Benghazi Report: The Buck Stops Nowhere

The Accountability Review Board issued its report earlier this week and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on it. Now the unclassified sections of the review are being looked through and it seems that no one will be fired over the incident and no one will face any sort of disciplinary action. This is a travesty, considering the lives of four Americans were taken and no aid was given by a government that knew they were under attack.

The Washington Post reports,

The review by the Accountability Review Board said the temporary, lightly defended compound where Stevens died lacked disciplined oversight of its security operations. The diplomatic post’s ad hoc nature, with inexperienced staff members working there for short periods, “resulted in diminished institutional knowledge, continuity, and mission capacity,” the report said.

Finally, the report said State Department officials in Washington ignored requests from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, for additional guards and better security for the Benghazi compound, which served as a temporary U.S. consulate for eastern Libya. It also said that there had been worrisome incidents in the weeks before the attack that should have led to increased security, but the report did not identify any specific threats to the compound on Sept. 11.

The report said State Department security personnel on the scene and CIA officers at a nearby annex used as an operations base had responded in a timely and appropriate manner, and it absolved the U.S. military of any blame, saying there was not enough time for a military response that would have made any difference.

Despite the broad security failures, the report did not single out any individual officials as violating procedures and did not recommend any disciplinary action.

The report went on to confirm that the story the Obama administration put out about there being protests over a YouTube video critical of Islam was baseless and that the attack was carried out by terrorists. Surprise! But again, no disciplinary action was recommended.

The Washington Times points out that while there was no disciplinary action recommended now, the report says that should be the case "in the future." That's quite convenient for the Secretary of State isn't it?

Shaun Waterman writes, "The board 'found that certain senior State Department officials within two bureaus demonstrated a lack of proactive leadership and management ability in their responses to security concerns' in Benghazi. But the report notes that poor management is 'ordinarily … addressed through the performance management system” rather than through discipline.'"

Waterman continues, "However, the board adds that 'findings of unsatisfactory leadership performance by senior officials' in relation to security 'should be a potential basis for discipline recommendations' in the future, and recommends changes to department regulations that would make that possible."

"The report does not name any of the officials concerned," Waterman points out, "but an investigation by House Republicans found that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb, responsible for diplomatic security in the region, denied repeated requests for additional security in Libya from security officials on the ground."

CNS News also points out "the special Accountability Review Board that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appointed to investigate the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, says that a local militia the State Department hired to protect that mission was refusing to protect the movement of State Department vehicles in Benghazi on Sept. 11 in order to protest its wages and working hours."

While security is most definitely faulted in the report, no one is specifically targeted as being responsible. So it appears that not one person is going to lose their job over Benghazi and not one person will face disciplinary action. Every American should be outraged, but alas it seems that Obama and his administration are coated in Teflon.

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38 thoughts on “Benghazi Report: The Buck Stops Nowhere

  1. It was leaked only hours after the Benghazi massacre that the whole tragedy was staged to enhance Obama's chances for re-election. I believe that is exactly what happened. Obama is iron clad, however and Congress won't touch him. We the people need to stop complaining and petition our Congressmen to have him impeached. I'm not sure of the proper procedure for starting a petition to send to my state's Congressmen, otherwise would be happy to do so.

  2. No surprise here! These thugs and bullies never take responsibility. Guess the fall guys are the 4 that I heard resigned from the State Dept. But just wait--Obama hasn't shown his true colors even yet, I fear!!!

  3. Most - producing - Americans have a severe distaste for - bammie - and his ilk . If the rest of those politicians don't get their heads out of thier arses pretty soon they ,,,, will be just as

    h a t e d as the arrogant anointed one is.

  4. Apparently know one seems to care that ovomit was selling guns and giving aid to the enemy.Whats that you say?He can't do that?Your right its against the constitution and is called treason.But lets not ask about that.All you have to do is ask the right questions,its like using a steel spatula on a Teflon pan.

  5. How far we've fallen from "The Buck Stops Here". If all these underlings are really the ones in charge then why are the American people providing all the highest salaries, limousine's, jets, security and every thing else to those apparently just occupying space. Perhaps these people who are not responsible for anything should be made to justify their positions in the pecking order. It seems those with the most massive carbon foot prints are also the most utterly worthless amongst us.

  6. Of course the buck stops nowhere.. It is OBAMA in the White House.. the president who takes no rsponsibility for anything. He is quick to pick up the accolades, the fake ones like. . " I got bin Laden" The Navy Seals did that, you idiot! Or, I got the Nobel Peace prize.. what peace, you banana? And now Man of the Year at some liberal rag.....No, Barry.. you make a lot of noise.. but you really do nothing!

  7. These are elected officials and appointed officials in league with the devil--commander in chief BHO . The complicit behavior is totally being shoved under the rug as FAST & FURIOUS has been. These are the people who are ready to disarm the WE THE PEOPLE . They give us a snow-job on the TERRORISTS here in the USA -

    You bet we better bare arms and be ready for their nazi -islamo dealings to UNDERMINE THIS COUNTRY! Hillary is just as mean,dishonest and sickening as she has always been. ALL TRUST SHOULD BE GONE for the progressive-liberal -demos. faction. I expect more undermining and will there be enough pain to go around?

  8. DAVID PEACOCK says:


  9. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    DESPICABLE, DISGUSTING, DISHONEST trash running this nation into the ground;;justice will be rendered soon.

  10. ProudTeabagger says:

    Now we the American Tax Payors would like Obama to repay the 16 million dollars he wasted on the ads telling our enemies that we are sorry for the video that caused the riot that did not happen.

    • He is still funneling our $$ to the Arabs-Syrian factions just like in Egypt,Libya -and to the Gaza terrorists and all who suck -up to Iran.

    • Actually, I would much prefer they just let the poor guy out of the slammer. Talk about a - railroad job - . He's the poster boy for it. I would love ,, to see - bammie - in black and white stripes ,, or better yet ,, some of Arpio's pink undies lol.

  11. What a farce. They're all in in together. BO makes the rules and they carry them out. No justice, no accountability and no scruples. They will never indict their own!