Secession Movement Sweeps All 50 States

Since my first report of Texas and Louisiana residents petitioning the federal government to peacefully withdraw from the United States, the numbers have grown, until now all 50 states have petitions going and many of them have already succeeded in making their goal and topping the 25,000 necessary signatures, which triggers an official response from the White House.

While some commenters have claimed that is was only a 100,000 or so people that were pushing this, the figures are pushing upwards of 1 million and that is just since Saturday. The petitions are gaining national attention and I've received many emails in support of the effort and some that are against it.

Let me say those who are opposed believe that this is what Barack Obama wants: divide and conquer. Well, stop and think for a moment. We are divided in this society. It wasn't just Barack Obama doing it though. Mitt Romney made the comment that there are 47% living on the government dole and Obama supporters. Well, that wasn't completely true as I wrote about here. However, both men saw the country divided ideologically. It is. There is no getting around that.

But here's the good news. These petitions to peacefully withdraw so a common unity around the principles that the Founders united around. Remember, the Revolutionary War was not wanted by the majority of the people. Neither was the War of Northern Aggression. But both were fought on principles and both were fought because of an oppressive government.

I do not wish to see bloodshed here in America with a war. In fact, that is the last thing I want. It is the last thing these petitioners want. Their petitions are for a "peaceful withdraw," not a forcible one.

With all of this said, it will be interesting to see exactly how the White House responds. I'm guessing they will basically blow it off and say there will be no withdrawing, but then again look who is being petitioned. However, I think the public knowledge that there are those of us who are fed up with an ever encroaching federal government by both parties is healthy for the country as a whole. These states will not be divided. I am confident that we will look out for each other, but those of us who do not believe it is government's place to be charitable would like to voluntarily do that, not be forced to do so.

Though you can find in my previous article a list of states and petitions, I'm providing and updates and alphabetized list here for quick reference.

May things remain peaceful and God grant us changed hearts of our leaders and our people and true repentance of His own people, the Church, and may He heal our land.

New Hampsire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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  • barleywheets

    My state isn't available.. it says the petition has expired

  • Greg

    If you agree California should seceed as it's own nation, sign the petition at this link:

    h t t p : / / w h . g o v / S R W y

  • gotham1883

    If everyone got on welfare the government would crash. It is the only way besides civil war. The sooner the better. Why fight the welfare system when you can bring it down by joining it?

  • gotham1883

    The political parties in this country are arrogant and lawless. Both believe that whoevers in charge determines what the law is. I count 16 states who passed the petition or are strongly sympathetic. There is a way to eliminate the need for secession. Destroy the dollar. Without the ability to print as much as they want the governments socialist/communist network will be crippled.

  • Just Saying

    Four words for you: Binders. Full. Of. Women.

  • Grant

    get your house in order(that's your personal life), for the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night... Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord.

  • JIM

    The problem with the majority of the people, is that no one studies the U.S. History and the Constitution. The major reason for all of our problems in Washington, is that there is not one person in a hundred in Congress that wants us to enforce the Constitution. THE LAW OF THE LAND, AS IT IS WRITTEN.
    If the people would read and study their Constitution, the answer to all of the monetary problems in Washington, is spelled out right there in that Constitution, ARTICLE 1, Section 8. But who is willing to READ IT OR enforce it? No one that we send to Washington will follow through and see the Constitution is enforced.
    As a young boy, I went to Country School, where our teachers had nothing more then a High school education, plus a summer school where they learned how to teach. This new teacher taught the first through the eight grade. Here we taught the Constitution, memorized the "Preamble of the Constitution," the "Gettysburg Address" the names of every President, and the era they were president, what then stood for. We were taught about the Monetary system and how the Constitution has been violated ever since 1913. How every dollar now in circulation is a DEBT, not only to the owner of it, but to the Federal Government.