Liberals Create 'Soft Targets,' Exploit Them, Then Punish Everyone

Under "liberal" (progressive) rule over our infrastructural institutions for the last 50 years, justice, law enforcement, and the mental health professions have all failed. The "Great Society" has failed. The directors of the failure unfortunately are still in charge. The collectivist idea that everyone share in the failures (and successes) of complete strangers is driving the nation off the cliff. "Never let a crisis go to waste" is driving totalitarian advocates inside our government. Heaven forbid citizens should be allowed to protect themselves.

It is interesting to see that criminals (both sane and insane) look for soft targets. What progressive liberals do is create soft targets for their power-mad policies. So now, after this latest school massacre of defenseless teachers and children, we are going to hear, ad infinitum, how everyone in the nation should lose rights and suffer punishment for what one mentally deranged person was allowed to do because of the failure of the mental health policies put in place by the progressive liberals. Once again the same people who created the problem in the first place are now grandstanding on soapboxes and telling every innocent law abiding citizen to go eat dirt. This is Heads I win, Tails you lose.

As an aside here I want to interject my observation of the progressive liberal mind. Excluding the truly evil of minds in the power structure in this nation, the average run-of-the-mill liberal cannot compute the consequences of liberal policies. Liberals, I personally know, simply lack the ability to walk through the steps through to the natural culmination of their actions. This makes them sheep, easily led down the garden path. If something sounds nice, or if someone tells them how a problem will be fixed by an action by government, they will buy in faster than a "speeding bullet" and never ask a question about what that action really means. Then they sit around crying when a disaster happens and look back at government to fix the problem that government created in the first place. "Oh, it must be the guns that did it....MSNBC and the President of the United States says so." "Please government, take away everyone's guns!"

Am I equating power-mad liberals with the Connecticut school shooter? In a way, yes. In the same way the shooter looked at innocent people as targets to use for his own diabolical and insane plot, progressives in positions of policy authority in whatever profession they are in, look at the rest of society as their target. These folks may have a myriad of motives, some under the guise of saving the world from itself, some (most) blatantly for their own power, but the result is always the same. Innocent people are used as targets to fulfill the wishes of people who want power.

No sooner had the news hit about the Connecticut shooting than the progressive liberals smelled blood in the political water and went after our rights. Visceral, no? Same thing happened after the Gabby Giffords shooting incident. It's as predictable as the sun going down tonight and coming back up tomorrow.

Barack Obama cloaked himself in a mourning coat and went to Connecticut yesterday to sell gun control to a grieving public. Excuse me if I find that sickening.

Read some history and weep:

The Federalist Society sheds some light with a very good anecdotal account of events and subsequent murders in an article, which reads:

For a while, it was fashionable to blame gun availability for this dramatic increase. But guns did not become more available before or during this change. Instead, federal law and many state laws became more restrictive on purchase and possession of firearms, sometimes in response to such crimes. Nor has the nature of the weapons available to Americans changed all that much. In 1965, Popular Science announced that Colt was selling the AR-15, a semiautomatic version of the M-16 for the civilian market. The Browning Hi-Power, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol with a thirteen-round magazine, was offered for sale in the United States starting in 1954, and advertised for civilians in both the U.S. and Canada at least as early as 1960. If gun availability does not explain the increase of mass public murders, what else might?

At least half of these mass murderers (as well as many other murderers) have histories of mental illness. Many have already come to the attention of the criminal justice or mental health systems before they become headlines. In the early 1980s, there were about two million chronically mentally ill people in the United States, with 93 percent living outside mental hospitals. The largest diagnosis for the chronically mentally ill is schizophrenia, which afflicts about 1 percent of the population, or about 1.5 percent of adult Americans. A 1991 estimate was that schizophrenia costs the United States about $65 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.

While I am on this subject, I want to point out the absolute sureness of the progressives in the psychiatry profession who decided to mainstream the dangerous mentally ill. They were very sure this was a great thing to do. (I want to ask...who is crazy in this scenario??) The idea came as one more offshoot from the "civil rights" movement in the '60's. No one wants cruelty ...including me. But, now we are seeing the price paid by society by deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill, paid by the mentally ill, society at large, and now sadly, more victims of a mass murder. If Obama is serious about fixing this mass murder problem, re-institutionalizing dangerous mentally ill people is way past due and necessary to our survival. But alas, he blames the guns. As usual.

Some more reading on the subject:
Article from 1996 on failed policy
Mass Murder and Untreated Madness from PJ Media

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  • Wolf-Talker-1

    All Loyal SUBJECTS of the Current Regime in Washington know full well they have absolutely no need to protect themselves from anyone else or from the REGIME for either the REGIME or the local LEO's are only a phone call away and they will protect you it is their job!

  • J J

    The ones that citizens need to protect themselves against may be the government. Recent history shows that Obama is constantly looking for a photo-op and a crisis to use to get his way. I, for one, and disgusted by his fake tears, his fake consoling and his political rhetoric during his speeches that should have politics completely left out of them. People are hurting and the President coming in for a quick photo-op taking full advantage of the situation - that is despicable. I constantly wonder why his comments couldn't be made from the Oval Office instead of incurring the expense to the taxpayer to have a personal visit. I would appreciate that more than a Presidential visit that is completely political and insincere.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Actually, I'm surprised it took this long for something this horrible to happen. Considering that the "state" created this mess and danger in the first place. I've said it for years, either let God back into your schools and stop teaching situational ethics OR arm the teachers and the administrators.

    • J W Majors Majors

      If you will not be ruled by God's law then you will be ruled by tyrants.

  • Greg137

    Remember people these crimes happen, because they target "gun Free" zones, and in the end the criminal ALWAYS stops when they have a gun pointed at them... Fewer or no "gun free criminal safe zones" are the awnser! Guns are the Solution not the problem!

    • TheSunDidIt

      Dad taught me you don't point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. You don't shoot a gun at anything you don't intend to kill. You don't kill something you don't intend to eat. When I was going into the Marines in 1973 I asked him if I had to eat the Vietcong. He told me to shut up my wiseass mouth. Didn't think it was funny at all.

  • IddiKlu

    You are right on the money. Kudos to you!

  • knowpockets

    The crap the right allow the liberals to get away with is crazy in itself their should be no more politically correctness it has destroyed america and now she is fighting for her life.

  • Pakinpastor

    I changed banks becasue my bank decided that anyone carrying a gun was not allowed to come into their bank, so, goodbye. I won't go into any place that does not allow me to carry concealed. I do go to the Post Office, and I remove my weapon before going in, but anywhere I can, I carry. I have now for more than 15 years. I have been telling people that this was coming and here it is. It is going to get much worse.All of these "Gun Free" zones are just targets for the type of people that would do such atrocities. Our state is now considering allowing the principal, and administrators as well as some of the teachers to carry concealed. I think it is past time. Our politicians have several armed body guards for themselves and want you and I disarmed. That is unacceptable and just plain nonsence. As we should all know but the statistics, where the populace are armed, there is less crime. Just look at Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and others where the rights to carry are so severly restricted. The crime is off the charts. Gun Free zones just create a place for criminals to do their damage.

    • TheSunDidIt

      You make a good point, sure we'll disarm, right after THEY disarm their private armies and their special police powers unConstitutional agencies.

  • sashamanda

    "But, now we are seeing the price paid by society by deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill, paid by the mentally ill, society at large, and now sadly, more victims of a mass murder."

    Absolutely. The misery caused by illogical but politically correct mental health laws is enormous. Instead of seriously questioning the current laws and court decisions that keep this broken system in place, we go after guns.

    Read more:

  • A. Levy

    This is what the weak, gullible, and completely mindless American sheeple have brought onto themselves.

  • progressiveandproud

    Sorry, cupcake, your premise is false. Republicans have held the Presidency 20 of the past 32 years.

    Liberals didn't destroy this country, conservatives did.

    It was Regan who destroyed our mental health system, began the process of destroying unions, and tripled the debt. Bush the boob ruined our economy with unfunded wars, unfunded educational mandates, and unfunded medical programs.

    Don't try to push our current problems onto liberals, you conservatives created the problems and then did what conservatives always do. . . . leave office in the middle of a mess and blame it on the incoming administration.

    • cpass

      In case you didn't notice, I did not differentiate with regard to party affiliation. I deliberately indicated liberals and progressives, not Republicans or Democrats. There are liberals and progressives in both having more than the other, but nonetheless....liberals and progressives. As to your comment re: Bush...I do not describe Bush as a conservative, nor did I mention him in this article. As for cupcakes....thanks for the compliment!! :-)

    • knowpockets

      No it's you clown you liberals bring all your damn baggage and you want the republicans to pay for it .

  • har82

    There is - 1 - ,, insane asylum in this country that goes - unmolested - ...
    That is Congress, the Senate , and the President ( and right now I use that term - extremely ,, loosly ) - . What ,, do they all ,,, have in common you might ask ??
    THEY ARE ALL ,,, POLITICIANS . And they are all ,,,,, insane ....

  • Ron G

    Nothing like passing a law that informs individuals such as these shooters what areas are safe for them to carry out their crimes.

  • vet

    Cheryl well done.I have been trying to say the same thing every where I go on the internet,but I'm not as well versed as you are.Thank you for writing more clearly than I could and keep up the good work.Common sense needs to be shown daily so as to refresh the lazy minds that we have today.I just hope that more people come to the same conclusion and see whats really going on.We seriously need to take a look at those that blame guns and fire every last one of them for such stupidity.