic rant by Tim Brown. There is nothing analogous between deaths due to medical malpractice and homocides by guns. The first is accidental (though usually inexcusable), but the murders of the chilldren in Newtown, or the inncocent people in Aurora, or the unsuspecting students who were massacred at Virginia Tech were killed by people intending to commit mass murder. For Brown to equate the two is indicative of some seriously twisted thinking....which is his regular.

    • HDA

      Oops, whomever you are, I disagree w/u, and I am very sure that you are the ranting idiot!

    • cajanone1

      HDA: Watch what you say, idiots have brains, OOP's does not!

    • Abigail Adams

      we are comparing the number of deaths from 2 different causes; yes, it does make a good point, which is: Banning everything associated with death does not prevent deaths. Perhaps BEHAVIORS should be looked at. We have a CULTURAL and VALUES problem---- not a gun problem.

  • rosech

    Makes sense to me. AMA is something like the UN - worthless, blocking, and unthinking. Over 100K deaths a year from doctors, so I agree, get rid of the AMA and save a lot of lives.

    • TKC!

      Why are we surprised when we don't value life for the most vulnerable of all?

      4000 deaths of preborn babies each day. Over 1.3 million deaths/year? Disgraceful and disgusting.

      Why are we surprised, when we allow/encourage Moms to kill their own child in the womb? When we encourage immorality, moral relativity and don't teach about sin?

      God has been stricken from every aspect of our public lives,and we don't speak up. There are consequences to this, as a nation, and personally. Lord, have mercy.

      Why are we surprised?

      "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chron 7-14

    • cajanone1

      Policies brought to you by the dimwhitcratic party who wants to ban guns and stick a fork in the back of a baby's head to kill it. Obama thinks that is ok. What a moronic idiot we have for the prez of the country!!

    • Allan Holtz

      What is really scary is that (assuming the voting results were honest...) more than half the (adult???) population of the United States voted for Obama, after a 4-year prelude!!!

  • Lowell Freeman

    It's not the doctors fault, it's the medical devices and prescriptions. Just like it's not the shooters fault, it's the guns.

    • Geoff

      I suggest to anyone who feels doctors are some crazy band of homicidal lunatics, only out to kill their patients and make billions of dollars, there is a simple solution. Stop going to the doctor

  • Mike_Sr

    I *Love*! The title.
    Here's th deal. A Law-Abiding Gun owner would never cover up for a mal-practicing gun possesor. The AMA and most doctors in their 'elite club' would.
    In fact lawful gun owners would rather permanently do awaywith the mal-prationers of guns than have them survive to mal-practice again.

    So, in reality the AMA is far more corrupt and deadly than even a motorcycle gang or a drug lord.
    At least, for now, we can shoot back at them!

    • Cherry Six

      Mike_Sr, and thank our LORD God, and our Lord Jesus Christ that "at least, for now, we can shoot back at them!. The issue is not that only 26 people died in Connecticut, but that obammi is setting the States of America up for not his plans, but for the Illuminati and the New World Order. See General Pike, USC, during the Civil War, and see what his plans were for overtaking the world. Same plans, or similar plans today. Don't laugh, and start looking up. Federal Reserve Bank, Illuminati, who, why, where, how; look up Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, and what countries are part owners of this US Federal Reserve Bank. Compare the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank to the top 13 countries of the Illuminati, as well as the wealthy people at the top of the US Federal Reserve Bank. See what I mean? Ever wonder why John F. Kennedy was slain? Guess what, his Family name is part of the Illuminati, as well as his brother, Bobby?

    • Cherry Six

      They were both not afraid of the Illuminati, were against them, and didn't follow along with them. Where are they today. And, guess who Jacki later married? You guessed it, one of the Greek Illuminati

  • Bob Marshall

    US Centers for Disease and Control: One hundred thousand American's die annually from the effects of prescription medications. One million each year have had an adverse reaction to some prescription drugs. Recent studies have found that an estimated 150 million American's suffer some form of mental illness during their lives. One third that were interviewed said they once felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown or had a mental illness problem. The use of anti-depressant drugs have soared nearly 400% since 1988 making this the most frequently used by age groups from 18 to 44. Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of lobbyist so you won't hear anything about this on you corporate controlled news media.

  • jwright673

    This article is right on point. Bad breath? Outlaw onions. Drunk drivers? Outlaw cars. Maybe it's time we looked at what brings about these events. Could it be our "everyone gets a trophy" mentality? Is a permissive society at all to blame? Remember timothy o'leary: tune in, turn on, drop out? This guy was a college professor and we wonder if our kids are getting an education or an indoctrination. Ideally, we'd go back to the birth of LBJ's great society and start over..

  • Hank Smith

    I started a petition on this very issue the other day! So far, I am the only one that signed it.

    • HDA

      Now there is 2

    • H.DA

      Hank I read your petition; can't sign it, I just want to get rid of the AMA, not just die without medical attention.

    • Hank Smith

      I put this together on the spur of the moment because of all of the firearms ban talk to prove a point. I really wish I had thought of AMA instead of doctors.

    • ThePoet Darkling

      There you go, Hank...I added my John Hancock so you're not alone!

    • Dianne Patti

      Hank, Love your idea but it needs to be more serious: Ban the AMA would do much better. A doctor and his team just saved my brother's life on Dec. 4. The AMA never will.

    • Hank Smith

      Diane, I put this together on the spur of the moment because of all of the firearms ban talk to prove a point. I really wish I had thought of AMA instead of doctors.

    • Guest

      Diane, I put this together on the spur of the moment because of all of the firearms ban talk to prove a point. I really wish I had thought of AMA instead of doctors.

    • Hank Smith

      I put this together on the spur of the moment because of all of the firearms ban talk to prove a point. I really wish I had thought of AMA instead of doctors.

  • smartgranny55

    We could outlaw alcohol, since alot of deaths occur cuz of drunk drivers, alcohol, etc.
    Oh wait, we tried that. It failed!!!!

  • BlueViolets

    Nice argument and watch the numbers jump when obabacare kicks in. It will make these figures wishful thinking.