Obama Stands On His Principle To Continue Subsidizing The American Holocaust

On Monday, Barack Obama gave a speech in Madison, Wisconsin in which he said, regarding budget negotiations with Republicans, that he would not compromise federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. According to its own fact sheets the organization performed 985,731 abortions between 2008 and 2010. They also receive taxpayer money to help in their holocaust every year, including $48.4 million in 2009-10.

That's nearly one million people murdered at the hands of Planned Parenthood, subsidized by the taxpayer and endorsed by our federal government. Barack Obama wants to continue subsidizing this organization.

“Sometimes you got to fight. Sometimes you’ve got to stand on principle,” Obama said.

“If the price of peace in Washington is cutting deals to cut students off financial aid, or get rid of funding to Planned Parenthood, or let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions or eliminate health care for millions of folks on Medicaid who are poor or elderly or disabled, I won’t pay that price,” Obama continued. “That’s not a deal I’ll take. That’s not bipartisanship. That’s not change. That’s surrender.”

CNS News reported,

A Congressional Research Service report published on Aug. 28 said that the federal government gives Planned Parenthood about $66 million per year in Title X “family planning” grants. The law prohibits recipients from using Title X money for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. However, Planned Parenthood and other organizations that receive federal subsidies under Title X can take the federal money and do abortions at the same time as long use other dollars—not the dollars they got from the federal government--to pay for an actual abortion.

“PPFA and its affiliates receive about $66 million in annual Title X funding, according to the PPFA Washington Office,” the Congressional Research Service reported.

“The prohibition on abortion does not apply to all the activities of a Title X grantee, but only to activities that are part of the Title X project,” the Congressional Research Service said. “A grantee’s abortion activities must be ‘separate and distinct’ from the Title X project activities.”

The Congressional Research Service pointed out that critics believe that federal Title X funding should be withheld from organizations like Planned Parenthood that do abortion.

It is a travesty when men will support, with any amount of money, be it taxpayer money or their own, the murder of the most innocent and helpless among us. May God grant America repentance.

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  • riosam

    It's one of the most effective ways to control population so you better believe they will ALWAYS fund Planned Parenthood! And abortion in general will ALWAYS be legal! As Supreme Court Judge Ginsberg said 'I voted in favor of legalizing abortion because, like most of the other judges at the time, we thought it was a way of decreasing the amount of undesirables.' That is the true reason they legalized abortion. Had nothing to do with a women's right to choose...

  • Stan

    The users of planned parenthood are mostly African Americans. Do they not know what they are doing to their race? And the Democrats support this? May God help them see what is going on.

    • Bill

      Of course Democrats support hits. Let's go down the list - as Matforce did -

      Dems started the KKK

      Dems voted against the Equal Right Amendment in higher % than Repubs

      Dems thrive off of poverty (check J Jackson income/balance sheet when talking of "equal distribution")

      Dems supported rampant lending (B Frank, T Kennedy), which led to mortgage crash, which hurt poorest and middle class the most.

  • SofiesVoice

    Obama says sometimes you have to stand on principles!!....hmmmm, what principles...he has none....no character....just a destructive arrogant personality. Such a liar. I hope the elderly don't fall for his rhetoric about medicaid.....reality will set in when obamacare determines that there is not much of worth in the elderly, no more money generated by them for the government, so the death panels will decide whether any money should be spent on them such as for surgeries, knee replacements, heart transplants and on and on. For the grace of God his mother chose to let Obama live!!! Now he wants to kill as many innocent babies as he possibly can. What a travesty.

  • Not a lib

    How many conservatives do you know that would have an abortion?That means the liberals are killing the voting class.With oboma care the old liberals will be put to death also.That only leaves a smaller majority to vote for socialism the next time around.Well done libtards keep up the good work.Oh and by the way make sure you all take your flu shots this year!

  • hugh Billeaud

    Barack Hussein Obama is covered in the blood of the unborn, who are crying out for vengeance. I know this because Christ himself said, "before you were in the womb, I knew you". My God, what has happened to our society and country?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E5NROVWXFJO235674VMSD2LB3M Debra H

    ... and this is just A-OK fo this baby killer.. and for all those who think abortion is a way of birth control.. what is the matter with you poeople... ???

  • Bo Kassa

    Jeremiah 1:5
    May Obama rot in hell!!!

    Baby killing coward=Obama
    Pro homosexual unions that destroy the family fiber in this nation.

    Afraid to counter attack the Islamist in Benghazi and save American's lives during the assault on 9-11-12. Obama is nothing more then an immoral piece of fecal matter!!!
    Anyone and I repeat anyone who votes for this spawn of Satan and still dares to call themselves a Christian is nothing more then a hypocrite who is mocking the Words of God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Osbun/100001215333702 Erik Osbun

    Obama is subsidizing infanticide.

  • mathis1689

    Obama needs to apologize to Hitler and Stalin. At least some of the people they murdered weren't helpless infants in the womb.

  • Skeptical_Boomer

    What a piece of work. Planned Parenthood was founded to limit the Black populatin in this country. Margaret Sanger wanted to recruit prominent Black preachers to promote sterilization of black women. The evil history nof this organization is lost this fool.
    On a more practical note, this clown and his progressive horde have run up massive debt in the name of compassion that will take several future generations to pay off which in itself is immoral. To make matters worse, they want to insure we kill off these future generations through contraception, abortion, and the climate change hoax.

  • vnzppr

    The man has no principals, no character... just a big chip on his shoulder that's costing all but a minority of us everything we hold dearly in this life.

  • Matforce

    The GOP depends on deception now that they have sold their souls to advance the Plutocratic State. The truth would be so revolting to the commoner, they'd have a hard time being elected to town council:

    Exhibit 1: "We're for job creation." Truth- Compare the GOP votes with the Dems on every Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, GATT, WTO, the S. Korea, Columbia and Panama FTA, as well as the current SE Asia FTA) the that has come down the pike for perspective on the devastating offshoring of jobs to 3rd world nations for a higher return for the Plutocrats.

    Exhibit 2: "We're for tax cuts for corporations" Truth- See Bill S3816 "Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act (2010), which would grant generous tax cuts to corporations who keep jobs home and hire USA workers, while curtailing loopholes, exemptions, credits etc. for offshoring corporations that employ a foreign workforce and to undersell Made in USA.

    Exhibit 3: "ObamaCare Flatlines: 3.8% Home Sales Tax Clobbers Middle Class" Right off the officail GOP website. Claims home sales would be subject to 3.8% estate tax on home sales tto pay for "ObamaCare." Truth: Only home sales with a PROFIT margin of $500,000 for couples, and a $250,000 PROFIT margin would begin to be assessed at the 3.8% on ever dollare over those amounts, and then it would be factored in as a capital gains, which gets complicated but may yield less tax revenue than the 3.8%; deceptive.

    Exhibit 4: HR 4646: The 1% tax on every financial institution transaction tax. Truth: It was never brought to a vote.

    The list goes on and on. Just google Politifact, Snopes, FactCheck or any other perportedly independent fact check organization and just compare the sheer number of falsehoods that range from fibs, to lies, to Pinochios, to PANTS ON FIRE WHOPPERS told by the GOP and then by the Dems.

    A vote for the GOP is a vote for the advance of PLUTOCRACY and a vote against the promotion of what's best for the middle class and the common folk of the USA.
    The Obama campaign is certainly not innocent of over-simplifying, or painting with a broad brush, but the GOP has elevated what I call the synatax of deception to a new level with their campaign slogans, chain emails, along with their cheering section on Fox News. For the deception alone, and the way they hoodwink the Chistians to get their votes, while in truth, their only loyalty and true allegience is to the Plutocrats from whom they take their marching orders, we commoners should seek revenge.

    • A WWII veteran

      A vote for Obama is a vote for the downfall of the U.S.

    • Bill

      "I will run the most open and ethical administraion...." Sen. Obama, 2008.

      Yet we still cannot even see what name he used to apply for his college grants. Why?

      Answer this FIRST, then complain about legislation being deceptive.

      Plutocrats? Why not just give 100% to Washington, take a drug test, and get your equal percentage back (unless you fail)? That way no one would make any promises at all so there would be no "lies". Or would that be racist?in your dictionary? I am glad however that you at least used the word "perportedly" when you talked of independent fact chacking.
      But again, let's see Obama's college entance papers, we know his BC is fake, so why can't he be open as he promised?

    • Matforce

      The current GOP would Privatize EVERYTHING!

      -Vouchers for Medicare
      -Privatize Social Security in the Wall Street Casino
      -Deregulation of Wall Street (see Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act (1994) and the results of the Wall Street melt-down of 2008-09 Sub-Prime Mortgage scandal)
      -Turn over our National Parks and Forests to Big Oil and Logging Companies.
      -Get rid of the EPA so companies can do what they want and make more profits.
      -Get rid of welefare and food stamps and let the churches take care of the needy.
      -Let Corporations decide who gets paid what, and defer minimum wage decisions to their judgement.
      -For profit schools and Universities
      -Food inspections, and public health would be better served by the private sector
      -Then, lets outsource our military to companies like Haliburton.
      -Maybe we should just outsource the federal Government to Bain Capital where Romney can serve as CEO or the United States of Plutocracy and he could fire the 47%.

  • Pssdov

    Roe v Wade is still the law of the land. PP uses over 98% of it's budget to help women with life saving or unaffordable services. Keep your Christian principles to yourself, they have no place in politics, this is NOT a Christian nation, it is a secular republic. The real American "holocaust" is the waste of American lives in unnecessary wars foisted upon us by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the war criminals. Romney goes down.

    • CalBob

      B.S. NEED I PRONOUNCE IT??? They don't even provide mammograms for women. Is that how you save lives, by killing a million young? Wow. Again, you don't want deaths to stop world terrorism, but you kill a million on the operating table? I quit donating to Susan G. Komen when I discovered they were in turn giving close to a $million to PPH....If a woman has chosen to abort, let her pay for it...why should I have to??? Same with contraceptives....If she wants birth control, let her buy it...I don't want to pay for it...I have my own to take care of...every function that passes through the government, because of the bureaucracy, goes way up in cost...so keep the government out of it.

    • Hugh Billeaud

      You're a dumb, dumb ass. Of course this is a Christian nation. "One nation, under God". "All are endowed with certain innalienable rights, endowed by the Creator". You either failed History in high school or you have been on Uranus for most of your life. People like you should ship off the the Muslim world, where they stone women who have abortions. You're a dumb, dumb, stupid miserable pseudo-American citizen who deserves our Muslim, Fraud President Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Hugh Billeaud

      People like you make me sick to my stomach.

    • Rosenkranz

      To bad your parents didn't use Planned Parenthood.

  • Dean

    Tax payer subsidy for murder has to stop! Too bad these pro-abortion people weren't aborted.

    • leithel1

      Maybe obama's revenge is to his mother because she didn't abort him.