Clinton Completes Benghazi Report - Release Wednesday Of Unclassified Portion

Just days after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion, the State Department announced that an independent review of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was complete and that the unclassified portion of the review would be released to the public on Wednesday.

Politico reports,

The Independent Advisory Review Board completed its report and presented it to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this morning, department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

"She now has it," Nuland said during her daily press briefing.

The report is divided into a classified and unclassified section, according to Nuland. Nuland said that reporters and the public would probably get access to unclassified portions of the report sometime this week.

My best guess is this "investigative report" will provide absolutely nothing new, except maybe a new version of the story.

Clinton was scheduled to testify on Benghazi, but instead is recovering from a "stomach illness," which is being blamed for her faint and fall last week.

State Department deputy secretaries Bill Burns and Tom Nides as scheduled to testify before a House panel on Thursday this week.

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35 thoughts on “Clinton Completes Benghazi Report - Release Wednesday Of Unclassified Portion

  1. I am glad Hillary only has a concussion. She could have really been hurt if she was running and fell after landing in a plane under snipr fire.
    Does anyone actually believe anything that woman says. She was suppose to be the one in charge. Then she made the comment, I am the one responsible for over 60,000 workers in consulates across the country. I need to remind her that when she was running against obama she wanted to be responsible for over 300,000,000 people, she was worthy of being trusted to answer that red phone at 3oclock in the morning. Meanwhile she or the secret service could not detect Monica slipping into the white house carrying a pizza. Many times.
    She wanted to be the president and what about the secret service, what a wonderful job they were doing.
    All in all though, it couldn't have been much worse than what we have now.

  2. The unclassified version of events we already know, we got it from Fox News and CNN.

    We are waiting for the 'real version' but I have a feeling that Ms. Clinton will have more than one concussion before all is said and done. We will see the Arkansas dance of two steps forward and 4 back. Pulling teeth will be an easier task than getting the truth from her.

  3. Hillary and Billy need to get out of politics. Over the last 20 years they have helped to destroy the Constitution. Nothing she would say in her report or to the committee would be the truth anyway. We know the ambassador and the seals and all who were there that night were sent as sacrificial lambs................Damn Hillary.

    Too bad the fall didn't kill her if she actually REALLY has a concussion.

  4. What???? She has the capability to read and judge what is to be presented to the people but she cannot testify before a House Panel under oath? What kind of FOOL are you taken us for?

  5. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    guarantee two things; Palin or Bachmann would never have allowed Benchazi to happen;; if had on their watch they would have the courage to handle it correctly. Bill Clinton is a LIAR AND SO IS his beeatch.

  6. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    what cop out;;drag the old beeatch up there and burn her,, see why America does not need a woman like clinton as potus;; she plays the menopause card.