US Intelligence Discover Petraeus Adultery After 1 Year, Benghazi Blamed On Video Next Day

Well it came as somewhat of a shock yesterday to hear of Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus' resignation over adultery, but as information continues to come out, it brings more questions of credibility of U.S. intelligence and the Obama administration.

Petraeus' resignation is predicated on the allegations that the Federal Bureau of Investigations was conducting an investigation into emails that he sent while stationed in Afghanistan as commander of U.S. Forces until some time this year. The four star General had been commander of the U.S Forces from July 4, 2010 until July 18, 2011.

Newsmax reports,

The investigation began last spring, but the FBI then pored over his emails when he was stationed in Afghanistan.

The woman who was having an affair with Petraeus is a journalist who had been writing about him.

Given his top secret clearance and the fact that Petraeus is married, the FBI continued to investigate and intercept Petraeus’ email exchanges with the woman. The emails include sexually explicit references to such items as sex under a desk.

Such a relationship is a breach of top secret security requirements and could have compromised Petraeus.

Paula Broadwell is the journalist many are speculating is the mistress of Petraeus. Broadwell was Petraeus' biographer. Her book was titled All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.

Though this has been known in the intelligence community for some time now, it seems that the timing of Petraeus' departure is suspect. After all he is to testify on Benghazi this coming week. Many have speculated that this is to keep him from testifying, but that seems to not be the case. In fact, Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared with Greta Van Susteren "On The Record" and said:

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with whether he will be subpoenaed to Congress. I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director. I would hope he would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed. And none of what happened today is an offense to a subpoena… He’s either a witness in our case in chief or he’s gonna be a rebuttal witness if Susan Rice and others blame him for their failure of intelligence and failure of information. But there is no way we can get to the bottom of Benghazi without David Petraeus.”

But the timing of bringing all of this to light also makes even more suspect the issue of the attacks on the Benghazi consulate and the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Why, on the very next day after those attacks were the American people's collective intelligences insulted by the claim that a silly anti-Islamic video was the reason for the attacks? It apparently has taken over a year to investigate the adultery of David Patraeus, but the White House cited the very same intelligence community as the reason they claimed the video was responsible for the attacks within a matter of hours.

As the saying goes, something in rotten in Denmark.

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  • LuLu

    You do realize that Petraeus is a Republican, and indeed being eyed as a potential favorite among the GOP for a 2016 run if Christie doesn't throw his hat in the ring, right? He isn't in cahoots with Obama by any measure, and instead held a small grudge against him for not being appointed to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  • kaci

    the general having an (alleged) affair, brought on benghazi-gate ?!

  • Linda Ebbert

    I have a question on Benghazi .. What happened to the 20 something others that got out alive? Not a word on them. Are they locked away?

  • aurora9

    These socialists remind me of magicians. They get you to concentrate on one hand while the other hand is performing their magic. Who really is concerned about his extra-marital affairs? This is not the crux of what this is actually about. Think a little deeper!

  • Justintime


    TV ?

    forget CNN

  • Fig333

    Something is very wrong here. The FBI does not reveal its investigations of high level gov employees.

    Everything Obama does is suspect because he is dishonest.

  • WSmith

    So this is what it is like to live in a banana republic. El' President' or Emperor or The 12th Imam or whatever he thinks he is is killing and discrediting perceived threats to his power.

  • Susitna

    Petraeus lead many wars against dictators and freed other nations. Now is the turn of his own people and his own country to get freed by Petraeus.

  • james

    Petraeus wanted to see if Obama was re-elected. Now that that Obama stole the election, Petraeus outed himself so he can not be blackmailed for his affair. Obama new about the affair and thougt he could use it to keep the Generals mouth shut. He was wrong! General Petraeus IS going to talk, and tell all ! He's going to be the hero we were looking for ! I just hope he has some good people watching over him. The list of dead people who had contact with Obama is a long one !

    • Patriot

      I for one hope you right!

  • judy64

    Maybe the WH was holding the year long email trail in case they ever needed it to hang over his head to make sure he would do what they say. Instead, he gave up his secret life before they could and will testify the truth about Benghazi. Either that or he will suddenly end up 6 feet under. It has happened before..

  • ricbldwn

    Petraeus was just getting ready to testify about Benghazi. Could this be a lie just to get rid of him?

    • Patriot

      No, but it smells of a blackmail setup.

  • jsmithcsa

    I am shocked about his affair.

    • Pat Pettie

      Really? You shocked more or less when you heard about slicky willy and Monica Lewinsky? just kidding...I heard our ex Pres. Willy Clinton allowed Gen. Petraous to use his famous phrase: "I did not have sex with that woman" I just spilled some slicky milky on her dress." slicky willy also told Gen Petraous that he has to practice how to say it in confidence; make it convincing; look into the eyes of the accusers, has to point the finger to the face of the FBI (this trick is from obama) he even has his pictures, so many of his pictures pointing his finger to others. Did obamafia realized that when he point one finger out to other people, at the same time his other 4 fingers including the middle finger were pointed back at him.

  • Weasler

    It is clear why Petraeus resigned now. The FBI must have told the White House about the affair months ago, but they did nothing about it. Then, when the Bengazi story came out, Petraeus must have learned the truth: That it was an 'October Surprise' trick orchestrated by Booga-Booga and his Mudslime friends, which went awry when the two ex-Marine guards decided to fight back. Booga-Booga must have blackmailed Petraeus into lying to the House Committee, telling him he would reveal the affair if he told the truth. My guess is Petraeus figured if Romney won, he could keep the affair quiet. But since Booga-Booga was able to steal the election (and he DID, with 113% voter turnout in Florida), and since the Democruds would immediately discredit Petraeus when he told the true story, Petraeus must have figured "OK, let me reveal the affair now. Then when I tell the truth about the October surprise next week, the Democruds can't discredit me, because the worst has been revealed".
    Oh, how LOVELY this is all going to be!!!!

    • Patriot

      Obummer was keeping the info in reserve. He was fearful that Petraeus was going to run for President! That's how Obummer wins elections. It's never fair.

    • shrmpldy

      Let's hope if he does testify whether by subpoena or voluntarily that he has protection from the military or he is liable not be able to do anything else ever.

  • mwl

    This is not the end, first the three generals and admiral now the Big Guy. A true war hero. clinton was receiving benefits under the desk from Hoover Lewinski and that wasnt a breech of security even after the impeachment failure. CLEAN SLATE, for clinton. CLEAN SLATE obama. And we still dont know if obama is an American. Hes not. Congress cares not.
    obama is an islamic muslim terrorist and has the destruction of the US as his plan of action. The UN arms treaty is next and the real American uprising will follow.
    Mike in Afghanistan

    • johndillinger

      right on

  • Rod T

    Let's get serious. The FBI knowing or suspecting that a high government official might be having an affair -- does not precipitate this resignation. If that were the case he'd have gone long ago. Furthermore, if the FBI is a tattletale to tabloid agency -- then how many Senators, Judges and Presidents of the US would have been exposed by the FBI. Matt Drudge blew the whistle on Clinton-Lewinsky, not SS or FBI. If the FBI knew and told the General -- then our beloved commander in chief would have known. And during their year long investigation how many salacious phone calls, videos and other things did they accumulate. After all this time the story of Petraeus's resignation rests on the pretense that he had pangs of moral guilt, or else that our extremely confidential intelligence might be compromised? Really? The White House is constantly leaking classified information whenever it benefits them. This man is being squeezed by some really nasty stuff, I'm sure. It had to wait till two days after the election? Nobody is going to buy that. However, due to the completely subverted "mainstream" media the facts on Benghazi will remain slow in coming. There is a bottom line to all that. US citizens were under deadly attack by terrorists. Nothing was done to help them and in fact even the initiatives undertaken by various individuals were halted by orders from above. It wasn't Petraeus who gave those orders. He's already said so. Is Hillary going to take the fall? The General is their patsy. This administration continues to show that it's a lawless, dictatorial regime which is purposely subverting the constitution and the electoral process. Benghazi is one of the biggest scandals in American Political history -- one in which Americans were killed, our territory violated, and the nation was humiliated on the anniversary of 911. We are in a religious war with Islam. None of our elected officials nor the media will even say those words. Obama is a moslem sympathizer, if not a moslem. He's also an international socialist. His every action is intended to "fundamentally transform" this nation, as he's stated. Obama's America will be an obscenity and our former status as the world's benefactor will cease. He is the most dangerous challenge the US has ever faced.

    • DCW16

      Watched a General and a CIA guy on the cute Judges show on Saturday . . . When Petraeus was vetted for the CIA he would have taken a lie detector test, they would have know about the incident. Similarly, when the FBI investigated the head of the CIA they would have had to get Obammy's permission.
      I believe the O gave the word to not support the folks in Libya . . . and Petraeus knows the truth but he would not lie for the WH, so he took the nearest exit . . . he won't testify next week . . . but he will testify and soon ! ! !

    • Jim

      I believe you are right ,Mr Petreaus better be very careful ,we all know supposedly that just out of the blue they commit suicide ,Ya right ,with the helping hand of ???????You know WHo !!!Mr Petreaus knows somethibng ,Will he man up ??? I also doubt that he had an affair ,it was made up so they would give him an out, to just leave .But if he still lives ,and is breathibg individual ,he will testify ,tell te truth ???????????????Only time will tell !!!Oh at the web we weave when we frist act to decieve and it goes on,on,and on untile You are caught !!! IT must be driving the administration Crazy !!!!They are feeling the squeeze !!!

    • illannoy

      Good post. There is also the fact that Petraeus' name was bandied about a little as a possible VP selection for 2012, or possibly for President later on, on a Republican ticket. A glance at Obama's history in dragging out morals incidents to quash opponents might explain why, although he knew last year, he might have wanted to hold this info back to whip out later if Petraeus looked to be getting too popular.

    • Bob S.

      Funny you should say that about running as VP, my wife was saying after Petaeus stepped down that he would have a good chance at running for and winning as a Presidential Candidate in 2016, if that would be the case then I would fear that he may be in danger if the rumor of Obama wanting to run a third term which would also be against the Constitution with a two term limit. As I'm typing this I hear their are 18 States now petitioning for secession from the Union .

  • The Big Easy

    This is more than likely the half-white houses' version of the 'al capons' school of politics'.-------------They ask the General if he would like to visit with President Kennedy ???? It's the chicago way.----------This is how mo-bummmmmer got to where he is now.

    • Patriot

      Someone needs to reciprocate the invitation to Obummer.

  • catnip24

    everyone had better plan on the worst in the next four years. the stock market will crash, there will be a depression and muslims and blacks will feel even more empowered to take over america. be afraid, be very very afraid.

    i won't give up though. as bad as it is and as bad as it's going to get never surrender. live free or die.

  • lokiswife

    Chicago thug style politics - smear any witnesses so their testimony won't carry as much weight. Sounds like he has some strong evidence, the Dems have to cut him down to size before he goes to the stand.

  • Doug

    This is to stop him from talking, If he had the balls of the man he is supposed to be, he would spill the Beans on Obama, But then Obama may have him disposed of, This is a setup from the word go, All to protect Obama the dictator

    • Weasler

      There's more to it than that. If Obama had forced him out, he would just resign, without giving a reason. My bet is he's going to reveal the truth about Benghazi: That is was an Obama/Mudslime October Surprise trick gone awry. Petraeus revealed the truth now, so that Booga-Booga and his thug friends would not do so later on after he spills the beans.

    • Linda Ebbert

      God I hope your right on that one.

    • shrmpldy

      Yes, that is the way I see it also, if he volunteers to testify & he does; he might just not appear any where else.

  • ARMYOF69

    This is all BULL$HIT...

    • Patriot

      Smells like a set-up to me. Anyone buying this?

    • ricbldwn

      Not me!