Who Does Obama Say That He Is?

People learn by moving from the known to the unknown. An analogy inherently proposes the idea, that if things agree in some respect they probably agree in others. Secular prophecy uses knowledge of the past and the present to predict the future. The past is the womb of the present and the present is the History of the Future. As the past may be interpreted and the present may be misunderstood the future is never certain. Platitudes may outline the shape of something, but they can never define anything.

If Michelle is like Marie Antoinette to whom shall we compare Barack? The thought that he’s Louis XVI is unthinkable. George III is too easy. All of the megalomaniacs or despots of the twentieth century would be politically incorrect in the extreme. Some would be considered too far left and some too far right though in reality the extreme on both sides meet at the intersection of totalitarianism and brutality. Since he rode a wave of secular messianic fever into power and since he won a second term due to the devotion of his disciples perhaps an appropriate paraphrase from the Good Book would be, “Who does he say that he is?”

First, who do others say Mr. Obama reminds them of?

His rapid supporters have finally gone the extra mile. During his first presidential campaign they merely treated him as if he was their messiah. After his second victory they are shouting it from the roof tops. At the BET Soul Train Awards show Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx actually called Barack Obama "our lord and savior." Some will say he’s a comedian and this was said tongue in cheek. From the reaction of the crowd it was received like a proclamation from Mount Sinai. The wild cheering brought down the house. If this isn’t a cult of personality what is?

I heard a woman who fled Venezuela to escape Hugo Chavez and his democratic revolution crying, “Obama is doing the same things as Chavez! He’s following the same path, going to the same place, but now we have nowhere to run.” Someone who escaped the USSR told me, “I’ve seen all this before. Obama is like Nikita Khrushchev. He says he brings hope and change but really he’s just blaming the past because he hopes to rule the present while destroying the hope of the future.” According to an escapee of East Germany, “Obama is like Leonid Brezhnev. He promises security, pensions and benefits but all he brings are taxes, regulations and more bureaucrats, always more bureaucrats.”

I cannot bring myself to compare an American President to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, not even to Mussolini. To who shall I compare this man who brings the crest of the century-long Progressive wave crashing against the American experiment? Instead of doing the comparing myself let’s explore who he and his unpaid media arm in the Corporations, once known as the Mainstream Press, compare him to.

President Obama announced his run for the presidency in Springfield, Illinois on the steps of the old state capitol building. Choosing a setting in Springfield where Abraham Lincoln once gave a speech condemning slavery and calling for the United States to unite prompted the Progressives at ABC News to observe, “Springfield allowed Obama to immodestly and continuously compare himself to Lincoln.”

Immediately after his first victory the cover of Time magazine depicted the President-elect as FDR riding in an open car with his trademark cigarette holder clamped tightly in his smile. So we know his promoters in the press want us to compare him to the four term president-for-life who until now has been the epitome of a Progressive president. But does President Obama make the comparison himself? According to Politico, “President Barack Obama compared himself to FDR.” What does History tell us about FDR? Major portions of his New Deal were declared unconstitutional, many economists believe his policies prolonged the Great Depression, his advisor Alger Hiss really was a communist spy, and at Yalta Roosevelt gave Poland, whose freedom World War II was fought to preserve, to Stalin who initially invaded the country as an ally of Hitler. If we forget the facts I guess comparing yourself to FDR is a good thing.

During his first campaign the Washington Post said that Mr. Obama, “Sells Himself as the New JFK.” At the time other news outlets noted, fellow Progressives disputed the comparison using the headline, “Hillary to Obama: You're No JFK.” Undeterred Mr. Obama continued to cast himself as the successor to Camelot. In a review of his first term we could agree his glorious adventure in Libya as revealed in Benghazi makes him the rightful heir to such shameful military adventures as the Bay of Pigs or his much proclaimed victory over Al Qaeda to such questionable victories as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Turning to JFK’s most memorable phrase Mr. Obama, as any good Harvard trained lawyer would do, has parsed the meaning of “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” In Progressive newspeak this becomes, “If you’re a non-tax payer let me tell you what I’m going to do for you –if you’re a tax payer let me tell you what I’m going to do to you.”

President Obama also compares himself to the icon of the anti-Progressives: Ronald Reagan. According to Politico in an interview with a print journalist the President, “made the case that his movement is as much about a national moment as about him as a ‘singular’ individual” also noting “he drew a rather odd analogy for a Democrat: Ronald Reagan.” President Reagan told us, “government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.” President Obama told us, “Only Government Can Fix the Economy.” President Ragan told us, “We are today, the last best hope of man on earth.” President Obama told us, “America is no longer what it could be, what it once was.” That’s not even comparing apples to oranges it’s more like comparing truth to fiction, good to bad, or freedom to dependency.

All the people mentioned above who escaped socialism, left homes, families, and countries seeking freedom remind me of something else Ronald Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.”

The Americans devoted to constitutionally limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom may have lost a battle. We may finally accept that we have become a minority in our own land. However, we will never accept serfdom and we will never accept the permanent imposition of socialism in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country. Educate yourself regarding the History of our Republic. Learn so that you may teach. We must educate new generations of patriots to carry the torch so that the light of freedom is never extinguished. A slender majority of our fellow voting citizens may have chosen the path of central-planning and collectivism. Most through ignorance, some through avarice, and a few through pure evil have diverted the American experiment into an economic and political dead-end, but like all dead ends it will eventually end. The empires of looters always collapse when the loot runs out and another day will dawn.

That same Good Book tells us, “the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.” And it also promises, “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” So the Progressives may have followed their play book to a worldly victory. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to follow that Good Book to an eternal one.

Keep the faith. Keep the Peace. We shall overcome.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/forrer.andrew Andrew Forrer

    actually , he is using policies from all the mentioned,too bad he does not realise the policies he is using failed then as they will fail now

  • R.Young

    Why all Loyal SUBJECTS of the Great Black Father in Washington know that he is the SAVIOR of America from itself!

  • Southern Girl

    I agree with Ladybug - I do not accept this imposter as my president. He is purposely ruining our country and he is an embarassment. He will not have my "loot" to spend in 2013. Everyone should fill out a new W-4 and declare at least 9 exemptions so that no Fed tax comes out of your pay check. You will owe the next year but you can make payment arrangements with the IRS - and again, they will not have as much to work with since you're paying a little each month. The penalties & interest are worth it! If enough people did this it would surely make some impact. I truly hate him and all he stands for. God forgive me...

  • caskinner

    He is all the evil men rolled into one.

  • Sam

    Obama is a dictator intent upon cpmpletely destroying our country. Why do we tippty toe around the truth. He even says so himself. His entire life is a lie, Yet 50 million, or more, stupid voters reelected him. Do they really believe he cares for them. He gave them billions of dollars for their votes. Now we have become a socialist state with near 100,000,000 people on welfare, medicaid, and social security disability.

  • sadbuttrue

    Well here you go. I think this sums it up quite nicely. What do you think?? Sound like anyone we know?? Read slowly and take it all in and think about it...

    Characteristics of a sociopath are as followed :

    1. Sociopaths are very charming.
    2. Sociopaths can be extremely manipulative and will try to con you whenever possible.
    3. Sociopaths feel that they are entitled to everything.
    4. Sociopaths will lie continuously to get what they want. They can even sometimes manipulate a lie detector.
    5. Sociopaths have no remorse, shame or guilt.
    6. Sociopaths will show love and happiness only when it serves their purpose. None of the feelings are genuine.
    7. Sociopaths have no room for love in their life.
    8. Sociopaths need to have excitement in their lives or live on the edge.
    9. Sociopaths have lack of empathy hen their victims suffer pain that they have caused.
    10. Sociopaths believe that they are all mightier than tho, there is no concern on how their behavior impacts others.
    11. Sociopaths usually have a long history of juvenile delinquency as well as behavior problems.
    12. Sociopaths will never take blame for anything they have done to anyone no matter if it is family or friend.
    13. Sociopaths have many sexual partners and tend to act out many sexual acts.
    14. Sociopaths rarely stay in one place for a long time (home/work).
    15. Sociopaths will change themselves if they know it will keep them from being found out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    He says he is an ineligible, islamo-fascist, foreign born, communist, egocentric bass-turd, but no one wants to take him at his word.

  • gnafuasusual

    In Philosophy class we learn that if you can't think of any greater power than God, then, He is. Obama seems to have his priorities and his love of self all screwed up. Not one living soull has the power equal to God. Muslims have a facist ideological philosophy; the same for Athiests who proclaim their is no God philosophy. But, one philosophy attacking other's philosophy is asanine; for instance Muslims insisting that their philosophy is to go throughout the world and kill all who do not believe in their ideology. If all people would enjoy their own separate philisophical thoughts/beliefs and leave it at that, we would have a better shot at world peace. But, alas, Greed creeps into this petty pace from day to day and therefore producing nothing but strife and man leaders thinking they are God. That's my take on people who think they are God and others who set greedy man up as God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes

    We are all screwed................

  • Bob McCormick

    I kind of like the JFK comparison. Swap the armored limo for a rag top and send him to Dallas

  • Patriot

    He is the devil incarnate. He is destroying us deliberately. IF we can not depend on the Supreme Court as we saw nor senators nor representatives......... .............we can only defend OURSELVES and our families. I will.

  • The Shadow

    Obama has been programed and tutored by the dark side. The wise know who formed him, who he really is, who sent him, why he is where he is, what his goal is, and how he thinks. History has found his kind for many centuries. They spring up down through time as instruments used to force people into making decisions to choose their destinies.
    Either we become a people of freedom or slavery! By failing to challenge evil and do nothing we become slaves depending on deception to keep us safe. Obama represents the option of slavery by total government intrusion and control. A thief, a ptiful clown, that has been raised up to challenge our way of life. A thief in that he steals our national treasure; a pitiful clown in that he makes us laugh while he day by day destroys our rights and principals of freedom.
    You can compare him to all those we have studied as tyranical dictators of your choice because they all fall into the same category of fools who thought they were something special; but turned out to be just another face in the crowd and gone with the wind!

  • Gil Jones

    Should this civilization collapse we will find another has been quietly emerging for the past 62 yrs. This new civilization is experiencing a Renaissance of the spirit, the likes of which the world has never seen. A new world where the exact sciences will have taken a back-seat to the humanities. A world without criminals, war, and insanity. A world that will know how to create new games, new adventures, and prosper with abundance.

    How do you predict the future? You create it, one person at a time. Reality is agreement, no more no less. Individuals have already reacquired their innate truth revealing they are already immortal, i.e. they don't have to 'earn' it. This new world will no longer have to endure suppression because, "Power, true power, is parity between force and wisdom."

    Check out http://www.scientology.org/fundamentals-of-thought/videos.html "The Fundamentals Of Thought." See for yourself, something is already being done about it.

    Semper Fi

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Marshall/100001163952013 Bob Marshall

    Joseph Stalin "It is not who votes that counts,it is who count the votes."

  • retiredmillwright

    Who is Obama? Obama is a blood sucking socialist leach to
    put it bluntly. Obama has talents besides lying beautifully, he is like the
    slick kid in school that everyone thought was so cool, but behind their backs
    he was stealing their lunch money and buying pot with it. Obama is like the
    slick used car salesman who sells an old widow woman an expensive car with a
    bad motor on his promises. He makes a lot of Americans believe that this
    socialist hoedown is going to take care of everybody; he never mentions that
    when he runs complety out of our money it’s going to crash like a airplane out
    of fuel.