GOP District To Congressman: Oppose 'Treasonous' Boehner's Speaker Re-election

Virginia's 6th District Republican Committee has taken issue with House Speaker John Boehner in an open letter sent to U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte and the leadership of the House of Representatives in which they refer to Boehner's actions as "treasonous to our interests and our security."

The letter, sent back on November 10, criticizes Boehner for “his unwillingness to lead the effort to de-fund Obama’s healthcare,” and “his capitulation on the issue of amnesty and his agreement to raise taxes,” calling those stances “nothing short of treasonous to our interests and our security.”

While the letter didn't get attention nationally, it definitely reflects many people's sentiments as the calls have come from all over to fire John Boehner from the position of Speaker of the House in the new Congress.

"The framers of the Constitution of the United States wisely instituted the division of powers, not merely to enable specialization of the respective commissions, but primarily to limit the powers of each community," the district wrote. "Under the influence of both Christian thought and the abysmal historical precedents of foreign nations, they recognized the tendency even of the best of men to secure to themselves unlimited and unjust authority, and to employ it for the purpose of enslaving the masses. The authors judiciously embraced their moral obligation by including this mechanism (division of powers) for the simple frustration of such tyrannical efforts."

The letter continued, "The imposition of Obamacare against the wishes of the people is an unequivocal expression of the anticipated tyrannical powers. Yet even though every member of the House of Representatives is aware of his ability to thwart this measure, no such effort of protection is forthcoming. Apparently few enough care more about the people they purport to represent than about their own political aspirations."

"Speaker Boehner has called for “Repeal and Replace,” all the while he has been fully cognizant of the fact that the Senate and the President would not concur with him," the letter reads. "Such disingenuous acts are intended to defraud the people while leading them to believe he is fighting for their cause. His unwillingness to lead the effort to de-fund Obama’s healthcare, a truly feasible mechanism for restraining this tyranny, is a conscious dereliction of duty. His recent commitment to active pursuit of its funding, coupled with his capitulation on the issue of amnesty and his agreement to raise taxes are acts that are nothing short of treasonous to our interests and our security."

The letter concludes, "Therefore, we are writing to notify you of our unwillingness to accept such representation; to demand that you oppose the selection of Mr. Boehner as speaker for the next session; that you only select a representative who is willing to engage fully in battle
against Obamacare and the many other imprudent and unconstitutional efforts of the Obama administration, and that our future support for you is contingent upon your efforts to lead the fight to deny President Obama every unconstitutional measure, and that this must be done without excuse." reports,

The district committee also unanimously passed and sent a similar letter to Boehner himself on the same day.

It’s unclear whether Goodlatte will support Boehner during his January 3 bid for re-election as Speaker of the House, or if Goodlatte will follow the demand of the local GOP. A spokeswoman for the congressman didn’t respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

Boehner recently named Goodlatte the next chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Goodlatte and Boehner had already received their Nov. 10 letters when Goodlatte received the chairman position, but the job doesn’t appear to have been a special treatment or buyoff from the Speaker. Goodlatte was next in line for the job.

"We're concerned about standing up for conservative principles, including fiscal issues," 6th District GOP Committee Chairman Wendell Walker said. "We understand President Obama has no fiscal discipline, especially when it comes to the debt."

Bath County Republican Committee Chairman Dan Moxley, whose name was listed on the 6th District Republican Committee news release, said "There's a great divide in the Republican Party between what we refer to as the establishment people and the true conservatives."

It appears that John Boehner's days are numbered as Speaker of the House and for good reason.

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68 thoughts on “GOP District To Congressman: Oppose 'Treasonous' Boehner's Speaker Re-election

  1. He should be fired. From what I hear and read, he doesn't do anything. Now it seems that he is agreeing with Obama about everything. He is not doing his job. Put Paul Ryan in his place. He is an economic genius and he has the guts to stand up to Obama and tell him that he is wrong. Boehner doesn't.

  2. He seem to be under the spell of obama like so many others, these people are dangerous to us all. He is not the only one that needs to leave the party, there is a long list.

  3. Talk about treasonous and you jerks do nothing about Barry.

  4. Boehner should be RECALLED not just fired as speaker...he is the representative of his district, and is not representing them.....

  5. You can go to and put in your zip code and find out who your reps are. And, write them your selves and let them know that you support Virginia's views on Representative Boehner. While your there, join the NRA and support our 2nd amendment rights by helping to fund the fight against the UN who is making another attempt at international gun control which clearly encroaches on US sovereignty...

  6. This same message must come from all state houses and national conservative organizations. Boehner has sold out to the globalists demand period. Destroying the economy of the U.S. must happen in order to bring us under the dictatorship of the one world government being implemented worldwide. Only Christians with strong backbones should be sent to Washington these days to fight the evil being perpetrated on "we the people".

  7. He is also guilty of disregarding Sheriff Arpio's investigation re getting rid of obama as a fraud, imposter and over-all crook. Sheriff Arpio is a highly recognized law enforcement figure and should not be disgarded like an old shoe. Boehner is worthless, spineless and I do believe he is probably a non-american in his thoughts and actions.

  8. Wayne Lunkwitz says:

    To me this seems less about Mr. Boehner, and MORE about Pres. Obama wanting someone who will "agree" with his way of doing things. Obama has a one track mind and the last thing he wants is anyone who even HINTS at standing in his way.

  9. Today - I'm making my New Year resolution - becoming a true independent - and getting OUT of this insane political upheaval that only irritates my heart. Boehner needs to be unseated as Speaker - I don't care if he switches parties because he is Obama's friend in the House of Representatives.

    • That is the cowards way out. Stand and fight the corruption, show some backbone. All you are doing is handing them the victory they want.