GOP Gov: Obama & Congress Are "Psychologically Incapable Of Getting Our Fiscal House In Order"

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal wrote an oped piece at Politico on Thursday in which he took aim at both Congress and the Obama administration saying that they were incapable of getting the country's fiscal house in order.

The Republican Louisiana Governor wrote, "I had the honor of serving in Congress. Here’s what I learned – there will be no significant change without structural reforms. That’s the polite way of saying it." He went on to say, "The less gentle version is that Congress and this administration are psychologically incapable of getting our fiscal house in order without laws that give them no other alternative."

While I disagree with Jindal that the headlines have implied that Republicans are "fighting to protect the rich and benefits for seniors," he does make a good point in stating that "Republicans certainly should fight to at least get something done that will matter."

So what are some of those things worth fighting for? Jindal lays out four key things:

• A federal balanced budget amendment. States have balanced budget laws, small businesses have to balance their budgets, and families have to do the same. This is an idea that is supported by virtually every American who does not live in the 202 area code. It’s common sense. It is also laughed at in Washington. When you mention the BBA as a solution, they roll their eyes and write you off as a non-serious person. But the American public is dead serious about it, and they should be.

• Place a cap on discretionary and mandatory federal spending by fixing a limit on it tied to a percentage of GDP. Eighteen percent is a reasonable number in my book, but almost any number would be a victory at this point. Require a super majority vote to over-ride this limit, which would allow for recourse in a time of war or other national emergency. Again, this solution makes far too much sense to be taken seriously in Washington, a sure sign that it’s a good idea. This president is rapidly making a permanently higher level of government spending the new normal.

• A super majority to increase taxes. Make it harder for the politicians in Washington to simply take more from Americans, thereby forcing them to stop growing government. Yes, Washington hates this idea, so it should be pursued with vigor.

• Term Limits. I know, I know, we can’t do that. But we should. And while we are at it, how about forbidding congressmen from lobbying for 5 years after they leave office.

Now these are things I like to hear! These ideas actually make sense. Of course if Jindal were in Congress now proposing such ideas and on certain budget or financial committees he would have been shown the door earlier in the week by House Speaker Boehner, along with others.

After "offending everyone in Washington," and to hearty applause from yours truly, Jindal concluded by asking a very common sense question and providing a very simple common sense answer. He wrote, "All actions taken by Washington should be seen through this simple prism – will this help grow our economy? If not, maybe we shouldn’t do it."

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146 thoughts on “GOP Gov: Obama & Congress Are "Psychologically Incapable Of Getting Our Fiscal House In Order"

  1. Bobby Jindal does not eat cows. They are sacred to Indians. And he tells us about fiscal responsibilty? What a fool. Get ashed in the Ganges, Jindal. That is also sacred to him. Again, he's a leader? What fools you are.

  2. Considering the present Democrat/Progressive party is a sociopathic mess, has lost it's collective moral mind, is normal-phobic, Christo-phobic and full of spendo-holics and intellectual child molesters, I would agree with Mr. Jindal. Sadly, I can defend each of these psychological observations. Intervention anyone?

  3. I'm a little weary of comments from Mr. Jindal.

    Perhaps he and a few more RINO's ought to grow a pair and tell it like it is .... ' Barry + Ilk hate this Country and are intentionally sinking the ship '.

    I especially love the dopes proselytizing " Barry hasn't a clue, he's a dope " .... the guy is extremely smart, well versed and quite capable of achieving his desires of undermining our Constitution, bankrupting our Country and reducing us from a Superpower to a 3rd world status.

  4. Robert Norwood says:

    Obama is psychologically incapable of good common sense and decency. He's a shameless liar and an opportunist with deep rooted left-wing ideals.
    Every age has their "Anti-Christ", Rome had Nero, we have Obama.

    Nero fiddled for an evening, Obama's been fiddling for four years and fiddles on as we sit wondering "what the F_CK".

  5. Eliminate the idealism and you end up with Facts!

    The system has failed! The Political process is corrupt from the electoral system to an Army of Czars who are appointed by Obama,take orders from Obama and circumvent the Congress! as well .

    The system of Checks and Balances might as well be a "breakfast Cereal" as neither the Legislative Branch nor the Judicial Branch honors their purpose or the oath they swore!

    The Executive Branch Of Government consists of a man/woman who by extortion,bribery,anything they can muster and get away with care only about Power,Money,Ideology that is the mirror opposite of why the Constitution was written.

    If Nothing else the Constitution was written to "Limit" Government as opposed to enabling abusive,arrogant,subversive activities which has become the "definition" of Government under Obama A "Cancer Metastasized" to "stage four"(the terminal phase) would be,is,where we are today!

    We are bankrupt! We depend on others including those who would eradicate us to pay "debt" service on $16 trillion dollars. The "man" who swore as a candidate to"halve" the deficit in his term has increased it at least 60% instead! This very same person "swore3" "I will go through the budget line by line and eliminate Fraud,abuse,duplication,obsolete programs,Agencies and jobs,"Pork",Earmarks",through "Tort" reform and by prosecuting "Crony Capitalism,bloated budgets(military,Agency) and the vast sums spent on programs that have failed,serve no purpose"

    Not only has Obama "lied" about his agenda,we have NOT had a budget for four years! A critical function of Govern6ment has been perverted into a political,an ideological weapon that is used to threaten to extort the wants,the demands of a megalomaniac,a narcissist,a wannabe Dictator which in6 fact he has become!

    Obama uses class warfare and racism as policy! He swore to Unite Washington,Unite the country as more lies,more "empty words" were just that!

    There is No accountability for all the "Con-men/women who spend billions of the people's money on themselves,their supporters,their campaigns,their salary and pensions none of which are in the people's best interest which is/should be theft!

    23 miilion+ are unemployed! The numbers,the lies,the phony accounting doesn't take into account the millions who have quit,dropped out,"disappeared" somehow!

    There are 47 million surviving? on food stamps and inflation does n6ot include food or fuel which is exponentially higher!

    Now,this "empty can" wants a "limitless debt ceiling" controlled only by him which is the equivalent of locking an "alcoholic" in a warehouse full of Liquor alone to do as he/she pleases!

    This is the "end game"

  6. Governor Jindal is right on. The current Administration does not know how to develop a budget and even if they did, they would not live by it.