Swift Boat Vets Promise To Resurface Against John Kerry

John O'Neill, the founder of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth, told Fox News' Sean Hannity that the group would resurface and protest the nomination of Senator John Kerry should he be nominated as Secretary of Defense of Secretary of State.

It is believed that the Swift Boat Vets, as they have been affectionately referred to, were instrumental in helping to torpedo Kerry's 2004 bid for the White House through the video ad they produced below:

O'Neill said that Kerry wouldn't be suited for serving as Secretary of Defense, but would be "a much better guy at hauling up the white flag."

When Hannity asked him directly if his group would make a comeback to oppose Senator Kerry was nominated for either position, O'Neil said that was a distinct possibility.

Sadly, RINO's like John McCain, one of those who endured tremendous torture at the hands of the Viet Cong, said “I think he’d be much more easily confirmed in the Senate than Susan Rice."

Politico also reported that Kerry appears to have other endorsements from GOP Senators, while they reject Susan Rice.

In interviews Tuesday, several GOP senators dissed the United Nations ambassador while giving the Massachusetts Democrat a ringing endorsement to succeed Hillary Clinton in the prestigious post. Rice and Kerry are reportedly high on President Barack Obama’s list of potential replacements.

FreedomOutpost's own Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. recalled just days ago a letter he issued in 2004 against Kerry that the Swift Boat veterans sent out which also aided in the defeat of John Kerry.

Perhaps it's time to let our veterans do what they do best, defend us against enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Watch the interview below:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Jimmy1035 Jim Grab

    If he lies like this against his own, there is no limit to what he will lie about to defend Obummer when serving as The Self Annointed one's lap dog!
    It's bad enough we have one socialist working to tear this country down, we don't need another working with the enemie and against true Americans.

  • Boyd Sharp

    Started to write a comment and then saw Ole Caribou Driver had already said exactly what I had in mind. Just let me add, look at the collection of clown misfits in the Congress if you need further evidence we are in hurt. And don't get me started on the fraud you know where.

  • Chuck

    Susan Rice and John Kerry are not much different that the people they will replace. The entire Obastard administration is comprised of Felonious Marxist/Communists and they will once again reap the benefits of a stolen election, and we can't seem to get enough honest Americans to really do anything about it.

  • SGM Bob

    And I will be right there in support of the Swift Boat vets! Kerry is a worse abomination than Obama himself. He is a bigger POS than Obama!

  • Okie From Muskogee

    Don't forget our allied group..to the Swifties..the Vietnam Veterans for the Truth.(VVT)
    We double-teamed sKerry and tubbed him ! The VVT can easily be re-formed.
    We still have a solid "erection" for this cowardly bum and we will once again
    beat him over the head with it. What are the Vegas and London odds on this
    happening...? I want some money AGAINST sKerry...he's a permanent LOSER
    who married some Heinz 57 "sauce"....Up him and the horse he rode in on !

  • Oldman66

    John Kerry what a Bab Joke a very" Bad Joke".

  • fliteking

    "Swift Boat Vets Promise To Resurface Against John Kerry"

    Excellent. And remember - - - buy any brand but Heinz when purchasing condiments.

  • EL

    Kerry is from Massachusetts. In Massachusetts one doesn't have to be any good, they just have to be Democrat.

  • ARMYOF69

    That man Kerry does even deserve to be in his current position. He should be polishing shoes at Central Station.

    • VocalYokel

      I'm not sure he's qualified...

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tzuar Paul Saunders

    i know as i can see it here but some Americans don't even see it yet i feel sad for them too, Not knowing there is a cliff of no return unless they can fix congress like Obama was told today that was a good one :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.locascio Jake Locascio

    I am a vn vet who rode swifts with the VN's, And junks, And MSBs. I am proud of my service and we dont need Kerry mucking it up. Or this country he isnt qualified to be a Dog Catcher in Roxbury,Mass never mind Sec. of Defense.....Somebody help him get a job as a Wal Mart greeter and keep him out of harms way!

    • VocalYokel

      Don't worry Jake...lying, self-serving, spineless SOBs like Kerry can do nothing to diminish the quality of service or 'muck up' the pride you and other honorable Vets should feel for your selfless devotion to our country.

      But please don't wish him on WalMart...I'm not sure I could restrain my adrenaline if I were in his presence.

  • agbjr

    Kerry is the male counterpart of Hanoi Jane ... a lying, treasonous sonofabitch if there ever was one; a true fifth columnist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mjb1951 Michael Burch

    obama knows exactualy what he is doing...kerry will accept the position of defense secretary,rice will be the secretary of BS (WHAT CLINTON IS NOW..HEHEHE)...we no longer have a say in 'our' government...we did not stand united against obama during the election,,many folks just stayed home or wasted their vote on other candidates...allowing obama to win...i voted for Romney..not my first choice...but better than what is president now...we will NOT stand united against obama and he knows it.....this really sucks...big time...we need to hold congress responsible for stopping obama in his tracks....impeach if at all posible obama,clinton,panetta and everyone involved in the Libya murders....

    • Sender Yancey

      for a president to only get 50% of the country's vote should be a resounding NO WAY.

      70% Latino and 30% black or should I say Black Panther ? He does not represent
      main stream America.

    • Sam in NC

      Don't forget the Commie Libs voter fraud.

  • dhsurg

    John Kerry would backstab and undermine our military at every opportunity. Block this liberal liar please.

  • Tomtom

    I too will join the swift boaters ! Kerry is a lying no good anti- Military kiss a--! He makes me SICK as a veteran!!!! He is the male "Jane Fonda".

  • neleh

    Absolutely NO to Kerry being the next Secretary of State!!!! Kerry is a disgrace to Americans

  • samtman

    Thepeople who believed in this big lie some 12 years ago are mostly dead, and this big lie is also dead.

    • fliteking

      Have they revoked your drivers license yet? Hallucinations are dangerous.

  • Ole Caribou Driver

    If the best the USA has to offer for a postion of SOS is the like of Susan Rice or John Kerry, we are in a serious world of hurt. Ok, we're already in a serious world of hurt.

    • Sender Yancey

      Yes ! We may as well lay down and say...." I'm Dead". Kerry should have got " It" when he was rejected for President . He abandoned our guys. I remember listening to him at the hearings and thought he and Jane Fonda should have been shot ! and I still feel that way. I can not figure out how he gets re elected ?

    • Sam in NC

      Yep. We're in the hurt locker.

    • lokiswife

      Susan Rice and John Kerry are they best they can come up with out of 315 million people? The problem is that good, decent, moral people don't want the stench of politics hanging around them. This is the biggest shame of America today - dirty politics and DC corruption are driving away the very people who could get our country back on track...

  • David Msg Ret

    Kerry the poster child for STOLEN VALOR....

    • Navy Vet

      ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Kerry spent 3 months in Vietnam and "supposedly" won three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star in that short span. No way that his awards are all legitimate. We used to refer to these so called military guys as PHONY SOLDIERS and Kerry will always be one. Hanoi John.

  • J J

    John Kerry should have retired when he had the chance to. Now, if he chooses to accept any nomination again, he will have to accept the accusations and truths coming out all over again. He is certainly not fit for the office Obama has suggested he might be nominated for.

    • notosharia

      This is just bho's way of undermining this country--Picking the worst to serve in our weakest moments ---therefore allowing the terrorists more room to advance their caliphate.