Classical Progressivism Vs American Exceptionalism

So much "you know what" has hit the fan during the first term of Barack Obama that freedom loving Americans can hardly know where to look to find solace. And believe me, readers, that was the goal, i.e. throw so much at the public at once that they will not have time and resources to fight back. "Hide the decline"(a la Climate-gate) ,and hide the bills (legislation we have no part in), hide the truth behind the mask of crisis management blamed on previous administrations. It takes a lot of time and research to discover the underlying truths and schemes going on, and we are finding them in spite of complicit and propagandizing mainstream media outlets. The majority of our citizens truly do not have the time, take the time, or do the research to find out the sources of the propaganda and lies. What we have now in power in the Federal government is classical progressivism. Progressive is a term that is defined by socialism, communism, fascism, and centralized power.

Slow and methodical over the last century was the march of socialists / communists / fascists / progressives / collectivists / liberals (they have so many names it is even hard to keep up with that), until Obama's election when the gears went into overdrive. Over-reaching is much too kind of a term to place on what has become a coup to completely over-throw the Constitution of the United States. Prior to now it has been incremental, the slippery slope, the inch by inch erosion of unalienable rights. Like a slow developing disease, they have gradually weakened the main body of country, so as now the disease can just finish it off in big bites at a time; socialized health care, energy restrictions, political correctness, executive edicts without the consent of the governed, continual reductions of property rights, illegal immigration - amnesty, etc. The centralized power of the Federal government is in full tilt, while individual rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness are becoming a distant dream. Communitarian ideology is the stepping stone to complete tyranny and, God forbid, you should speak out against this tyranny for you will be ridiculed, called a racist bigot, called an extremist, and a selfish uncaring undeserving idiot.

Paul Weston wrote in an editorial on Socialist education:

"Propaganda is the most powerful tool in Socialism's obsessive quest for social control and absolute power. Fear of the state is nowhere near as powerful as love of the state, and none more so when the love is conditioned from an early age." (Think Hitler youth) He continues, "We have surrendered any hope of a decent future for our children and grandchildren because we do not wish to be labeled racist, intolerant, xenophobic, nationalistic, or illiberal." (Think forced "diversity," as opposed to freedom of assembly. Think forced "economic justice," "social justice.")"

Well, I'm over the name calling and the mockery. And I have discovered the elitists who are trying to pull off this coup in the United States are a growing but still minority of ideologues who belong somewhere within the confines of other historical tyrants / tyrannies such as the failed states of Nazi Germany, Stalin's reign in Russia, Mao's communist elimination of millions of people, Castro, and countless others. You see, the policies of our current administration are just the same, though they try to cloak them in words that don't apply to real life or facts or historical truth. That is what tyrants do. They gain power by convincing a lot of people who don't know history to jump onto their corrupt repetitions of historical failures. They either marginalize or eliminate the opposition. They use words like "reform," "change," "hope," "power to the people," "diversity," "social justice," "sustainability," "believe," "economic justice," "let me be perfectly clear," "man-caused disaster," etc. You get the gist. Now, if you don't go looking behind the scenes at the players and find out what they mean by these platitudes, you will not have a clue what the real agenda is.

The fact is that over the history of civilization, America is the exception to all of the failed governments and tyrannies which have come and gone. What makes America different is the "consent of the governed," and "unalienable rights granted by God." We the people are supposed to hold the power over our own lives, not Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, or any of the appointed Czars who are regulating without our consent. They do not own the power. It would be laughable that they think they do, except the situation is now too dire to be funny. American exceptionalism represents the true "progress" over the tyrannies of the past and present, yet the Obama administration wants to use the word "progress" to downgrade America into the abyss of centralized governmental tyranny over us. The propagandized use of words is confusing to a population who has not immersed itself in the study of history enough to understand what is being foisted upon them.

Our country has been under assault for over a century now from "progressives," by whatever name you wish to use. We have only held them back by snips and bits, as they ever so gradually took away our God given liberties. But now they have a shot at the whole pie, thanks to an electorate who didn't do the research, was lied to, and didn't understand what was at stake. It is going to take a whole lot more effort than what we have been exerting to save the great exception that is our America.

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  • bukowski9

    You are spreading your own propaganda. You use comparisons with Nazis,Communism,Hitler and Stalin to spread fear in people to promote what? You label progressivism like its some kind of cult. Progressivism brought our countries founders here, progressivism ended slavery and brought about civil rights. Modern progressivism is for electoral reform,universal healthcare,abolition of the death penalty and renewable energy to name a few. Why don't you just come out and say that your whole idealogy is based on Christian fundamentalism.

  • J J

    Another amazing article. This should be required reading for every American. American voters need to know the consequences of inaction and the lack of concern or gathering of knowledge. These Obama voters are only concerned with what the government will give them or do for them so they don't have to be responsible for themselves - that makes them lazy. But when they then turn on Republicans because they speak truths about the future of this country, that makes them ignorant. They will suffer the consequences, too!!

  • donoesau3674m

    The mainstream media has played a larger role in propagandizing progressiveism than most people realize. They have been acting as an arm of the democratic party and have become a political organization themselves.

  • CamoCoyote

    Nice to know I'm not alone. Besides spreading the word, I'm still working on how to best resist along with a backup plan for escape. The problem with people like us, is we always tend to mind our own business as we freely focus on improving life for our family. This allows the parasitical people the opportunity to scheme for the theft of our success.

  • Bob Marshall

    I wonder if Alex de Tocqueville would recognize America toady? This is just one of the many observations and statements he made when he first visited America. The Americans combine the notion of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds,that it is impossible to make them conceive one without the other. Another one. Not until i went into the churches and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did i understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. We may never see the America he saw and his speech regarding that visit,what he witnessed and saw was one of the greatest ever spoken. Few Americans will ever bother to read it and that is a shame.

  • grassroot

    They have been working in the style of " fabyan" socialists, in that they worked slowly,
    infiltrating our halls of learning and positions of power in government. The fabyans take their

    style of operating from fabius maximus, a roman general who fought wars by stealth.
    undermining and wearing down his adversary by stealth. When sen. McCarthy was accusing
    some in positions of power in our gov. of having communist leanings, he was accused of
    being a nut case ranter by the left and with the media was ridiculed and denigrated into
    oblivion. But here we see what he was trying to warn us of.

  • ste1021

    With the assistance of the MSM, the propaganda arm of the democrat party, Obama has changed the Greatest Generation into the dependent generation.

  • regulus30

    previous Presidents that should have been executed;; before this a666hole we have now;;;;;;;;;;;woodrow wilson, hurbert hoover, teddy roosevelt; FDR; LBJ..........

  • Drifanwulf

    Thank you Cheryl for writing the truth. I hope all Americans who read this article truly realize the danger posed by so called progressives who are in reality communists.