CO2 Is Not An Enemy Of The Planet

Basic elementary knowledge seems to be missing from our country these days. Let's go back to grade school for just a few minutes, shall we?? Does anybody remember the lessons of how plants live on carbon dioxide? We exhale carbon dioxide and the plants love it! The more carbon dioxide on the planet, the greener the planet is. This transfer is called photosynthesis. It's a good thing!

Definition of photosynthesis: The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source. Most forms of photosynthesis release oxygen as a byproduct.

Evidently Obama and three generations of Marxists in charge of our schools have convinced children to learn a lot about social engineering, sex ed, and lies regarding Global Warming, instead of learning about photosynthesis. There is a reason Obama, and his buddies, Al Gore and Carol Browner, want stupidity to reign supreme. If people are too stupid to know the laws of photosynthesis, then these guys can control every amount of human activity and make g'zillions of extortion bucks in the process. Stupid people voted for extortion. And now we will all be marks, ahem, I mean Marxists.

There is so much wrong with "climate change" theories that you could never, in a hundred years, get through all of the lies being spread to an uneducated public. In the interest of helping the unlikely passerby who might want one solid reason to get off the bandwagon and stop drinking the Kool-ade, I am showing you a video to explain the actual amount of "man-made" carbon dioxide in the air. I found this video at Enjoy!

As you watch this pay attention also to the reference to methane. That is animal flatulence that our environmentalist wackos think is a good reason to tax farmers out of business. They don't want you to eat meat, folks. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gets its reward here.

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  • Marie Devine

    Climate Change legislation cannot succeed. Their goal is for developed nations to reduce their emissions so that non-developed nations can develop. The hope is that with enough money they can invest in technology so they do not make the same mistakes that caused “Climate Change.”

    The lifelong employment lifestyle causes the world problems and amounts to glorified slavery which is again taught to the next generation and continues us toward extinction.

    A garden paradise lifestyle would reverse and solve our problems easily, quickly, fairly and inexpensively. It is the only sustainable lifestyle that reverses and solves the pollution of our air, land, water and food;
    it also solves the energy crisis, disease, wars and conflicts, immigration, reoccurring
    financial crises, social security problems like youth and elderly care, an inequality in taxes and the extra costs of big government.

    Isaiah 2:4 agrees with a garden paradise lifestyle; it says
    “…. And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into
    pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” It is engraved on the United Nations building in New York City, USA.

    The Employment Lifestyle Failed. The Garden Paradise Life Wins.
    Let's Learn the Lesson Now.

  • Greg137

    That is where this stupid green movement began... Too many kids either played hooky fromm school or they fell asleep in class, because the never learned about Basic Plant biology... Hitler would be proud of the liberal Left.. I beleive he called them "useful idiots"..

  • J J

    Environmentalists and politicians are the enemy of the planet. The spew propaganda without a second thought and not a thought for the consequences (intended or unintended). They fully expect the foolish people to follow their every word and, unfortunately, they do. The more intelligent will investigate and ask questions but this group doesn't seem to have as many participants as the foolish group.

  • RicC

    The smart people find the truth, the lazy will not. Dumbing down America been going on for years. We been talking about it for years. What is being done, more and more liberal commies getting control of everything, thru lies, cheating and stealing. The NEA and the rest of the teachers unions are in control of our children, fire all of them and restart the education system with proper learning material. Math, science. history, geography are a good start.

  • NotRightNotLeft

    LOL, that little video might be somewhat impressive if the percentage of concentration were what mattered. The fact of the matter is that what matters is that more CO2 is being introduced to the system, not that CO2 is just a tiny percentage of the atmosphere. An aspirin comprises just a small PPM of your body weight, but it can produce profound effects when needed. Iron only makes up 4.4 PPM in your body, but if you were to become iron deficient you would understand quickly what that small percentage of iron can do.

    It's all well and good to piece together an article with a little video showing just how little CO2 there is in the atmosphere in order to fool the ignorant into believing their uneducated views are correct, but you might want to take into account those of us with the curiosity to fact check your nonsense.

  • har82

    Yup, and most of them were educated by the communist indoctrination camps called - schools - too. Ohh, and then there are the - non racist - blacks who voted for him - only - because he is black lol. Well 1/3rd black anyway. Or is it 1/4 ??.
    No matter how you slice him, not much of the - white - shows through lol.

  • sovereigntyofone

    " Basic elementary knowledge seems to be missing from our country these days. "
    Bingo ! You just nailed it, these are all the people that voted for Obama.

  • createdchaos

    Note to all the tree hugging hippies who grow dope: Those grow lamps and C02 generators that you are using are bad for the environment but good for business. Kind of like a double edged sword. But I'll bet you'll stick with the "it's good for business" excuse! ROFLAO

  • John Whittington

    Finally someone who is in the know that has a voice with the masses. I breath oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide what Al Gore thinks is causing the planet to go haywire. What Al did not learn in school is that carbon monoxide causes damage to plants. Maybe Al should shut up and go home!!!

  • Frans Halls

    We know that the warming effect of atmosphere CO 2 is logarithmic ( meaning each additional unit has less effect than the one preceding ).

  • Frans Halls

    CO 2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and insignifigant by definition.It is a poor absorber of IR from sunlight. Water vapor is seven times better, molecule for molecule, and has 80 times as many molecules making 560 times the air heating effect. But carbon is responsible for 80% of our energy. Control and taxing carbon will give the elected class more power than anything since the Magna Carta.

  • underthewire

    Can't wait for Gore to go up in smoke..................a great addition to climate change.

    • har82

      Would that be - tied to a stake - ??, in a public square ??. One could only hope lol.

  • Ron G

    Gore is!

  • Robert

    Bravo, The video is correct, I had a training class in Tornado spotting from the National Weather service, this was taught by 2 meterologists. During the break I was participating in discussion about emergency planning and the topic of Global Warming-Climate Change was asked about. They both said that this was a political agenda and was not supported by "real" science. The true cause of weather is caused by the Sun, all of it, We had a drought this year because of increased solar activity, more heat from the sun. Antartica was tropical 5 times in the history of the earth. The continents are moving, ice melts as we are still coming out of an Ice age. The Earth is dynamic ever changing, we can do very little to stop it.

    • Michael G.

      Your meterologists were right. If you're interested and want to see where this "idea" of GW really came from I would suggest reading: "The Planet Venus" by Milheil Gv. Morpv & David H. Grinspoon. In it there are 4 possible scenarios that would produce GW, none of which fits what Al Gore et company say.
      I'll warn you and anyone else who reads this book, you're going to be in for a thought provoking challenge. This is not an easy read.

      But from it, you'll come away with what real Global Warming is all about. Everything stated by Gore and others is completely wrong; and it all centers on the primary loss channel. (I"ll leave this one for the reader to come away with the answer). So don't say that GW is true; because it isn't.

    • har82

      Ahh, a voice of reason , and sanity. Just who let you ,, out of the shoebox Robert lol.

      Keep it up though, democraps are some pretty thick brick walls to penetrate. :)

  • ARMYOF69

    """CO2 Is Not An Enemy Of The Planet""", as long as we have enough plants, trees , vegetation....Go out there and plant a few seeds guys.

  • samtman

    If you want to learn about CO2, close your garage door, turn on your car engine and see how long you can stay in the garage before passing out. Have a priest stand by to give you your last rites. Every day 1 billion cars and trucks (320 million in the US) emmit thousands of tons of CO2 carbons in the athmosphere. And thats not even counting the 1.7 million( I checked that twise, it was hard to believe) coal fired power plants in the world. China starts up one new coal poowerd plant every day. The world has beome one garage with the overhead door closed, cars running and we are all in it.

    • BigUgly666

      Dammyoudumb! Samtman
      It is "Carbon MONOXIDE" that kills you ...... sounds like you've been sucking on the tailpipe just a little too long already.

    • The Big Easy

      He's been SUCKING something too long !!!!!!!! What a puke. I guess he also believes that the center of the earth is 'SEVERAL MILLION DEGREES',as his buddy al (who invented the internet ) gore has said.-------This is another one of those 'jim jones' types.

    • Markus Reborn

      The emissions from your car engine are Carbon MONOXIDE (CO), not CO2... Big difference. And when plants "breathe in" Carbon Dioxide, they "exhale" Oxygen.

  • Erik Osbun

    CO2 is not an enemy of the planet, so truth talks and bullshit walks.

    • patriot2

      exactly,the more co2 the happier the trees are.the only truth about global warming is that al gore & the rest of the alarmists are making tons of money making the rest of us buy their c r a p.

    • steve

      maybe they should just focus on people planting more trees

    • MR.RIGHT

      NO liberal, communists are! no pun intended.

  • Shermer

    You can only breathe in so much oxygen. Likewise, plants can only process so much CO2 - after that, the rest is just out there, doing its damage.

    • rosech

      Over the millenia the planet has very high CO and balanced it out. We need it to breathe/live and so do plants. The greenies do not understand anything but what has been brainwashed to their heads. The planet is stronger than anything on it or happens to it, and has proven many times over. Get informed!

    • Michael G.

      The actual content of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere is 0.003%. The plants do just fine at that level.

    • Sam in NC

      It's not doing any damage. The NWO is doing the damage. Wake up !

    • smartgranny55

      Seriously, did you watch the video. Have you learned anything about O and CO2? or did your school dumb down that info so much that you post this idiotic comment? or did you skip class or sleep through class the day this was taught?

    • MR.RIGHT

      You're an idiot, you mean over billions and billions of people all over the planet not just here in the states breathing no say its not true other are breathing OH NO we have to put an end to all this BREATHING on the planet again you're an IDIOT!!!

    • BigUgly666

      My God, Sherm .... are you serious? You clearly know nothing about physiology or biology.
      I really hope that you are trying to be 'funny'.

    • Shermer

      Nice pickup, Big. Seems anything said around here is taken at face value...

    • patriot2

      I can breath a lot more oxygen than you think,& plants can get rid of more than enough co2.stop trying to suffocate the trees in the rain forest,will you?

    • NotRightNotLeft

      Oh, you mean the ones that are being cut down every day to make room for more humans. Got it.

    • BlueViolets

      Yep I guess that extra 1 or 2 parts per million that humans exhale is really gonna do us in. You are such a good example of what the government educational system hath wrought.

    • Shermer

      I doubt you know anything about my government's education system.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Government Education is an oxymoron.

  • A. Levy

    "To conquer a nation without the use of military force, you must first control the minds of their young..." - Karl Marx

    • mijnheer

      I doubt that Marx said those words. Where exactly are they supposed to come from?

    • rosech

      I can remember Stalin saying something similar, and since we now know Obama and frump at staunch communists, they are following the communist manifesto to a T. Man, so many have been duped and still don't recognize it. Why I gave up teaching in public schools and their unions!

    • Michael G.

      I got those coming out of high school and in 1st year college. There were many who did all right, and then there were those who didn't know the common use of English words. I doubt remedial reading would have had a positive outcome for them. (Example: many didn't know the meaning of the word "Satellite." Can you believe that?). I'm glad not to have to deal with it any more...

    • patriot2

      karl marx, dummy,that's where they came from.

    • mijnheer

      Obama's gonna getcha! Better look under the bed tonight.

    • MR.RIGHT

      This is for all the
      evolutionists/democrats or anyone that seems to believe that abortion is a right.
      If as they say we’re all nothing but animals, I propose that it be legal to
      abort, kittens, puppies or any animal that has an unwanted pregnancy (without
      anesthetic, crushing the skull and ripping the limbs off one by one) just as
      the obastard said “If my daughter made a mistake and got pregnant I don’t want
      her to be ‘punished’ with a baby.”

      If this is the case
      then I say that if the owner of any animal gets pregnant, it is the right of
      the owner to have that animals ‘fetus’ aborted. So how many of you
      liberal/democrats/peta/epa people out there and the rest have something to say
      to the contrary? Why should the owner of an animal have to spay or neuter they’re
      pet? Wouldn’t this open up another job and income for veterinarians?

      Isn’t abortion a
      multimillion dollar business? I believe this is something the Republican
      Conservatives should bring up in this debate and fight like hell to say if it’s
      good for us it’s good for the ‘other animals’ on the planet. I’m talking about
      every type of animal horses, cows, chickens, frogs, fish, birds…etc so how bout
      I would just like to
      say I am a pet owner and I care greatly for all animals. I am just trying to
      show the stupidity of this argument, we are human beings NOT animals God
      created the animals on the 5th day and Man on the 6th
      day. May God have mercy on
      our great country, and protect us from the evil one, in Jesus name I pray

    • NotRightNotLeft

      I'd have no problem with it, but it would be much cheaper to simply perform the necessary sterilization procedures instead of creating some vast veterinary abortion clinic system. Similarly, it would be much cheaper to provide birth control to everyone who wants it instead of creating vast social security nets for the multitude of unwanted and unprepared for children who are the product of unplanned pregnancies. Humans are indeed animals.

    • Marie Devine

      They are working their plan; only revealing the plan to the youth can overcome it.
      "45 Communist Goals For the Take Over of America." (or other nations)
      (- Read them all -)
      (Read before Congress 1963, are in the Congressional Record): SHARE,