Bloomberg Calls Republican 'Stupid' Over Desire For Teacher To Have Gun

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said that he wished principal Dawn Hachsprung had a gun when she confronted the shooter on Friday. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press conference to unveil a new campaign by "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" that it was a 'stupid' thing to say and then went on to talk like guns have a mind of their own, stating, "I don’t know what the gun would’ve done."

Rep. Gohmert told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, "Hearing the heroic stories of the principal, lunging, trying to protect – Chris, I wish to God she had had an M-4 in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lung heroically with nothing in her hands, but she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids."

Monday Bloomberg responded to Gohmert's comments stating, “You know, there are people who say dumb things and then there are people who say stupid things. I don’t know what the gun would’ve done."

I'm honestly lauging at Bloomberg's comments as he says people say dumb and stupid things and follows it with one of the most stupid comments I can think of on the subject.

“I can just tell you that if you have a gun in your house, you are something like 22 times as likely to shoot a friend or a relative as somebody trying to assault you,” he said. “Guns kill people. They don’t belong in schools. They don’t belong on campuses. They don’t belong in the hands of minors, or people with psychiatric problems or people with drug abuse problems, or people with criminal records."

No, Mr. Bloomberg, people kill people and if you take guns from murderers, they'll use knives, and if you take their knives, they'll use pencils. That is just the way the criminal mind works. But if you take guns from law abiding citizens and access to those guns, then you leave them defenseless against people who care nothing about your laws.

Bloomberg said that the time for talking about gun control is over and that it is "time to stop this carnage." He echoed Barack Obama's words when he added, "no matter the political ramifications."

“Somehow or other we’ve come to think that getting re-elected is more important than saving lives, that political power is more important than saving lives, that partisan politics is more important than saving lives,” he said. “Enough.”

Well, you know I wish our side had the same kind of passion and determination no matter what the political ramifications are. We certainly need articulate conservatives in office to push back the tide of encroaching liberalism, especially in the midst of what is taking place with regards to the Second Amendment being under attack.

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  • Benjamin Kibbey

    Here's something that can't be said enough, because Bloomberg keeps throwing out that "22" number -- though each time he seems to assign it a slightly different meaning.

    It's wrong. It's a lie. It, first of all, comes from a repeatedly discredited study that did things like if a cousin from across town who was owed drug money came looking for it and shot the "home owner," they would have counted that as "shot with own gun by intimate family member."

    But even without knowing that, look at his wording: "you are something like 22 times as likely to shoot a friend or a relative as somebody trying to assault you,”

    Here's something to help if you miss the issue: "I am 100% more likely to be sexually assaulted by a burglar as to sexually assault a burglar."

    In reality, it's not gun owners who are bloodthirsty; it's Bloomberg. Because, he won't consider it a defensive act until you kill someone.

    Around 2.5 million times a year, a gun owner uses a gun to prevent an assault or other crime. Only around 200 times a year does a gun owner kill someone in self defense. The reason is, gun owners don't want to kill people; they want to defend themselves, their families and their neighbors, and they will only kill someone if they absolutely must. Most of the time, the attacker or burglar either flees or is held at gunpoint for the police to arrive.

    I was a big gun control advocate, but then I set out to prove I was right, and found I was incontrovertibly wrong. Gun control can be beat with facts, because they are all on our side, but you can't fight anyone with an empty mag. Gun rights people need to get educated and get out there. That the opposition is ignorant is no excuse to be the same way. I don't know you you all feel about plugging sites, but this is a good jumping-off point for anyone wanting some good info:

  • don

    i prefer stupid over a rabid marixs any day. hell of a lot less dangerous

  • Robert Schultz

    I call Bloombug a sawed-off fairie.

  • marine1944

    He might want to watch who he calls stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!