Fast & Furious Gun Found At Mexican Beauty Queen Murder Scene

Another weapon tied to the infamous Obama administration's Fast and Furious Operation has turned up at a murder scene in Mexico. This time it was at the scene of a recent shootout between the Mexican military and Sinaloa drug cartel members. This is the same scene where Sinaloa beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez and four others were killed.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) obtained documents which appear to show that the embattled ATF supervisor George Gillett was the purchaser of the weapon found at the scene.

CBS News reports,

According to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the Justice Department did not notify Congress of the Fast and Furious firearm recovery in November, even though Grassley has requested an accounting of weapons that surface from the case. During Fast and Furious, ATF allowed more than 2,000 weapons, including giant .50-caliber guns, to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and other criminals. Other so-called "gunwalking" operations by ATF let hundreds more guns hit the street. Most of them have never been recovered.

The latest known recovery is a Romanian AK-47-type WASR-10 rifle. It was picked up at a crime scene Nov. 23 in Ciudad Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico. That's the same area and weekend of the shootout involving Flores Gamez's death. A trace report shows the rifle was purchased by Uriel Patino, the Fast and Furious suspect who allegedly bought more than 700 weapons while under ATF's watch. Records show Patino bought the rifle and nine other semi-automatic rifles at an Arizona gun shop March 16, 2010.

Grassley has sent a letter to the Justice Department requesting more information, and asking whether the officials were planning to notify Congress "that a Fast and Furious weapon had been recovered."

In a letter from Sen. Grassley to Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, he writes in part:

Documentation appears to indicate that during Operation Fast and Furious, Mr. Gillett made multiple firearm purchases at a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) in Phoenix. According to the forms, Mr. Gillett appears to have purchased weapons on December 15, 2009,[2] January 5, 2010,[3] and January 7, 2010.[4] Documents show the residence listed on the Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) for two of the gun purchases was the local Phoenix ATF office. For the third purchase, Gillett listed a commercial shopping center in Phoenix as his residence.[5] Clearly, the addresses on the forms do not accurately and truthfully reflect Gillett’s actual residence in Phoenix.

Lying on a Form 4473 is a felony and can be punished by up to five years in prison, in addition to fines. Many individuals who were arrested in Fast and Furious were charged for lying on the Form 4473. Jaime Avila, Jr. recently plead guilty to a variety of charges, including making false statements in connection with the acquisition of a firearm, and his initial arrest just after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder was for giving a false address on Form 4473.

One of the most troubling aspects of this new information is that one of the weapons listed as having been purchased by Gillett was recently recovered in Sinaloa, Mexico, the same weekend and in the same area as a shootout between the Mexican military and drug cartel members in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The January 7, 2010, purchase included an FN Herstal 57 Caliber pistol. According to documents, this weapon was recently recovered in an attempted homicide in between Caitime and Mocorito in the Guamuchil area of Sinaloa, Mexico.[6] Mexico’s CENAPI requested the trace from ATF’s National Tracing Center on November 29, 2012, and an initial trace was completed on December 4, 2012.[7] Another trace on the weapon was completed on December 10, 2012, indicating that the purchaser of the weapon was the former ASAC of ATF’s office in Phoenix, George Gillett.[8]

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51 thoughts on “Fast & Furious Gun Found At Mexican Beauty Queen Murder Scene

  1. I still believe they orchestrated Ct. and the one in Co. and God only knows how many others. I have no problem believing a small force could be brought in from another country. do the shooting and leave the " Shooter " behind either dead or drugged to the point of not knowing anything. our special ops could do tougher jobs than this with their eyes closed. so, why couldn't another countries team pull this off.
    We all know "The One" has ties to many unsavory Radical groups.

  2. Obama and holder should both be enjoying a last smoke and a Beer, then the hoods go on and the noose goes around their necks. May God have mercy on their souls as the trap door drops. One can have a dream, can't one?

  3. One has to wonder there anything at all we can do to stop all are we going to 'clean up the government'...when the people we rely on to do that are the ones who need cleaning up...the inmates are in charge of the asylum...where do we start???Blasted it...they all need to go to prison...obama,biden,clinton,holder,panetta...and all of those fbi,atf..stooges responsible for fast and furious,benghazi...and every other illegal act this administration has done...where do we start???WHO DO WE TURN TO???who do we trust??

  4. They were trying to go after the gun shops for every crime that was committed and blame them for selling the guns.Why then can't we go after the government for giving the guns to drug cartels and terrorist?Who financed this with taxpayers money that gave them the money to buy these guns?Where was bloomberg when all this was taking place?In Arizona trying to buy guns.Has anyone ask him if he had anything to do with this?He was caught before he could get away with it and was told to leave the state by our governor or be jailed.He knew if he could buy a weapon at a gun show that it would prove that they were coming from there.I think he was a pawn in the plan that holder and ovomit was doing and it was shortly after that when the word got out that the atf was giving the money to the purchasers to help ban gun shows and guns entirely.

  5. I wonder if the Mexican Government can and will press charges, then demand extradition? It would really be something to see them serve "their time" in a Mexican Prison. I don't believe they would be treated very well.

  6. The only way to stop these abominations and anthemas is to clean out the WH, and it is so important Reps. and libertarians and conservtives should vote for whoever is the Rep. nominee, even if he is the groundhog from PA and not grouse around about how imperfect the GOP candidate is. 3 million fewer Reps. voted in the election, one of the most significant in all US history, and we will have Libyas, and Fast/Furious's, "concussed" sec's of state, and looniness and dangerous pol. actions all around until the regime in DC is changed.

  7. Another murder for obambob and his clowns.

  8. Obama and Eric Holder are murderers... They killed this beutiful young mexican girl to advance an agenda! She more than likely never owned a gun either, because if vshe had she might still be alive! Obama and holder are not against criminals owning guns, but they are against ordinary PEOPLE from owning guns!!!! We Demand their IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL your Congressman, email your congressman!!!! DEMAND IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!!!!!

    • Oh yeah, one more thing to add... Those illegals that voted for Obama and returned to Mexico? If you are an illegal from Mexico that voted for Obama, then you had a hand in this murder to, and since you reinstalled our tyrant, then let me say that you deserve to be murdered yourself under your own tyrant, but if you are from Mexico and you didn't vote for Obama then you have my sypathy and my condolences.. I didn't vote for Obama so I can say it along with all the other Americans that voted against Obama..
      Obama and his voters are to blame for this... They say Obama is against guns? Then why did he give guns to the mexican drug cartels??? One of those gun has killed a beauty queen which makes Obama just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger, since HE armed them!

    • How many of them are disguised ISLAMOS - terrorists ---- passing for Mexican?

  9. Is this what Obama calls "gun control?"

  10. mr gillett held on to this gun then realized that he needed to get rid of it so he gave it to one of his stooges to dump but the stooge sold it to a banger in Mexico who put it in the hands of the drug cartel member. One question where is the stooge that mr gillett gave the gun to mmm i wonder welcome back fast and furious