Lord Monckton: Obama Is An Illegal President

Could this be a possibility? What would happen if by pure chance this was found to be true? What would this mean to all the laws and Executive Orders Obama signed? People have seen the Democrats along with their close allies in the Socialist Democratic Party deny this to be nothing more than a huge Conspiracy theory by those who question Barack Hussein Obama and his true birth place. We really must ask this question of any President or Presidential Candidate. It should be the First thing demanded from any person running for President of the United States since the Constitution, under Article 2 Section 1, Paragraph 5, does in fact states:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; Neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Now given some of the first statements from a few people that had tried to dig into President, (in this case the term President is very loosely used,) Obama’s past before he even entered office and were shut down very fast. One individual, Dr. Drew whom had the opportunity to talk with Obama while he was in California and stated in his articles that Obama was not qualified to be President. Perhaps the largest and most widely known person associated with digging up questions about the Birth Certificate of Obama is Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, and after a six-month criminal style investigation on March 1, 2012 Sheriff Arpaio signed an affidavit on June 12, 2012, stating that Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate was a Fake! But of course very few people will really find out since Obama has made it nearly impossible to see the true certificates or other documents, since Obama placed all his records out of touch through his first Executive Order.

What would happen if it comes to be shown that Obama cannot hold the office of President due to his status of maybe not being a Natural Born citizen? Well, first all the Executive Orders he signed would become null and void as would all the other laws he signed and forced down the peoples throat! It may also show that our nation has been run the past 4 years by a fraud. This is a far reach, but if one does go and look at the material produced by Sheriff Arpaio, then they would scratch their heads and begin to ask questions, although many of those with very small brains would never even consider this since they have fallen into the entire trap of the Socialist and Communist now backing Barack Obama, but even this may be questionable especially since we do have proof that Obama was taken under the wings of one Frank Marshal Davis and he was on the FBI watch due to his Communist association.

Now let us just look at a couple of Affidavits which show people of pretty high standing now believing that Obama has thrown a false Birth Certificate out to the public and very few have even questioned this. Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, a former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the first man to call attention to the possibility that “Global Warming” was a false idea was invited to go see the documents that Sheriff Arpaio had which seem to prove that Barack Obama is Not a Natural Born Citizen. We have placed what Lord Monckton has given under a sworn affidavit and this brings questions that should be answered by those now in office since if this is true, our nation is being led by a fraud and liar.

The affidavit is very important, so please bear with its length.


I, the undersigned Christopher Walter Monckton, commonly known as The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Peer of the Realm, of Runhams Farm, Harrietsham, Maidstone, ME17 1NJ, being first duly sworn, do hereby state under oath and under penalty of perjury that the facts are true:

1. I am over the age of 18 and am a resident of the United Kingdom. The information herein is based upon my own personal knowledge. If called as a witness, I could testify competently thereto. I have a degree in Classical Architecture from Cambridge University. The course included instruction in mathematics. I am the Director of Monckton Enterprises Ltd., a consultancy corporation which, inter alia, specializes in investigating scientific frauds at government level, on which I advised Margaret Thatcher from 1982-1986 at 10 Downing Street during her time as Prime Minister. I have experience in the use of certain mathematical techniques which allow rigorous assessment of probabilities including the probability that a document has been forged. I have published papers in the reviewed literature on climate science and economics and am an appointed expert reviewer for the forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report (2013) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I was this year’s Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

2. I am asked to give expert testimony on the probability, taking into account the published results of a law-enforcement investigation by the Cold Case Posse acting for the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, that the document purporting to be a digital photographic image of an original paper long-form Hawaiian birth certificate for President Obama that was personally endorsed by him at a Press Conference on April 27, 2011, and was thereupon posted on the White House website, is genuine.

3. I rely on the findings published by investigators acting at the instance of the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, in two press conferences, given on 1 March and 17 July 2012 respectively. At the second press conference, the Sheriff said he was now certain that the White House document was a forgery. Based on the findings of the law-enforcement investigation, I have conducted a probability analysis to establish the likelihood that the White House document is genuine.

4. Where a document contains what appear to be irregularities, they may have arisen by inadvertence or by design. Probability theory assists in evaluating the likelihood that all of the irregularities were indeed inadvertent.

5. The method is based on one of the earliest and simplest principles in the theory of probability, which arose from the mathematical study of the odds at games of chance. A simple heuristic will illustrate the method. Suppose that two dice are rigged so that they will always show a pair of identical numbers when thrown. Then the odds that a double-six, for instance, will occur are 1 in 6. On the other hand, if the dice are not rigged in any way, so that they land randomly, the chance of a double six occurring is just 1 in 36, for the face that lands uppermost on one dice is entirely independent of the face that lands uppermost on the other, and the probability that the first die will display a six is 1 in 6, and each time that occurs there is only a 1 in 6 chance that the other die will also display a six.

6. In general, therefore, the probability that a series of independent events will occur is simply the product of the individual probabilities that each of the independent events in the series will occur. Thus, with two dice each independently possessing a 1 in 6 probability that a six will show, the probability of a double six is 1 in 6 times 1 in 6: i.e., 1 in 36. With three such dice, the probability of a triple six is 1 in 6 times 1 in 6 times 1 in 6, or 1 in 216; and so on. The probabilities become rapidly smaller with each additional independent event.

7. The same technique may be applied to assessing the probability that a suspect document is genuine. The technique is particularly suitable for the testing of those documents in which the irregularities are so varied that unless they arose by design – as in the fabrication of a forgery – they cannot be dependent upon one another. If the irregularities arose naturally or by inadvertence, then they are very likely to be truly independent of one another, and their individual probabilities fall to be multiplied together to determine the probability that, overall, the irregularities occurred in a single document by inadvertence rather than by design.

8. The value of taking an explicitly mathematical approach to weighing evidence suggestive of forgery – particularly where the context is inescapably political – is that the test is, as far as possible, objective. Once it is accepted that certain irregularities exist and that the probability of each irregularity occurring by mere inadvertence is as stated, then the probability that the document is genuine becomes a matter of arithmetic. If any individual probability is thought unsuitable, a preferred value may be substituted and the calculation redone. The method and the results are explicit, transparent, and independent of any expertise or prejudice on the part of the mathematician. They may be independently reviewed by any other mathematician.

9. The first step in the probabilistic analysis of a document, then, is to list the individual irregularities found therein and to assign a reasonable and legitimate individual probability to each irregularity. I have had detailed discussions with the Sheriff’s investigators and with some experts so as to form a view on the probabilities that each of the errors that have been identified are inadvertent.

10. The investigators have said during their press conferences that one of their most serious concerns is that the White House document appears to have been fabricated piecemeal on a computer, inferentially by drawing together digitized data from several genuine birth certificates. Not the least of the reasons why the investigators have reached this conclusion is that the distribution of the electronic data between nine distinct “layers” is entirely uncharacteristic of a paper document that has been scanned to create a simple, digitized photographic image that may (0r may not) also have been processed either to sharpen the image using optical character-recognition software or to compress the file-size by using file-compression or optimization software.

11. The electronic data file of the White House document, when opened in Adobe Illustrator, can be separated into nine separate data “layers” and one clipping-mask path that groups the layers. Forensic experts for the Cold Case Posse established that these layers were not an artefact either of optimization or of optical character recognition. In any event, statements from the Governor of Hawaii and from the White House Press Office establish a chain of custody whereby no mention was made of any alteration or processing of the photocopied images at any point.

12. The electronic image was posted at the White House website in the form of a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file at 12.09 pm on 27 April 2011 using a programme called Macintosh Preview, which is recorded among the properties of the data file as the application that created it. However, I am told that forensic experts have deduced that a different software suite, Adobe Photoshop, was used to fabricate or alter the electronic image; then yet another program, Adobe Illustrator, was used to compile the various “layers” and export them as a .pdf; then, immediately before posting on the internet, Macintosh Preview was used in an unsuccessful attempt to erase the digital traces of the previous use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and to reduce the file size.

13. A key reason for this deduction is that Macintosh Preview will not generate layers in the optimization process, though it will maintain any pre-existing layers generated by the user. For this reason, the investigators consider that the attributes of the layers in the White House document were fabricated before the file was optimized in Macintosh Preview. The presence of layers and their object-code attributes implies that Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were significant contributors to and evidence of the fabrication of the electronic image, which was not derived from a photocopy. However, for the sake of caution I have taken no account of this irregularity.

14. No genuine electronic document image scanned, photocopied, or photographed from a paper birth certificate in a bound volume without further processing by way of optical-character recognition, file-compression, or optimization would be at all likely to contain more than one layer. Electronic images of scanned, photocopied, or photographed documents typically consist of a single data layer. Yet the White House document contains not only a single layer of 8-bit quality but also eight separate layers each of 1-bit quality, not one of them black. The meaning of “1-bit quality” is that each dot of colored light that comprises the photographic image (a “picture element”, or “pixel”), is represented in the electronic data file by a single binary digit (or “bit”). A bit may have the integer value 0 or 1, and is represented in any electronic circuit by a switch where 0 represents “off” and 1 represents “on”.

15. The meaning of “8-bit quality” is that each pixel is represented by a group of eight bits (called a “byte”), representing values from “00000000”, for zero, to “11111111”, for 255. Thus each pixel is digitally represented by an integer giving a different color value from 0 to 255. Each eight-bit “byte” in a color layer represents a distinct hue. Clusters of pixels of various hues allow millions of distinct colors to be displayed on a color TV monitor.

16. No optimization software generates any non-black layers of 1-bit quality, yet all of the 1-bit-quality layers in the White House document are non-black. No such software generates more than one layer of 1-bit quality, yet the White House document has eight such layers. No such software generates no black layer of 1-bit quality, yet none of the eight 1-bit-quality layers in the White House layer is black. No such software generates only one color layer, yet the White House document has a single color layer. No such software generates fewer than 50-150 layers for an image as complex as the White House document, yet that document possesses only nine layers.

17. Multiple layers of 1-bit quality each representing a distinct color other than black can only be created by an operator deliberately. If the document had acquired multiple layers as a result of optimization, it would possess only one 1-bit layer, representing all pixels that scan as black. This layer is akin to the edges of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. All of the non-black “layers” in standard optimization software would normally be of 8-bit quality. Each 8-bit color “layer” represents a single colored region entirely bounded by black pixels. Each layer, therefore, is not really a “layer” at all: instead, it represents the colored picture on a single “puzzle piece” bounded by black edges. In effect, the “puzzle pieces” form a “jigsaw puzzle”. When assembled, they comprise the entire image.

18. Any document that possesses multiple layers after automated optimization will possess only one layer of 1-bit quality with a black colour value. The remaining layers will be of 8-bit quality to represent the remaining colours within the image at various locations within the document. No such document would possess merely the single 8-bit colour layer that is present in the website copy of the birth certificate. In the data file for the White House document, the single 8-bit color layer represents the entire greenish “basket-weave” pattern of the readily obtainable “security” paper on which the black data were superimposed.

19. Yet a genuinely-created document that possessed layers as a result of a legitimate, automated optimization process would not have the background isolated on one 8-bit color layer: instead, the electronic representation of the basket-weave pattern in an image as complex as a long-form birth certificate would normally be distributed among as many as 50-200 separate “jigsaw-piece” layers each bounded by a black part of the image. The investigators have told me they regard the existence of the single 8-bit color layer representing the entire basket-weave substrate as compelling evidence that the data structure of the document indicates that it was fabricated layer by layer, and that it was not generated by any optimization program.

20. Where an event is certain not to occur, its probability is 0. Where it is unlikely to occur, its probability is less than 1 in 2. Where it is likely to occur, its probability is greater than 1 in 2. Where it is certain to occur, its probability is 1. Standing the gravity of the discrepancies between the distribution of layers in the image on the White House website and in an image created after processing by a normal optimization program, it would be legitimate to assign small probabilities (somewhat close to 0) at least to each of the following discrepancies: Multiple distinct layers of 1-bit quality, 1 in 10; none of the layers of 1-bit quality represents black, 1 in 10; a single color layer of 8-bit quality represents the entire basket-weave paper, 1 in 10. If each of these discrepancies were independent of the others, then the abnormalities in the distribution of data among the layers that are evident would have a combined probability of 1000:1 against their having occurred in the same document by inadvertence.

21. It is arguably more appropriate to regard these three probabilities as connected. It is possible that an untypical optimization program not known to the investigators was used. However, the investigators reviewed some 600 distinct optimization programs for the Windows operating system and the same 600 programs for the Macintosh operating system, and did not find a single program that created a layering structure in any way consistent with that which the White House document exhibits. Since it is difficult to demonstrate that no optimization program consistent with the observed layering structure exists, I have arbitrarily assumed that ten such programs exist, so that the probability that one of these programs was used is approximately 1 in 60.

22. The date when the copy was certified by the registrar, and the registrar’s stamp adjacent to it, each appear independently on separate layers of the White House document. Furthermore, these distinct layers contain no other data of any kind. No scan of an original document could possibly produce such separation of discrete items into distinct layers. The forensic experts tell me they regard this as definitive evidence that – contrary to the chain-of-custody account from official sources – the document was not photocopied but fabricated piecemeal. No legitimate document process would result in this separation of information into independent layers.

23. It would have been simple to place a genuine photocopy from Hawaii into a scanner, capture the electronic image, and then print from it the copies to be distributed to reporters at the White House press conference of April 27, 2011, uploading the innocent-seeming electronic image from the photocopied document and concealing entirely the rare – if not impossible – layering irregularities considered here. The presence of these irregularities establishes that the simpler route was not followed, as it would have been if the original document had been genuine, and that instead the image was pieced together electronically from several sources.

24. The two irregularly-layered stamps, if inadvertent, would not only be genuinely independent of one another but so rare as to be for all practical purposes impossible. Nevertheless, for caution I accord them a probability of 1 in 100 each, or 1 in 10,000 together. These irregularities, taken with the independent 1 in 60 probability of the layering irregularity, yield from the analysis of electronic irregularities alone a probability of only 1 in 600,000 that the White House document is genuine.

25. There are further irregularities in the presentation of the apparently mechanically-typed entries on the long-form certificate of live birth. Manual typewriters were in use in 1961. All mechanical typewriters then in use have fixed spacing: all letters, capital or lower-case, occupy the same width. A common width was the Elite escapement (typically 6 points wide, i.e. 12 characters to the inch horizontally; and 12 or 24 points line spacing, i.e. 6 single-spaced or 3 double-spaced lines to the inch vertically). Yet the White House document is poorly aligned both horizontally and vertically. To demonstrate how the alignments should have appeared on a genuine form, I invited forensic specialists to use a mechanical typewriter to enter data into a blank specimen form. The resultant image, overlaid with a red grid to show the regularity of line-spacing and letter-spacing compared with the irregularities in the White House document, is marked “M of B 1”, annexed and signed as relative hereto.

26. The experiment demonstrates how orderly the alignment of the typewritten margins, letters, words, and lines of text would have been if the original birth certificate had been created, like others in the public domain, by inserting a pre-printed form into a manual typewriter, aligning the carriage at the appropriate starting point at top left, and then filling in the form line by line. By contrast, the White House document shows how unnaturally irregular the letter, word and line spacings and alignments are.

27. In the White House document, the line spacing of the typewritten entries varies by 1 to 3 points (1/72 to 1/24 in.) above or below the usual 24-point (1/3 in.) double-spacing. That variability would not occur if the original document had been genuinely typewritten rather than electronically fabricated. The Hawaiian long-form certificate, like most forms of its day that were intended for typewriters, was designed precisely to allow double-spaced entries, so that once the first line entered was correctly registered all other lines of type would automatically fall in the right place within the successive form-lines as the carriage-return lever advanced the paper past the ribbon.

28. The rollers in a manual typewriter hold the paper firmly enough against the platen to avoid slippage. The numerous visible irregularities in the line spacing of Mr Obama’s copy birth certificate is very considerably beyond what would be expected, suggesting that the typed data in the form were placed by hand, or “eyeballed”.

29. The leftward foot of the letter “M” in “Male” is, as it should be, below the rightward foot, because, as the form-lines above and below it show, the page-image curves downward near the binding. By contrast, the word “Kapiolani”, unlike the word “Male” above it, does not curve downward to the left as it should have done if the image had been scanned from a bound volume, following the curvature of the form-lines above and below it.

30. The word “BARACK” is not aligned either to the curvature of the printed form-lines or – at its right-hand end – to the words “HUSSEIN” and “OBAMA” later in the line. Also, the year “1961” is below the adjacent month and day.

31. Variations not only line spacing but also in letter spacing are evident throughout the typewritten form entries. One consequence is that the three flush left lines on the document are not vertically aligned with one another, as all flush-left entries on the forensic experts’ document are. For instance, the whole word “Male” is offset by almost half a character to the left compared with the word “Kapiolani” two form-lines below it, indicating that one or the other word (or both) may have been imported electronically from another form and inserted. In a genuine document, all the typewritten letters and words on the form should normally have had the same vertical alignment.

32. The comma after the figure “4” is offset too much to the right, indicating that it may not have been typed but may instead have been “pasted” in position electronically during the composition of the image.

33. Many of the words towards the right-hand side of the form are aligned horizontally almost half a character farther to the right than the words on the left-hand side. This irregularity definitively demonstrates that the document was not typed line by line from left to right. It is unlikely that a clerk entering data into the form would have filled in the data on the left-hand side first and would then have removed and reinserted the form in such a way as to cause so substantial a misalignment when the right-hand half of the form was completed.

34. The typist would normally have inserted the form into the typewriter, aligned it, closed the rollers over the platen to hold the form firmly in alignment, and then typed the lines successively from left to right. If so, the systemic rightward shift that is evident in the letters and words appearing towards the right-hand side throughout the form could not have occurred. However, it is possible that this discrepancy arose because of parallax in the microfilm camera that was used to take different portions of the fabricated long-form birth certificate from other documents.

35. The variable letter spacing suggests that many of the typewritten letters were placed by hand, and not typed on a typewriter. For instance, the lower-case “a” appears several times on the form more closely to the right than normal, but the capital “A” does not. On a mechanical typewriter, the capital letter is carried on the same arm as the lower-case letter, so that if the document had genuinely been typewritten either the “A”s and “a”s would have been correctly spaced or they would all have been biased either leftward or rightward.

36. Word spacing is also variable in a fashion inconsistent with typewriting. Whole words are misaligned by 1 to 3 points (1/72 to 1/24 in., or one-sixth to one-half of a character), suggesting the words were individually “pasted in” as the document was fabricated piecemeal. Yet, for caution, I have taken no account of word-spacing irregularities.

37. Though it would have been legitimate to assign individual probabilities to each of the typewriter irregularities to which I have referred, for they would have been independent of one another if they were inadvertent, I have cautiously assigned a single probability of 1 in 10 to all of the irregular line spacings taken together as one irregularity, and a separate single probability of 1 in 20 to the irregular letter spacings, likewise taken together as one irregularity. Distinct probabilities for vertical and horizontal irregularities are appropriate because a typist creating a genuine document would have had to take two different actions to create both irregularities. Thus, based on the misalignments in the typing alone, the probability that the White House document is genuine is 1 in 200.

38. In addition to the irregularities in the electronic layering and in the vertical and horizontal spacings in the typewritten entries on the form, other unexpected features suggesting forgery are evident. Individual probabilities will be assigned to the most serious of these further irregularities.

39. A halo of white space is evident around the black portions of the White House document. The use of Unsharp Mask – a feature in the Adobe Photoshop software suite that also appears to a more limited extent in Adobe Illustrator, and whose purpose is to clean and sharpen the image – is one of many possible causes of the problematic halo effect. However, none of these causes apply where an original document is copied on to a photocopier, nor where that photocopy is in turn photocopied.

40. The Governor of Hawaii has said the original document was copied and given to Mr Obama’s attorneys. The White House Press Office has said the copy birth certificates it circulated on April 27, 2011, were taken from the copies received from Hawaii the previous afternoon. At neither end was anything done that could have caused a white halo around the typewritten entries on the form. The existence of the white halo effect, illustrated in an image marked “M of B 2”, annexed and signed as relative hereto, accordingly appears contrary to the course of events described by Mr Abercrombie and the White House Press Office, which do not mention any processing or alteration of the image that could have caused. I have assigned a probability of 1 in 10 to an inadvertent occurrence of the white halo.

41. The website copy of the birth certificate exhibits no chromatic aberration – the refraction of light when the lens of a scanner or camera comes across contrasts between colours (such as text against background). According to the investigators, this phenomenon arises from established physics. The aberration displays as a blue tint to the top and left edges of any black text character, and a reddish tint to the right and bottom edges. It can be seen in a genuine document if the viewer zooms in closely to a text area for observation, but it is absent in the White House document, though it is present in the printed copies of that image that were given to members of the White House press corps, indicating that the fabricated electronic file was printed out and then photocopied, creating the expected chromatic aberration, which is illustrated in the image marked “M of B 3”, annexed and signed as relative hereto. Accordingly, the account of events given by the Governor of Hawaii and the White House Press Office cannot be correct. Since forensic specialists have told me that the absence of chromatic aberration is definitive evidence that that version could not have been photocopied, scanned or photographed from a paper birth certificate, I have cautiously assigned a low probability of 1 in 100, rather than the more realistic zero probability, to the actually-impossible inadvertent absence of chromatic aberration in the White House document.

42. A further irregularity is that no photocopied, scanned or photographed document would have incorporated a “clipping mask” that had the effect of truncating the display of certain data forming part of the document image. Yet the White House document has a clipping mask path that conceals the safety paper pattern within the margins. The investigators have told me this can only occur by deliberate manipulation and cannot result from any legitimate processing. Automated processing such as optimization can produce a clipping mask, but a genuine mask will only define the size of the layers and will never prevent display of data or parts of the image. The security paper in the White House document contains a white margin that conceals not only part of the pattern of the security paper but also some data coding numbers in pencil that are relevant to determining whether that document is forged. A genuine electronic image of the pattern on security paper would bleed to the edge of the document. However, I have taken no account of this irregularity, for those creating a genuine file may have wished to trim the security paper to minimize the data file size.

43. Mr Obama’s short-form birth certificate, when first published in 2008, had its certificate number blacked out. It is not easy to discern any legitimate reason why this should have been done. Indeed, a certificate number appears openly on Mr Obama’s long-form birth certificate. However, the number is out of sequence, and it is possible that the original blacking-out of the number on the short-form certificate was an attempt to conceal this irregularity. The certificate appears to be stamped as having been registered on Tuesday, August 8, 1961, on which date the number 10641 was assigned to it. However, the Vital Statistics for 1961 issued by the US Department of Health & Human Services show that 17,578 births occurred that year in Hawaii: an average of 48 births per day. Therefore, Mr Obama’s certificate should have been about 3 x 48 = 144 numbers less than the numbers issued to two girls, the Nordyke twins, whose certificates were registered three days later, on Friday, August 11, as 10637 and 10638. It should certainly not have had a number greater than theirs. An automated sequential numbering stamp was used, and batches of birth certificates were collected monthly, ordered by date and time of birth and then sequentially number-stamped in a special room by a single clerk trained for the purpose, precisely to minimize numbering errors. However, for caution I have assumed that 1 number in 25 might inadvertently be out of sequence.

44. The birth date of Mr Obama’s alleged father is two years out. It not impossible that the child’s mother did not know his father’s date of birth, or that the date was incorrectly entered. I have assigned a 1 in 40 probability to this event.

45. The alleged father’s race is described as “African” some 28 years before the term “African” or “African American” first came into general usage. In 1961, written rules forbade the use of such generalized racial descriptors, the term “African” being specifically barred. Ms Verna K. Lee, the registrar a simulacrum of whose signature appears on the White House document, drew the investigators’ attention to the list of codings that were used for statistical returns to the Federal Government: 1 White; 2 Negro; 3 Indian (includes Aleuts and Eskimos); 4 Chinese; 5 Japanese; 6 Hawaiian (includes part-Hawaiian); 7 Other Nonwhite; Unknown or not stated (Race of parents only). The word “African” is not listed. I have assigned a 1 in 25 probability to the occurrence of the explicitly-prohibited and then-uncommon use of the word “African” to describe the alleged father’s race.

46. Coding numbers added to the form in pencil adjacent to various of the typed data entries on the form are incompatible with the data that had been entered. Box 9 on the form, “Race of Father”, has “African” typed in it. Yet the coding is “9”, which stands for “Unknown or not stated”. Likewise, Box 12b, “Kind of Business or Industry”, has “University” typed in it, but is also assigned the empty-box code “9”. Since these two events may have been connected even if they were inadvertent, and bearing in mind Ms. Lee’s statement to investigators to the effect that mistakes were not made on her watch, I have assigned a single 1 in 25 probability to these events taken as one.

47. There are many further irregularities in the White House document, but I have not assigned probabilities to them. Had I done so, the probability that the document is genuine would have been still smaller than it is. Those irregularities to which I have assigned probabilities are as follows:

Independent event Probability

Multiple layers of 1-bit quality ) ┐
No 1-bit-quality layer represents black ) 1 in 60 (combined)
One 8-bit-quality color layer ) ┘

Registrar’s signature-stamp on its own layer 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Registrar’s date-stamp on its own layer 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Line spacing irregularities 1 in 10
Letter spacing irregularities 1 in 20
White halo effect around black text 1 in 10
Chromatic aberration absent 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Certificate number out of sequence 1 in 25
Father’s birth date two years out 1 in 40
Use of “African” against written rules 1 in 25
Miscoding of Federal statistical data 1 in 25
Probability that all errors were inadvertent 1 in 75 quadrillion

48. As the table shows, the probability that the White House document is genuine (in that each of the irregularities identified by the investigators occurred by inadvertence), is the product of the individual probabilities that the mutually independent irregularities were accidental: that is, 1 in 75,000,000,000,000,000.

49. Since there are 13 distinct irregularities to which probabilities below unity are assigned, even if per impossible the probabilities that each irregularity evident in the White House document was present by accident were as great as 1 in 2, the probability that the document might naturally exhibit all 13 irregularities at once and is accordingly genuine would still be as small as 1 in 213, or less than 1 in 8000. This demonstrates a relevant general result in probability theory: if many independent irregularities even with substantial individual probabilities come to light during forensic examination of a suspect document, the probability that the document is genuine must be small.
50. Likewise, even where there are as few as two defects in a forged document, each with a low probability of innocent occurrence, the probability that the document is genuine must be small. For instance, given that the isolation not only of the electronic data representing the registrar’s signature stamp but also of the data representing his date-stamp on distinct data layers are occurrences that forensic specialists in the examination of electronic documents consider could not possibly have occurred naturally, if the probability of each irregularity is taken as being small (say, 1 in 100 for each of the two irregularities, though the probabilities are likely to be much less than this), the probability that the two defects both occurred by inadvertence and that thus the document is genuine is 1 in 10,000.

51. It follows that if – as here – there are multiple irregularities in a document, most of which possess low probabilities of innocent occurrence, the probability that the document is genuine must be vanishingly small In my experience, I have never found a document which, when this probabilistic technique is applied, is determined to be so very nearly certain to be a forgery as the White House document.

52. One might also legitimately assign probabilities no greater than 1 in 100 to each of three irregularities in other identification documents pertaining to Mr Obama. First, there are numerous irregularities in the short-form abstract of his birth record published in the run-up to his 2008 candidacy, including an inconsistency between the text of the abstract and the form of words in use at the time when it was, on its face, issued. Secondly, the selective-service record signed by him carries a two-digit year stamp contrary to written rules issued by the Department of Defense specifying a four-digit stamp, which, as far as the investigators could discover, was invariably used on all other selective-service registration records at that time. Thirdly, his social security number carries a three-digit Connecticut prefix even though he had never lived there and all adjacent social security numbers with the same three-digit prefix that the investigators could trace were issued to residents of Connecticut. Taking these three additional irregularities together with the 13 irregularities in the White House document, the probability that Mr Obama’s identity documentation is true falls from 1 in 75 quadrillion to 1 in 75 sextillion.

53. Even if each of the 16 irregularities were assigned a probability no less than 1 in 2, implying that each irregularity is at least as likely as not to occur in a genuine document, the probability that the documentation is genuine would be 1 in 216, or below 1 in 65,000. Further, in this analysis I have cautiously left out of account several irregularities – such as the indication that Mr Obama’s social security number fails the official online “e-verify” check – each of which ought to be assigned probabilities no greater than 1 in 2, reducing the probability of genuineness still further. Whichever way the analysis is done, that probability cannot be other than vanishingly small.

54. In this analysis I have relied upon the published results of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation. To the extent that the investigators’ results are reliable and robust, and to the extent that the probabilities I have assigned to each individual irregularity that the investigators have identified are considered reasonable, my conclusion that the probability that the White House document is genuine is vanishingly different from zero necessarily follows. Even if the probabilities I have chosen were to be considered excessively low, the fact that there are so many independent irregularities, even if absurdly high probabilities such as 1 in 2 were assigned to each irregularity, would be sufficient to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the White House document is a forgery.

55. The images marked “M of B 1”, “M of B 2”, and M of B 3”, annexed and signed as exhibits relative hereto, are the images referred to herein.

Executed this Seventh day of November, 2012, in London, England

_________________________________ Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Seventh day of November, 2012

­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________ Solicitor

M of B 1

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Upper panel: A regularly line-spaced and letter-spaced specimen typewritten form created by forensic specialists.
Lower panel: Irregularities of both line spacing and character spacing are evident on the White House document. Horizontal red rules indicate double-spaced lines aligned to the first and last typed lines on each form. The vertical blue rules occur every five character spaces, aligned to the “K” of “Kapiolani” & “pi” of “Hospital” using an accurate architectural-geometry program. In the lower panel, lines containing the word “Honolulu” are visibly misaligned: the red rules strike through the text rather than underlining it. Character spacing to the right of the form, where blue rules pass through the centers of characters rather than between them, is also misaligned with that to the left.

M of B 2

Click to enlarge

This is the illustration of the unnatural white halo effect around the black portions of the image on the White House website. The top left image is enlarged from the White House document. In the top right image, the halo has been removed to show how a genuine document should have appeared. The lower images have been artificially darkened to show the halo still more clearly. The presence of the halo effect is an indication that the document may be forged.

M of B 3

Click to enlarge

This is an image, with blue-tinted and red-tinted chromatic aberration, of part of the stamped signature of Dr. Alvin Onaka that appears on the copy of the White House document that was given to members of the Press Corps April 27, 2011. Chromatic aberration should also appear, but does not appear, on the electronic version posted at the White House website. Its absence is a compelling indication that the White House document may be forged.

Notice that in this affidavit, Lord Monckton even includes some very important questions as to why are some places “changed”? Maybe this is why Barack Obama sealed all his records back on January 21, 2009, the very First Executive Order he wrote. Now, this EO is not exclusive to Barack Obama since many former Presidents have also issued similar executive order, though we should question why, especially in light of the fact that he claimed he would be the most transparent President in history. However, as it relates to Lord Monckton's testimony, Arpaio's Cold Case Posse investigation and other relevant testimony as to the validity of the document, the executive order should be concerning to all Americans.

Why did Obama make this EO, (Executive Order)? Did he do this to “cover up” his background? Did Obama do this just to hide his association with Frank Marshal Davis, the man who was on the FBI watch due to his very close association and membership in the Communist Party? Did Obama do this to hide his college records that may well have shown him to be a “Foreign Student” thus proving he is not eligible to hold the office of President of the United States? Or did he do this to hide his real Birth Certificate that has been manipulated to show he was born in Hawaii? Or did he execute this order to cover up more than this? Yet again questions few true reporters ask much less answer. Yet we know that Obama did go to Occidental College and that he did in fact get “tutoring” from Frank Marshal Davis for 8 years and one must ask if maybe he was taught all about the Communist during those 8 years and that is why Obama went to the Marxist meetings held under a huge picture of Karl Marx and held an idea that to have the people of the United States accept Socialism or Marxism, he would have to have the United States either fail or the people revolt.

It seems that not only did Lord Monckton sign an affidavit, along with Sheriff Arpaio, but also a Professor of Mathematics from Louisiana State College in Baton Rouge, named, Charles Neal Delzell. These men signed an affidavit that testifies to what they think about this birth certificate and what Lord Monckton has shown using his in depth knowledge of mathematics to state the information given to him by Sheriff Arpaio's investigators and Mr. Delzell as he stated under 9 of his affidavit.

Here a mathematics professor lays down an affidavit stating that based just upon the information shown to him, Obama is not a true natural born citizen according to this “forged” Birth Certificate. This does bring into question a lot of items that Obama has done since being elected as President. If by chance Obama is not qualified for the position of President, according to the Constitution, it would be fair to say that Obama has presented a huge falsehood to the people of the United States and should be removed from office.

We have a lot more information to bring forward from Lord Monckton, but will have to lay out what Lord Monckton has published in his book, “Is The President The President?”. In the next article, we will explore this book and lay the theory out about the Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama to allow you to determine its validity.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.craig.967 Mark Craig

    when are the american people going to stand up and demand this be heard by the courts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulette.whinnery Paulette Whinnery

    Look, if you have the proof to get rid of Obama and roll back every law, bill and executive order he has signed, that would be great. But there is no way congress will ever help to prove it because they would be mocked and called bigots. You would have to find a way to discredit him legally and with irrefutable evidence, not a bunch of maybes and could be's. If you do it right, you might even be able to go before the Supreme court. This is the only hope you have. If you do come up with the proof and have it verified by experts, then Joe Biden might even help you. This way, he could be President.
    Until then, we have to learn to live with what we have and try to survive without going on welfare or joining a union for protection. Stay under the radar and live our lives.
    Hopefully, the conservative leaders should travel the country and educate the people about conservatism. You would be surprised at what people think it is. I had some one tell me that he thought liberals were for freedom and smaller government. He is convinced that they are looking out for the poor. He thinks giving them a welfare check is better than a job. He must think just because your poor, you must be stupid. He thinks conservatives are out to tell people how to live their lives and control every thing we do. Wow! This is because the propaganda from the left has been very effective. Just because the evidence shows the opposite, he does not see it. Apparently, millions of other Americans think the same thing.
    Good luck.

    • Jamie

      If you are not put to control....why the Personhood blank in your platform. Y want to control my body for a very legal right to have an abortion. I do not believe in y our beliefs anymore than y believe in Marxism. But you older white guys are ready to help me make my and my partner or husband's choice to have an abortion...transvaginal looking at me. That's your small government. Close all the clinics that provide abortions. Yea. White men should not be controlling my body and I'm a top 1% income white woman. I did not vote for a party thatmwants to control. Y body. If y don't want to be gay or have an abortion, don't. Pathetic

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Samuel-M-Smith/100002314677604 Samuel M Smith

      Jamie, In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that if the fetus is legally a human being its right to Fourteenth Amendment rights to life trump the mother's right to kill it. Not too long after Roe v. Wade, some smart doctors developed successful in vitro fertilization which PROVES indisputably that from the moment the male sperm and female egg or ovum combine, the genetic code exists which will remain constant through a hundred or more years of life or may regulate an earlier death through some predisposition to a disease or handicap or simply aging. All that tiny human embryo needs is the same thing that you and I need, a safe environment, nourishment, water and a way to eliminate waste. Since Invitro fertilization has proven WHEN human life begins, killing it thereafter is murder — the cold-blooded contract killing of the most innocent for the avoidance of embarrassment or inconvenience of the already proven guilty. You, madam, are the pathetic one. You DON'T know HOW to control your own body! I also doubt that you are nearly as wealthy as you claim. You have the CHOICE not to GET pregnant if you don't want a baby! My mother had only two pregnancies in 28 years of marriage. You are the female who is ALLOWING "white men" to control your body!

    • panors77

      Not only that but her "great leader president" voted to deny lifesaving to any "fetus" that survives an abortion, IE to actually KILL the fetus outside of the womb. Also supports 9th month partial birth abortion. Hitler and Dr. Mengele would be proud.

    • panors77

      Soooo......you believe in marxism then?? If so, then why are you a hippocrite working for a top 1% company? Or is it that you collect that top 1% from the government? You sound like comrade Pelosi.

    • panors77

      I wouldn't call Apaio's evidence he gathered a bunch of "maybes". My own Hawaiian BC doesn't have the little halos around the lettering that BO's has. I was born there too 2 years before stupid BO.

    • MimiH

      you say: we have to learn to live with what we have and try to survive without going on welfare or joining a union for protection. Stay under the radar and live our lives. Are you kidding me? THAT IS NO LIFE!

  • Duey

    True, we have know this for years but nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. Obama is a fraud but he's not capable of making these decisions on his own. Heck, he can't make his own decision whether to use paper or plastic. He's a puppet and we need to stop the person with their hand up his ass moving the mouth. Get rid of Obama and you get Bidden. We need to stop the puppet master

  • Rosie46

    Obama's father was Kenyan -- never a question -- and that makes Obama a British citizen and ineligible to run for President of the United States, no matter where he was born.

  • rick jason

    Who will step up and arrest this lying POS? Do we have a country that patriots have lost their balls?? Is there no true American left in all of our law enforcement/military??? Shrf. Joe ateast calls him out. The proof is irrevocable! The Imposter is a PHONEY POTUS and there's no one in the country that will do anything about it! We are a doomed country mainly because our nation has lost it's moral compass and has allowed a criminal socialist to take over our wh. Everyone of us should be ashamed of what we have become. My own people disgust me!

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      We have sent Representatives to Washington, D.C. to take care of such things, and for some reason it's not getting done. We must wonder why.

    • 317david

      We have no one to organize us !!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Samuel-M-Smith/100002314677604 Samuel M Smith

      I already posted on facebook but Rick Jason is right. I would not have used some of his terms to express his meaning, but there is PLENTY of positive proof. Any of you play chess? If you were Boehner or Chief Justice Roberts and the President was already armed with that newest National Security law and Executive Orders in place to enable him to declare Martial Law and arrest or even order execution anyone HE declared a traitor or danger to national security in case he declares a National Emergency, and he calls you into his office an threatens your life and the lives of your family if you don't do as he demands. He points to several things he could call national emergencies and says "... do what I say or else!" You go home and think about it. His threat is an impeachable offense, but if you try to do it, can you move fast enough to get Obama impeached, removed from office and arrested before he can carry out HIS threat. The threat is both terroristic threatening and extortion. Both are crimes. But can you so time your chess moves that he is not able to pull a surprise checkmate with your life?

    • flash

      John Adams our Second President had issued an order that if anyone put anything negative about him in print, he would have them tried as a Traitor and hung! The biggest thing people hated about John Adams is when he became the Lawyer for those British soldier's , that killed all of those citizens at the Boston Massacre, and the fact that neither he or his son's served in the Military. He was not elected by the people, but by Washington, cause Washington did not want Thomas Jefferson to get the post. President Washington was a fraud he wormed his way up the ladder by first becomming a British officer up to a Ltc and then switch to the colonial Army with the help of his wife Martha. Washington could'nt write a sentence without misspelling a word. He could run away from a fight and cross the Deleware river, cause there was no where else to run. He rode on his high horse while his men walked barefoot and he had congress that would of paid for his expenses. He would whip a deserter 100 times, a deserter who only wanted to make sure his farm was not going to waste, since his troops did not get paid Oh! but Washington got paid very well.

    • flash

      Take heart rick! it is all good. The only way to catch all of these loyalist that want to destroy of Nation is find a way to identify them. This fraud will expose them with his false protection. He has pushed so many people under the buss, cause he knows that if caught he would be accountable, but how many times can that happen until all of his Yes people get wise to him, that they are on their own when the problem's come up.

  • Patricia Leath

    Given that Obama is starting a Civil War between Blacks and Whites. He uses racism all the time. Enough! It seems to me we should check out whether the guy in the White House is American. Doesn't that sort of make a little sense?

    • pat78

      On a grander scale, the Canadian Press is reporting that he's working the Middle East to begin WWIII! Looks like Obama is a Russian Mole and will demand our military ally with Russia, China and Iran! We're running out of time.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      His attempt to divide rather than unite us includes far more divisions than between blacks and whites. It's the well-to-do against the needy. It's each group against other groups to keep our attention off being opposed to Obama as we need to be.

    • flash

      Okay so we know he is not an American, then what? He is like a tenate that has wrecked his place so bad that it is in disrepair! We are in a Humphtey dumptey sitituation. It will take a mircle to fix this mess and it has been comming since Nixon, at least Nixon stoped the war in Viet-nam. Who is going to stop this useless war we got our selves in ?

  • jwright673

    Good Lord, Monckton, petition the courts so you can bring your evidence before them. Of course, our courts will determine you do not have standing as they have done with every other attempt to ferret out this fraud president. I think if you knock on the door long enoough, someone will admit you. This P.O.S. needs to go back to where he came from, which could be Manchuria from the looks of things..

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      He was raised by Communist Muslims. He claims to love God and the U.S.A. but his actions prove otherwise. We're in deadly peril as long as he is in the White House.

    • jwright673

      I agree 100%.  He's a  fraud and so was this election - 100% votes for him in some areas which defies credulity.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I notice that the fraud only happened in states Obama needed to win the election. He deserves credit for not wasting his money and efforts where they weren't needed. He IS smart as well as evil.

  • Bruce Feher

    Makes no difference! As long as the something for nothing freeloader crowd keeps getting free stuff Obama is safe. When the free stuff finally runs out, and it will, BHO will be long gone.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      But when he is gone, he will already have ruined the economy and the armed forces of this once-proud and free nation. And voters let him do it!

  • gussy258

    Considering that he allowed a publicist to state and publicize that he was "Kenyan born" and he now denies that means that either he was lying then or he is lying now. Either way it's fraud. He should be held accountable. Very simple.

  • tthan43

    OMG......we have know obama is a fraud for years now and he spends millions to keep his records sealed. This is in contrast of his platform when running in 2008 when he spoke of his administration being completely transparent and that it was wrong for candidates to seal their records since it means that the person has something to hide.

    • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

      The fact that Manning is branded a terrorist for exposing war crimes doesn't help Obama's case either.

    • Slick

      Hey Noob...you're an idiot. Manning is branded as a traitor....not a terrorist. And that has WHAT to with Obama? It's Obama that's prosecuting him..moron. You should try to think a little before you just vomit random thoughts like you do.

    • Donna

      he is a true marxist in every way. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth. He lies, cheats, steals, and hides everything from the people, no ifs, ands, or buts. He loves the mussies and all the dictators of the world. Throw him a ham bone.....

  • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

    By the time the truth comes out, Obama will probably be in his third term. Then it won't matter anymore, because he will be our dictator, unfortunately.

    • luci

      he will never have a 3rd term, america will not have a dictator. true americans will not let that happen.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Why would anyone think it will take a third term for Obama to get the nation in such a shape that it will take decades to work our way back to solvency?

    • freedomgirl

      I totally agree with your statement.
      Unless something gets done now, while the Dictators are enjoying their Taxed American paid vacation in Hawaii, it may be too late come January.
      Maybe a generous honest politition will purger him out and give us 'Our Liberty' back before it is completely destroyed.
      How's that for a 'Well Deserved Christmas Present for The People'?!!!
      Yea, I know, 'Wishful Thinking'...

  • http://twitter.com/Donna346 Donna Mohler

    IT IS TRUE! I remember the news in 1959-1961! Come on CBS,get into your archives and get Ann Dunhams interviews!!!


    HE IS A FAKE; HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAKE; he is not American and only a stupid liberal would think anything else...

    • http://www.facebook.com/hommedespoir Michael Rose

      I presume you're talking about the idiot Bari.... perish the thought you failed to spot the Genius of the Lord *grin*


      cherrio chap; I was definitely referring to the shrimp meister.; the Lord must be held in the highest honor;;but I am curious as to what is happening in merry old England and their complicity to the muslims there?????he is of course regarded as a highly reputable man, has England disowned his genius???

    • knowpockets

      Thank you sheriff Joe Arpaio

  • Nottakenyan

    Only the ignorant, the uneducated, and the stupid can have any respect for this illegal, lying, Muslim Kenyigar!!!

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Some very intelligent people like Obama and provide money for him to work against this nation. Our enemies are not all dunces by any means. Many are University Professors.

    • Nottakenyan

      Just because they have a degree or degrees does not mean they have any common sense.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AJNJTSN3EHQNFSJ3BJQ36BDOYY Hedy

      the are teaching those colleges student, socialisum and the belive all the prof, tells them , becose the hve mush in there sculls, not brains, get tose cumys out of ouer shool systhem , those asses

    • Guy who can read

      Hey, look! Built-in parody!

    • panors77

      Also just because "maybe" BO taught constitutional law doesn't mean he believes in our constitution.

    • flash

      He learned it so he could know how to get around it and change to his Muslim way of life. I don't see how he ever got into Harvard, when he is always talking about how poor he is.

    • knowpockets

      why would you belive he ever went to harvard he has lied about evrything else and lets see his college transcripts.

    • Slick

      Obviously this from those of you that dropped out due to failure to get 100 on a test.....IQ test. Not only are you not smart....you don't have the guts and drive to achieve anything more than the hole you're currently in. For me...I will continue to believe that smart is better than moron every time

    • knowpockets

      he has yet to show his college transcripts

    • Boregard

      They may have intelligence but they have no wisdom, the fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom and these people haven't even begun.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      We are infiltrated by COMMUNISTS every where ! WE opened our boarders and look what has happened!

    • Slick

      If you knew how to spell borders I might be more impressed with your idiocy

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      It's obvious that we didn't open our borders to the right-thinking people, for many who voted in 2010 chose to NOT vote at all in 2012. So Romney lost, and no doubt those who didn't vote are very proud that they helped re-elect Obama so he could work at ruining the U.S.A. for another 4 years.

    • imarepo

      EXCUSE me? University Professors? They're the most idiotic, moronic of the enemies! They are the most narrow minded, close minded one way thinking petulant snobs that want nothing more than the destruction of the American way of life !

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      It sometimes seems that way. But I know some professors who are honest and patriotic and sensible. I don't thinks it's ALL professors who oppose God and the U.S.A. It's obvious that many do so.

    • knowpockets

      And white

  • Remnant-of-the"D"

    While I have read this info when it first came out, and I might add, was largely ignored by the American Press (or what's left of it). Let's not forget about the illegal #SS number that was given (or taken) by BHO - from the state of Conneticut! He never was, nor never did live in that region of the USA - so what else is there to know? and why are they hiding it?

    Those are the real question's Americans should be asking.

    • 4grands

      An who really does own the house Michelle and some other guy bought at Chicago? No obama name on the deed......could it be a fairy tail turned terror tale?

    • 317david

      They just fixed a election, there is nothing left for us to do, the real question is what's the solution to all this madness !!!!!

  • Susitna

    I wish this article would appear in the international press........maybe we need some help from outside.......because MSM and now also FOX rule what we eat, how we feel and what we have to listen.....

    • Sunny

      THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN FOX AND MSN We get the truth from Fox.

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      Really? Have you seen any of this on FOX ... I agree they are NOT as BAD as the rest of the MSM .. but they too are AFRAID to challenge "the one".

    • BoxingKitty

      Hannity's not afraid to challenge ANYONE.

    • Col Richardson

      Ok, then, here is a challenge for Hannity. Get Lord Monckton on your show for a special on the issues he raises in this legal affidavit! Put up or quit bragging like your blowhard colleague, O'reilly.


      orEILLY IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE; he is LIBertarian; Hannity will get the Lord on and then the question is;; do WE MARCH ON dc JAN 17,2013??????

    • Col Richardson

      Do you have some inside info about Lord Monckton being on? If so, let everyone know!

    • Sunny

      I don't know why Fox hasn't picked up on this,especially Sean Hannity.He loves to challenge" the one".I know one thing we need to do is take his damn pen.

    • Mom-Mom17

      Sunny, I agree with you whole heartedly!

    • serpentdove

      If Hannity gets wind of this, he will not ignore it, nor will Trump. Trump is entirely to proud to let this go by and is not afraid to speak up.

    • 4evrMoi

      And then what? Talk is talk - it's getting nothing accomplished! We The People need to stop talking and assemble to act SINCE THE ELECTED REPRESENTATION in Washington (DC) won't do their job and impeach! Short of someone gutsy enough to take him out, IF we want to save our Country from becoming a socialistic state, we need to uphold our Constitution and unite as one and ACT! I believe it's referred to as a Revolution and civil war! I believe our America is worth the fight and I've been ready even BEFORE this so-called, phony election! So, anyone out there got the first step to organize???

    • Susitna

      I need all the truth and not only 50% of it. Furthermore I don't like when they suddenly stop reporting about very important issues like Fast & Furious or Benghazi and they never bring up this Birth Certificate issue. I understand why though. Some part of FOX is owned by the Saudis.

  • agbjr

    Whatever the outcome - and eventually TRUTH always comes out - one thing does not change: Obama was, is, and always will be a Marxist sonofabitch.

    • Steve

      Amen my brother!

    • isthisnameokay

      Truth doesn't matter to his Dem followers - They side with him, regardless... sigh...

    • Boregards

      You are so right, all the proof, and this looks like more proof, will never make one bit of diverence because TRUTH does not matter to over half of the people in this natioin.

    • graphsmith

      Which is why the Republicans in Congress don't give a damn either.

    • flash

      Unfortunately it takes the Senate and the President to cooperate and they will not do anything that will prevent them from spending our Tax dollars. Noone is telling our President that he will not be able to go to Hawiia for this 4 Million dollar vacation.

    • jreg9304

      because they are gettin their pockets loaded with taxpayer blood money the lousy bastards. hope the all rot in hell!!!!

    • Mike Tanco

      Congress could save this country from ruin if they would present this info to their body and bring charges against Obama. He has committed so many crimes it's becoming embarrassing. The world is laughing at the United States for being so stupid.

    • HugeGovtDebtFailure

      So True! The truth will come out one day and all his presidency will be null and void.

    • Robertz

      You all had better be prepared for Obama to be in the white house for good. You will NEVER get him out now. Read up on the rise of the third reich in nazi Germany. Obama is doing exactly the same thing. His civilian army will be the new brown shirts. If you doubt that, read up where the first class of them graduated in late September. They call them "FEMA corps" right now. America is doomed.

    • Don

      Robertz... I am an Oathkeeper... there are many of us who pledged support to the Constitution and not the Presidency. Be ready.

    • Guy who can read

      If you actually read up on the rise of the Third Reich, in Ian Kershaw or Saul Friedlander or, hell, William Shirer, you will come to very different conclusions, I think.

    • Sunny

      I also believe it will never be a" white" house again.We will never get him out.

    • sam

      There is a way to get him out. Change the thinking of the brain dead ones.
      re educate them if possible.

    • Sunny

      Ther is no changing the mind-set of the idiots who put him back in.They will support whatever he does..Watch the Republicans cave on everything they
      wanted us to believe of them.Nobody in Washingtog gives a damn.We are on our own.
      We have to many people on Government handouts.That's what put his ass back in.But there will come a time when the working people in this Country will no longer be able to support all these free-loaders and all hell will break loose.

    • DoubleAce

      Remember what happened to the Nazi's? It can happen again. Right will triumph over evil every time.

    • Patrick Henry

      yes - very true. All part of the grand plan. Obama's plan to win a 3rd term is already being executed, and for those talking about constitutionality - that will be irrelevant soon.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

      Constitutionality became irrelevant the moment that POE was permitted to enter the WH after being "sworn in" by a member of SCOTUS -- the same SCOTUS who refused to hear even one of the dozen cases before them on 1-20-09.

    • /.murphy


    • AKRNC

      There are mental health professionals for all of you with your paranoid delusions. Remember the claims of how President Obama would never let the election happen in 2012 for fear of being voted out? Or the alleged FEMA camps being built? Or his taking all our guns away during his first term? Civilian army? Brown shirts? There's zero proof of any of this. You all sound like Orly Taitz who couldn't find her way around a courtroom if her life depended on it. Only a hypocrite would follow someone like her who has yet to prove she's a U.S. citizen, as she says our country is like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. If she feels that way, or any of you do, then get out. Unlike either of those countries, nobody is holding you back from leaving. Nobody denies your freedom to speak out, that alone makes the idea we're similar to either of them not only hypocriticial but a disgusting lie. It's seditious, treasonous behavior and anyone who speaks that way should be tried for the same.

      I didn't hear any screaming from the RWers when President Bush called the Constitution a God damned piece of paper, or when he initially refused to have an investigation into 9/11, then he refused to testify under oath and without Cheney by his side--there was only one reason for that, they planned to lie. Where was the outrage then? Not a peep from any of you!

      Where were the complaints about Bush's stimulus bills? Two unfunded wars? Unpaid for tax cuts? Unfunded Medicare Part D? Those items alone account for over 70% of our annual deficit.

      What a bunch of hypocrites you all are! Our Constitution also speaks of freedom of religion and freedom from religion but yet the great majority of you speak as if you're Christian or you're not worth listening to. WTF? You pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you like and follow when it suits you.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      We surely hope that the truth will come out one day and all Obama's executive regulations will be nullified. But what can we do other than hope and speak up to our Representatives?

    • intuition

      obama does exactly what the UN wants him to do. he is a puppet. the UN will take over the world and be headed by everyone's favorite idol, prince william the liberal anti-christ. everything that is happening has to do with the fulfillment of scripture. lots of people will die in FEMA camps. liberals are all traitors.

    • Ebnas1

      Liberals will understand it too .... in FEMA camps

    • Robert Lanese


    • flash

      Boregards Your right. Mitt Romney had figured it out when he was taped by Mother Earth News that 40% of the population does not pay tax and is getting some kind of Goverment assistance, why would they vote against a man Fox News calls "Santa Claus". They will not bite the hand of our Food Stamp King. Even if you handed them the proof on a Silver Platter and the Senate will not allow him to be impeached, nor will the Department of Justice, which is becomming a loose, meanningless word.

    • Mary

      I had a liberal democrat friend tell me she doesn't care if he is illegal or even if he was born in Kenya it doesn't matter to her. This ended my lifetime friendship with her. I have no more faith in this country or the American people. I think the country is lost. I think the S.O.B.'s at the top know the deal and they're keeping it from the American people. I also think our elections are now corrupt and fraudulent and it's only a matter of time till we go the way of Rome. In short, I will live my life, unconcerned about politics anymore and only worry about my family and their survival. I think the country is lost and America will reap what she sows.

    • http://www.facebook.com/billy.rockhouse Billy Gilchrist

      Our Founders gave us the remedy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/drogo.chubb Drogo Chubb

      This is the answer! It is time to water the Tree of Liberty...

    • DoubleAce

      Billy no one wins in war. We must resort to all legal tactics. I served my country for 20 plus years and fought in Vietnam. War is not pretty. We must hold on to our laws and use them to our advantage.

    • McCloud9

      Ace, it is NOT war... It is OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT to Freedom.


    • duthinker

      I absolutely agree with you. Until we are forced to do otherwise we must use all peaceful legal means at our disposal.

    • SadAmerican4America

      Sadly, the last 4 years was "peaceful" and look where it got America? Americans are too complacent thinking this could just never happen in America. Well, look -- it's happening! We have lost America!

    • SickandTired

      Congress is corrupt. They have oversight ability, but no internal fortitude to do anything about well, anything. Have you checked Debtclock.org lately? There is a hell of lot more wrong than right with this nation right now. Thank You for your Service!

    • http://www.facebook.com/hut.master Hut Master

      Yes, and WE must invoke said remedy. Charge this TURD, and all his scumbag friends with First degree TREASON. Jail him and his evil wife.

    • Bianchi

      Who will do this. Nobody will ever take this on. The expense and probability of the outcome will make sure it's not undertaken. Pity. I'd love to see O's wings clipped.

    • Big T

      Best solution yet, too bad the justice dept. is his bro in crime.

    • YahooBob

      Who is supposed to do this? (I do agree with you re.: the fact that he IS a turd, and his wife (who is NOT his wife) is consummate evil)!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1475498225 Jama Beck Sommers

      WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW...HOW do we organize??

    • Shep

      With you Mary. Remember.....1st Amend. freedom of speech, freedom of press. However.....cancel friendship (which you { and I} have done and cancel subscription to paper or whatever.

    • El_Love

      yes -- why conservatives don't give a good dose of the bitter pill to liberals --- stand together and boycott liberals and communists -- newspapers, magazines, movies with idiots like alec baldwin, jamie foxx, sarah jessica, etc -- boycott music from idiots like bruce (was a life long fan -- no more....), etc. and let them feel the pinch in their pockets from their allegiances.
      they deserve it and it would serve them right. Let's Do it

    • DoubleAce

      That's the spirit, make them feel it where it hurts the most. I have often wondered why people care what some moron like Sean Penn, or Madonna think? The only difference between them and you is they have access to the media. Ignore the media. I do not watch the mainstream media, I have cancelled all newspaper and magazine subscriptions. I refuse to support their propaganda machine,

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I had to give up watching TV, but now that Mike Huckabee is on Fox News, I make it a point to see each Saturday evening what he has to say. And I sometimes continue watching Fox News and like what I see there. I also liked the recent issues of Newsmax magazine which seems to be a good investment. Satan doesn't own every TV and radio and magazine outlet.

    • Mixture V ranks

      An economic hit of insurmountable proportions is the only present remedy short of open revolt which latter should be a last resort. So drop the subscriptions. Newspapers and magazines on the far left are going broke and many already have gone broke all over America right now. The same will work for movies and for music. Do it!

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Revolt will be put down if it happens. But some are considering secession by some patriotic states. And this is surely a possibility if worst comes to worst. But the seceding states must make the move. Outsiders such as I am cannot force it even if I could join it if it happens. It appears from the result of this last election that "we" have lost the nation with little hope of better results in the future. So we surely have to make plans to keep our liberty however that must be done. Revolt is not the best way in my opinion.

    • finabiscotti

      Neither one of Obama's Pals = Bruce Springsteen or John Bon Jovi - pays any "Real" taxes - on their Mega-Houses or their acreage. They get tax breaks for Beekeeping, etc.

    • pam

      hi mary - sadly, i have had the same experiences as you have.... friendships and family have been lost because of this man's divisive tactics - AND the fact that liberal dems can not or WILL not listen to proof that obama is intentionally destroying our great country.... i mourn for the entire world for without a free america, there is no more hope.... :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicolas-Edwards/100001702603821 Nicolas Edwards

      leave as well

    • The_Magic_M

      > friendships and family have been lost because of this man's divisive tactics

      No, because of your certified delusion. Cope.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

      And Magic, where did your get your license to practice psychology? Where do you get the right to "certify" anything, without an exam?
      From the reading I guess you are a troll.

    • WASP

      The woodwork is full of these libtard cockroaches. Break out the Raid.

    • finabiscotti

      @ Lance: "Magic" is hoping for a change that we the people are near to accepting Obama/soetoro's dictatorship. But we are not.

    • SadAmerican4America

      That was cruel to say it's because of certified delusion. No delusion. I've read it hundreds of times in blogs: friendships and families HAVE been separated because of BO's agenda, his lies, rhetoric and brainwashing of the "stupids" in America. Anyone who actually gets sucked in by his lies IS stupid! If you can't see through the corruption, you must be okay with it.

    • Mike Travis

      You prove once again that "Liberalism is a mental disorder". Thanks to Dr. Michael Savage for recognizing what truly is a disorder.

    • finabiscotti

      magic - are u the next mass murderer? Do u think everyone should just accept the THUGOCRACY known as the Obama administration, you FOOL?

    • El_Love

      this is his goal -- divide and conquer.

    • WASP

      I'm afraid the division already happened. Real Americans vs Anti-Americans. This happened before in America. The Revolution and Civil War I. In both cases, some people had to die. It may have to happen again (Civil War II). Like Jefferson said, "The tree of Liberty... Guess it's time to water that tree.

    • SickandTired

      Oh he has divided alright. Conquer, not so fast my friend!

    • DoubleAce

      Pam, I too have experienced the loss of family and friends but I do not attribute it to Obama's divisive tactics. I attribute it to the people with whom I lost my relationship with. They believe what they want to believe and it is obvious we have a very different belief system.

    • DrAnalog

      I could not have said it better. When Obama got re-elected, our Republic was lost. I will do the same as you, take care as best as I can of my family, and forget politics. It is beyond repair.

    • Aname

      I believe as you do that our great American Republic is (or soon will be) gone. I learned in a history class I took that the average length of historical empires or nations has been about 250 years. The usual reason is two-fold - expansion beyond the means to support it and/or an increased bureaucracy that is greater than the economic base. One or both of these reasons has brought down Rome, Greece, Britain, Spain, the Mongol empire, etc. We are just about at that point - we hit 200 years in 1976. It won't take too much longer to bankrupt this great nation and it is a terrible shame. As Maggie Thatcher so famously said "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money".

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Dynasties and empires frequently last much more than 200 years, but democracies are apt to be taken over when people learn they can vote for whoever will give them gifts (like food stamps and the like) even if the nation can't afford the giving. And soon the purse runs dry and the nation is taken over by someone with power.

    • aname

      Absolutely! That is what is happening right now. We are becoming a nation (supposedly a republic rather than just a democracy because we have a constitution) wherein our bureaucracy is beginning to overpower our economic base. Private enterprise is shrinking due to over regulation and high taxation and the number of those who live on government largesse (either employed by government or getting "taken care of" by government) is rapidly increasing. I think Obama is hoping he will be that "someone with power" who can become President for Life. But, I think as we grow weaker, those outside of the U.S. may take advantage of our powerlessness. This could, quite possibly be China, who is currently buying up property and businesses in the U.S.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      It surely says something about the health of the U.S.A. that a lying crook who hates liberty can be re-elected after being personally responsible for the deaths of four citizens. Is there any hope of getting rid of the Muslim who now sits in the White House? Yes, it might be possible. He should be impeached. Should have been two years ago when he first announced he didn't need to honor the duties he was sworn to fulfill. But when he was known to have refused to allow help to be sent to rescue the Benghazi four, there's no question he should have been impeached.

      Instead we rewarded him by returning him to office for another four years of attacking our freedoms. Those who voted for him are at fault. Those who chose to not vote against him are even more at fault. Now what do we do? If some states decide to secede, we take ourselves and our means and go help them build a nation like the one we lived in and loved until Obama got hold of it. Some speak of revolt. But I feel the secession is a far better option. What we don't do is give up and surrender!

    • SadAmerican4America

      AMEN! You said: Those who voted for him are at fault. Those who chose to not vote against him are even more at fault!

      I call those the "stupids" of America. They are responsible for her demise, along with the Soros puppet in the White House.

    • finabiscotti

      Needing to have a COURT ORDER to re-instate SEVENTY-FIVE Republican Election officials and poll watchers - in Philadelphia - who were either physically removed by Democrats and/or obstructed from entering the polling stations..........the VOTE RIGGING occurred during this time -

      and should be met with our US Military removing Obama from office - just as the people of Honduras removed Radical Leftist Manuel Zelaya as President of Honduras - when Zelaya was rigging the elections to remain in power - financed by Socialist Dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

      Obama "won" the 2012 presidential election - through a "coup".

      Everyone knew what was going on - when the New Black Panther Party, the militant arm of Obama's THUGOCRACY took over the election polls in Philadelphia for the 2012 election - just as they had for 2008.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1475498225 Jama Beck Sommers

      what do we do?

    • finabiscotti

      Rudy Guiliani was correct = Obama should RESIGN - over BENGHAZI.
      Obama should be FORCED to RESIGN over Benghazi.

    • Bob

      The muslim is proud of Benghazi.

    • SickandTired

      Surrender is never an option! Succession is an interesting topic. I believe The Government would never allow it. They will fight like you are attempting to take away their first born child.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      You BET! They will NEVER allow those who are (against both their will and their better judgment) paying THEIR bills, to just LEAVE IN PEACE.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1253936333 Charlie Blake

      And, how do WE just give up...This is OUR America, we have to fight. things are just beginning to be made known to others...we have to get this thing out of OUR WH...LETS FIGHT, WE CAN DO THIS

    • http://twitter.com/sail4fun82 Arlene Jensen

      I feel exacty as you do; I mourn the loss of our country and its heritage.

    • Captive

      Jeremiah 29:4-7
      '....to those carried away captives unto Babylon;'
      Build ye houses, and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them;
      Take ye wives and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; that ye may be increased there and not diminished.
      And seek the peace of the city wither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and Pray unto the Lord for it; for in the peace thereof you shall you have peace.

      I think we as a people have turned our backs on the Lord and we all know what that means...

    • http://www.facebook.com/morrie45 Morris Chance

      Yepper, we are reaping what we have sewn....America is changing into a socialist country led by a man (Barack Obama) who has dedicated himself to "transform" America.

    • isthisnameokay

      America has been becoming more and more Socialistic for a good hundred years.. We're almost totally Communistic now . .. sigh ...

    • SickandTired

      I will give him credit for that! If His Administration is elected: "We will Fundamentally Transform The Country" Translation is: Fundamentally Destroy!

    • http://twitter.com/lucitee4 Luci Tomlin

      Absolutely TRUE! We have become complacent, let the radical, loud, aggressive and divisive rebels split us "asunder"! Their goal is CONTROL!
      The "separation of church and state" is NOT in the Constitution! It was suggested to keep the STATE our of the CHURCH! Not the other way around! Our forefathers KNEW that Government, made up of mortal men, would become bigger and have a tendency to RULE and control instead of merely Govern! That is the state we are in now! The Government needs to go on a HUGE diet, it's gluttony cut off, States be reinstated to be the care-givers of its citizens, and Washington STAY out of our lives until WE need THEM! THEY work for us! It's time they are reminded of that! We need to fervently, humbly, and repentently PRAY that God will forgive us for our laxity and HEAL our land! Otherwise, we will continue to "HEEL"!

    • Uncle Buck

      Yes the End-Game for "Lightning from On High" (Barack O-Bama) is to bring America to it's knees, then hand her over to the Scarlet Beast. The leopard is sacrificed and Barack then may become the Antichrist. Probably with a special hatred for those who to cling to their Bibles and Guns. I think Guns are next up on his Honey-Do list. Valerie Jarret is the real Queen Mother in the White House.

    • finabiscotti

      especially since The Obamas have a marriage of convenience.....

    • Don

      Though I share you same concerns, we just cannot give up. I am a Patrick Henry believer and I owe it to my children and grand children to fight so they can live in a free America. We can do this, Mary....

    • wisewoman

      Hey people!! Does anyone have good ideas HOW we can fight? Most of us have the same experience -- mention you think Obama is a fraud and "they" are ready to put YOU into the looney pen.
      I hear a lot of noise but don't see much action.

    • SadAmerican4America

      Last 4 years -- all talk, no action. Congress can't do anything -- they're losers! We the People can't do anything. We entrusted that job to our representatives and Senators -- all for naught. Next 4 years will be all talk and no action. Then America will have a new dictator and our mouths will be permanently shut by the elitists in WADC. No more Constitution. No more freedom of speech. It will go too. It's happening rapidly now.

    • intuition

      you are correct Mary. many people feel as you do. what is happening has to do with the fulfillment of scripture. these same things have happened before, in egypt and in england. both times God was preparing his people for an exodus. I don't know if you are a christian but that is what is happening. god is preparing his people to leave in the rapture. no one will survive what is coming. they are planning to murder everyone. it is be in the rapture or die. the left will be left behind to decide whether or not to take the mark of the beast. that is what all this is about

    • The_Magic_M

      > what is happening has to do with the fulfillment of scripture

      Then why are you yammering about it? Are you opposed to the fulfillment of scripture? As far as I understand your little fairy tale book, the emergence of the Antichrist is a "conditio sine qua non" for the Second Coming. So why don't you celebrate that Obama was re-elected? You're not even making sense within your own bizarro world.

    • wisewoman

      The_Magic_M. You don't know Scripture and you don't know what you are saying. If you knew Scripture you would not be taunting others nor so complacent because the times ahead will be TERRIBLE times for everyone, and particularly bad for you unbelievers.

    • The_Magic_M

      Yadda-yadda. People have been claiming "we're living in the end times" for 1,000 years now.
      And doesn't your magic book say those "TERRIBLE times" are inevitable? So what's all the fuzz about?

      Apart from that, if I had a cent for every failed prediction by some religious nut on the internet, I'd be richer than Bill Gates.

    • MARYANN33

      You----are a problem....Seek some truth

    • http://www.facebook.com/morrie45 Morris Chance

      Unfortunately, I tend to agree with Mary.... Family over country.

    • DoubleAce

      That is sort of like saying I am not going to do what is right because my friends and family don't agree. It's like selling your character to maintain friends and family. Okay so all my friends are jumping off the cliff, guess I will too?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicolas-Edwards/100001702603821 Nicolas Edwards

      then leave.

    • Milguia

      Just because Obama won the election doesn't mean he won the hearts of every American. There is still 50% of Americans who reject him for valid reasons. If the democrats did not cheat and give away our taxpayers money to the 50% of the takers, he would have lost. If the illegals were not allowed to vote
      , he would have lost! This is our country and we're here to stay!

    • DoubleAce

      I would suggest more than 50% who reject him. Many of those who voted for him are fence sitters who go off the fence only to gain a personal advantage. These are the freeloaders who need the government. I can only guess a majority of the military would be opposed to him since most of their votes (thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands) didn't count. The other votes that lead people to believe Obama won the heart and soul of America were the 140% of registered voters, 17 precincts in Philadelphia in which not one vote was cast for Mitt Romney (what's the odds of that?) another 108% of registered voters voted in a precinct in Ohio. These are some of the anomalies which were caught in various areas where the Democrats couldn't hide the cheating. So if you take all the irregularities out of the elections I believe the results could have been different, and Obama is not supported by the American people as a whole. Of course that would be because anyone who didn't vote for him or doesn't agree with him are racist.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      But with fraud or whatever means, he did win the election, it appears. And his Obamacare will soon ruin us all. Romney would have prevented the immediate ruination, but some chose to not vote for him. Those who did not vote are responsible for the mess we now find ourselves in. And how could we rely on them when more drastic steps must be taken?

    • Jake

      I ended a friendship with a liberal friend also because we could never have a conservation about issues without her calling the people I referred to vile names. There is no excuse for name calling just because you disagree with someone.

    • http://twitter.com/lucitee4 Luci Tomlin

      Jake, Notice how every loud-mouth, aggressive, in-your-face, radical, and
      demeaning person is a LIBERAL? Most of the time a Democrat Liberal?
      There are no Conservative Democrats left! They've all followed the ultra Lib Dems so far left they're almost horizonal! Only GOD can bring us through this! But WE have to convince him that we need him and will SERVE him! He's allowing us to wallow in our own misery because he;s been wallowing in HIS thanks to US!

    • The_Magic_M

      > Notice how every loud-mouth, aggressive, in-your-face, radical, anddemeaning person is a LIBERAL?

      Then you obviously did not read this thread.

    • beagal

      Ronald Reagan had it right when he said people "could disagree without being disagreeable".

    • /.murphy

      I agree. So what happened?

    • John Detwiler

      If you are a Conservative, Republican or for that matter any Political affiliation other than Democrat you are foolish to think that a Democrat has any principals other than what is termed Party Loyalty. They would vote for the Devil if he were running on the Democratic ticket. And the greatest portion of them are parasites that you and every tax paying citizen are supporting. The rest are a combination of Socialists, Marxists, Communists and just downright ignorant people who are easily misled.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I disagree entirely. I know some good and honest Democrats, deluded but honest and well-meaning. My parents were such. Both now are dead, but they were honest Democrats and patriotic all the way. I know there are good Democrats and bad Republicans. John, you are wrong in labeling all Democrats as wrong-headed. Some are as patriotic as you and I.

    • grassroot

      Your parents and mine. But this was before the dems were infiltrated and
      taken over by the radicals. Used to be the dem. party was FOR the

      working man and had some moralistic beliefs.

    • MARYANN33

      The democrats are now the communist party....The foolish people vote for what they think their parents and grandparents wanted them to vote for. But that democratic party has been dead many years now.

    • finabiscotti

      where are these democrats? In hiding? Because if they are patriotic, they should be demanding that Obama resign - and to be prosecuted.

    • The_Magic_M

      You sore losers filled with hatred deserve no better than to lose all your friends and family. Bed, made, lie.

    • Robert Lanese


    • Patrick Henry

      Robert - people like magic m will eventually choke on their own vomit. At least we know how this story ends.

    • The_Magic_M

      Kinda priceless to call me "brainless" if you can't even spell "you're" (or "a...hole" - one word, not two), nor know how to fix a stuck caps lock key.

      Four errors - two misspellings, wrong capitalization and missing full stop - in 6 words (kindly counting "M" and "a" as words), wow, I bet any illegal immigrant can do much better.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I'm one who lost. I'm not filled with hatred. But in honesty I have to say that Obama is a liar, a thief, and an impostor He has nearly succeeded in ruining this nation, and has been given free rein to continue trying. Obamacare alone might do us in, and having a Republican majority in the House may prevent the passing of other equally terrible laws, but we are in severe trouble from Obamacare and the regulations sent out by Obama. It's common sense rather than hatred which causes me to speak out. Obama is an enemy of our nation. What he wants for us is exactly what is worst for us. It's honest to say so.

    • The_Magic_M

      > It's common sense rather than hatred which causes me to speak out.

      That may be the case for you, but I suppose you're not as crazy as "Mary" above who shuns all her friends just because they happen to disagree with her, are you? Or do you also hate your friends who approve of Obama? Or consider them "the enemy" as well?

      I always say it's one thing to disagree, but a whole different story to demonize the other side and claim they are doing it wrong on purpose.

      As much as I disagreed with GWB and his military shenanigans, I never claimed he was starting wars with the purpose of plunging the US into WW III and the hidden intent of provoking the destruction of the US by its enemies.
      I also never claimed people who supported GWB were "fascist traitors hell-bent on ruining the country".

      Are you already so far off the deep end that you cannot see the difference?

    • /.murphy

      Well put. Wasn't it President Reagan who said, "you can disagree without being disagreeable?" Many of the people one meets in this forum, however, are completely uncultured, and will call you names when they run short on arguments and facts. But I still find it fascinating how they will continue to hold fast to their positions well after they've been debunked and shown to violate all the rules of common sense. I don't think these are "conservatives," in the traditional sense of that word, but something else entirely.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I surely see the difference between common sense and blind loyalty. Obama is an enemy. Color that truth any way you like. It's still true. His aim is our destruction. I surely won't "shun" any friends who may disagree with me. It's they who may choose to tell me they don't want to hear any more true but displeasing facts about Obama. I still feel led to tell the truth even if the truth displeases some of my friends. Every day it continues that Obama spends more money from our treasury than we have. No end in sight. He wants to spend more and more and more. I didn't tell him he had to do this. Many of us want him to be sensible and patriotic. But he persists in spending money we have to borrow in order to enable it. I promise that I'll continue to point out that he is an enemy rather than a friend of the U.S.A.

    • DCW16

      You may have not . . . . but, your friends in the lame-stream medai went with that 24/7 . . .
      Remember the good old days . . . back in 2007 when the tax revenue was the highest in history and the annual deficit that year was only 160 Billion . . . that was the last Bush budget . . .
      Then the Community Reinvestment Act brought the world to its financial knees . . . and as the O'baminator spends on . . . can a 20 TRILLION national debt be far away? Any ideas how to pay that back?
      The US may never recover from the O'bammy Administration . . .

    • Art

      Mary I think you hit the nail on the head,I agree 100% We are certainly outnumbered anymore.How did we let this happen?? Dial 1 for English,can you believe this?? No way to come back your right about that but how did this happen to the people in this country.?? Yes we are celebrating this Dec,15th our 82nd family reunion and the rest of this country can go to HELL !! I think Canada may be for me

    • The_Magic_M

      No, Canada isn't for racist loons who hate their country because it voted for the wrong guy, either.

    • DoubleAce

      Who cares about Canada. Let's keep this on subject. My guess is you are a left wing liberal because you liberals always try to get on to another subject when you cannot defend the existing subject with facts.

    • The_Magic_M

      Newsflash: it wasn't me but one of your ilk who mentioned Canada. *duh* You have the reading comprehension of a toddler.

    • DCW16

      Earth to Maj . . . the lieberal party in Canada imploded a decade ago . . . they were caught with their incompetent fingers in the pie . . . passing millions to friends in brown envelopes. They are now no. 3 in Canada.
      Fortunately Canada is run by a SANE Conservative Party . . . and is one of the TOP performing economies in the world.
      Under the O . . . the US is following Europe down the Socialist road to ruin . . . sad ! ! !

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      A possibility that might be better than escaping to Canada is for some of our states to secede and set up a replacement for the nation we're losing now to Obama and his friends.

    • /.murphy

      ...or you might consider escaping to the nearby office of a mental health care professional. They can probably help you.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Sane people realize that Obama has no business pretending to be a Christian and the leader of a nation of patriots. His followers are the opposite of patriotic and surely do need mental adjustments.

    • Ray

      Ray, look up League of the South, or Southern National Congress. You may be enlightened

    • /.murphy

      I think you're overreacting. At least English is still on the number 1. When the recordings say "dial 3 for English," that's when you should panic.

    • The_Magic_M

      No, only if they say "Bōdǎ sān gè yīngyǔ". 😉

    • /.murphy

      LOL! or... "Нажмите 3 для английского..."

      Not sure which would be worse!

    • Milguia

      You are right Mary!

    • taliesin319

      That is the best thing any of us can do unless there is open revolt to preserve the Constitution as it was written by our Founding Fathers. Our great Republic will be dead until the people who have done this are defeated or brought to justice. Barrack Hussein Obama is a liar and a fraud and any person who aids him in his destruction of our nation is as guilty as he is. The Republican Establishment are Socialists Lite. They lack the courage to state just what they are. Keep your family close the nation we had is no more.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I'm a Republican. I want to believe that all Republicans are patriots and mean well for all the nation. We made a mistake by not vigorously supporting Akin here in Missouri and the similar Republican who lost in Ohio. It was the party leaders who chose to withhold support and who let us lose the Senate seat we should have had from Missouri. No one is perfect, but the ones who made those decisions should be replaced in our leadership. If we MUST encourage some states to secede, having lost this nation to Obama and his friends, then many of us will have to sacrifice as necessary to enable the new nation to succeed and flourish as the U.S.A. has done for many years.

    • /.murphy

      I think the those darned women voters in Missouri "shut that whole Akin thing down."
      See? Looks like Akin may have been right about something.

    • Slick

      Ha ha....perfect. Well said!

    • The_Magic_M

      > any person who aids him in his destruction of our nation is as guilty as he is

      So anyone who happens to disagree with you is a traitor in your book. And you still think you are sane?

    • blackyb

      We do what is right in the eyes of the Lord our God and we will come out on this. Those stealing the elections and cheating will find they will lose. It makes no difference what they do God is in control and they will have to adjust to what is right, leave the country, be jailed or worse if they want to do physical battle. This is OUR country, built upon Christian principals and foundation, and our Constitution WILL stand above those who want to destroy this nation of Laws that are not rulled by mobs of men and criminals. We owe our forefathers that.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Good thinking, blacky. But in four years we've not been able to prevent Obama from continuing daily toward the ruination of our economy. Can we do better this time? It's hard to see what we can hope to accomplish with him in charge.

    • /.murphy

      So are you saying that God put Barack Obama back in the White House?

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Mary, you sound like a selfish self-centered person indeed. If there had been a landslide for Obama, you might be justified in thinking all is lost. But it's doubtful if he even got a majority of legal votes. We need to continue to love one another and together decide what can be done to either rescue the nation from Obama or to set up a new nation to have the liberty we enjoyed here until we elected him to lead us. Yes, some even who read these notes are traitors to liberty. But many are patriots and we together can continue in freedom despite having lost the U.S.A.

    • beagal

      I will never refer to Obama as President ________. The title is meant as a term of respect. I do not trust that man! Apparently, everything on his agenda has not been in the best interests of our beloved country. I am certain that I am not alone in these sentiments.

    • /.murphy

      Why can't you do like President Reagan suggested, and "disagree without being disagreeable?"
      Your disrespect of our elected President makes you sound disloyal to our country.

    • SadAmerican4America

      Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth! I lost TWO lifelong friends because they were BO slobberers and hated that I tried to educate them. So the friendship was severed. Obama really "brought America together, huh!" LOL What a joke!

      It is so depressing that HALF the "stupids" in this country are the cause of putting this fraud back in the White House.

      I too now will join the ranks of the "unconcerned about politics" group because it's pointless to fight corruption -- it seems We the People never score a win for OUR CONSTITUTION anymore. I too will just be concerned about my family and their survival.

      America is lost to the left liberal hateful, vile Marxists, Socialists, and Communists -- and they have infiltrated our government surrounding Barack Hussein Obama. We know who he is by who surrounds him. We all know it. We just can't do anything about it. And our Congress is worthless. They do NOTHING for We the People anymore. We should fire them ALL. Why pay them? America is wasting good money. Nov 6 -- sad day for America.

    • NancyNotPelosi

      I have a difficult time associating with people who voted for this fraud. The teachers I work with have not done their homework in following policies of this administration. They have failed to study history. Thanksgiving dinner was very uncomfortable - trying too keep my cool around my liberal siblings and others who don't even vote. I too think our country is dooomed and see no point in following all the politics. I am so tired of spending hours reading all the crap. I do enjoy listening to Mark Levin telling the drones who call the station, "Shut up you idiot!"

    • SanfordA

      I agree. Well, at least Jews have an answer. Relocate to Israel. I am Jewish, and am making plans. I see a similarity to Germany in the 1930's. However, we have to keep on fighting!

    • Mike Travis

      Can't blame it all on O-vomit. Every gop POTUS and every gop congrressman has perpetuated the system of buying votes. They are ALL criminals and should be treated as such.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Although what you are saying is obviously correct, that correctness does nothing to negate the fact that it was BONEHEADED of Romney to SAY what he said, in ANY public venue. What's the point of pissing off the 40%, especially given that some of EVEN THEM might have actually VOTED FOR ROMNEY, if only he had bridled his tongue.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      I feel sure without being able to prove it that less than half the voters cast a vote for Obama. We can't tell how many that were counted were actual votes by living people who were entitled to vote.

    • SadAmerican4America

      Yup, the "stupids" along with massive voter fraud started the ball rolling for another 4 years. From there it'll be a 3rd term, and from there a full-blown dictatorship for America.

    • SanfordA

      How is it possible that truth does not matter? It is because people are forgetting the lessons of the Enlightenment. See Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living. Rational thinking starts with clearly stated principles, continues with logical deductions, and then examines empirical evidence to possibly modify the principles.

      E.g. I was teaching mortgages to my university math students. Years ago I told the students that the CRA, demanding banks give loans to poor black people at the same terms as other people, is logically impossible. Lo and behold! The banks lost money and became broke! Yet we still refuse to fight the CRA!

    • RBlakeH

      They are simply lemmings without comprehension. Whatever a liberal says that is in power they will believe it until they die.

    • HugeGovtDebtFailure

      The truth will come out one day and all his presidency will be null and void.

    • Slick

      and then what? Do you seriously think we can just punch the button on the 'Way Back Machine" and revert to some f*ckutopian place you guys live in. Is it the mold in the soil in those bunker walls....yah....that's gotta be it....

    • isthisnameokay

      I sure hope so!

    • Robertz

      Maybe after they have rounded up all the christian's, republicans, tea party people, and ex military. Janet Napolitano has declared them all to be terrorists now. He will be dictator for life.

    • way2confused

      I doubt it. They can never have this verified or everything Obama ever signed will become null and void and they are not about to let that happen. They are too close now to destroying the country and will protect him at any cost--forever.

    • The_Magic_M

      Yes, any day now... or will it be the days the cows come home?

      Actually, it would be kinda funny once I've transfered my brain into a computer, to be around in 2914 when Congress will finally declare "that presidency by that black dude 900 years ago is null and void" and then have to suss out the consequences...

    • blackyb

      We do not allow mob rule in this country. It is a nation of laws. Arrest Obama, Holder and those who are perverting Justice and let the chips fall where they may. Those who do not want to stay in this country may leave or be imprisoned if they riot and interefere with the laws of this nation. Their choice.

    • grassroot

      As a preacher I heard once say, " preference over principle"

    • Raymond

      Islamic invasion of America, the agenda of Islamists and visible methods to take over America by the year 2020.

      1. Terminate America's freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills.

      2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities who promote Islam as the religion of African-Americans while insisting Christianity is for whites only. What they fail to tell African-Americans is that it was Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for black and slave is the same, ''Abed.''

      3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

      4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable legislation toward Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting.

      5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the Internet as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock.

      6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America – black gold. America’s economy depends on oil and 41 percent of it comes from the Middle East.

      7. Yell ''foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran'' anytime Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

      8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions and get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. (Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?) Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.

    • http://twitter.com/jdub5382 Jeffrey Worden

      Appears that it is all accomplished.

    • freedomgirl

      What do we do now after they have achieved that?
      How can we get Our Country back?

    • RBlakeH

      Revolution and a military coupe would be the only way.

    • boone1

      It's called a civil war and we should be doing that now.We should sending these muslims and most of the blacks back to their own country.

    • Slick

      Well what are you waiting for??? If things are as bad as you all seem to think you should be in the streets now. What's the problem? Bring it.....
      Is there a possibility you're really just a bunch of cowards? Or is it the fact that the six of you in your town, even with every gun you own, wouldn't make it out of your own neighborhood before you are shut down by the real law enforcement folks. All you talk about a 2nd amendment solution is such complete crap. What a bunch of deluded imbeciles!

    • HugeGovtDebtFailure

      The truth will come out one day and all his presidency will be null and void. Look at Pamela Geller's tips for Bloggers - and use all the tips!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/drogo.chubb Drogo Chubb

      "Red Dawn"...

    • Raymond

      Return to God as a nation, which will not happen.

    • flash

      I belive they are going to take our Coutry over alot simpler than that. It is the United Nations that is gaining power and more of them are now united with the United Muslim Brotherhood.

    • sandman

      It is a bad thing to say, but I thing Mr. McVay parked that truck in front of the wrong building! that and it was a terrible day, and I wish to convey and send my condolences to the families and all whom were affected that day! and I am very sorry to use this terrible event to express my opinion, but that is how I feel. The truth hurts all.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      The UN building would have been a SPLENDID choice.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Hey, folks, I said this and even signed my name to it! Can't I even get an ANONYMOUS "thumbs up"? You don't even need to stick your neck out!
      Richard William Faith

    • Robertz

      Read AGENDA 21. You will see how the UN will take control of the USA.

    • way2confused

      IF we let it happen. I'm just glad I'm on the downside of my life. Watching this once great country fall is heartbreaking.

    • mike in alaska

      This is so true. I feel the same way but pity the children that I and others brought into this world..they will never see the freedoms that i and others my age have seen.

    • dangerouspatriot

      Time to lock and load and wait for the bastards to come out and try to take our freedoms from us. I'm betting our military will be on our side and somehow, someway, we will oust obama from the White House and have it fumigated and cleaned for a rightful president. Too bad it won't happen because most of the people in this country are too blind and stupid to realize the TRUTH!!!

    • redrover


    • MimiH

      The problem with that is....Millions upon millions of us American's feel the way you do, but have NO leader.....

    • Jim

      Name sent to UN militia and old and new black panthers. Someone will be pickingny up and playi guy in FEMA interment camp very soon. Why do we need to tap email when we have nits like you loose. Keep it up, old white geezers.

    • Guest

      Keep laughing, you are on a list also...

    • /.murphy

      No kidding... it's crazy talk.

    • Slick

      Wisdom, sarcasm, biting wit - nice one Jim! Glad I'm not alone here. How many do you think even get the references?

    • Guy who can read

      Awesome! Everyone, avoid the kibbeh! It's got jihad on it! You guys are precious.

    • Mammie

      The acid is definitely coming back. Rankings of a former junkie. Yea I'm scared of Jessee Jackson. Y forgot REV AL. yiu guys are 100% psychotic. Old white men with nothing better to do. hat crimes...really. That benefits Muslims. All too silly to even consider. Y forgot Sharia Law. Slipping.

    • sandman

      Raymond: It is getting hard for me to read some of your posts, mainly because they are all true, and yes, the truth hurts, it hurts for one that has a deep love of America! and it hurts to see what is being done to her in the name of ? power, hate, lies, corruption, aeitheist? seculaism [sic] but it is thrue what you say, everything in your post has or will happen, IF WE LET IT!!!!! there has to be someone out there that can and will stand up for U.S.? where is the Patton of our time? the J.F.K? the R.R? all we have are emty suits, and a democrat party that has been taken over by every thing you said above! how has this happened?

    • Ebnas1
    • captive

      It isn't just the Muslims and this takeover from the inside has been going on a lot longer than you realize...

    • Ebnas1
    • SicOfObama

      You are so right, Raymond. And, with the help of the Illuminati, which are using Islam to conquer the free world, it will be a huge mess. According to Bible prophesy, the king of the North, which will consist as part of the Illuminati, will verge on the king of the south, the Iranians, and will crush Islam. And, it can't be too soon, but the king of the north is the beast power, the one world order. In the meantime, our USA will suffer the greatest blow it's ever been hit with Islam. Only God knows the outcome of the USA, but it will be reduced to a third world power because people have turned away from God who made our country so great because our founding fathers found this nation on Him and we have turned away from Him. We have chosen our leaders poorly, and have put them on pedestals where only God and His Son belong. We have allowed these corrupt men to change the very heritage and moral compass that we were founded on. We have been a melting pot for foreigners. Instead of them adapting to OUR heritage and OUR way of life, we let the leaders use politically correct mandate that we must give up our freedoms to the dictates of the foreigners, the ones with the oil, the money, the only language that they understand. Greed, power, control, money..... and power and control is even more important than money to them. Power and control over us means OUR money is a given. The one world order is their utopian dream, and has been since Cush and Nimrod. And the LORD nipped that in the bud when He toppled the Tower of Babel, but that dream has never died with Islam as they vow to rule the world with a new caliphate. In order to fight Islam, the Freemasons and the Crusades banded together and pledged their own, and that has gone down through history to where we are today. This is in Danial and Revelation... the beast power. We are seeing it happen in real time as the devil uses them both to destroy God's creation. Watch for major false flags, like the batman massacre just a week before the UN gun treaty was to be voted on. There is no way the shooter could bet riot gear that would have cost him in excess of $20,000 plus and all that ammo on his own with a part time job with minimum wage, and riot gear cannot be gotten by a citizen. He was a medical student, not a weapons expert who was trained to booby trap his apartment like a pro. And, people believe anything the government and media tell them. He was so doped up he didn't know who or where he was as a second and third men were seen in the theater, and staged these murders to push the giving away of our sovereignty to the UN.. This man was used for that false flag for the purpose of handing over our sovereignty to a foreign entity.... the next step in destroying our freedoms and liberties through destroying our Constitution that defends and protects our rights as human beings and citizens of our USA. They have to bring us down from within to take us down. And, we sit by and allow it because half of our citizens are so in love with obama that they think he can do no wrong. President John F. Kennedy tried to warn us.

      The President Who Told The TRUTH!!!

      President John F. Kennedy was the greatest president of our time, and this
      speech was why he was assassinated, because he refused to be a member of the new world order and he would not keep silent about it. The speech he gave in this video is why he was assassinated because he tried to expose them, and this is why Marilyn Monroe was assassinated, too, because she knew, too. Like he said, there are evil powers that are out to destroy our country, and it's not only Islam, it's the Illuminati, and they are more determined to destroy us than we are to preserve our free country. Very sad that we don't have the same determination to keep our freedom, because we are getting ready to lose it and become captive to a beast that is the worse in world history, and Jesus warned us of this in Matthew 24, and God told us of this in Daniel and Revelation. As always, no one listens and so many don't care enough to listen. They mock and poke fun and don't or care to search it out. This will be our downfall, because we are divided and a nation divided cannot stand.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Seems they're, according to you, following the well trodden path blazed by the "Progressive's" in the mid-late 19th century and the "Communist/Socialist's" of most all of the 20th and through to today.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      In the interest of good sportsmanship, those attempting to vote "thumbs down" on another person's post ought to have to at least post a comment explaining their position, and sign their REAL NAMES to it as well. By the way, thank you for one more well-researched and well-articulated comment. Back in 1965 or so, I was in a rock band that had an Arabic leader; it is from him and his father that I remember the word "abed", among others not fit to mention here, plus a little knowledge of some of the horrible stuff that islaM does to its little girls.

    • Spenserr

      Here's the truth about why Obama is an illegal president.

      http://publiushuldah.wordpress. com/2012/07/19/the-constitution-vattel-and-natural-born-citizen-what-our-framers-knew/

    • http://www.facebook.com/haggios haggios

      Thank you for that document, Spenserr. It is most useful. I came across an argument on a blog stating that the founders did not, in fact, refer to Vattel, becaue it had not at that point been translated into English, and that they used the English Common Law instead. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Thomas Jefferson was the ambassador to France, and that all the founding fathers, indeed, every well educated person of the day, spoke fluent French. :)

    • CountryGirl

      Interesting that my phone wouldn't let me snag the link you just provided! I can always copy print and paste it where I want it. But not that link! Sound fishy? I had to manually write it down.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      .... Zero was, is, and always will be a Marxist sonofabitch ....

      Make that "Modified Marxist." Which, according to Mr Benito Mussolini, who first so employed the term and used it to describe the radically-Left-Wing political ideology later also adapted and further modified by Austria/Germany's Mr Hitler, by Peking's perilously pernicious pack of predators -- and in further modifications by the governments of practically every Western "democracy" and "collectivist-ly" by the Europeons' Neo-Soviet -- defines "fascist."

      Zero's a fascist sonofabitch!

    • way2confused

      You forgot Muslim SOB

    • http://www.facebook.com/KarenWilcoxakaYoungandBarber Karen Wilcox

      (((Applause))) the man is right.

    • nobodysfool

      Or, he is a big eared Kenyan with a wife that can whoop his a$$.

    • HadEnuf

      So right you are! You should have added Muslim before the Marxist. People don't seem to comprehend that we are no longer living in a free country because we no longer have a free press - you can't have one without the other! Just imagine if this were a Republican president, do you think this STATE -RUN media would be ignoring these facts! Hell, one of their useful idiots, D. Rather went as far as to MAKE UP FALSE DOCUMENTATION against president Bush about such an innocuous thing as to his whereabouts while he was in the Air Force Reserve! There should be protests in the streets over this prove that we have a Muslim-Marxist that was "implanted" by the NWO-ists to do exactly what it is that he is doing and that is DESTROYING AMERICA, right out in the open and the punk^ss prominent people with the forum are AFRAISD to say so, except M. Savage!

    • The_Magic_M

      > You should have added Muslim before the Marxist.

      You should know that Marxism and Islam are mutually exclusive. A Marxist can never believe in any deity.

      Shows again how you flunked school and now think you're wiser than Jesus.

    • bbyank

      You got that right! Obama makes me sick and what bothers me the most is that 50% of the country are so gullable, stupid and naive to fall for his BS and voted for him again. How thick can Americans be to even trust him. Obama is liar, fraud, con man. Simple as that.!!!!

    • Paul

      52% and landslide in Electoral college. Took every swing state and not one Rep gov can even do an investigation of massive voter fraud. Tell y anything guys. It should take your conspiracy theory...sure y have many. Too bad your tea party leader ditched y and took 8M .... Not bad pay for an old geezer. Better go get a new one...maybe a bit smarter. Somebody that knows something about elections. Did y read about all that geek stuff. It works. Reps Didn't have a clue. Get out the vote software crashed. Y guys can't even prove your birther theory much less fraud. Pretty pathetic. Go geezers.

    • gypsy314

      I second that.

    • way2confused

      This will never see the light of day. No one is going to go after Obama--EVER. If down the road at some point it is determined he was an illegitimate president, they would be able to go back and void every action he ever took while in office. He will have the country destroyed by then and his leftist thugs will make sure none of this is ever pursued.

    • urbisoler

      Ah, but the world's historians are prepared to rewrite History to reflect the wisdom of progressive socialism. It's a lose/lose situation.

    • SicOfObama

      **** Marxist MUSLIM.......

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      It's not Obama's mother that we have been injured by. Why bring her into the discussion? I see from his actions that Obama is a Muslim. His early training was by Communists and in a Muslim nation. Why anyone ever thought he would do any good thing for this nation is a mystery. And the more we learn about Obamacare, the less we will like Obama.

    • DAY


    • WASP

      IF someone in congress grows a spine and impeaches the SOB, tries and convicts him for election fraud, perjury, and accessory to murder, then hangs him, he will be Marxist sonofabitch for the rest of his somewhat abbreviated life, but NOT always.

    • Liberty Protected

      Soon we will be in an INFLATION spin that Obama can not print his way out of.

      Printing money will make things worst:



    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Many have posted the question "How can it be that obamA gets a "pass" on all of his deeds, however egregious?" (paraphrased). Here's the answer: we can blame the role that political parties play in the selection of candidates, AND we can blame the fact that political CAREERS EXIST. Here is (probably our ONLY) voters' remedy for the FIRST part of the problem: thoroughly research ALL candidates on our ballots to discover if any of them are in any way associated with: 1) UN; 2) Bilderberg Group; 3) Trilateral Commission; 4) North American Union; 5) Global Union; 6) Open Society Institute; 7) Center for American Progress; 8) Tides Foundation; 9) soro$, 10) World Bank; 11) World Court; 12) International Monetary Fund; 13) SO-CALLED "Federal Reserve" (which might as well be considered a SUBSIDIARY of the International Monetary Fund!!); 14) CFR; 15) David Rockefeller; 16) Henry Kissinger; 17) Skull and Bones; 18) Illuminati, , , , ,, and.... VOTE AGAINST ALL OF THEM. If in time we should ever be fortunate enough to purge the political LIFERS from the ranks of the legislature, then we might have a snowball's chance in Hell of attacking the SECOND half of the problem: senior politicians who care only about keeping their cushy jobs for as long as possible, with complete disregard and contempt for their constituents: TERM LIMITS; but let me DEFINE what I mean by term limits: a candidate would be limited to seeking ONLY ONE OFFICE in his ENTIRE LIFETIME, and would be allowed to serve that ONE, SINGULAR OFFICE for NO MORE THAN ONE SINGLE TERM; FURTHERMORE, with the CONTRACTUAL UNDERSTANDING that his "term" shall be "TERMinated" immediately upon the FIRST conviction for ANY impropriety. Out here in the REAL WORLD, where long-term job tenure is more or less contingent on WORTHWHILE JOB PERFORMANCE, experience builds COMPETENCE; however, in the arena of politics, nearly all that one really LEARNS through "experience" (TENURE) is HEIGHTENED EXPERTISE in the ART of SCREWING US. Remember, "That government is BEST, which governs LEAST."

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      obamA a sonofabitch? Well, yes, but what about EMM-EFFER? Hmmm, that would make him a necrophiliac, wouldn't it?

  • Guy who can read

    Wow, you people are really crazy.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HEPFKESBO5HE7QV44B3U76AA6Q Richard

      and you're really dense.

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      I always notice that when people can't give a cogent refutation of the argument they result to name calling.

    • Guy who can read

      There is no argument here to refute. That's the problem; you guys insist that every piece of evidence you disagree with is fabricated. Honestly, are you so brainwashed that you think that a series of Governors of Hawaii--including a Republican--participated in a conspiracy to protect Barack Obama? I know you guys hate America--you can tell by all the calls for secession--but what kind of country do you think this, anyway?

    • gene

      The states from which individuals asked for secession reflect no desire to walk away from the America envisioned in the Constitution.Rather,they express the frustration of having a President who scorns the tenor of the Federalist Papers,the Constitution,,particularly the Separation of Powers Act,federal law and States'rights.Were this man Pinnochio his head and nose would dwarf the largest redwood.

    • http://twitter.com/ObamaDualer Oak_Tree

      Actually there is an argument that you can't refute.

      The argument is that there are multiple reasons based on a forensic examination of the document that all lead to one conclusion the document is a fraud.

      Now if you want to participate in the conversation, you'll do your best to refute the forensics. Anything else is paid shill talk.

    • luci

      okay, let obama release all of his sealed records. all of them, no one would seal everything about themselves if they were not hiding something... and it does not take a rocket scientist to know this.

    • freedomgirl

      He may have a federal offense in there somewhere. Who knows?
      I had to be fingerprinted to work in a school with children, also to have a gun permit.
      Who knows what this man has in his closet.
      Apparently, It's Worth Millions!!!

    • Slick

      Nothing like Romney's tax returns, n'est pas?

    • pat78

      How about your comprehension? There lies the problem.

    • vet

      So how is it that his father is not a citizen and you still feel that he is legal?

    • Remnant-of-the"D"

      It's called the "keynesian" way! Been around for more years than I care to remember - so why does America not see it?

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      two words: public education

    • Kool

      It is so nice that no one on this blog ever stumbles to name call. No Illegal, Kenyan, socialist, Marxist, sonofabith, fraud, and on and on and on are just names. Never use names. Y always use well reasoned discourse in the vein of William f Buckly. But I have to agree you guys are bat sh&t crazy. Looney, crackers, not operating with a full deck, say what, psychotic, wildly inaccurate. You get the picture. But y nevertheless name calling. BTW did youngest your RF MICRO CHIP YET. BEING DELIVERED by old and new black panthers. Boy those guys are big and scary. Dont let them take yiur guns. Go geezers. Old white men rock.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      It appears that some cannot or will not read. But they can write puerile attacks on truth-tellers.

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Rogers/1316988102 William Rogers

      .......although many of those with very small brains would never even consider
      this since they have fallen into the entire trap of the Socialist and Communist
      now backing Barack Obama.....P.S. Congrats on learning to read.

    • Not metro

      Name calling, name calling...you did it. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHBUNCHOF OLD WHITE GEEZERS. GEEZERS ROCK.

    • Star-Dust

      No, not crazy-Guy who can read- Just to let you know, there is nothing to be proud over obama with all the cheating,buying votes telling lies and voters fraud. Please educate your self and read everything that is going on in this world because of obama.Thank God, we have people who are fighting to save our freedom , they did not give their freedom away for a cheap obama phone, cause that is exactly what they did.

    • Guy who can read

      Really? Do you really believe that? That I and everyone else who voted for Obama did so because we're corrupt or stupid? I don't think that about everyone who voted for Romney, by any means. Just the remarkable collection of personalities collected on this website.

    • fliteking

      "Wow, you people are really crazy." & "Guy who can read"

      Your point seems to be severely diminished by your own words.

      nice try though. Well, not really.

    • Remnant-of-the"D"

      Hey Flite! You are extremely well spoken! Can we find more true Patriots like yourself to explain to the ignorant masses, exactly what is going on today?
      Conservatives are in GREAT need of well spoken person's such as yourself -( obviously) - So, please band togeather, and give us a "conservative" party that we can stand with! You've got my vote!

    • fliteking

      Thanks. Hard to generate any blog traffic these days . . . maybe in a year or two interest will pick back up, the liberals have the Conservatives frustrated, fractured and finger- pointing at each other.

      have you checked out JoeDan Gorman. This guy is AWESOME.!


      Have a good evening!!

    • pat78

      And this guy's blog too: Howard Galganov

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Those who are willing to believe truth seem to be scarce nowadays in this land which once was a land of the free and home of the brave. Obama is an enemy of the U.S.A. every day driving us nearer total destruction.

    • freedomgirl

      Havn't you noticed that yet? We are being Segregated and put on a List...
      Personally, Bring It On!!! I will keep posting in spite of that!
      I support our local VFW, The Heritage Foundation and Wounded Warriors.
      Our downsized Military understands what Treason Is!!! They Uphold Our Laws, BHO, their so called Commander in Chief is an Enemy, Not Foe!!!
      Just ask the families of Jon Hammars, Chris Stevens and all the other Americans upholding our 'Old Fashioned Constitution' as BHO called it!!
      BHO wants to change it to 'better' the people...
      Yea, Are We Better?
      Those who don't work are...They eat better then I do...!!!
      I Hate To Curse... But My Lord,...Forgive Me...Yuck Fou!!!

    • Guy who can read

      Oh, please. Suddenly you're wetting yourself over civility? All of the references to black people, and Jews, and liberals, and hispanics, etc--these brought no tears to your eyes, I suppose. I'm not really sure what I'm doing here, to tell you the truth; I never troll as a matter of course. It's like a car wreck, I suppose. I can't look away.

    • fliteking

      Corrupt? Yes, otherwise you would have been outraged that there was a large degree of fraud in the election . . . in fact liberals should be outraged at the occurrence of any fraud in any election because the rights of other CITIZENS have been subverted.

      Silence on this subject alone makes all liberals corrupt, you are forgoing any concern for other CITIZENS RIGHTS to gooble up more political ground and entitlements.

      When your silence or actions infringe on others there is a price attached.

      I know I know - - - "Can you prove there was fraud?" "Where is your link" - - - "You guys hate the poor" - - - "You guys want to destroy mother nature" - - - "Nothing you say is true" - - - or just commence name calling and denial.

    • Jose

      So yea you guys are very crazy. How come FL AND OH are run by Reps. Their governor or state officials haven't even mounted one investigation, except St Luci where the other guy go more votes. So how come you didn't even investigate let alone any proof. Go on hanging onto your guns, religion and bogus claims of fraud. Will serve you quite well in 2014 and 2016. Go Hillary.

    • pat78

      Hillary is a has been. She's finished. There are other threats to our freedom like Devan Patrick and the Castro twins of San Antonio. Those guys from SA are children of a radical minority group known as "La Raza Unida" back in the 70's--totally brainwashed!

    • freedomgirl

      Someone posted yesterday that 51 Ballet Boxes were not counted in his state for this last election.
      He did not reveal what state, so I can not confirm, nor I will not deny this happened.
      My gut instincts are pretty accute, BHO did Not legitimately win...

    • Slick

      Just so long as it's a well documented source just like you cite....umm...not

    • dogwithoutslippers

      GUY.....you are at least half right - yes, stupid!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AWQZ3NLQH4AYZPNMM2VIPUT4ZU Chuck

      obama is destroying this nation and i resent the stupid people that voted for him that will cause me to go down with it

    • reasonable doubt

      Harry Reid suggested Romney wouldn't release his tax records because he was a felon. Why did Obama seal his college records...#1 on his to do list? And then why would he spend so much money on lawyers to rebuff requests for information? I reaize that latter is a rhetorical questions ....since spending other peoples and unborn generations money is his forte. Especailly the latter. They aren't here ( yet) to critique the obscene debt he's saddled them with .

    • luci

      you dont care he sealed all of his records???? please, give me a break. and yes anyone who voted for him is stupid. period.

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Yes, we have to believe Obama's supporters are unwilling to hear truth and prefer to believe impossible lies instead. Stupidity is a mild word for it.

    • freedomgirl

      You just admitted you are a rat collecting names from this website.
      So what's the plan? Fema Camps for those of us who can read the truth?

    • Guy who can read

      OK, now that's paranoid. FEMA camps, right.

    • Janus

      Don't forget the steak and crab....that's what I ask for. And some good weed. We are all too high to hear what y are saying. But I do love my new iPhone 5. I got the one with 64 Gig. Awesome. Bet y old white dudes don't even know how to use. Perhaps y should consider weed. Would make y ever so much more mellow. And hey I do agree...you dudes are very very crazy. Thank god only dudes like y and your faithful wives voted for Mittens. We didn't even have to steal this election. A. Walkin the park. Call me sometime...on my great gov phone. Mthanks old dudes. You rock. I'll be glad to share my weed. Just ask.

    • Slick

      this is going to keep me smiling for a long time. Thanks a lot. Perfect irreverence!

    • David

      I second Mr. Brown. When a didactic, intelligent conversation based upon facts cannot be had, we see comments like this one. Mores the pity.

    • Guy who can read

      Are you serious? Are you familiar with the other posters, on this thread alone? Oh, and nice use of "didactic"; that was really close to right.

    • David

      So, am I supposed to personally "vet" everyone I reply to? Is this the standard here? Take a look at how many "disagree' with you thus far as one indication that you may be on shaky ground on this blog.

    • Gregg Kowalski

      maybe change your name?

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      read maybe .. comprehend ... not so much 😉

    • Maggie

      Sooo . . . you really can't read! Did you even so much as scan the article?

    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      There's a difference between sanity and insanity, and those who supposed Obama was honest are the ones who lack sanity.

  • retiredmillwright

    Obama the socialist has made America the laughing stock of
    the world’s civilized countries’. You
    look at all the true facts about Obama and you wonder how this impostor could
    be allowed into the highest office in America. Then you look at his corrupt socialist
    supporters and you realize that it is common practice for them to lie and slip
    things over on the sleeping American people. Millions of his supporters vote
    for him for food stamps and free stuff. To put it plainly the wool has been
    pulled over Americas’ eyes. To progressives and socialists the end justifies
    the means. To the productive people, Obama and his circus are like a giant whirlpool
    sucking down your money, the grandkid’s money, the hope for the American dream
    for our young people, and Americas freedoms, rights, and sovereignty.

    • buddy

      Revolution will solve the problem...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sam-Lasley/1494532290 Sam Lasley

      Gather a group and count me in.

    • Slick

      Hey....don't forget we have guns too

    • knowpockets

      you'll need them

    • Slick

      Okay....Oh...by the way...I'll have the Real government....and army, navy, marines, air force, national guard, state and local police, etc. on my side. because your mini-army will be chewed up in mere seconds. More likely your idiotic plans will be upended before they ever begin because someone on your team says something dumb....

    • cayuga33

      The British had the military might on their side when the revolution began,how did that work out for them? You don't seem to understand the will of the people.Oppression cannot survive an armed populace that is willing to sacrifice their lives to throw off the shackles of an oppressive government, despite the Tories amongst us..

    • Slick

      there's probably a drone checking your butt out right now!

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Drones make great target practice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000580129865 Nancy Law

      You are absolutely RIGHT.

      I have no solace in knowing this family and relatives were not fooled. Too many others were fooled or WANT what Obama peddles.

      We ARE the laughing stock of the world.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lauralee.hensley Lauralee Hensley

      Well even in the Bible it says Even The Elect Will Be Deceived......I was a member of a Christian Church where over half of the congregation was deceived by this man. Yet, I knew why they voted for him....because of the freebies. They wouldn't look at their Bibles for guidance in their voting.....they looked at their greed and for the what's in it for me to guide their votes. I am no longer a member of that Church because I felt it was too divided just like our nation has become. How can people say they are Christian's when they vote for a man that is for Christian's putting their tax monies to fund abortion. Didn't they read their Bibles to know that God said it would be better that a mill stone be hung about their necks then to harm a little one? Didn't God say he knew you before you were born, so he knew you were more than a glob of tissue in the womb. Didn't they read their Bibles to understand what God considers a marriage? Didn't they read their Bibles about how God feels about illegal drugs, though you have to know what some words back then when the Bible was written were meant to really be interpreted as in this day and generation. Didn't the Bible show that is was a Good Samaritan that helped the man on the road that had been beaten and robbed and not collective taxes to pay for his health care. Didn't it show friends taking their friend to be healed and lowering him down through the roof, and not the government taking control over the situation. In the Bible it talks about loving your neighbor as yourself. It doesn't say the Government should be your mother and father, or your provider. I think some Christians really need to read their Bibles before they ever vote again.

    • knowpockets

      thank you although to the liberals it won't make a difference they still want free stuff.

    • redrover

      SO TRUE! There are many weak and stupid people that are supposed to know what the heck they are doing.....they are the ones that will be greatest surprised when they get to go with the goats and not the sheep!!! It is a very sad time and worthless trashing of America and all the hard work that went into building a great nation and people.....now we are letting it all slide off the slope of evil and we are the ones that will pay.... shear stupidity and weakness, greed and apathy!!! They are awaiting the slaughter of all of us for it all too! The ones that are so evil and think they are so smart are the stupidest of all however....we have no excuse for we have the truth and still we do nothing but sit and wait for someone else to take care of the mess so we do not have to...some patriots we are....ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND LET'S GET THIS SORTED OUT AND MAKE SUR ETHEY KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS OR ELSE.....THEY CANNOT FIGHT US ALL FOR SURE..THERE ARE WAY MORE OF US-THAN THERE ARE OF THEM....COMMON SENSE AND SOME FEAR OF GOD NEEDS TO BE DRIVEN INTO THEM!

    • http://www.facebook.com/haggios haggios

      But they tried to throw God out of their party, remember? They tried three times... remind you of someone?

    • redrover


    • http://missionoutreach.org Ray Downen

      Yes, it's not just many citizens of THIS country who realize that Obama is a liar and an enemy of our Constitution. His recent trip to the far East made clear just how much respect this nation has lost. He's been very successful in ruining us, which then surprises me that nearly half the population still adores him!

  • fliteking

    Liberals would rather hear they are about to suffer yet another massive breakout of herpes than have Monckton reviewing the habits and work.

    This man is an American Hero from the UK - - - if that makes sense.

    Although not invited Monckton recently TOOK OVER the dog and pony show at UN CLIMATE SUMMIT and rubbed their noses in the lies they live by.

    Great man, always with googling .

    • http://www.facebook.com/hommedespoir Michael Rose

      Hey, fliteking I LOVE your style.... and I sometimes wonder if I#m the only one left (sic) who like that classic genious Christopher Monckton.
      He saved The New World from being reOrdered at Copenhagen in 2009. He deserves the very-highest accolades, even if His Name does get the orful oligarchy choking on crudites, caviar and cigar smoke

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      This means everyone in Washington is in on it then? IF, it is known he is a FAKE-Why is he still in ? WHERE are the TRUE PATRIOTS ?

    • medic2003

      Being and ridiculed out of office by those in power and a beyond dumbed down electorate. That includes Democrats and establishment republican voters alike.

    • medic2003

      Like him or not, call him nuts or crazy, Alex Jones has Monckton on alot. Its really really interesting to listen to him. The man is smart and un afraid.

    • Paul

      Always a psychotic nut. Yea bet those UN guys were really really scared of a climate Denver nutcase. Tell me another funny one. That sure was. He really disrupted all the proceedings, I'm sure. What bubble domy guys live in. Maybe Newt wasn't far off with that moon colony. My all sh go.

    • fliteking

      Put down the glue bottle, it is eating little holes in your brain.

      Spell-check is an asset, gibberish is a waste of good web space.