The "Religion of Peace" Beheads Another Convert to Christianity

While the US repeatedly considers legislation decrying "hate speech" in an effort to "increase tolerance", and limit truth-telling of what the left describes as "peaceful" Islam, those not participating in the move for a Caliphate, are continuing to lose their lives around the world, via beheading.

MorningStar News reports:

Islamic extremists from Somalia’s rebel Al-Shabaab militants on Friday (Nov. 16) killed a Christian in Somalia’s coastal city of Barawa, accusing him of being a spy and leaving Islam, Christian and Muslim witnesses said.

The extremists beheaded 25-year-old Farhan Haji Mose after monitoring his movements for six months, Christian sources said. Mose drew suspicion when he returned to Barawa, in Somalia’s Lower Shebelle Region, in December 2011 after spending time in Kenya, underground Christians in Somalia told Morning Star News."

The beheading drew the usual crowd of onlookers, to witness the violent annihilation of an "infidel" in a vile public way.

The witnesses described that the body was split in two, as people cheered for the death of the infidel, then his bloodied body was dumped near a beach in public view.  The family and friends did not recover the body, as they feared the same fate would befall them.

It is extremely important in our time, to understand that Islam itself professes violence.  It commands violence.  While the world sits by and views it as some other wonderful ancient religion, people continue to die brutal deaths and torture at the hands of Islamists.

For people who do not understand what the Islamic religion actually commands, I suggest a reading of their documents and crimes at this site:  Click here

It's imperative to understand that Muslims are commanded in their own sacred texts, to kill those of other faiths.  So, while not every Muslim kills someone in our own nation, they are commanded to do so.  It is the goal.  When they say it is not the goal, they are not being true to their own religion.  It's much like those today who call themselves Christians, and then study afro-centric/Islamic Socialism at the heretical church of "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright.

While most of America stands by, screams for tolerance, and believes that Muslims mean them no harm, the blood of the slain cries out to the Lord God from the ground.  He will have His justice, and we as a remnant of a once great nation, can cry out to the Lord for protection until His return and Judgement on this heinous and blood thirsty false religion that has claimed the lives of millions of innocents, in the name of "Allah", an a global Caliphate.

Those who have been killed for following Jesus Christ, will be vindicated:

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.-Revelation 20:4 (KJV)


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About Andrea
I'm a Christian who is married and madly in love with the husband God gave me, who works as a CPA while I stay home to homeschool and mother our eight children, whom we count as blessings, not burdens. An "anti-feminist", I enjoy making our home a sanctuary; a place to truly enjoy being..not just a landing spot. My hobbies are the art of homemaking, natural medicine, old movies and gardening. I Live in Northern Idaho where Bibles, homeschooling, large families and guns are welcome...for now..
  • har82

    Wow, yet another one for Christians. How many ????, or how long ???, will this be allowed to continue before someone with some sanity calls them what they are . - UNCIVILIZED ANIMALS -

  • bfit58

    they are Satanic animals...

  • looneytoonsindville

    There, but for the grace of God, go I.

  • ARMYOF69

    ..It needs to start with the Western world, and America leading the way.
    Strike off ISLAM as a religion. It is just a hateful lifestyle.

  • Dr Charles L Fulton

    I have read and used the Scripture from Rev.20:4 a number of times during my 38 years of ministry. Teaching at length on the Book of Revelation. Believing for many years that beheading, as refered to here, was reserved for the great tribulation period. Although this has taken place throughout history, we have, and are seeing an escalating {rapidly} honor killings acording to the koran, within our Nation. Recorded in LUKE 22:36 {the words of Jesus to the Apostles} --"and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one". It is to be understood that the Lord Jesus is instructing {us today as well} to be defensive. Unlike the commands found in the koran. I, for one, have my sword, morden type, and carry it daily. I have the responsibility to protect my family, property and Country; DAV, Korea Vet 51-59.
    God Bless and keep your powder dry!

    • DWinch

      Preaching and packing makes a fine combination, Gods people have always been willing to fight evil in all forms. We are in the last days!

    • Andrea Roltgen

      Amen to you both!

  • Cynthia Ingraham

    This religion needs to be outlawed. It is nothing but evil.

    • ARMYOF69

      It needs to start with the Western world, and America leading the way.
      Strike off ISLAM as a religion. It is just a hateful lifestyle.

  • cae973

    Islam is devil worshipping...plain and simple!

  • catman

    To all good liberal "christians"..........Enjoy the good life while you can. It will end soon. When you decry the "nasty" words of a conservative who loves his country and wants it back, when you call him/her a "racist" or a "bigot", remember this poor man who gave his life to God for his belief. When the muzzies finally take over this country and you refuse to convert to the
    "religion of peace", remember what happens.

    • JulieB

      A good liberal Christian is a contradiction of terms. There is no such thing. I cannot understand how a supposed Christian could follow the ideology of promoting same sex marriage and the slaughter of innocent babies when the Bible adamantly speaks out against it many times.

    • Andrea Roltgen

      Ah because we are living in the day of apostasy: "This would be the first step in apostasy; men first forget the true, and then adore the false" CH Spurgeon

      No longer are the morally depraved conducting their sin behind closed doors..but they began doing it in the open, then recruiting children to do it, and then those who were not strong in faith..not reading their Bibles. The liberal churches (most in the US now) are like the church at Ephesus. Spending our days toying with Eastern Mysticism..quick to run to "books" by "experts" of religion, rather than consulting our Bibles. We have our children in liberal public schools, and are afraid to be their parents, because we want to be their at first jump, they leave their first love-God..then, worse, they promote that God has changed and loves sin, as well.

      Sick and disgusting. But, fear not o people of the Lord! Those who are truly born again, and do not preach a distorted gospel..lift up your head, your redemption is nigh!

    • JulieB

      Thank you, Andrea; so eloquently stated. The same thing that I was trying to say, only better! People cannot negotiate the Word of God, His laws "ARE" absolute.

    • Andrea Roltgen

      God Bless you, Julie! I'm always so blessed to find another sister in Christ!

  • Concerned Patriot

    Coming soon to your local American neighborhood.

  • R.Young

    All Loyal SUBJECTS of the Current Regime must convert to the Religion of Peace, all that do not, well that's your problem?

    • Vette66

      If you don't convert to the religion of peace you will be 8" shorter.

  • Keith Breedlove

    They just created another saint -- the definition of a Christian who dies for their faith. God bless him!.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Revolting, disgusting, and completely in keeping with the tools of the evil one.

  • Howard Joseph McTaggart

    It would be interesting at the great white throne when judgement is passed on the people guilty of this violent act if the people who they so violently killed were standing next to the Lord, looking down at them in pity.

  • Barb Patton

    It is right here on American soil. People think it is a small community in Michigan. This rubbish was on some channel showing the true American muslims..... Well, I bet a pound to a pinch of salt that in 4 years the underground terrorist muslim brotherhood is hidden in plain view AND THESE ARE THE AYATOLLAH baracks very own military army. Who knows maybe the General was helping the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan for this very army of our latte one? Look at the big picture.

  • racindavid

    Time to put musims on the business end of our 2nd Amendment rights....


    Don't expect a Godless media to tell the world about the Radical Mulsims intolerance towards Christians. Why, this might cause Americans to think twice about making verbal remarks about their actions hate crimes. This is a dangerous road we are allowing our government to take identifying speech as a hate crime. That is contrary ot the First Amendment and is contrary to the Supreme Court decision in the Skoki, Ill case. Beware, Big Brother is here and well and gaining strength every day.

  • stonemike

    Detroit is nothing but a training ground for killing of Americans! I hate and detest our unamerican federal gov't and refuse to fly "old glory"until we have a "pro-american " federal gov't!

    • OLD KUTE

      Fly it upside down for our nation is truly in destress.

    • stonemike

      I know, you may be right but, ironically we were under the Bush regime when I got so pissed because of the governments "rules of engagement" , which essentially stated they would rather incur American deaths than kill any muslims in collateral damage! We should not engage in another war of any kind unless we go in to annihilate the enemy, regardless of civilian proximity! In reality, even though kids of any kind seem so innocent, Islamist raised children being killed only beat them to the punch before they kill truly innocent folks!

  • retiredmillwright

    The Muslims have no tolerance towards Christians or anybody
    that opposes them. They are spreading
    rapidly. Along the Mexican border headless corspes show up regulary, a trade
    mark that they have even spread into the Mexican-American drug trade. We don’t
    have nobody running Washington who knows or cares how to counter their spread.