A Few Reasons For Liberals Why One Should Own A Modern High Capacity Rifle

Liberals are screaming at the top of their lungs that "No one needs an assault rifle!" Correction, it's a modern musket, thank you, not an assault rifle. But Chuck Woolery gives at least six reasons for why someone should own such a weapon. Enjoy!

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  • Wolf-Talker-1

    All elected Officials must be protected with "Assult Weapons" the average citizen must solely relie on local Leo's!

  • Scott

    almost everything i read says that AR stands for assault riffle. that is not the case, AR actually stands for Arma Lite Inc. the company that originally designed the M16/AR15 and other variants, for those who didnt know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Osbun/100001215333702 Erik Osbun

    Chuck has it right!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Assault weapons, actual assault weapons with a fully automatic capability, have been severely restricted in this country since 1934. The number of crimes committed with them since that time is miniscule (two I believe). The fiction that such weapons are readily
    available is perpetrated only in movies & TV shows.
    The AKs and AR-15s sold in this country, falsely branded by the lib/socialist media as "assault weapons", are semi-automatic just like many other sporting weapons. They just look "mean" and “scary” to the ignorant. This ignorance is exploited by the so called firearms confiscators/“gun grabbers” who work acidulously to take weapons away from honest citizens, and do little or nothing halt or punish the criminal use of firearms.

    • axmickl

      The scary part here is that the libs actually believe what they cry about. They don't need to see any facts or ingage in any discussions. They have been told by the liberal press what constitutes an assault weapon and everybody knows the press doesn't lie. Like the idiot girl in the tv commercial; they can't put it in the paper if it isn't true?

  • Mike

    For once someone knows the definition of an assault rifle. The AR rifles that civilians own are not an assault rifle because they do not fit the military definition of an assault rifle. It is time for the American people to tell these liberal gun grabbers to go screw themselves.

  • Meathead

    Most citizens
    don't know, and politicians won't say, that "assault weapons" have been
    banned, without a very costly and
    highly monitored special permit, since the passing of the National
    Firearms Act in 1934. There are a lot of other folks who don't know
    what an "assault weapon" is either, especially members of Congress, the
    main media and talking (empty)
    heads, so it's no surprise that they speak through ignorance.

    You'll find the following two videos both entertaining and enlightening.

    Copy and paste into your address bar to learn the tremendous difference
    between the semi-automatic rifle and the assault rifle.

    Copy and paste into your address bar to learn the truth about AK-47 and AR-15
    firepower. It ain't what you think is is. The AK-47 was NOT designed TO KILL.

    to protect the children in schools? Simply take down the "Gun Free
    Zone" / "Killing Zone" signs and allow teachers who are qualified, and
    willing, to conceal carry. Instead of cowering in a corner with the
    students hoping that the maniac doesn't come in and kill them, the
    teacher could put the students against the wall the door is in, stand
    slightly off-center to the side opposite the door hinges and be ready to
    take out the perpetrator with a couple of shots to the cranial cavity
    if they open the door.

    I "carry" everywhere I go, regardless of
    the "Gun Free Zone" signs; unless there is a metal detector involved,
    that is. I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. If you are
    in a "Gun Free Zone" when a maniac shows up, you better pray that there
    is a citizen like me, who
    can hit what they are aiming at through constant practice, standing
    by. Best bet is to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones
    without someone else's assistance.

  • Patriot

    Chuck Woolery is spot on!

  • Patriot

    retiredmillwright is right on!

    Your situation is understandable.

    Mossberg 300 12ga for home defense and Glock 26 for walking around protection myself.

    • axmickl

      I'll vote for that except my Mossberg is the 500 model and I have 3 handguns. Have a 22 so I can afford to take my wife out shooting a lot and it doesn't break us, have a Walther 380 that fits cleanly in my pants pocket and a Baretta 1092S for when I get really concerned about my safety.

    • Patriot

      Nice! I'll have to consider getting a 22 for the same reason.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      A .22 Cal long rifle pistol or revolver is very inexpensive to shoot & once you become proficient in close grouping with your shots, it will be no different with a .380, 9mm, .40 cal or .45 caliber. Concise & consistent proficiency has everything to do with practice. The more practice you get the more consistent you will become in grouping your bullets. Practice with the lighter rounds & you will be just as proficient with a heavier caliber weapon. If possible get some pointers from Police Officers or self defense instructors, as their experience can help you develop good shooting habits. Practice, practice & practice some more, as you want your bullets where you intend them to be & not hit an innocent bystander.

  • timpclimber

    Taught my sons and daughter to shoot and gave them rifles on their 14th birthdays. They have all chased off intruders with their guns. and they live in medium sized cities. Obama and his crowd can afford body guards. We can't. So I'm one of the gun totting bible lovers he can't understand. We must keep the Feds from taking our guns and Bibles.

  • retiredmillwright


    I don’t own any assault rifles. I do own a semi-auto home defense
    rifle with hi-capacity magazines. My rifle is used to hunt feral hogs for food
    to and defend my rural home. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday who has been
    burglarized half a dozen times over the years. It is not usual for houses to be
    from a half to a mile apart here. I have been burglarized myself. He said when he called the police it took an
    hour and a half to get to his home, big county few police. If you were home when
    the robbers came you would be on your own out here in the woods for an hour and
    a half before the police might arrive. You would be a FOOL not to be well armed
    with a semi-auto weapon and a telephone; you can bet the robbers will be armed
    and most likely on drugs.