Predatory Political Parasites Are Bleeding America Dry

What do you do when you find yourself attacked by a parasite that is determined to suck the life out of you? Ticks? Tapeworms? Fleas? How about predators? Wolves, Hawks, Sharks, "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my."

Parasites are insidious. They usually attack the weak, those with compromised immune systems. This approach makes their job easier. Parasites look for a weakened host. The strong can fight them off. But the weak cannot. In a medical analogy, the course of action is to take the proper antidote to make the host strong enough to wipe out the parasite. Adding more parasites is not the way back to health and strength. And in nature, parasites are known to multiply prolifically and fast. Once they find the weak host, they move in fast and in great numbers.

Predators are more overt. They come at you with aggression and power. They can come in packs or one at a time, but they always overwhelm the victim with guile and strength.

Tactic 1. Socialists are both predators and parasites. They look for and create crises in order to weaken the target. They start salivating when they find weak people. They smell blood. They like to scare people into feeling insecure, make them feel like victims even when they are not. That is one of their most effective weapons. They are determined to make the target feel as if he or she cannot make it in this world without them. In case you haven't noticed, that is also the mode of operations for scam artists, i.e. convince the target that he or she cannot survive "the problem" without them.

Tactic 2. Socialists are very good at attacking the strong in order to weaken them. Predators know how to turn the target into lunch. The strong are their enemies. After all, if you are strong, smart, and self-sustaining, then you are less likely to succumb to the predator's conniving plans to overtake you. So the plan then becomes to strike the strong with public scorn and any other media smear in order to undermine their support. Surprise attacks creating hysteria work well in this one. (I watch the hawk in my backyard swoop in, scare the living daylights out of the smaller birds so they flee in fear and smack their little heads on the house. Then the hawk grabs the little bird as it has knocked itself out lying on the ground. The little bird was fine a minute earlier, but the hawk created the fear that led to the bird's being taken.)

Tactic 3. "Just a little blood sucking won't hurt you." Socialists, like other predators, are very patient. They know they can get you by inches if they can suck you in just a little bit at a time. "Just a little European Socialism" won't hurt quite as bad as a complete Bolshevik revolution or a few guillotines in the public square as the French suffered. In this tactic, the predatory parasites take power by getting you hooked, like a drug addict wants more and more of the addictive dependence on whatever the predatory parasites is offering. What happens here is you can't fight them, so you join them. You become the support system because you want to appease the predator and you think you can put off the inevitable death. The Socialist predatory parasite offers you part of the take, a la dependence on government money.

If you thought Americans were being bled dry by politicians before this past election, you haven't seen bleeding. Americans last November voted for more and bigger predators and parasites. Granted there weren't great options in this past election, but to vote for certain death is so self-defeating that I still can't believe it. Voting for ticks and sharks, tapeworms and wolves, leeches and, well, you get my point.

The Predatory Parasite in Chief and his minions are out there pushing to suck another 2.4 trillion (with a T) of borrowed dollars from our already wounded nation, from you. Their budget doubles our deficit in five years and triples it in ten years. When you add the interest on this insanity, Americans will be so weak and the dollar will be so devalued that we are done, our children are done, & America's goose will be cooked. In fact our poor goose has already been plucked and readied for the pot.

With predators and parasites you only have a few choices; get strong, get smart, and get rid of them fast before they multiply even more. We have come to the tipping point. Take the correct medicine....stop the bleeding...push the "Reset" button on the original writings of the Founding Fathers who saw all of this and protected us from it in the U.S. Constitution. Write to Congress, write to judges, write to friends, speak up! Get your voices heard! Do not sit idly by and let our Nation be taken down by predators and parasites.

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  • Fideux

    When you vote for these mental midgets, you're saying "go ahead and screw me; I like it!" It's not like you didn't know in advance what their agenda was. WTF did you expect?

  • har82

    If all people who received a government check , be it local ,state , or federal , were made to work for it . It would not be as abused ,, as it is.
    If you are physically able ,,, there is always ,, something,, you can do to earn ,,, that check.
    Pick up trash on the road, sweep and mop public buildings , something .....
    Until this is done ,,, the welfare state will continue to bloat.

  • har82

    Wow, first time I have seen a democrap politician - described to a T - in print before lol. And they are very good ,, at what they do too. Does anyone else ,, still wonder how we managed to wind up with a foreign muslim piece of trash for - president - again ??. lol
    This article ,, explains it completely. Pander to the weak with freebies... And attach the rest with lies and slander lol.
    Looks like it worked pretty well doesn't it .
    Ohhh, and it is essential to have a completely biased , bought off, and owned , media ,, to further the lies as well.

  • shamu9

    Keep America Free--Whack a Commie/Democrat

  • J J

    Never let a crisis go to waste especially if you created it!! And they the government can come in and help all of the victims they created. It seems that our predatory Federal government is pushing us, in the dead of night - behind closed doors, to socialism. But they don't read history books because history has proven that socialism doesn't work - just look at all of those European countries. More takers than makers - not good policy.

  • Luther Lutheran

    Dear Mr Sowell

    I have tried to eliminate race from the consciousness of the
    American. My kind of white man supported women’s rights, civil rights and the
    equality of men.

    So now, as you say, the general population voted against
    Romney because he represents the white man?

    You know, I do believe you. I think this assessment is
    correct. How else to explain a vote against the best interests of the people?

    So now I stop. I stop fighting for the equality of
    minorities. You see, given the freedom of the vote minorities wind up voting
    against the very people that gave them equality.

    This is the danger you obviously do not see. When people who
    have fought for your freedoms get trampled to your liberal sense of race
    retribution, you make enemies of those who most fervently fought for your right
    to vote and be part of the great civilization.

    It *iggrs like you, and your minority mud races, that are in
    fact racists. Your black and minority vote proves it. So now I say screw you.
    You have made an enemy in your quest for retribution against the white man.

  • adamenochnoah

    Obama is like the Blowfly King ruling over a trash dump full of maggots that love him...

  • R.Young

    The citizens of this country have brought this on themselves when they have continued to elect leaders who believe in a Government , of the Government, for the Government, by the Government!

  • Peggy Joseph


  • Jude O'Connor

    Start with this list of federal parasites that is stuffed to the gills with friends and family from every political office in DC.

  • AppraisHer

    Our Founders wrote an incredibly detailed and complete guide to protect their new country for the ages. They built in a fail safe for every conceivable evil: the possible takeover by an outside enemy, treason by an inside enemy, even a government gone wrong. The Founders planned for everything, except her own citizens selling her out for a piece of silver. I'm beyond disgusted.

    • cactus

      It seems we are all beyond doing anything about it but complaining. Our founders gave us an avenue to correct what is happening now in the Declaration of Independence. I keep waiting for some of these guys who have been posting hell and brimstone to actually start something so I can join them. I guess we are all waiting on somebody else.

    • har82

      Right time ,, the right opportunity ,, just be patient lol. :)
      I was ready to go when the millions marched on DC and closed it down for a couple days over - bammie care- . But that sure fizzled out fast enough. And we still wound up with commie care .
      No, I think at this point it will take them doing something more drastic . Perhaps if he declared - Martial Law - lol.

  • 1gentready

    That is the entire Obama administration and the Village Idiots that work on Fox news named Bob Beckell and Allen Combs. If Jack the Ripper were a Democrat and these idiots were standing right in front of jack the Ripper while he jest slashed a womans throat they would say that because he is a Democrat he is a great man and would never do anything wrong. This is Bob Beckell and Allen Combs.

  • ARMYOF69

    We need to look at all government publications, documents, laws etc., and replace the word government with WE THE PEOPLE ,AKA TAXPAYERS FOR THE WORLD.
    Think about it.

  • Bob Marshall

    Socialist prey on the weak minded. Those incapable of critical thinking.

    • hopefaithcharity

      They also leave open borders

    • har82

      Well Bob. You just described 99.9 % of all the democraps lol. Ever try to have an open conversation with a democrap ??. It's like talking to a brick wall. Just nothing there .

  • retiredmillwright

    Yes, socialists can be compared nicely to blood sucking
    leaches. The people that are able to work but prefer to live off the government
    or trade their votes for special favors for the unions are their voting base.
    Their votes enable the liberals to feed at will on the productive people of
    America. The Obama socialists have used class warfare to divide America. They
    are even feeding on our grandchildren by borrowing and running up our debt to unheard
    of levels, that is generational debt. The government grows larger, more
    expensive, and more intrusive into our lives every day under the socialists. I
    fear America will not survive the socialists in any form that we recognize, but
    I will never stop fighting the rape of America by these socialists.