Is Paul Ryan Poised For Speaker Of The House?

On Friday evenings' "The O'Reilly Factor," Laura Ingraham filled in as host and said that according to her sources a coup may be underway in Congress to remove the current Speaker of the House John Boehner after all of his tax proposals have basically moved farther an farther to the left's desires rather than stood for conservative principles. Now comes word from Ingraham that Paul Ryan may be selected to take his place.

“I had a well-placed conservative voice today on the Hill email me and said he’s beginning to hear rumblings — I already gave something away, ‘he’ — he’s beginning to hear of a move to replace the speaker of the House,” Ingraham said. “We’re in the middle of this tussle with the Democrats, more than a tussle, and is that the right time to put that out there? And people are floating the name of Paul Ryan to be House speaker. But Ryan did support … Plan B.”

Boehner saw his proposals slapped back at him twice last weekend and his adoption of "Plan B," which was formerly endorsed by Nancy Pelosi was also shot down this week. Boehner has been heavy handed against fiscal conservatives and has broken his own pledge to not raise taxes by submitting the proposals he has.

In addition, citizens have been campaigning against Boehner as Speaker in the new Congress and if the lack of votes on "Plan B" are any indication of what will be taking place, then I'd say it's safe that he will lose his position.

But the question arises, is Paul Ryan the man for the job? Ryan supports "Plan B." He defended "Plan B" on the House floor.

The Hill reports,

“Look, elections have consequences,” he said. “I, of all people, understand that.”

“What we are trying to do here is limit the damage to the taxpayers. There is not a single tax increase in here,” he said.

Ryan noted that Obama is only offering deficit proposals with much greater tax increases and stimulus spending.

“That is what got us in trouble in the first place,” he said.

There was no mention of the TARP vote, the auto industry bailout vote, the biggest expansion of Medicare in U.S. history, the massive highway bill and other high priced priorities when George W. Bush was in office, or the "continuing resolutions" that were voted for by Ryan. There have been a number of votes that Rep. Ryan has made that have allowed the spending of trillions of dollars, which is also part of the problem we face. While some may think he is a good choice for Speaker of the House, I wonder if there are not a few more candidates who are far more fiscally conservative than Rep. Ryan.

Breitbart has an exclusive where they report that Staffers "have compiled a detailed action plan" to unseat John Boehner as Speaker, though they do not claim to be pushing for Paul Ryan to replace him. The plan provides two steps.

The circulated plan is a comprehensive multi-step process.

According to the plan as drafted, the first step is to re-establish the election of the Speaker of the House by secret ballot, rather than by a public roll call vote. That’s because the members who would oppose Boehner, if there ended up not being enough votes to achieve their desired result or if Boehner scared via threat or coaxed via prize some of the opposition into voting for him, would be sitting ducks for retaliation in the near future.

The second step of the circulated plan would require enough GOP members to band together and vote for somebody other than Boehner as Speaker. Since Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., has resigned his position, there will be 434 voting members on January 3. For someone to win the Speaker election, they’d need to secure 217 votes – or a majority of everyone voting.The second step of the circulated plan would require enough GOP members to band together and vote for somebody other than Boehner as Speaker. Since Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., has resigned his position, there will be 434 voting members on January 3. For someone to win the Speaker election, they’d need to secure 217 votes – or a majority of everyone voting.

Here are the documents Breitbart cites:

One Page Summary

CRS Report

2009 Boehner Card Check OpEd

Hinds Precedents

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  • awkingsley

    Paul Ryan is an Establishment Republican, and his cut to Social Security amounts to nothing more than an exorbitant tax on younger people unless they may also opt out of paying into Social Security. What Social Security needs is to pay out only to those who paid in - no spousal benefits and no recent immigrant benefits. No minor child benefits, unless the parent paid a lot into Social Security at one time to cover that type of benefit. When one only receives out what he paid into Social Security, the system should be well on its way to being repaired.

  • jkk1943

    The House made a major mistake by not voting for Plan B. It was superb tactical retreat that would have put Obama in a box. It could have been approved if the GOP had the brains to condition plan B on all the revenue coming from the tax hikes should go to deficit reduction. That is a principled way to play a losing hand. We will have tax rate increases. The GOP lost house and senate seats and the presidency. It is insane to beiieve it can get its way on the tax rate issue. Obama's approval rating is 57% and 75% of voters surveyed want the rich to pay more taxes. Even Rand Paul agrees that we should give Obama his tax increases by voting present. That way the "great pretender" will own the coming recession.

  • JOAN

    Don't know why you all are blaming Boehner for everything. The Republicans could come up with the greatest plan ever and as long as HARRY REID IS SPEAKER, NOTHING WILL BE PASSED..GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Hat

    I saw a few stories on the internet that were pushing for RON PAUL to be speaker of the House. Is this possible ? if so, I beleive it would be a great choice- no political or financial ties!

  • WSmith

    Nearly any one would be an improvement over Boehner. I have no doubt John Boehner's intentions are good as opposed to Obama. But what we need most is a media savvy proponent of Conservative principles. In an age of short attention spans and an electorate that is illiterate when it comes to American history (and that's not all) a new speaker needs the skills to communicate. Get their attention and communicate in abbreviated fashion. I like Michelle Bachman but in my opinion she falls short of what we need to get the point across to people who think the Democrat Party gives a hoot about our Constitution. Ryun is a better choice. West would have been better yet. First step is to remove Boehner before he yields all of the high ground.

  • Richard-USMC

    Allen West would be rhe VERY BEST speaker. But then what dooes anybody in Congress know. Look I am 75 years old, white and a vet. Please give me something to be proud of. I don't have that many years left. Allen West FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. For God's sake, Republicans, do something right for once.

  • sandy2249

    Hope Ryan isn't the new speaker he's not TOUGH ENOUGH ! I want someone that's not afraid to take on King Obama & democrats and their buddies in the media head on !

  • Michael Burch

    Paul Ryan would be my first choice....followed by Bachman...our current spineless speaker is a joke...

  • Greg T Beaty

    I vote for Bachman.

  • Yoikes

    Please just get rid of Boehner. He's screwed us more than once. There are many who could do better.

  • Dr Dave

    I'm for anybody except Boehner! That Jackwaggon has to go!

  • Saroni Kellogg

    Michelle Bachmann would be my first choice.

    • NWMama

      She would be good as she won't be bullied; that's what they'll need to stand against the biggest lying bully ever!!

  • Saroni Kellogg

    I hope so. He's proven to be one of the only occupants of the House with a brain, a heart, and a spine. He is there for the people, not the other way around.

  • greyhound44

    My dog would be far superior to RINO (weep and pee in his pants) Boehner!

  • tncdel

    Please see, "Since a non-House member can be appointed as Speaker of the House, what say you of replacing Boehner with Allen West, who was recently unseated by underhanded Dem tactics?," here:

    • ESQ

      'll go along with that one!

  • tncdel

    I'd rather see Michele Bachmann or Tom McClintock replace Boehner than Ryan. McClintock was the ONLY one in Congress to stand up for America when Mexico's president dissed it. Please listen here:

    • Amfer Ferg

      Ryan is too much like Boehner - I like Michele Bachmann or Justin Amash. Neither one will cave!!

    • harrycobalt

      i give the advantage to bachman because no matter what the media,gop,and democrats say about her she doesn't back down.that tells me as speaker she will stand up for conservative beliefs

  • popham

    If there really is a "coup" underway to oust Boehner and replace him with Paul Ryan,
    then for God's sake, let it happen. At least Ryan has the courage and intellect to take
    on the White House. Besides they fear him as much as Newt Gingrich.
    In fact, Ryan and Gingrich should be the team that succeeds in laying down the law
    with the Democrats.

    • tncdel

      Gingrich is a RINO just as bad as Boehner, supports giving college to illegals and letting homosexuals change the heterosexual definition of marriage, etc.

    • kenvandoren

      Here here! Gingrich is a sellout, liar and hypocrite and not near the genius he touts himself as. And many TRUE conservatives and WI Liberty Republican types are on to Ryan, and do not support him in any way. I am glad this article is exposing his feet of clay. If the GOP is to stand for nothing, there is no reason for its existence. I and friends will bring the GOP around, or it will sink into a well deserved oblivion.

  • Oops!

    I'm almost hysterical from laughter! Please, PLEASE, Republicans, go ahead and elect Michelle Bachmann as Speaker of the House!! The party will disintegrate and won't recover for at least a generation!!

    • tncdel

      Is Nancy Pelosi your idea of an improvement over Bachmann? If so, your hysteria should be accommodated at the loony-lib funny farm.

    • Areminder

      I agree, I can't see Bachmann demanding the Air Force rework it's flight formations and all trainings because she's decided she needs to use one of their main aircraft to fly back and forth to her home state!

    • JulieB

      You libturds have the audacity to bad mouth Michele Bachmann! What do you have to offer besides Nasty Pukelosi? Your party is why the House of Representatives are disintegrating and it will take longer than a generation to recover. Your Proctologist called, he's found your head!

    • Areminder

      He says the easiest way to get it back is a nice strong Stool Softener!

    • emjay98

      Obviously you must not have liked Pelosi, I guess. She was and is a far cry from Michele Bachmann. So don't laugh too hard because if Bachmann would become Speaker of the House, she would be a lot more effective than Boehner has been with his attitude of giving in to Obama just to get along.

    • GoldenRudy

      And not certifiable crazy like Nancy P.

    • ESQ


    • Areminder

      To have the official Tea Party rise up from the ashes, just like the Tree of Liberty keeps arising from the roots each time libs and progs chop it down! Be vewwy, vewwy caweful, it's wabbit season and Paul Ryan has a bow and arrow, but Michelle Bachmann has a Constitution, And in America That still trumps everything!

    • GoldenRudy

      "Oops!" sounds like another Democrat warrior in the "war against women". Don't give a women an opportunity to lead. Just give her free "pills" is the way those Democrat warriors think, I guess.

  • harrycobalt

    Bachman has proven through her votes that she is conservative and had the courage to question how someone with muslim brotherhood ties could get a security clearance to be hilary's aide.paul ryan has proven with his votes he is too much like boehner.he talks good but votes liberal-stimulus,bailouts etc

    • JohnnyHiott

      I'll ditto that. Michelle Bachman is the alter ego of both pelosi and boehner. She is by my estimation the most conservative member in the house and she has earned the position of speaker. She has more courage than 90% of the other members put together. I would dearly love to see Her in that position.

    • ESQ

      I sure hope your right!

    • harrycobalt

      do you think sharon angles loss might have something to do with voter fraud,she was way ahead in polls day before election but loses big with seiu handling ballots and unions demanding votes for reid from members.the additional obstacle for all of the candidates being deprived of all gop funding because the crybabies on top couldnt handle their chosen candidate being defeated in primaries.while you say stick with the chosen ones take a good look at the mess created because the republicans think compromise means we better vote for whatever the democrats want or they will call us names.get rid of crybabies like boehner and put in people who stand up for what's right.

    • harrycobalt

      sorry i was in a hurry and posted this in the wrong spot,it is a reply to jkk1943

    • Amfer Ferg

      I agree! Ryan will be much more of the 'same'. Either Bachmann or Justin Amash!

    • ESQ

      I'll be,I did not know this.If true that he is a plan B dude then we don't need him. And we don't need Marco neither. How is it that the people we elected a couple years back keep shooting us in the head?

    • jkk1943

      Annointing Bachman as leader will irrevocably damage the GOP. The Tea Party is at most a mixed blessing. It has provided some energy but it has cost the GOP to lose at least four safe senate seats in the past two elections because of unelectable tea party candidates like Todd Akin, Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell and Morduch.

    • harrycobalt

      the only one who would be better than Bachman is Ron Paul but he is retired. the congress should have listened to him over the years when he was warning about the fed reserve and saying something needed to be done about fannie and freddie to avoid a housing crisis.he warned about the banking crisis years before it happened but the congress cant listen to a conservativebecause the mainstream republicans are too afraid to go against the establishment even though they get the blame when they vote with democrats and things get worse

    • harrycobalt

      jkk1943 you are just like the gop establishment either vote with democrats or blame it on the tea party.they have only been around a few years and are doing a good job of putting the conservative word out.if the gop wants to go back to winning elections they need to offer an alternative to uses voter fraud and manipulation to pick candidates like romney,mccain, dole who are on the left wing of the party.when a conservative manages to get the nomination gop denies funds and talks bad about them like they did to bachman and reagan but they managed to win in spite of gop.start looking at voting records instead of listening to gop and speeches and we can turn this country around

  • jerry1944

    Ryan has some good ideas but i wouldnt say he is a real conservative. But he does know numbers i feel. I think we need someone like Bachmann as the leader are maybe one of the 4 bonehead kicked off of there leader postion

    • Amfer Ferg

      Yes - I vote for Justin Amash!