Is DHS Giving Americans 50 Million Reasons To Think Obama Is Gearing Up For A Civil War?

Contracts for large purchases of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies have been in the news quite a bit this year and while I understand that an argument can be made for large purchases considering the number of employees that train and have to qualify annually, it does begin to raise questions about large purchases in a short amount of time. Consider the latest presolicitation from DHS for 250,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition over the next five years. That's 50 million rounds per year. In light of that, some have questioned whether Barack Obama is gearing up for a civil war.

This solicitation follows up a Special Notice that was filed three months ago on behalf of the Customs and Border Enforcement (CBE) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). According to the Special Notice, the stated purpose is:

The purpose of this solicitation is to achieve price savings over the current 40 SW ammunition. Resulting award will be used for training/qualifications only, not for duty use.

James Smith at Prepper Podcast Radio Network reports:

In August of 2011, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement requested and awarded a contract for 350,000,000 (350 MILLION) rounds.

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For a grand total now of 1,140,618,530 or 1.1 BILLION rounds.

What, pray tell does an agency with less than 50,000 people need 700,000,000 rounds of ammunition for other than storing up in preparation for a major event?

In addition it should be mentioned that earlier this year, in August, DHS had solicited for up to 70 million rounds of high powered ammunition. In March the Agency purchase contracts for 450 million hollow point bullets and in September they purchase contracts for another 200 million sniper rounds of ammunition.

DHS has not been the only federal agency contracting purchases of ammunition. While the Social Security Administration attempted to respond to the press about their purchase solicitations, they ended up actually making a very good case for individuals to carry their weapons.

What is ironic is that these solicitations for purchase are all being made as the siren call of the left goes out demanding more gun control laws be implemented, with only the government and obviously criminals having access to certain types of firearms.

The question I have is, is this really about cost effectiveness? Or is that merely a line we are being sold by the administration? It could be that this is merely "business as usual" or it could be something else. I'll let the reader investigate and come to their own conclusions.

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  • Charles

    You guys are out of your mind! People said the same kind of crap when Bush and Clinton were in office. This garbage comes out from both parties. Cooo Cooo

  • gotham1883

    Obama looks at the end game constantly. Taking guns away is part of the end game. If it happens then who will stop him from doing whatever he wants, considering that DHS and TSA is loaded with his union thugs. He has an army ready willing and waiting at his beck and call.

  • ralphwylie

    "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws (and the DHS) will have guns."

  • okihadit

    get obuma the f--k out, before it's way to da- late. send him and his fat as- wife on a slow sinking boat back to kenya.

  • mthammer

    I dont care how much ammo the DHS buys or orders there is not enough people in government to stop 5 million armed civilians . This is our government and no theirs and they will pay the price and we have their names . The Marines are ready to defend this country against people who have committed Treason against us Obama has , Janet Napolitano has and joe Biden has along with Eric Holder and the whole Obama administration. We shall overcome and the people who has desegrated the honest and Integrity of this great nation and they will pay.