AFP MI Tent comes down at Right To Work Rally & Fox News Contributer Steven Crowder Assaulted

Fox News Contributor Stephen Crowder gets assaulted by Union Thug Tony Camargo and another Union goon Chris Opalewski, who aided in tearing down the AFP tent and also appears to enjoy cross-dressing. I'm expecting Mr. Camargo may just owe his livelihood to Mr. Crowder should he choose to press charges. Warning: Strong language.

This is a longer video of what took place as the Union thugs tore down the tent of AFP. Again, Warning: Strong Language.

UPDATE: Stephen talked with Dana Loesch following the assault.

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  • Just me

    I am so afraid for my country, but this is what the last days are to be like.

  • kenpo5

    LOVELY...what a bunch of PIGS those union thugs were. PIGS. Self centered, unabashed PIGS.

  • 1S-1K

    What a crock !! These union thugs (criminals) must be real proud of themselves. Their lack of brains is obvious. That is why they have to be union members - otherwise they are to stupid to be able to get a job. And the police can't do anything. Out of town thugs brought in by the unions, school teachers, auto workers and other miscreants showing off their skills. All playing follow the leader led by Barrack Hussein Obama, the socialist/communist puppet. What a crock!!

  • Mike Slaney

    Where were the POLICE? OH! forgot, they were UNION too!

  • Terry Corcoran

    Any wonder why I am a FORMER Teamster?

  • Terry Corcoran

    Help out this country......Shoot a Union retard......

  • govtrumbull

    How is it possible to have freedom of speech and the individual constitutional right of having an opposing point of view, when the opposition uses violence to destroy those rights? The Union Members are using the tactics of totalitarianism to institute a dictatorship in America.

    Conservatives and constitutionalists are being ruled by a totally different set of standards than than the Unions and the President who backs their methods. The rule of law does not apply to communist run Union agitators and our Justice Department turns a blind eye to every mean-spirited and illegal tactic that these thugs dish out.

    Obama is about to enter his second term in office and we will see much more of this kind of behavior in our streets. The communist plan of divide and conquer is happening right in front of us. It is no different than than the burning of the Reichstag in Germany by the NAZI's, or the Russian (communist) revolution in 1918. The tactics of violence is a hallmark of communists and Fascists, and the heavy hand of these groups is being unleashed on our streets. Too many people said that "It can't happen here." But it is happening right in front of us. The communist revolution to destroy America has begun and the "Workers of the World," are leading the charge to install Obama as the first communist president in the United States of America.

  • jreg9304

    what??? is everyone too afraid to leave a comment? or are you all to shell shocked?

  • NORM

    Oh yeah? Just wait till the patriots start playing cowboy and union thugs.

  • jreg9304

    myself, i used to be in the teamsters union. but, after seeing this type of conduct i condemn all unions. this type thing should not have been allowed to transpire.

    • Bdog

      I hate to disappoint you all... but this was a HOAX... a CLASSIC FOX stunt.... just like the alleged ACORN pimp.... (though you probably don't know the truth about that either) I urge you to find the ENTIRE video... see the interviews with ALL the surrounding witnesses who say the AFP staff dis-assembling the tent... from the inside. /As far as the "thug beating" this clown took.... hmmm doesn't seem to have a scratch on him.

      Stupid is... as stupid does!!

    • jreg9304

      ya, and monkeys are flying out of my azz.

    • Drifanwulf

      A hoax, a stunt, don't think so. I've got eyes and I can hear also, peddle it at the Huffington Post.

    • mjem

      useful idiot you are, can't see what is in fromt of your eyes........

  • bigjack1

    The unions are controlled by communists. This is the start of a communist revolution. It will not get better, particularly since Obama is a communist. Sorry folks, you had a chance to get rid of him.

    • Dee Reilman

      We now have a Nation of ''Takers'', not Makers... This behavior should not be tolerated, however I feel that "Obama" did NOT help matters when he came to WI on Tuesday... The ''Community Organizer In Chief'' is a communist and we all know it...I tried to warn people too, but they won't listen when ''Santa Claus'' is giving out all the ''freebies'' to the takers... GOD HELP US!

    • jreg9304

      you are correct... the dem. voters are too blame for their own demise. the foolish idiotic morons, that voted for Obama!!!!

  • salim

    this is just the thing that was foretold since the 19th century as a
    long-term result of union activity. the most prolific woman writer in
    the history of the US mentioned that labor unions would be a major force
    to bring about national ruin. to get the big picture, I urge all ASAP
    to read (also free online) the book titled
    The Great Controversy, authored by ellen gould white..
    be blessed!

  • StephenB1

    Those people that are protesting are looking like a bunch of farm animals. The people that okated the Right To Work, has the same rights as the people that oppose it. If they want to fight, send thjem opver to the AH are fighting. Those people are a bunch of HEATHENS..

    • jbaviera

      "Those people that are protesting are looking like a bunch of farm animals". NO, farm animals are more civilized.

  • Liberty

    Union Idiots on display, morons lead by morons.,