WH Press Secretary Refers Scandal Questions To Other Agencies 10 Times In 10 Minutes

At Tuesday's White House briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney, took the opportunity to not answer questions regarding the "Benghazi, Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley, Allen Four Star Circus" currently underway, but rather deflected and referred reporters to various agencies throughout the government.

Carney was asked whether or not Obama still have full faith in General John Allen, He did say that he had "full faith" in him, but then referred the reporter asking the question to the Pentagon for further details.

On specifics and individuals involved in the scandal that is being exposed, again Carney referred to the Pentagon and the Independent Investigator along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

When it was pointed out the "two of his (Obama's) top brass" were involved in an extra-marital affair (we call that adultery) or in inappropriate behavior, she then asked if Obama was worried about an "inappropriate culture" in the military. Carney said he didn't want people to "extrapolate broadly." While he said that Obama had confidence in the leaders of the military, he then referred reporters to the FBI, the Justice Department and the Department of Defense.

Heck, I could handle this job! Just don't really give any answers and refer reporters someplace other than where the buck is supposed to stop. Instead, the buck just continues to be passed around. But Carney wasn't done.

When asked if national security was ever breached in any of the incidences in the scandal, Carney referred to the "investigative bodies."

One reporter pointed out that the investigation into Petraeus had been going on for month. He then asked how the White House didn't have any idea until the day after the election and then the Congress a few days later. Again, Carney points reporters to the FBI, claiming there is protocol they follow for informing the executive and legislative branches. Not once did he mention the fact that this particular investigation was ongoing for over a year!

When pressed further on the timing and appearance of the information coming out the day after the election, Carney again threw it back on the FBI and the DOJ and said he could only state when the President knew of the situation. If this is in fact the case, then there is some serious mismanagement in the Obama administration, not that I doubt that in the first place.

One would think that the commander-in-chief, as Obama relentlessly touted himself as in his first year in office, would know what was going on in his administration and in an ongoing investigation in his own CIA director. When it gets to a point that a White House Press Secretary cannot confirm whether national security was breached, even though we all know it was somehow, and yet valuable information in the John F. Kennedy assassination and the 9-11 attacks are withheld for "national security" reasons, then I say it is far past time to sanitize our Congress and White House, along with every federal agency. The American public needs to know the truth and it is incredibly alarming when one of two things is going on: The most powerful man in the world is either lying to the people and covering up the scandal (which is more than likely the case) or he just does not have a clue as to what is going on. I tend to believe the former and not the latter.

Listen to the responses below:

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  • J J

    Jay, avoiding the question doesn't answer the question and it doesn't make it go away. The President didn't do the job he was elected to do in the past four years, why do you think he is going to do his job in the next four years? Don't you get tired of deflecting for your boss??

  • EF

    What their saying is "We Only Put These People In Charge that are Scandalous...

    We Don't Know What They are actually Doing in Office and in Our Name Despite the Fact We Put Them There to do Our Jobs and they get their Orders From Us!!!
    It's Called A "Cover Up and "Passing the Buck", Lol!

    Sadly,,, Some Voters do the same thing to some Extent,

    By Electing Idiots like these Corruptocrats, and then Ignoring what they do!

  • agbjr

    Don't you wonder just how long Jay Carney can hold up being Obama's front man? The pressure on him to lie daily and publicly must be tremendous. There will soon come a point when he will crack and I sincerely hope it will be in front of live cameras.

  • shackshark

    This guy is the sookesman for the most corrupt,lying and disigenuios administration I have
    whitnessed in my 77 yrs. That include Nixson.

  • lokiswife

    This whole Petraeus "scandal" is designed to smear Petraeus so when he testifies the lawyers can spend more time questioning his morals that questioning him about what he knows about Benghazi. If adultery was cause to boot someone out of an elected or appointed job, DC would be pretty darn empty...It's just a Chicago thug style way of getting rid of evidence that could harm Obama and his motley crew....

  • John Duck

    Jay Carney is nothing but a little boy in a suit!

  • jalan

    Benghazi: People died; Obama lied. Generals Fried. Also, why is NOBODY talking about the Iranian jets firing on our drone five days before the election? No press mention until two days after the election?!
    Iran: Drone flies; Obama lies.

  • R.Young

    Passing the buck, something all in the current regime have become quite efficent in doing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    No one is any longer concerned about whether Benghazi was a cover up. All anyone is concerned about at this point in time is who is doing whom. Obama has diverted our attention again.

  • ARMYOF69

    Yes, we're investigating that, sometime next millenium. Do stay in touch.

  • C. Browning

    So typical of Obama white house.. no answers ever.. pass the buck is all it is.. and hide everything. Stupid Government!

  • 1gentready

    Jay Carney is jest another Village Idiot but he is a product of an administration full of Village Idiots.

  • hmm

    We have learned more about these army generals in 3 weeks then obama in 4 years. WHY?? Is the congress really in obama pocket? All the write ups about vote problems and no true investigation too uncover the truth??

  • moonwinx

    What a lot of BS..The want to prosecute Petraes for fooling around when every last one of those wonderful Idiots in Congress, Senate and the pentagon is still doing the same thing. They are just trying to take the focus away from Bengazi. they're all a bunch of lying phonies (to put it nicely)

  • StephenFR

    Actually I believe he might not have known what was, or is going on in his administration and because of that he is covering up. Remember Nixon? He reason that Watergate happened was because he had taken himself out of the loop. What he was guilty of was covering up. (note: he never was impeached) So Obama I believe was too busy taking vacations, golfing and playing basketball and Holder certainly did not want to tell him what was going on so that Obama could have plausible deniablility. Now he is just covering up.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVXIVZCROBRHA2LYILCMQ6HBNA Carlo

    There is 1 interesting perspective of the Benghazi situation that everyone seems to have overlooked.
    Obama - the official stance for 2 weeks was that this was NOT a terrorist's attack, it was because of a video on YouTube.
    The video in question had been online for over 3 months, with very few hits.
    Consider the following:
    Our people in Benghazi requested help 3 times, and the ones that could have helped, were ORDERED to stand down 3 times.
    this started, Obama has relieved of their commands, 3 General's, and an
    Admiral, some of these were ORDERED to stand down, and they disobeyed.
    It also appears that Obozo is using this opportunity to weaken the upper echelon of OUR military.
    Muslims wanted the blind Shiek that we have in jail released back to
    them. This is the guy that was behind the 1993 WTC bombing.
    An anlyst said that if the terrorists wanted to kill everyone, they could have done it in a half hour.
    However, they spent 7 hours trying to get to Stevens. I believe this whole situation was a botched kidnapping.
    our guys disregarded Obama's orders, and went in, Obama was p.szed, and
    in the gunfight, they probably killed someone's relatives. After the
    loses, the Muslims NO LONGER wanted to go through the sharade of
    kidnapping Stevens, they wanted to kill him.
    NOW, WHY did they sodomize him?
    This was Obama's man. With this action, they were DIRECTLY insulting obama.
    believe that Stevens was BROKERING an arms deal, WHERE obama was
    supplying the Muslim Brotherhood, AND Al Quaida with arms, and Stinger
    I believe that obma, with his continual repeating of his
    'VIDEO STANCE' story for 2 weeks, he was TRYING to tell HIS Muslim
    friends, that the military went in, WITHOUT his consent.
    ...is that NOT just a little disturbing.
    Either accept this, or come up with a MORE plausible explanation.
    Bottom line - Obama should be tried for Treason.

    • moonwinx

      The POTUS is a traitor, plain and simple. Why is he still in office? Our so called representatives have no guts or brains either.

    • Bull57

      Carlos, shorten your post as few read such long posts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mj.morrow.18 Mj Morrow

    He deserves an F in PR. I got an F because I told the teacher there's only so many ways you can F yourself. Maybe he thought best to not find a "new spin".

  • A. Levy

    Carney is simply following the lead of the Muslim-in-Chief. That being, "always blame it on somebody else". But, they know that at this point, the American people are so weak, gullible, and distracted, and so used to being lied to and abused, that no one will take any notice if the lies keep going, and get bigger.
    Have you ever heard of the shepard defending himself to the sheep?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pat.pettie.9 Pat Pettie

      And this is Romney and Ryan fault. The GOP have to take responsibility to help obama out. obama is your president for four more years. It is time GOP to work with him, he inherited more than $16 trillion in debt and deficit, hussein obama inheritted Fast and Furious, now Benghazigate, from President Nixon. GOP have to make the nation back to work if you afraid our nation will fail..that would be Romney and Ryan fault. Romney is a successful business man, he has to submit his plans to me if he really has good intention to save the country.
      This is what hussein obama rants and carney just pukes..this is the only one thing this pretender-in-chief know how to do...blame others.

  • retiredmillwright

    Folks we will never get the truth out of Obama and his socialists.
    They speak in weasel words; they delay, lie and keep the citizens in the dark
    until their crimes are forgotten, like the fast and furious gun running scam. Justice
    is just for the little people, not Obama and his weasels these days.