Secession Movement Sweeps All 50 States

Since my first report of Texas and Louisiana residents petitioning the federal government to peacefully withdraw from the United States, the numbers have grown, until now all 50 states have petitions going and many of them have already succeeded in making their goal and topping the 25,000 necessary signatures, which triggers an official response from the White House.

While some commenters have claimed that is was only a 100,000 or so people that were pushing this, the figures are pushing upwards of 1 million and that is just since Saturday. The petitions are gaining national attention and I've received many emails in support of the effort and some that are against it.

Let me say those who are opposed believe that this is what Barack Obama wants: divide and conquer. Well, stop and think for a moment. We are divided in this society. It wasn't just Barack Obama doing it though. Mitt Romney made the comment that there are 47% living on the government dole and Obama supporters. Well, that wasn't completely true as I wrote about here. However, both men saw the country divided ideologically. It is. There is no getting around that.

But here's the good news. These petitions to peacefully withdraw so a common unity around the principles that the Founders united around. Remember, the Revolutionary War was not wanted by the majority of the people. Neither was the War of Northern Aggression. But both were fought on principles and both were fought because of an oppressive government.

I do not wish to see bloodshed here in America with a war. In fact, that is the last thing I want. It is the last thing these petitioners want. Their petitions are for a "peaceful withdraw," not a forcible one.

With all of this said, it will be interesting to see exactly how the White House responds. I'm guessing they will basically blow it off and say there will be no withdrawing, but then again look who is being petitioned. However, I think the public knowledge that there are those of us who are fed up with an ever encroaching federal government by both parties is healthy for the country as a whole. These states will not be divided. I am confident that we will look out for each other, but those of us who do not believe it is government's place to be charitable would like to voluntarily do that, not be forced to do so.

Though you can find in my previous article a list of states and petitions, I'm providing and updates and alphabetized list here for quick reference.

May things remain peaceful and God grant us changed hearts of our leaders and our people and true repentance of His own people, the Church, and may He heal our land.

New Hampsire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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439 thoughts on “Secession Movement Sweeps All 50 States

  1. Secede is the only answer. I'M telling you the FINAL decision is NOT up to the bummer. Step 1 ...the petition may be denied. Then when step 2 starts....bummer CAN'T.....repeat CAN'T do anything about it. The GOOD thing is this......those who secede....will not.....repeat....WILL NOT.....owe what or who remains 1 red cent. IF he wants to take the 17 billion ....he can have it right over the cliff. By the way....the REMAINING WHOEVERS.....DEBT WILL BE AT LEAST 34 BILLION. It will double every 6 months. Thus enters CHINA......get the picture. I for one....WILL NOT help them out. The bummer got them there.....he can talk his way out of it. He's good at talking, Tha's his only trait. When he talks ....nothing comes out Today he AGAIN....stonewalled everybody that wanted to believe him. Of course the press. Everybody else....NOW are simply laughing at him. HOORAH

  2. Anyone but Obama says:

    Sure we want to secede. HALF of the people don't want to live in Obama's world. He is destroying this country and anyone with a half a brain, no, make that NO brain, can see it. Politicians are out of control. They are getting reelected easily by pumping tons of money into their respective districts and then they do whatever they want.

    Just like Obama. He is giving away the store for the sole purpose of getting elected. American soldiers have been killed in Benghazi and Fast & Furious and they are covering it up. The media is helping for reasons God only knows. We don't stand a chance.

    Yeah, I want a new independent state with NEW politicians. I don't see any other way to fix this country with someone running this country who is out of control.

    Obama is the first president in history to go a FULL term WITHOUT ever having a budget. He is the first president to do a lot of things, all of them bad.

    We need to do something and Obama has already indicated he has no inclination of trying to bring people together.

  3. And you were wondering why they needed 750 million rounds of hollow points.

  4. Tim, there are currently three petitions for Pennsylvania. The one you listed is the newest one and has the fewest number of votes. If people want to sign, be sure they find the one with the largest number of votes and add theirs to it.

    71 signors -

    7,216 signors - h

    11,613 signors - h

  5. Richard A. Schwartz says:

    What is wrong with people? How can you even think of this. Sounds like a few people are part of his mandate. How can you not respect the mandate? How dare you! Gee, maybe over a litttle over a million beats 4 hundred thousand. Please comment. The message for the country DOWN WITH LIBERALS [email protected]

  6. citizenrights says:

    To clarify some thing I wrote earlier. I agree with Ron Paul, But to accomplish a new United Nation of America will be a tremendous task and if it fails who will suffer the most in the end? If it is accomplished, it will be a great struggle to reconstruct by peaceable persuasion, all who have been deceived into unity. There is just so much diversity in who knows who Obama is and his real agenda, knows he is also a revolutionary.
    He is a revolutionary for another cause other than for liberty for all, He is for liberty for a few in tyranny. Succession can be a tool and is a right of the states constitutionally to keep the right of liberty in place. But in Obama's agenda it is exactly what he is hoping for. Remember his campaign trip he took in Illinois when he first ran for office. It was also, The late great president Abraham Lincoln's. He has brought the country to this point now to divide it and fragment it.
    When he first ran it was only symbolic, now it is almost a fact. Who will he free in the next civil war? After it is over, who will have really won? Are we going to repeat the same mistakes of the past as a nation. Divided we stand united we fall. The opposite should be encouraged today not succession, the bringing in of more states. Especially those nations west of us across the sea, Including south America and Mexico.
    Have you figured out who he intends to free yet? In the process of destroying America. Changing it to a neutral regional land not a country and with open borders ushering in the new world order. One world government. A new order devised and designed in corporate fascism. Not the old new order of the third reich. But a forth and ein Reich, ein Volk, ein fuhrer. A national socialist American workers party has already been created. It will be put in into action soon. It may not be by the same name, but the out come is no different. Beware where you tread you may be moving into a den of snakes and entrapped there for a very long time.
    The main reason I believe that those leaders in tyranny fear this country more than any and our constitution. Is because our constitution promotes liberty for all. In joining the Union of the United States of America. Obama is winning his argument and solidifying his hate for America in himself and the good Citizens of America. Because they have been taught and lead to believe that we are about colonial suppression. We are not, we are about statehood. The promotion of liberty world wide through statehood. When will we as a nation start practicing it again? If you have a majority of Nations in Union for the cause of peace and liberty in a voluntary union. There can be mostly peace and liberty for all world wide. This I believe was the true vision of the founders of our nation and country.
    Obama intends to free those he believes to be the oppressed in our country through the welfare state and those who have come to America for freedom. By purchasing them, he is on the road to full filling his dream in anarchy and chaos.
    Great Briton of the royal house of lords still is about colonial suppression and has been using this country for years for this purpose to avoid blame knowing one day we would pay and not the Royal house of great Briton.

    Countries are like individuals, When you come to realize they take on personalities as a national group and can be lead and deceived in the same way as an individual. You find that it is easier to recognize the lies and half truths and what is real and what the absolute truth is through the help and guidance of God Almighty.

    Succession will not achieve the conclusion we all seek. It will bring about permanent change and possible continual violent revolution for years to come? Ending where and with what? It would be better to seek amending the United States of American Constitution than for succession at this time.

    Even if it is a success to get 20 or more states into succession . Where are you going to seek support for the new nation or nations. Obama is supported world wide. The deck has truly been stacked. The world economy is teetering on a complete collapse and depression. Who would recognize your monetary system and medium of exchange? How will you assemble and afford and equip your military? What you will do, as true patriots, is expose your selves to possible implications on the over throwing of the United States Of American government. Ending up under investigation once again playing into the hands of the opposition. They knowing who you are and at some point removing you slowly but surly in the eyes of a corrupt law. It would be far better to have a organized Citizens petition demanding a full and complete federal grand jury bull dog investigation into members of congress and the President and members of his staff. Why a bull dog investigation? Because the bull dog like the snapping turtle dose not let go until forced to or killed.

    • Very well said. The idea of secession is tempting, justifiable, and sounds workable - the reality not so much. Having all of those who want to secede join together with a plan to amend the Constituition is more workable. We just need to work together somehow and plan.
      Pray, reload, reboot, and fight.

    • PRAY AND RELOAD what A combination.move to EUROPE OR AUSSIE

    • A woman with some real ideas, thanks! Just got thru venting about how all we EVER do is complain & whine now. You made me feel so much better, a light bulb of action... At least before the "election" i could be busy canvassing & working the vote. I HAVE to feel like I am doing something to actively initiate positive change. Anybody else have this awkward condition ? I'm too scared of the unknown to be still. God has my back, He expects work from me also.

    • IT will be for better to get RID OF O-BUTT-HOLE by any meanhs

    • All 50 states have petitioned for secession!

    • citizenrights says:

      Dear so called Carol Jean Goodwin,

      Not all things are corrupt on a federal level, when the states are involved and do the organizing and the choosing of the jury of 12 through the American Citizens jury pool. In the selection of a grand jury. I would be willing to bet that if such a trial was brought about and conducted by the states. With a state elected oversight committee. That for the first time in many years there would be people volunteering for jury duty.

      Yes we are a republic of republics, Every state must compile with the United States of American Constitution in order to be apart of the union and a very small federal government. All states must be set up as a republic, in line with constitutional protocol as so is a central republic and or government.

      What is happening is because we are a republic of democracy. So called, a free republic of principles based on the right to chose, liberty of and by the individual and by the people and for the people. It is in time, a simple process to turn it upside down or 180 degrees to a socialist republic, all being dependent on what the government and, or the state decides for the individual.

      The first one hundred years we were a republic for the individual and the several states. In the last hundred and so years we have become a central republic, deciding all matters for the state and deciding most for the individual’s at a cost. A tribute or tax for the right to be free and have a choice and have liberty.

      This has greatly diminished the power of the state and the individual. Because it is now very costly to do monetarily. But all is not lost, it can and must be reversed. But it will not happen in a divided Union, or over night, or at the push of a button and the channel changes. As, as many changes and it is a new show. In those rights that have been diminished there are many avenues that exist to make those who are of tyranny accountable for our present circumstances as a nation. There are many who will be called to duty to lead this nation out of tyranny. Because leaders are made by circumstances and elected by people even in tyranny.

      The road to liberty is a rough road and it is indeed a struggle, filled with sweat and blood and many tears. Because a decision that is of an individual, requires responsibility and accountability. But the road to the loss of liberty, where no challenges exist and none have any decisions to make for themselves. is a easy road that leads all to hell and damned nation.

      This is why it was stated “ We Give you a republic if you can keep it”

  7. onceproudamerican says:

    You would have to say that this means Obama is the biggest failure ever to occupy the White House!

    • You should have said Obama is the biggest failure to the American way in the history of America.
      However Obama is not a failure to his true constituents . He delevered America into the Hands of the Socialist in / for the U.N. as Planned years ago by "We The People's" enemies within.

  8. Petitioning the White House is merely symbolic.

    Congress has the power to admit a state into the Union under Article IV, Section 3 of the US Constitution, but they will never expel a state because that power was never mentioned in the document and they want the tax revenue. One might assume a state could voluntarily withdraw from the U.S. under the 10th Amendment because the power to remove a st...
    ate was never given to Congress.

    The question of whether a state could unilaterally withdraw from the Union was practically settled in the American Civil War and that answer is obviously no, they can’t, regardless what power Congress did not have.

    The power of individual states to withdraw unilaterally seems obvious but the federal government has the larger military force and is willing to stop secession by violence.

    • Not so , the military operates under the constitution. Besides which, they are as outraged as we are, he wants to cut their pay, and wanted to stop their voting

    • Texas has the right to secede. It was included in the text when Texas joined the union and is in the Texas Constitution that they reserve the right to peacefully withdraw.

    • You know what? If the White House and "government" doesn't see the writing on the wall with all 50 states filing petitions to secede from the "United" States, then there will be another civil war! Reasonable or not, I would hope our Military would come to the defense of We The People due to this imposter degrading them and believing the Military are there for HIS descretion and personal agenda to destroy the Country they are willing to give their lives for to protect!

  9. Tell me that this nation is not having "Buyers Remorse". There may be a lot of people who think that they are riding the wave of a free lunch, but I think this secession movement is evidence that there are a lot of citizens who are extremely concerned and unhappy with this regime.


    • Evidently "We the Patriotic Citizens " have been moved to another country. Or another country has moved in where America used to be.
      How bout "WE" move America back where she used to be ? SAzz

    • GO,GO,GO FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I promise we wont miss you

    • When you become a Citizen of the U.S. I might consider your advise .
      How's that Free phone working for you ?
      Sure does help you sell more dope , Huh ??
      You should have enough money amassed by now from rolling your welfare cash over into dope peddling cash to leave the US & live in any Socialist nation you choose. . What's the problem ?
      Convert too much merchandise for personal use ??

    • CITIZEN' WITH LET ME SEE '10 STORES AND COUNTING....Big Bank Account... AND DON'T NEED "The Bush Phone"Dope we don't believe in " Meth",but thank for your concern.

    • You first.

    • you complain ,not me.

  10. Not to worry, that POS Marxist can still be pres. of the OTHER SEVEN STATES.

  11. Citizen Patriot says:

    Where can I sign? I haven't seen such a petition being circulated in Colorado. I want my name on one!! Or ten.

  12. It is not the states doing these petitions. It is people in the states.
    I highly doubt anything will come of this.
    Then again, there are a small number of states who still do have the cahonies to give it a try. I sincerely hope so because that is where I will be heading.
    Too many states are just as much on the federal dole as there are individuals. What is so sad is the state legislatures are too stupid to get it that the fed is getting the money from them only to give it back in "grants".
    We are "governed" by idiots.

  13. Troglodytes!

  14. retiredmillwright says:

    America has fallen victim to socialism. Too many Americans want something for nothing and vote for the socialists. Once the socialists take asolute power, the usefull fools that voted for Obama will have the free government benefits stopped. They will have the boot put on their necks just like the ones that fought the socialists, they too will be disarmed and unable to resist. It would be much better to secede, or do whatever we can before America goes any futher down the hill.

    • It is not the people what something for nothing but they need help because of all the top end greed in our country. Don't go after the poor go after the rich who are really at fault.

    • @--john--------IS YOU CRAZY ??????? Go after the rich,they pay some 40% of all the federal taxes now !!!!! Why not get the LAZY pukes off their occupier asses and go to work ?????? The pukes in such as the teachers unions have gotten the children so INDOCTRINATED with all this socialist agenda of 'take it from the rich' GARBAGE,their are NOT able to think for themselves.Just look at what is happing in such as n.y.,and n.j.,they are crying for the gubermint to come bail them out,instead of doing something for themselves.What did people do back in the 1700's and the 1800's????? They RELIED on themselves.If they had waited for the gubermint to come help,they would have STARVED TO DEATH.-------------And with what is going on in that area after the storm,which was NOT as bad as Katrina,THEY WANT MO GUBERMINT.-------You have that puke doomberg wanting to ARREST people for giving food to the shelters,BECAUSE HE HAS NOT INSPECTED the food for the SALT,FAT AND FIBER CONTENT,these are people that have NO FOOD AT ALL.---------What a bunch of pukes-------------------

    • I see you must be a Negro - you talk like one.

    • Study an array of information from all sides, from all persuasions, history study is not only interesting but informative, Staying informed from all areas can help us see things from different angles, attitudes and perspectives, it can also assist in enlightening our ignorance.

    • BS, the "average" American lives like Royalty compared to the "average" European and better than almost ANY person in a third world country.

    • America has NOT fallen "victim" to socialism. No one seems to understand where "socialism" leads. It does not lead to free stuff for every one. one only has to do a minor bit of research to see how the Union of Soviet "Socialist" lived. There weren't no free stuff - except perhaps a trip to Siberia.

  15. Peacefully? It's not going to happen peacefully, not while this Marxist govt. is in power. And don't be so foolish as to think they're not gearing up for a move like this. Remember the "tens-of-millions" of rounds of Hollow-Point handgun ammo purchased by many govt. agencies last year, agencies that don't even have a legitimate reason to have any guns?

    • It sure wasn't for deer hunting.

    • You brought up a Good-Point, on the issuing of the 750 Million rounds of Ammo to Gov't agencies that don't even possess or should have Guns!! Yes, it won't be Peaceful, but, at first some appeasement, while B.O. The Liar & Usurper, from Kenya, gets his secret army together to confront the Seccession-ists Army (An Army of Millions of Vets, NRA Members & Hunters!!) We need a Paul Revere & a General George Washington soon!!

    • mtmountainman says:

      Our General Washington may be Lt. Col. West. I'd sure follow him to the salvation of our nation.

    • West has neither the leadership skills nor the balls.

    • Keep dreaming. first - you have no general to lead you - Lee was the BEST general in the United States - and he lost. you have NO ONE to lead - and without a leader - you are lost. The U.S. military will annihilate you.

    • whats your legitimate reason to have" GUNS"although, I didn't know you had to have A reason.

    • The LEGITIMATE reason to have "guns" is to protect yourself from the government - it was so stated. BUT - times have changed - and our deer hunting popguns will be as the bows and arrows of the Native American Indians against the rifles of the Colonists - compared to the U. S. military that will oppose you. and they WILL be on the side of the government - check history. We have NO general who has the charisma of a Gaius Julius Ceasar that would follow him to hell and make him emperor.

    • GUNS AND GOD.......HUH

    • You have no clue as to why the government is buying up ammunition outside the military. It has nothing to do with a civil uprising because of Obama being reelected. The government has is secrets - and they are scared as hell for when you find out what they aren't telling you about the perhaps near future. Do you think they would tell you the truth about an asteroid heading directly for earth - no - it's going to be a near miss. What happens if there is a 10 on the scale of an earthquake in California? What happens when a worse disaster than Sandy hits the north east - NYC and there is NO relief, no money, no influx of food and the riots and gangs begin the killings. THAT is what "I" think the government is preparing for. They KNOW something that they aren't telling about the perhaps not to distant future.

  16. Someone needs to put Soros on the terrorist watch list...

  17. the magic muslim of kenya must step down or be removed or the states must be allowed to secede!

    • LETS NOT lose the momentum....The so called president thinks this will all go away...
      He made it clear at the press conference today that he is in charge and will do whatever he wishes....HOW WRONG HE IS.....LEts stick together and not lose track of where we need to go!

    • I thought all you guy were going to move out of the country! Over 50% of the American people voted for Obama. Get over it and move on. All 10 people on this site are sore losers!

    • you are here and you must make eleven.

    • “Over
      50% of the American people voted for Obama.”

      He may have gotten more than 50% of the votes, but it was far less
      than over 50% of the American People. In the past elections, and
      this last one was no different, less than 50%, of those eligible,
      even bothered to vote. A politician’s worse nightmare is if
      everyone eligible voted. Then they would have to work for their
      constituents and there is no money in that. Republicans as well as
      Democrats all get very generous contributions from special interests
      lobbies. We have the best politicians money can buy. I don't blame
      the misguided clowns who elected and re-elected him. At least they
      voted. The real problem is all the people that didn't vote or wasted
      their vote on useless write-ins or third party candidates. They did
      just as much to put Obama and his followers in office as the clowns
      who did vote for them. This is the product of apathy and we will
      soon be paying the price for it when it is too late to do anything
      about it. To those who don't vote I have one thing to say. If the
      day ever comes that the minority of voters have voted all our rights
      away, don’t come complaining to me. I will have one question. Where
      were you when there was still time to do something about it? The
      fear that he would find a reason to declare Martial law and put off
      the election was a joke. Martial law was just a scare tactic. He
      didn't need it because he knew that apathy would play a major part in
      securing that win. If more eligible people voted, it would be harder
      to stuff the ballot boxes. You can't get those apathetic idiots to

    • must, must! what a foolish thinker you are.

  18. Please read my article 'Is There a More Serious Crime Than the Usurpation of the Presidency?' on Nov. 29, 2011. Nota Bene the petition at the end of the piece.

  19. So your angry and you want to SECEDE, huh?

    Now you know how I felt in the courtroom in Tallahassee when the judge ruled that he couldn’t proceed against Obama’s name being on the ballot because Obama was not yet the ‘official’ nominee of the Democrat party.
    Now you know how I felt when Judge Malihi in Georgia warned Obama’s attorneys not to appear ‘at their own peril,’ and when they didn’t he ruled in Obama’s favor anyways.
    Now you know how I felt when I asked Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to his face if he would support legislation such as that put forward by Sen. A.G. Crowe (R-LA) which would require presidential candidates to establish their constitutional eligibility before being permitted to have their name on the ballot in Louisiana and Sen. Vitter told me that ‘he’d look into it.’ Several months later Sen. Vitter endorsed Marco Rubio–ineligible to be president or vice-president as a non-natural-born citizen–as a Republican running mate for Romney!
    Now you know how I felt when–after polls referenced in World Net Daily articles reported an enormous majority within the Tea Party and the Republican Party either believed that Obama was a fraud and ineligible or had their doubts–my Governor here in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, a man constitutionally ineligible to be president as a non-natural born citizen, actively pursued, (and I mean literally: he actually followed the Romney campaign bus around), the nomination as the Republican VP running mate with no regard for the heartfelt cry from all corners of the country for our representatives to stand and defend the constitution against the criminal usurper, fraud and forger.
    Now you know how I felt when I stood and listened to the preliminary findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse and the pathetic liberal media puppets who attacked the messengers with what amounted to nothing less than the heckling of a crowd–the larger news media networks not even present for the presentation of incontrivertable evidence that the purported president had presented ‘We the People’ with patently fraudulent, forged documents in an effort to cover-up the most sinister crime in American history: the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States of America.
    Now you know how I felt when I learned that, regarding the 8 different cases that have been denied a hearing by the Supreme Court, the two liberal judges illegally appointed by Obama did not have the measure of honor to recuse themselves from any discussion or deliberation on the cases when, quite naturally, were any of those cases to have proceeded successfully, the appointment of those two slimy worms would quite naturally have been retro-actively abrogated along with any and all decisions upon which they had ruled.
    Now you know how I felt when investigative reporter Susan Daniels uncovered that Obama’s Social Security number is fraudulent and nothing was done about it.Now you know how I felt when I learned that when lead detective Mike Zullo attempted to inspect the registration log book at the Honolulu Dept. of Health in which Obama’s birth was recorded in 1961 he and a fellow detective from Maricopa County, Arizona were met by what any writer might describe as “goons” and instructed to depart the premises. (By the way, in 1961 any Honolulu resident could walk in to the Health Dept. and register an ‘unattended birth’ that had “taken place” –that’s right, they could just walk in and register a birth with no photos, no doctor’s note, nothing, and more than a few Japanese are on record as having done that for children born in Japan in order to aquire American citizenship for them. Hmmmmm.)
    Now you know how I felt when Obama said–what were his words?–I don’t remember…something like, ‘should the winds of war change I will stand with Islam.’
    Now you know how I felt when Dr. Jerome Corsi corroborated and reported that Obama prays in an impeccable Arabic; that’s right, with no distinguisable accent to a native speaker. Hmmmmm.
    Now you know how I felt when Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a surgeon in the 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles), was stripped of his rank and court-martialed for simply requesting, as is his duty according to his oath to defend the constitution, that his purported commander-in-chief provide authentication that he legally, constitutionally, occupies said rank–not unlike any soldier authenticating an officer crossing a check-point–and for this he was dishonored and imprisoned. Lt. Col. Lakin had served in combat theaters of operation and was getting ready to re-deploy when he was wrongfully accused and imprisoned. Then Obama presented us with a forged birth certificate.
    Where is the outrage? Where are the red-white-and-blue blooded Americans who would stand and fight or if neccesary lay down their lives for the American experiment in ‘government of the People?’
    Secession is not the answer.
    Abrogation now is the answer.
    We the People of the United States of America demand the retro-active abrogation of the unconstitutional election of the fraud and forger, the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, Barry Soetoro, Soebarkha, who fraudulently represented himself through his own literary agent for over 16 years as having been born in Kenya.
    MR. OBAMA was in the commission of a crime when he was illegally elected. America is in the midst of a constitutional crisis of unparalleled magnitude: we have no legal sitting president or vice-president.
    Obama needs to be taken into custody by the appropriate authority and debriefed. I understand water-boarding has proven highly effective with enemy agents of Islam.
    We need to put a financial hurt on all the main stream media outlets which are in cahoots with this attack upon our country and our constitution and our liberty.We need to vote out ALL Republican and Democrat party scoundrels who have utterly failed to keep their oath to defend the Constitution.Administrators at Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School need to be tar’d and feathered for their complicity in the most sinister crime in American history. When Obama’s college records including those financial records which indicate the Islamist financing of his education are made public and it is clear that administrators at those institutions of higher learning have all along been aware that MR. OBAMA is now and always was constitutionally ineligible to be president, they must be made to pay and pay dearly for the crime of treason. Lest I forget, Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii should be sentenced to hang for his part in the crime.Obama should be tried by a military tribunal for having also criminally usurped the military rank of commander-in-chief.
    No more wicked assault upon the office and honor of the office of the president of the United States of America has taken place since President Lincoln was shot.

    • So tell us how you really feel.I just finished reading that governor perry will not secede and to hell with the people that think otherwise.More justice from a corrupt system.I agree with everything that you said and more.But it looks to me that its not going to be a peaceful secession.I'm ready are you!

    • And you will NOT be alone Chris.

    • I heard from a few of my Texas friends after Governor Perry's statement. They all say he can be replaced. Doesn't seem like the care even a little bit about what he thinks. Just sayin'.

    • RON PAUL needs to run against Perry for Gov of Texas!!!!!
      We need to encourage Dr. Paul to do this for his state!!!
      You can bet your boots he will tame the feds as Gov of Texas!
      Lest we forget that Rick Perry approved the Globalists' "TRANS-TEXAS CORRIDOR" that is planned to link Mexico-USA-Canada into their globalist "North American Union"!!!

    • JUST SENT this letter to Congressman Ron Paul:

      Dear Congressman Paul, I am not within your district but wanted to get my message to you as best I could!

      PLEASE RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF TEXAS when Gov. Rick Perry's term is up!

      We were praying that you would have been U.S. President, but corruption prevented that, thus go for the Governorship of Texas where your leadership and knowledge is much needed!

      I pray you will consider this suggestion!

      THANK YOU ever so much for being such an honest and upstanding Congressman over so many years! You are a rare example for other politicians to follow!

      God Speed & Bless you!

    • stupid is as stupid does.

    • Just what Texas needs, a doddering old fool to be governor.

      I also understand that Mexican's now make up about half of the Texas population. You will all soon be speaking "hablo espanol".

    • YOU ONLY display your ignorance, my friend!

    • You wish fool.

    • It's happening here in California.....or should I say "mexifornia". Not only will we have a civil war, we'll have another mexican-American war, even after we purchased this land from mexico in the 1840's these who jump our borders still think they're entitled to this land and still call it "mexico". How convenient for them. If we didn't have the infrastructure or the free welfare they wouldn't give a rats ass about the "north".

    • Difference now is we'll supply Mexico with their guns!!

    • One thing about obama's continuation to bring the US down, we don't have very much further to go and the people jumping our border will probably start going the other way. There won't be much here to attract them anymore? The "freebies" will have to stop when the money runs out and china stops the loans?

    • 44rd11...Why in hell don't you take your crapola speaking to some other website? Maybe the "other side" will love you for it.

    • aspergus Hermann says:

      To hell with Perry---He's the one that brought it up when he was not nominated

      to run for president--- we were the Republc of Texas twice

    • You gave it away twice and LOST once.

    • I hear you rabble rousing and stirring the crap buddy, why don't you back off the Texans and come on up to coal country.

    • I'm a Texan and I feel about Rickie Dale Perry the same as I do John Boehner. If the Democrats get a little tough they both have the same reaction. Fall down and turn belly up in supplication. I'm hoping Perry won't be eligible for another term.

    • You forgot to add, "and urinate on themselves like submissive dogs do," which they really do, by the way.

    • David S. McQueen says:

      Rick Perry shot himself in the foot and will now lose the next Texas gubernatorial election. What a jerk!

    • ME, TOO, Vet!!! Too bad we can't REALLY EXPRESS WHAT WE'D LIKE TO DO!

    • It's exactly what a lot of people would like to do to that ILLEGAL POS.

    • That is why "talk is cheap" and you are even to cheap to talk.

    • Go soak your head in the toilet!

    • I keep telling you to come on up to coal country buddy, and do your rabble rousing and crap stirring, tout your socialism up here...8.7 million families who depend on coal would love to meet you.

    • Of course no state will secede - they cannot exist without their own Central Federal subsidies. People are sometimes so stupid. no one has thought out secession - the South at least had an inkling of what it was doing before the civil war. You folks live on dreams and iPhones.

    • You fools voted to keep this socialist muslim in office, you must enjoy punishment a lot! move to Indonesia with obama if that is the life style you like, thats where he was born!

    • The civil war was looong time ago, Texas economy shines the 15th strongest in the world. I will think the USA will get weaker if TX leaves the union.. but wait, there are another 35 states trying to do the same. You figure it out.

    • Perry is was supported by Agah Khan put Islam teachings in public Schaumburg. What does tell you?

    • How can so many Americans not see the truth about this man? there is so much out there if they want to know,,I believe every aspect of our election has been violated.Every republican governor against Obama is not elected? I stand with Alan West i pray we can find where the fraudian government has flawed. So we can bring it to the light>>>

    • Because all they see is all the "Free phones, welfare cks, food stamps, etc" that he is giving out!!! They won't see the truth for that very reason!!!

    • You have that right Cathy.....SO many people on welfare and they are SO afraid that they will lose their food stamps and other charity that the rest of
      us are paying for. We are not going away...and if the so called President thinks so he is as stupid as we have thought.. If you read ALL of the bulletin boards it becomes clear that WE ARE NOT ALONE and it is very important that we stick together. WE are getting lets not lose the momentum!!!

    • I AM on welfare and I HATE Obama! He is wrecking our nation! Besides If the rich get taxed into oblivion then who will pay for social security?! I guess I am something of an odd ball as i am a welfare recipiant, and I voted for Romney! Obama has garrenteed that social security WILL go bankrupt sooner than we all think! Am i the only welfare recipiant who hates Obama for destroying our country?! It will be the question of the century if not the milenium..

    • It is so good to hear from you. I have talked to many young women who are on welfare and they all want to work and support themselves and their children. They relate that they are treated like dirt by the ADFC and all other agencies that they deal with. I hope that you all the assistance you need and can keep safe and secure.

      I believe that conservatives are the most giving of the population but they don't think it should buy your vote.get

    • You are not alone. I am on social security disability and not of my own chooseing. I would love to be able to find a job I can do. I was even willing to get anykind of retraining and was basically told I was to old! ( I was 55 at the time) But I too voted for Romney because I believe in the core values of a conservitive.Hopefully Americans will stand together and FORCE our government to uphold there oaths. If not then hopefully "We the people" will give them NO other chose!!!



    • Why ,, are you on ,, welfare ???

    • I am on welfare because nobody would hire me due to me being odd... I later found out I have asberger's syndrome.. Thing is about a hundred years ago people with asbergers could get a job because our country was more tolarant and willing to give people like me a chance, but now days they find out you have asberger's syndrome to describe why I seem strange and everyone would rather not bother with me(I think producer's like dick wolf who made law and order did alot to make asberger's and autistic people look like crazed animals... Just because our minds are different... I If I don't tell anyone then people thinbk that I am stupid so, i just can't find work.. If the conservatives could just take back the country then maybe about another hundred or so years from now maybe capitalism will create enough jobs, so people like me could find work... Spocialism destroys jobs, and turns everyone into slaves of the government... There are reports trhat te liberal left endorsed children getting vacinated early My mom thinks that I may have developed asbergers during the vaccination, It was back during the Carter years when I was still a new born.. Carter endorsed that regardless of age, but my mom had her doubts but people at her work place told her to "get on the band wagon" so to speak.. Asbergers is a light for of autism, and there is no cure.. But the Liberal Left claims that asberger's syndrome is not autism, but my mom read all of the symptoms and said I was a "Classic case" and that it fit the bill exactly.. Doctors knew I had ADD, but they couldn't track what type it was.. My Mom read an article on it, and said that the symptoms of asbergers matches me perfectly.. All my life of day-dreaming and seclusion was finally identified.. The reason I lack "people skills", and why I can't catch an emotional vibes or hidden social cues... It is not that we don't bhave feelings it is just that our bodies don't have all the chemicals for all emotions..
      I have learned that some emotions are easy to express like anger ajnd joy, but the troublesome emotions that or bodies can't fully express are chemically induce ones like sorrow.. when Our mind feel saqd our bodies can't express it ir has trouble... That's right we can't cry when we want to, so it usually looks like depression or anger, and we also cry even when we aren't sad, so it goes both ways.. People find it strange..

    • There will be a time in the near future (because of obama's & liberal's ways) that the money for those "entitlements" will run out and china will be unwilling to loan obama more money. At that point in time the US will be in riot the same as europe, only more so. What then? More liberalism? But with what will the liberals use to buy votes?

    • Then Obama will declare victory !!

    • Not if we are prepared he won't. We still have the 2nd amendment and that trumps all. If he tries to take it away then we will have to use that right.

    • Barack Hussein Obama is NOT Santa Claus, all you sheeple! Wake up and smell the coffee. We The People and legal citizens of this country are ticked off at all the improprieties and cheating going on in our nation the past 20 or more years. We used to think how 3rd world countries could not have fair elections and now we have become another 3rd world country. What the citizens of this country want matters not in any election. They have been rigged by the "establishment".

    • one word voter suppressing,okay two.That made people get out and vote. REP.voter suppressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yup, it was pretty strange that some major districts in Pennsylvania and Ohio didn't even have -1 - , vote for Romney lol.

      Wonder how that happens .. ( sarcasm intended )

    • ask Maine, Iowa,Wis,.ect

    • Go here to sign petition for recount:
      Do not know how much good it would do; but, at least, it will let obozo know we are not stupid. Just the republicans in congress are.

    • ah, my dear - but he is. and a perfect santa at that. you obviously don't even have a clue what other "industrialized" countries live like. our middle class live like royalty, our poor like their middle class. only the homeless in this country match the homeless and hungry in any foreign country.

    • I don't think there is much doubt ,,, about that ,,, anymore lol. How do you think we had bammiecare ,, shoved down our throats to start with lol. And that ,,, was after millions ,,,, marched on DC and closed it down for 2 days.
      It is pretty obvious by now that politicians ,, don't give a damn ,, about what we think ,, or want for this country ...

    • You mean that is why an ex Governor from a northeastern state who did not vote for him in the election got nominated from president in the republican party. The northeastern liberals poured money on Romney and forced the rest of us to elect him. They knew.

    • Just until the goody bag runs dry, than they will start crying whats going on we voted for you, how can you do this to us ??? From what I hear it will start in Ohio shortly after the new yeay starts, cuts in food stamp checks.. It will be down hill from there. Can hardly hold back the giggles..

    • People don't realize that there is no such thing as the BANK OF GOVERNMENT! Whatever the pols spend comes from US, the middle class working (those of us that still have a job that is). The more employers are burdened with taxes and regulations the fewer jobs there will be - many larger corporations relocating to more favorable environments... outside of the US! What will be the result? Reduced REVENUE!!! And round and round we go. When the revenue ceases to be sufficient to support the "gimme" portion of the population, we become Greece. In the interim however, Obama will continue to play golf, enjoy lavish vacations, and fly around on our very expensive jet from place to place making BS speeches from a teleprompter and enamoring the star struck part of the public and those that are happy to accept handouts (I'm not talking about people on Social Security who are recovering their own money after years of contributions, or military people, or folks that really need a leg up until they get back on their feet). This sugar daddy has swept the nation with broad smiles and rhetoric and half the country has apparently fallen for it. I am happy to see people willing to voice their exception to administration members that serve themselves alone and not the people that put them there. But unfortunately, I don't see this most recent movement making any difference. Congress will still have those that don't pay taxes (by mistake) but do not have to answer for it; that are involved in questionable activities and do not have to answer for it; that lie, cheat, steal, and do not have to answer for it; participate in a branch of the government that itself ignores the law... the Senate has yet to establish a budget and neither has the Executive branch!! Why wouldn't anyone want to be in such a powerful position that would allow an "anything goes" life without any retribution? The fixation that people have regarding the taxation of the "rich" is based on multiple motivators: greed, envy, and belief that they are being told the truth. In reality, it is a movement by the government to besmirch people that have taken advantage of America's reputation for encouraging folks to strive for success on whatever level they perceive it to be. That's why people come to our shores any way they can... swimming, running, and dying in containers, just to touch American soil. The media has unfortunately distorted many truths and while supporting the additional taxation of the so-called wealthy of our society (those that make $250K +) they fail to report that not only does the 2% of our population pay the most taxes, but 45% do not pay federal income tax at all! Not only that, but if we were to tax the rich at 100%, the income from it would only keep the government going for 6 DAYS!!! The ongoing growth in our debt will be devastating and we will be at the mercy of everyone the US owes. The message is so skewed. Those that pay lower taxes are living off of the interest in their investments... that is to say that they pay less in taxes, but have already paid taxes on the money that they initially earned that they have used to invest, and that was probably at 35%!! Unfortunately the government has capitalized on the economic ignorance of the majority of people. But there is not a single person that knows how to add that can possibly believe that taxing the "rich" will make a single bit of difference. That will bring in billions when in reality we are in continual debt in the trillions! Cutting spending is the only answer in building a road to recovery. Paul Ryan did have a plan... good, bad, or indifferent, while Obama's "plan" is solely to tax the rich. Nearly half the country did not want to see this president's re-election and the other half will get exactly what they voted for. Unfortunately however, we will ALL be recipients of what I fear is yet to come. Secession... a broad statement... but where are we going to go? There has been a shift in our country - and we are divided. We have the givers and the takers; the pro-lifers and those that choose abortion as a matter of convenience and use it as a method of birth control; the honest and the liars; and those that vote merely on the basis of their party affiliation and those that vote their conscience. I am optimistic always regarding the spirit of the majority of Americans, but I am also realistic about the desire of this administration to suppress it. Many believe that this president is not a leader. I beg to differ. Look at what he has already accomplished and where he is leading the people in this country willing to follow... down a road that I am afraid will lead to our own destruction if something doesn't change. We had the opportunity to make a change and it didn't happen. Now whether we voted for it or not, we will all be recipients of the fallout that occurs as a result of the continuation of at least, the past 4 years!

    • wowee that was a long drink! but true, all anyone has to do is whatch the cable tv show Hardcore Pawn, about a pawn shop in Detriot, once you see the loosers that come in an have some piece of crap, and expect the pawnbrokers to give them $$$ for it, well just whatch it, and you will have a look at the types of loosers that have voted for obama!

    • No, what they see are the do nothing Republicans that threaten the foundations of Socialism.

    • Obama is advertising food stamps on radio in Mexico. Cloward - Piven strategy to collapse the economy via welfare overload. Then complete redistribution via government check with everybody on welfare. It is so obvious , but few will see it.

    • when "everyone" is on welfare - there will be no welfare. I suggest you ALL go back and take a look at the Soviet Union - there were grandmothers sweeping the streets with twig brooms - there were no handouts of free anything. Once in power - the socialists will have no more need of you.

    • The - major - difference between Russia, and America. Is we are armed :) .
      I am going to love ,, the day when politicians are afraid to walk the streets lol.

    • "We are armed", at least for the present. How long will that last? Anyones guess. BUT, if they want my gun(s), they willl have to take them from "my cold dead hands"? I'm 81 and have lived my life, so it won't matter if they take me out. But you can bet there will be a few of "them" that go with me!!!

    • keepersleeper says:

      ...I hear you loud and clear! You are kickin' it, Catman! I like your style!

    • I am still wondering what or who ,,, is doing something about that BS . When I heard about that I was floored ( and pi ss ed ) . to say the least

    • The wh web site for the pettition will not even let me sign up to sign the petition. I've tried a few times and it tells me my email is already registered or that they are sending further instructions to my email, but I never get them.

    • I've tried several times in the past three days to sign the petitions but am not able to get registered or sign .

    • It can take awhile o get the link you need, we found the same but in the end we got the email link to verify

    • NotRightNotLeft says:

      Boy did I miss out. I didn't get a phone or any food stamps. I haven't received my welfare check but that may be because I work for a living and pay taxes. I guess the only reason I voted for President Obama is because I am satisfied that he is leading our country in the right direction. And, he's doing this despite the opposition from radical right-wing loonies fighting him all of the way. Way to go Barack!!!

    • Laura
      the are al in lala land , and tose are the ones that like to take and take , and just
      colecke there cheks , we are providing to them , true ouer taxes , those bums

    • Proof read then post fewer errors easier reading!

    • No one wants to know - and they don't care.

    • If they can't see the truth, how about opening their eyes to the lies.

    • one word...... GREED the most deadly of the Seven Deadly Sins! all of them as follows an more than one apply-Lust, Gluttony,Laziness,Greed,Wrath,Envyand Pride! you could say every one of them apply to the electorate that has "elected" obama! but it is Greed that is most applicable!

    • Here is another petition on that site for recount: Doubt if it will do much good; but, if we get enough signature, maybe obozo will see he is still not going to impose his agenda.

    • Their father the Devil, has blinded their eyes(says the Lord)

    • Look no further than the entire Democratic political party. THAT is where FRAUD begins and is perpetuated constantly when it comes to our elections and by none other than the President of the United States of America. -Who was the fraud committed against you ask? "We the People' of the United States of America is the answer. "We the People' OWN IT ALL, yet we are lied to

    • Every thing you said there,i agree with. I think the secession movement stems from the above. I know that's My reasoning. I want our constitutional laws upheld!!

    • I could not agree more. The part about Obama's birth certificate is it said Barrack Hussein Obama - did not Obama change is own name as stated in one of his books? Wasn't his name Barry Sotomeyer? So how could his bithd certificate say Barack Hussein Obama? I know being married when I needed to request a copy of my birth certificate it showed my maiden name not my married name that was legally changed. This puzzles me still Obama's certificate should not read as it does even after legally changing his name it should as his mother named him not what he named himself.

    • Barry Soetero I believe was the name he used. We do not have a clue who his father really is.

    • Well, in the 60's Mauri Pauwich did not have the free DNA tests about "who is the father?" yet. If hussein osama's mother was still alive oday, she would bring at least 6-7 men to the show: Mauri said: "osama bin lying- you are the father." Well ladies and gentlemen , Ann Dunham had brought us 7 men to test, you are so brave, what make you bring all these men here in the begining?"
      Well, Mauri it started of when a 6 years old boy asked me: "mama, why are you white and I am black?" Ann Dunham replied: "don't you ever go there barack, from what I can remember that night at the party, you should be glad that you don't bark."

    • FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, I think thats his real dad! I read an article about a week ago, where obama had a nose job done, because his nose looked just like his dad's, and it would have been a dead give away of who is dad was! can't prove it, just like obama can't prove who he really is, besides a lying terrorist muslim!

    • We know that he eats dog meat. He admitted that.

    • Ignorance sure is bliss.

    • And stupid is forever, stupid said as stupid is.

    • To be blunt...nobody in this government has balls enough to go after him or probably the know how to do it!!! He needs to be removed but he blocks each and every move!!!

    • Michelle Bachman has more ba##s then the men.....she goes after obama. I'm Very happy Michelle was reelected. She was targeted by the democrats and they spent millions to get rid of her and didn't!! A big WIN for our side
      AND yes this country is divided -- you're either FOR or Against a Free and consitutional republic!

    • and most are against. Wait until you find out that the military are against you also. your very own heroes - they WORK for the government that pays them - because there are no other jobs for them.

    • Don't bet on he idiot.

    • There are always some ignorant in all organizations, but the INTELLIGENT will realize that THEY are in the SAME BOAT as the rest of us, thus what they help sow so shall they and their families reap! Many realize that they are being USED as "Useful Idiots" and when no longer in uniform, either military OR civilian police, THEY will only be a common subject under tyranny that they helped to spawn upon not only us but....THEMSELVES!

    • Wrong dude, the military hates obama, and you know it!

    • Yes I know how you feel. When judge after judge dismissed all those lawsuits seeking to have this usurper show his eligibility and they stated that we the people have no standing. How much standing would we have if a few million strong marched against this administration locked loaded and ready to rock and roll... Would they tell us we have no standing then... I would hate to see an all out war against the government but when the government has declared a war against the people than this administration will get what it deserves.... Our gutless representatives could have stood up for our Constitution and done something about this tyrant but they do not have the guts or the balls to confront him.... We need to take our country back by what ever means it takes to do that....

    • YES! WE DO!!!!

    • You would have a lot of standing if a "few million" did anything. but unfortunately - you'll be lucky if you could muster 10,000.

    • IT IS APPARENT, by all your crass comments, that YOU would not be in that number, my friend!

    • Your not welcome in here, your a tratior, just shut up and blow away!

    • Don't mind him, he's just stirring the crap and rabble rousing. I keep telling him to come up and visit us in coal country, Appalachia awaits him with all our backwoods hospitality. :)

    • And ????

    • Don't worry about the - and - part. It will take care of itself :) .

    • Remington 870 says:

      Excellent information! I'm with you. Our so called GOP Congress is filled with cowards and traitors only interested with their own careers. You forgot to mention the traitorous so called media who I refer to as 'pretend media', with Dem operatives acting as journalists. Lock and load. Be ready to march.

    • We have coward congressman in Virginia too. One Senator looks like a warmed over gangster. He kisses up to Obama every chance he gets. Who would ever have thought that the once champion of States Rights would go code blue. Disgusting.

    • prepare your will, and your cemetery plot or niche in the corner for your ashes. Your popgun deer rifle will never match the sophisticated military weapons of the US that will surely side with the government. YOU may lock and load, you will die.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Who's side are you on? I smell lib in your writings. I am ready to die for my country. Bet you aren't?

    • You probably helped elect those cowards.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Thankyou...and yes I helped elect a few. Did you help elect any? Probably not, because I smell liberal Dem. Very intelligent response from you lib.

    • citizenrights says:

      It is time for a federal grand jury to investigate and indite all those responsible. Including and not limited to the president of the United States of America any and all congress men and woman involved in there failure in there duties and all the cover ups. This grand jury can be instituted by a petition by a vote from the states. A watch committee set up to make sure all is in constitutional order. A special court set up for prosecution and sentencing.

    • He is not untouchable and yes he should be indicted as all his conspirators should be. I said earlier today that no one cares who the head of the CIA has slept with but we are mad as hell at BHO for scr-wing the rest of the country.

    • He is totally untouchable - except by lead. and for that you will sacrifice all.

    • I PRAY that he would be brought to proper Constitutional justice....NOT made into a martyr, God forbid!

    • Great suggestions, but you mentioned "federal" grand jury -anything "federal" is corrupt! Somehow, "justice" needs to get back into the jurisdiction of HONEST Patriots for the sake of keeping our Nation's Freedoms and Liberties. We simply cannot TRUST anyone on the federal level to do anything that's RIGHT for We The People and our Republic!

    • "honest" Patriot. What a misused word or both of them. HONEST, really? and "Patriot" there are none.

    • citizenrights says:

      Dear so called 4evrMoi

      Not all things are corrupt on a federal level, when the states are involved and do the organizing and the choosing of the jury of 12 through the American Citizens jury pool. In the selection of a grand jury. I would be willing to bet that if such a trial was brought about and conducted by the states. With a state elected oversight committee. That for the first time in many years there would be people volunteering for jury duty.

      Yes we are a republic of republics, Every state must compile with the United States of American Constitution in order to be apart of the union and a very small federal government. All states must be set up as a republic, in line with constitutional protocol as so is a central republic and or government.

      What is happening is because we are a republic of democracy. So called, a free republic of principles based on the right to chose, liberty of and by the individual and by the people and for the people. It is in time, a simple process to turn it upside down or 180 degrees to a socialist republic, all being dependent on what the government and, or the state decides for the individual.

      The first one hundred years we were a republic for the individual and the several states. In the last hundred and so years we have become a central republic, deciding all matters for the state and deciding most for the individual’s at a cost. A tribute or tax for the right to be free and have a choice and have liberty.

      This has greatly diminished the power of the state and the individual. Because it is now very costly to do monetarily. But all is not lost, it can and must be reversed. But it will not happen in a divided Union, or over night, or at the push of a button and the channel changes. As, as many changes and it is a new show. In those rights that have been diminished there are many avenues that exist to make those who are of tyranny accountable for our present circumstances as a nation. There are many who will be called to duty to lead in this direction because leaders are made by circumstances and elected by people even in tyranny.

      The road to liberty is a rough road and it is indeed a struggle, filled with sweat and blood and many tears. But the road to the loss of liberty, where no challenges exist and none have any decisions to make for themselves. Because a decision is individual and requires self responsibility and accountability. is a easy road that leads all to hell and damned nation.

      This is why it was stated “ We Give you a republic if you can keep it”

    • when grand jury's are OWNED by the government - you may wish in one hand and spit in the other - see which fills up first.

    • citizenrights says:

      Dear so called 44rd11,

      Governments must exist or you will have anarchy and chaos.

      Not all things are corrupt on a federal level, when the states are involved and do the organizing and the choosing of the jury of 12 through the American Citizens jury pool. In the selection of a grand jury. I would be willing to bet that if such a trial was brought about and conducted by the states. With a state elected oversight committee. That for the first time in many years there would be people volunteering for jury duty.

      Yes we are a republic of republics, Every state must compile with the United States of American Constitution in order to be apart of the union and a very small federal government. All states must be set up as a republic, in line with constitutional protocol as so is a central republic and or government.

      What is happening is because we are a republic of democracy. So called, a free republic of principles based on the right to chose, liberty of and by the individual and by the people and for the people. It is in time, a simple process to turn it upside down or 180 degrees to a socialist republic, all being dependent on what the government and, or the state decides for the individual.

      The first one hundred years we were a republic for the individual and the several states. In the last hundred and so years we have become a central republic, deciding all matters for the state and deciding most for the individual’s at a cost. A tribute or tax for the right to be free and have a choice and have liberty.

      This has greatly diminished the power of the state and the individual. Because it is now very costly to do monetarily. But all is not lost, it can and must be reversed. But it will not happen in a divided Union, or over night, or at the push of a button and the channel changes. As, as many changes and it is a new show. In those rights that have been diminished there are many avenues that exist to make those who are of tyranny accountable for our present circumstances as a nation. There are many who will be called to duty to lead this nation out of tyranny. Because leaders are made by circumstances and elected by people even in tyranny.

      The road to liberty is a rough road and it is indeed a struggle, filled with sweat and blood and many tears. Because a decision that is of an individual, requires responsibility and accountability. But the road to the loss of liberty, where no challenges exist and none have any decisions to make for themselves. is a easy road that leads all to hell and damned nation.

      This is why it was stated “ We Give you a republic if you can keep it”

    • Congratulations Sir !!!!

      You have now won the prize of the most deluded blogger in this site !!! And that is NOT an easy task.

      As a price we will send you your own application for the United States National Socialist Party and your own set of white sheets you can use to attend your next KKK meeting.

      The US is a land of immigrants and some of them are very talented and bright and work harder than some of the lily white ancestors of most of us

      Maybe you should go back in time in the 19th century when the Irish Immigrants where consider dirty barbarians with no right to migrate to our country

    • Or perhaps 30's Germany lol. Your people weren't to bright either compadre .
      Ohh , and are you guys still solvent,,, paying for all of Europe's ignorance ???

    • Thanks, but no thanks. I will not go back to that time. I like my flush toilet and my hot shower. You can sleep with the dogs and fleas and have lice if you like.

    • Oh, they were bright, they just did not understand their limitations
      Kind of like Republicans with shinier boots and fit bodies.

      oh well.....we try to convince the world to let us rule, but they disagree with that idea....Maybe we should have try a softer approach.....

      Now Europe wants hard working Germany to pay their bills.

    • Ya, they were - bright - enough to let one of the most notorious butchers in the history of the world seize power with thier blessing ,, no less lol. As for - shiny - jack booted thugs , don't you mean democraps . They are the only ones running around the country with SS armbands on lol. Perhaps , someone needs to flip - your - light switch on lol. Must be pretty dark running around with your head up your shoot all the time :)

    • I stated on a forum earlier that I was afraid of what secession would do to all the retired vets military pay, social security checks, etc. My income is totally military from my husbands 30 year service. My medical benefits are also as a military dependent. If states secede will the Federal Government deny the people their pay?
      For four years people have been enraged by what Obama has been doing, but no one spoke up. I believe rather than petition to secede from the Union and getting so many voices to finally speak up, it would have been much better to have filed petitions for impeachment. The Lord knows there is enough evidence and more in the Benghazi debacle coming up. With so many states calling for Obama's impeachment, I think he would have been forced to resign.

    • I share your concern, Jillian, but only Congress & the Senate can Impeach - We The People must put the pressure on THEM! THEY are SUPPOSED to represent We The People. These petitions to secede will show them we mean serious busness! My personal desire would be to get ALL OF THEM OUT of the "jobs" We The People entrusted them to do FOR US! They've all turned into pathetic excuses just like obummer!

    • You don't have any ability to put "pressure" on them. they don't represent you, and haven't for years. You elect them to sit on their side of the Aisle in the Party of choice. They represent themselves and their position within that Party. YOU are needed for your money and your vote.

    • They work for THE UNITED STATES corporation of the District of Columbia; that is why they ignore their "constituents" with pre-written form letters!

    • Surely Congress and the Senate would have to listen to the voice of the people, and so many people that they would have to do something. Guess they are afraid of losing their plush jobs, jobs they do not do.

    • Ah, there is someone that does see the light. as a retired vet myself - I am totally dependent on the US government for my living. What would happen to all the veterans that served honorably, or the civilians that worked, that earned their retirement. there is no thought of what any state that seceded would do to take care of those people.

    • I agree with you. Nobody wants to see Obama out of the White house more than I do. I devoted twenty-two years of my life for this country and our way of life. It pains me that the voters put a man in the White House and re-elected him, who is devoted to destroying it. That being said, I am a little concerned. I wouldn't be too quick to relive the events of the 1860s. I wonder if those who are pushing petitions for secession have really fully thought this out. Are they considering what will happen to programs that are getting Federal financial help, such as Defense and law enforcement? Who is going to take over the Postal Service in each state? What is going to happen to retired Federal workers and Military who are drawing pensions and those drawing Social Security? Do you think those checks will keep going to people in the states that seceded? How are the major waterways and highways going to be maintained? How is each state going to keep up a Defense force? They each have a National Guard but their equipment is provided by the Federal Government. How are they going to supply that force and maintain or replace their equipment? What type of currency will be used and how will it be backed up? The list goes on. The bottom line is, who is going to pay for all the additional expenses that will result from the absence of Federal funds? The bigger and wealthier states like Texas and Alaska may be able but what about the others that are not self supporting? I think this is an impulse reaction by those who are frustrated because Romney lost. Do you really think this is going to shake up the President and his followers? They will only laugh at you and call your bluff. Then we will start seeing Blue Helmeted troops sent by the UN. Until these questions and a lot more are answered I have no intention of signing such a petition.

    • Of course they haven't thought of anything - they don't even have a clue as to how they would support the seceded state. US $$ would be useless. It is not a bluff - it is sheer stupidity. there is no bluff to call. they will grin and laugh at the hicks and hillbilly's that know nothing about the reality of being a STATE in the world.

    • David S. McQueen says:

      Calling people names doesn't win the argument. It's juvenile. Wait until Obama raises your taxes and see how many people support him.

    • David S. McQueen says:

      That's why the south created a confederacy of states. No one state can stand alone, but together . . .

    • WHERE does the federal government get their money from? The STATES send them tax revenue along with the citizens of the states paying income taxes to the feds.

      If the states should secede all the revenue from each state, including its citizens income taxes would be retained within the state thus would be used to run the state.

      It could be resolved that all retired federal pensioners could apply to the state to continue receiving their benefits albeit by the state.

      All roadways, bridges, etc within each state will be the responsibility of the state to maintain.
      Each state would maintain its own VOLUNTARY MILITIA.
      The states, collectively, would maintain our Navy and Air Force, but NO STANDING ARMY!

      Just a simple overview, but the complexities could be worked out IF secession was seriously enacted BY the states in the proper manner!

      A PLUS side is that our public schools AND police departments that have been HOOKED on "Federal Funding" can once again be FREE under state and local control instead of being indoctrination centers and mini military organizations!

      Bottom Line: It CAN work, and each state can still interact with other states, collectively if need be! ~ Americans are not beyond solving their problems WITHOUT a central government fleecing them at every turn!
      ****IN GOD WE TRUST****

    • Dude, everything you just said is the problem. The federal government should not be doing any of the those things. By what authority does the federal government to do any of these things. When all these programs were brought up back in the day. There were nay sayers and voices in the wilderness warning of the consequences we see today. But they were laughed at and scoffed. So let them laugh. It is inconsequential. It is you that do not understand what petitioners are saying. Let me put it in simple words for you. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! Can a person not choose whether he/she wish to accept something or not. When a man or woman can no longer determine his or her life, it is slavery.

      Defense is an authorized function of the federal government. So is a Postal Service. Social Security is not. But if this Union is to be disbanded, then the States will have to provide these services if the citizens of those States wants them. Besides with today's technology

      As for me, this is not an impulse reaction. This is not frustration over Romney's loss. Romney was not this land's savor; Neither is Ron Paul or the Republicans. This is refusal to play the socialists stupid game anymore. They do not respect you or your vote. With all the election fraud going on, your small voice has been effectively nullified. You do not count, and neither do millions of others that do buy into this FORWARD vision of the statist. You are just a resource to them. Something to generate labor, a subject. A part in the collective, not an individual. Valuable only as long as you can produce labor. As soon as you can no longer produce, you are to be discarded. You are not worthy or fit to self-govern. You must be ruled over. Democrats and many Republicans do not respect the law... just law. I hope you come to realize this before it is too late.

    • HEAR! HEAR! You have ALL of it right!!! I'm READY FOR THE BATTLE 'cause from what 'm reading, some Govenors and even the White House website INCLUDING a Supreme Court Justice, are basically, saying that We The People's efforts to wake up this administration with these petitions, aren't serious!! I really don't think they should ignore US! Grrrrrrrrr !

    • doesn't matter if YOU are serious or not - it's not legal and will not happen - short of blood in the streets - more than likely - yours.

    • Chris, part of me died ,, on November 6th, 2012. I like to think,, it wasn't the best part of me . But ,, I really , think it was.

      I feel ,, your pain.

    • Part of all of us died on November 6th..even the Obama hero-worshipers died, they just don't know it yet..the freebie-hounds and the so-called electoral college members rejected the saving of our nation. The total and deliberate collapse of America is under way, with a tyrannical dictator readying his permanent throne.

    • I like your comment 'they just don't know it yet''' so true

    • You have no idea how close to the truth you are . :)

    • So many died a little that day, har82. I was in such disbelief that I broke down and cried, uncontrollably for awhile ... it was very difficult to go to sleep. I awakened the next day to realize the nightmare was reality. I could barely function for a week until Louisiana filed their petition to secede from the "United" States. It was the first ray of hope for our Country, I felt. I became angry at the thought we must go to these extremes to stand for our Rights as a Peoples. But, if we must we WILL and I for one, am very ready to take back a Country from a madman who is on the fast track to destroy OUR America! DON'T GIVE UP, har82. I don't believe our Creator who Blessed our Forefathers with the establishing this great Nation by foresaking We The People with our efforts to save her. If anything, this evil viol monstrousity has brought us back to petitioning our Father Yahweh/God for His guidance and Blessings. Blessings be upon you, my friend in Patriotism.

    • The Lord , will have all things in his ,, good time. But in the meantime . Remember, not one ,,, politician ,,, did , squat ,,, to prevent ,, this ... NOT ONE . They are - all - ,,, Jonas .....

    • I felt something DIE inside me and a change come over me. I am still sorting it out. I'm THRILLED that John McCain is showing some cajones and relentlessly going after obama on Libya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Never seen McCain this intense. Keep it up JOHN!!!

    • Because that worthless scab knows he is on the way out, and in disgrace no less.. I lived in Az most of my life and I can't stand that back stabbing POS. I can say, he sure as h e l l , isn't dong it because it is the right thing to do lol. Just covering his own toosh is all.

    • All correct, except the last sentence. Lincoln and Obama are cast in the same mould, it was Lincoln who setup this monster in Washington DC that has tramppled states rights ever since the south was forced to bow the knee to the king in DC. Before this is over, both Illinois presidents will have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on their hands. Lincoln lived by the sword and died by the sword, as so will all who go down that path.

    • Chris, you have written an exceptional treatise. Please explain the benefits of
      abrogation as opposed to secession.

    • There is no such rank as "commander in chief" of the military - it is a bogus title given to every president.

    • You know your recommended actions to correct our crisis will never come to pass by the powers that be, there is only one solution and until our citizens are ready to perform the only solution to our problem noting will change but only get worse

    • @Cris Farrell --- 3rd paragraph down ---Marco Rubio was born in Miami, so how could Sen Vitter have done that?

    • Obama admitted in the last debate that he was raised by a single mom. That means she was never married to Obama senior and should not be able to claim his name. Thats why there is no birthcertificate, because there is none. Don't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. He is a fraud, and you know what they call a man that has no father.

    • I signed the AZ petition, knowing it probably wouldn't go anywhere, but wanting to make a statement no matter how small. If millions of us do the same, that is a HUGE statement. My wife said I'd probably end up on a list that I wouldn't necessarily want to be on, but I figure if I'm not on those lists already, I haven't done enough to fight for my country.

      We turned in our cable box and put up an antenna. My cable bill will no longer be divided up among all those networks who pump their poison into my home, whether I'm watching them or not - like Algore's stupid channel and especially MSLSD! Now to figure out how to keep the gubermint from using my tax dollars to subsidize these commie bastids when they finally go bankrupt.

    • I agree with you. I feel desperate. It is going to get much worse this term.............if he ever leaves. He may make himself King nggr. God Bless TX<,LA and all the rest of the states who are petitioning and the brave people who signed all of the petitions.

    • I stand for what is right ".ONE NATION UNDER GOD",but that seem to have lost its way and fell by the wayside and is no longer United. Obama has won by lying cheating and deceiving the American people,and the Courts and Judges up hold him in this we need to all ban to get him out of office and the crooks that hide behind his coat tail If we want the truth take a hard look all the Southerns States did not vote for him and it was election fraud now all 50 States want to ban why did they not ban during the real election you Northern States need to go on with yourself you are the ones who put him back in take all he has to offer in stride and go with our life with Obama the Southern States don't see it your way because we saw the light and how dim it has burned in the last four years so we need our Constitution back the way it has been in the beginning "We The People,By The People,For The People

    • You have forgot the last true democrat, J.F.K. since then, prayer has been taken out of the public schools, a if it feels good do it mentality has taken over, not to mention all the emty closets! sex and drugs and all the welfare handouts EBT cards, obama phones..........

    • You forgot that Jindal also OUTLAWED CASH IN ALL SECOND HAND TRANSACTIONS IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA TO INCLUDE ALL PRIVATE SALES AND GARAGE SALES, you know, to curb burglary (pawn shops are excempt, but he wasn't lying or anything). As for the rest of your alternatives...that's more of a pipe dream than secession.