Alan Keyes Provides A Logical Argument Against Homosexual "Marriage"

Alan Keyes sets people strait on the issue of homosexual "marriage" in a debate with Barack Obama.

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  • Scirel

    A masterful accounting of the Natural Law argument for heterosexual marriage. Awesome!

  • conservative ascension

    Keyes/Cain or Cain/Keyes 2016 Two strong conservatives who can save this country. Why is our electorate so damn dumb?

  • PJ Gildernew

    Got to love the dumbfounded look on Barry's face in the video...I know he didn't understand a word Allen Keyes said..he's only trying to hold back a laugh because he knows 99% of America doesn't either!

  • TruthWFree

    Alan Keyes is a great man. Too bad so many of his race cannot appreciate his wisdom and understanding of the issues. The Holy Spirit is truly guiding him in my opinion. Again, the dumbed down voter cannot see the intelligence and wisdom of his positions. I would be curious as to what Obama put forth in that argument but I know he supports gay marraige and it has no social purpose other than to ram their need for the rest of society to accept their dysfunctional behavior as normal.

  • gestr

    Alan Keyes is a brilliant Catholic man, with a brilliant Catholic education. It's too bad the education of most Americans has been so dumbed down that they cannot follow the depth of his stellar arguments.

    From the look on Obama's young face, one could just imagine the question marks floating through his otherwise blank mind as Keyes spoke.