Afghan Policewoman Murders US Adviser

In another example of the trending Green on Blue attacks taking place in Afghanistan, an Afghan policewoman shot and killed an American adviser just outside the police headquarters in Kabul on Monday.

The Associated Press reports,

A NATO command spokesman, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Lester T. Carroll, said the shooter was taken into Afghan custody shortly after the incident. The slain adviser was a contractor but the name and nationality of the deceased were being withheld, Carroll said.

Deputy Police Chief Mohammad Daoud Amin said it has not been determined whether the American adviser's death was intentional or accidental. He said an investigation was under way and declined to give more details of the incident, which occurred in central Kabul on the compound housing the governor of the city and near a number of key ministries.

"We can confirm that a civilian police adviser was shot and killed this morning by a suspected member of the Afghan uniform. The suspected shooter is in Afghan custody," Carroll said. He said Afghan and NATO officials were still trying to confirm initial reports that the shooter was a policewoman.

The killing came just hours after an Afghan policeman shot five of his colleagues at a checkpoint in northern Afghanistan late Monday. The attacker then stole his colleague's weapons and fled to join the Taliban, said deputy provincial governor in Jawzjan province, Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani.

While Barack and Michelle Obama put out a Christmas video wishing the country "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas," Obama said that America should be thankful to be receiving soldiers back from Iraq. Obama also said, "The transition in Afghanistan is underway. After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. And all across America, military families are reuniting."

"So this week let’s give thanks for our veterans and their families," he continued. "And let’s say a prayer for all our troops--especially those in Afghanistan – who are spending this holiday overseas, risking their lives to defend the freedoms we hold dear."

Yes, we should be praying for these Americans who are being killed by the people they are training! We should also be thankful that many are returning home. It is an outrage that the killing of Americans by Afghan police that they have trained continues, and not only continues, but has been escalating as Ben Swann points out.

The surge of attacks, known as Green on Blue attacks or insider attacks, is throwing doubt on the capability of the Afghan security forces, being trained by our military, to take over once international troops pull out of Afghanistan.

Bring our troops home!

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  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Every last US troop should be removed from all mid-eastern countries so those rag heads can go back to killing each other. Personally, I don't give a rat's ass about any of those Muslims. It's their culture to be murdering each other in the name of allah.

  • nax777

    Bring our troops home and stop taking in 700,000 Muslims
    annually as legal immigrants! /

  • rchguns

    Does anyone remember what the other name for Afghanistan is? Is called the graveyard of empires and it lives up to that name. Any nation was set out to fight a war in Afghanistan has been decimated there is absolutely no way to win a war in a worthless/stone aged country. The whole country is not worth one drop of American blood.. You would think that after Russia got kicked out that we would know better than to get involved.

    Now I want to point out something when Diaper Head Obama was running against John McCain he said That the Iraqi War was a bad war and that is war was Afghanistan and that was the right war. These were his statements.

    The people in that part of the world have been fighting each other for centuries and every now and then sums to put country stick their nose in and end up having their head handed to them on a plate. Afghanistan is the place where it.was going to give the world an enema that's where you would do it. The people are illiterate, filled the, backwards, vicious, vile and about any other despicable adjective you can throw at them. These people even wipe their rear ends with their fingers. They torture their women and female children will not let the women or any females for that matter get an education Why Are We There. What do we get out of it not a thing except deeper in debt and many of our best and brightest young man and women are being killed. I realize that this is the goal Of Diaper Head Obama because he thinks one less real American will make his job easier in destroying the country.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    It appears that all we are accomplishing is to train those who desire to kill us...that sounds rather stupid. Let's take our marbles and go home; let these mountain goat humping losers to themselves. And on the way out, drop a bunch of claymores.

  • jane

    that place should have been a parking lot a long time ago

  • har82

    Just another incident where muslims spit on Americans . This woman will probably become a National hero lol.

  • Bacchus

    he only muslim you can trust is a dead one. The only revelation muhammad received was from a statue of the Persian moon god. Dont try telling a mislim that, they are not allowed to believe you.


    The Afgans are just trying to impress the Obamanation so he'll send them a few billion.
    You and I both know it doesn't matter how many Americans are killed over seas.

  • Micheal Stone Sr.

    We need to pull out totally and I hope the muslim male tortures rhese dumb bit--es , they deserve it , what are we doing there!

  • Al Roberts

    The Afghans are getting ready for the time when Obama pulls the rug out from under them. Just like in Vietnam, when the Democrats bailed on the South Vietnams. They are going to have to live there after our troops are gone. And without supplies and structure, they know that they will all EVENTUALLY BE DEAD.

    • Micheal Stone Sr.

      Who cares, we should have never stayed, kill all of the murdering maniacs!

    • Seymour Kleerley

      Nixon and Ford "bailed" on the South Vietnamese.

    • Lynda Deming

      You LIE! It was the demonRAT CONgress that pulled all support for the South Vietnamese, causing them to fall in 1975.

    • Seymour Kleerley

      Didn't Nixon promise to get us out of Vietnam during the election? By the way, Like Iraq we never should have invaded and the results of when we leave are never pretty. Nixon did the right thing. He's was far better than anyone the Conservatives have now.

  • Randy131

    This has proven the wisdom of George Bush, who didn't want the Afghanistan War to escalate with American troops, but Obama said, when campaigning for President in 2008, that this is the war we should be executing, not the Iraqi War, and when he assumed office, escalated this war, and later when things started to go bad, executed a troop surge, like George Bush did to win the Iraqi War, but it has back-fired on Obama, because he tried to micro-manage it, instead of giving the military what they asked for and letting them execute their own strategy to win it, like George Bush did in Iraq. Obama, a President that never served in the military, trying to micro-manage a war, and we're suppose to be surprised by the failure coming in the future, with all our lost of American lives having been wasted, because of Obama's incompetence. But history will record the outcome correctly, and the cause for it.

    • audwq

      True that everything Obama tries to manage is a big mismanagement. And sad, but the socialists Dems are always trying to rewrite history. Clinton tried it too.

    • Seymour Kleerley

      Obama only gave the generals what they felt was needed to win. Bush just dithered for 7 years and lost the war the minute he invaded Iraq. The worst military decision in history.

    • Randy131

      That's a lie! Obama gave the Generals exactly half the number of men the Generals requested for the surge in Afghanistan, while Bush gave them everything they requested in Iraq, and the results of the two wars is now telling how great a micro-manager Obama is when it comes to war, and as far as that goes, the economy of our country over the last 4 years is also telling what a great micro-manager Obama is financially, a person who never started or ran anything, but lived off the dole of others and the government, even his education attests to that. Bush didn't want to end the Afghanistan war, only to keep American troops out and allow the Afghan surrogates to win their own war, with the help of military advisers that Bush furnished for and to the Afghan tribes, who fought for us against the Taliban, until Obama got elected and sent many of our American troops into Afghanistan to win a war that Bush knew was unwinable, through the experience of the Russians. The Afghanistan is Obama's war, not Bushes, and unlike Bush winning the Iraqi War, your man Obama will lose the Afghanistan War, wasting thousands of American lives, while accomplishing nothing, but it was his canpaign slogan and promise, so he went in, and then wouldn't allow our Generals the good attempt to win it by giving them the troop strenght they asked for. Quit trying to revise recent history, we patriots pay very close attention to what is going on and has gone on, and we know the truth, so your propaganda for your foreign Muslim President means nothing to us.

    • Seymour Kleerley

      Bush increased troops in Iraq after 5 years of the "small footprint" strategy which was a disaster. He never increased troops in Afganistan and Obama had to do it. I don't blame Righties for not accepting the reality of the Iraq war blunder of the last three centuries. Things will only get worse for your side until you come out of denial.

    • Randy131

      Bush put enough troops in Iraq to defeat their army, the 3rd largest in the world in numbers of men in uniform at that time, in less than 2 weeks, and only sent more troops in to fight the unexpected insurgency. Bush also won that war, but we know how Obama's war in Afghanistan is going, we're going to lose, just wait and see, then compare the outcomes of the two countries' wars. Obama has been the worse President in our history, and will destroy our Republic in his second term, just wait and see. Obama has effectively destroyed our economy, which all will see the results of in his second term. In 4 more years you're going to be mighty embarrasssed with Obama's results, trying to make up excuses that it wasn't Obama's fault for destroying the country during his 8 years in office, and I guess you'll still be blaming it on Bush, or maybe Boehner because he won't capitulate to Obama's demands, but wants a compromise that Obama won't do. Obama has lied so much people just expect it from him now and are not surprised by it, just take it for granted that it's the only thing Obama can do. Obama when campaigning for President in 2008 said Bush's deficit in 2007 of just over $400 billion was unpatriotic and showed a lack of leadership, with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress and control of the budget and deficit, and since Obama became President has averaged $1.5 trillion each and every year he's been in office, and the 1st quarter of 2013 the defict spending has increased by 10%, what a liar and hypocrite Obama really is. You need to change your name because everyone in these conservative blog sites now know you don't 'See More Clearly', but are blind as a bat to the truth, hidden by your liberal bias.

    • Lynda Deming

      5 years in Iraq would have been March 2008. The troop surge began in January 2007, 3.75 years in, and would not have been needed at all except for the concerted effort of the demonRATS to defeat President George W. Bush. That's right, defeating President Bush was the goal, not the jihadist in Iraq or elsewhere in the world. According to our troops on the ground, they were conducting mop up operations and training of the new security forces In 2005. Little did our troops and the Iraqis know that the desire to win the congressional elections in 2006 would cause the demonRATS to sell them all down the river, perhaps causing irreparable damage to both our countries.

      There was no need to increase the troop strength in Afghanistan until the US CONgress, along with the propulsion of their own jihadist to the white house, gave the taliban the will to persevere knowing the US would now help them in their quest. Additional troops were requested on August 30, 2009. The first of those requested troops arrived for Christmas in 2009. After four months of dithering it was a nice touch sending them to Afghanistan for Christmas, don't you think? Did you know those troops were quietly brought home after 3 years last September?

    • Lynda Deming

      "Iraq war blunder" ? Just because your side makes up a lie and repeats it ad nauseum does not make it truth. Iraq was the right thing to do at the right time. 12 years of ignoring 17 UN resolutions, throwing out weapons inspectors, circumventing the Oil for Food program -- turning it into the Oil for Palaces program, $25,000 checks to the families of "palistinian" suicide bombers, operating the terrorist training camp at Salman Pak, giving aid and comfort to Al Queda jihadists escaping Afghaistan...not to mention the known human rights abuses and mass graves. After 9-11 it was the right time to end the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and the world is a better place with him gone. Or it was until the rise of the next Hussein, right here in America.

    • Seymour Kleerley

      Yikes! Bush won the Iraq war! How's that? We eliminated Iran's biggest enemy and buffer for the rest of the middle east. We wasted trillions, our military is spent our image shot and we didn't even get the oil or an ally. What would losing the war look like?

    • Randy131

      It would look like the people we are training killing us as we train them, in other words, Obama's war in Afghanistan. History will show which was won and which was lost, and I can't wait to see your excuses, but they'll come in a couple more years, when time exposes the truth.

    • Lynda Deming

      YOU LIE! Again!!!
      Search: obama+dither+Afghanistan and educate yourself on at least one thing.

  • Greg

    Someone should beat her to death.

  • Raymond

    Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
    He leadeth me beside the still factories.

    He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
    He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party's sake.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
    I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.

    He has anointed my income with taxes,
    My expenses runneth over.

    Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
    And I will live in a mortgaged home forever..

    I am glad I am American,
    I am glad that I am free,

    But I wish I was a dog,
    And Obama was a tree!

  • jb80538

    A woman being a cop on a muslim country? HArd to believe.

    • LauraInArizona

      That was my very first thought too!

    • Guest

      Probably just a Muslim cross-dresser. Either that or one who reverted to being a liberal.

  • fliteking

    Remember when king Ob*ma said he would get us out of Afghanistan ?

    The recent marine locked up in mexico tells the real story as to how king Ob*ma feels about those that serve our country, perhaps he has an ulterior motive.

    The murdering police woman should come to America, the liberals would give her a job in Ob*ma's cabinet , food stamps, a free phone and offer to abort her children.