Obama Effort to strip constitutional gun rights may start American Civil War

Are you ready to wake up in an America where your family is defenseless against enemies foreign or domestic? This reality is right around the corner. A day after his reelection, Barack Obama signaled the United Nations that he is ready to sign an Arms Treaty to strip you of your U.S. Second Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms.

Obama’s move to sign a United Nations’ Gun Ban Treaty will escalate states’ effort for seceding from America.

This is not new. The United Nations made earlier attempts during the administration of former President George W. Bush. But, President Bush soundly rejected the measure. Now, President Obama, fresh off of this presidential win, feels emboldened to go forward with his design to unilaterally dismember the guaranteed constitutional protections citizens of this nation are entitled to.

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that the U.S. State Department under the control of either Ambassador Hillary Clinton will truly represent your interest? What about her possible replacement nominee, America’s United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice? This is the same Ambassador Rice who went on five television network shows to cover up the truth of what happened to four Americans murdered on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya.

Where does that leave Americans?

The real question is what are you prepared to do in order to defend your right to defend your family? Will you wait to see what happens? Or will you take the necessary steps to make certain that you will not have to wait and see if United Nations gun control officials knock at your door and demand “Gun license and registration, please!”

The right to control your guns is not open for debate or for negotiation. It is a sovereign right that no foreign organization, including the United Nations has the right or the authority to undertake, because a president gives the go ahead.

When any president decides to destroy the nation’s U.S. Constitutional rights afforded to its citizens, which he has sworn to uphold, he no longer has the authority to represent the nation’s citizens. He must be impeached!

The U.S. Constitution says with great clarity in Article II, Section 4:
"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Your signed petitions should be forwarded to John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives according to Article I, Section 2: "The House of Representatives . . . shall have the sole Power of Impeachment."

You do not need the permission of the White House nor do you need the permission of the mainstream media to determine your course of action to demand the impeachment of  Barack Obama. Develop a list of particulars that petitioners in all fifty states will sign. The secessionist movement has already gotten the ball rolling.

Several hundred thousand petitioners representing all fifty states, including battleground state Ohio have signed to secede from the union. This is far more serious than a group of Hollywood actors and entertainers who threatened to vacate and move to Canada after President Bush was reelected in 2004.

This is a significant and determined first step in the process to take back this nation from a president who has made numerous attempts to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.

Impeachment for the purposes of clarification comes from English law and was used in 1640 case against Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford. He had, “traiterously endeavored to subvert the Fundamental Laws and Government of the Realms . . . and instead thereof, to introduce Arbitrary and Tyrannical Government against Law."

Obama has moved to subvert the fundamental laws and government of the United States, by refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which is congressional legislation passed and signed into law by President Bill Clinton. He has issued an executive order which circumvents federal immigration law, granting nearly a million illegal immigrants the right to be protected from removal which the law demands. These are just a few of his attempts to subvert the U.S. Constitution.

So in plain English, President Obama should face impeachable offenses that can be determined in the House of Representatives.

Begin now to take your first steps of many to protect the integrity of your Second Amendment U.S. Constitution’s right to protect your family. Today, tonight and tomorrow consider: what are you prepared to do to protect your family?

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.
  • Publius2013

    I have written to my congressional representatives, asking them to not support any legislation violating, subverting or attempting to usurp the second amendment. To date, I have received only one reply, from a Republican, the rest, Democrts have remained mum. I can only accept that by their silence they remain with supporting anything the traitor in the white house says he will do. So, I am ready, consigned, willing and able to resist any attempt whatsoeer arises to protect my family, uphold the constitution and repel foreign forces and their abetters who seek to destroy the USA. I hope and pray my 80 million brothers and sisters in arms will stand by the constitutional republic and against the domestic enemies who wish to destroy the USA.

  • freedom fighter

    Today, Walmart announced that they will be attending a meeting at the white house per gun control - ask yourself what business does walmart have in determining American laws on gun control in the USA - well, the following is a plausible reason that ovomit is entertaining walmarts bid at the white house: Walmart, in the sense of econnomic and geo-political environment, is simply an extension of chinese communism since most products they sell are manufactured in china under sweat shop labor conditions as enforced by the fulon gong - there observation of human rights, fair and safe laobor practices, worker health comnditions is absent at best - clinton was the president paid off by john long to turn the naval deep water port in los angelos into the port that most imported goods going to walmart from china are received in this country (another dysfunctional democrat whose wife is another power grabber hoping to be included in the envious incompetent elite - well, now that many have received extensions on unemployment and food stamps and welfare roles are increasing, there wll be a continuance of goods and food sold at walmart b/c they are the cheapest which the unemployed, food stamp recipients and welfare leaches can afford - the more this trend is endorsed by ovomit, the more there will be the wards that will be conscripted to spend those tax dollars at walmart - tie this into the fatc that the aussies have had their weapons taken away a number of years ago and now the chinese are buying all their coal and gold and their agricultural land, what happens when the coal and gold run out when, at that time, the chinese will now own all the aussies fertile land and will not share the aussies idigenous food supply with them without compensation as they do not have weapons to protect their interests and away go their rights and freedom to be conscripted to the chinese - well, the keystone pipeline and the epa's position on fracking is slowing down the capacity for the US to consume their own resources which would free us from OPEC and all the pitfalls associated with middle eastern, african , venezuelan and mexican oil where they hold us in contempt even though our consumption of their oil has brought them into the 20th century from an economic respect = too bad they have the maturity of a spoiled 6 year old wherein they blame anybody but themseleves for their problems where ole uncle sam comes to their rescue at taxpayer expense - walmart going to the white house is simply the same as when john long went to the white house under clinton's admin. to secure the port to access our economic markets and slowly bankrupt manufacturing and small businessesin this country - do not decive yourself that this is nothing but a head fake to attempt to disarm you and when the chinese runo out of coal, gold and oil in rooland, all of a sudden, the keystone pipeline will be endorsed and fracking will be conducted at a NYC pace when the chinese need it - this will be legitimized by our govt. b/c at that time we will be consuming much less of our own resources b/c our manufacturing will be all but gone and soros will be one of the many foreign owners of the agricuktural conglomerates whom are in the process of manipulating generational owned farms in this country into foreclosure so he can buy the best fram land in the world at bargain basement prices with the financing borrowed from the us govt. at low interest rates - this cannot happen if the us citizens remain an armed nation as opposed the loss of the aussies right to their guns and their spine as the chinese are using them up only to conscript them into manufacturing jobs that will move to rooland from china as he chinese will then be too rich to work these jobs and you will be their servant - keep maintaining that entitlement mentality and big brother will eventually consume you and your rights and freedoms

  • DaveNTeja

    The question is, Who are we going to fight? The police? The Army? Each Other? I am ready to defend the Constitution, but we need organization to fight this fight. My two cents about a ten dollar issue.

  • ralphwylie

    It's not going to be a civil war, it's going to be a revolution. There is a difference. History is about to repeat itself and the American people are going to fight against the tyranny that the government has become, not against each other.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-J-Nellett/1580432719 Michael J Nellett

    The Constitution is all that separates us from the barbarians at the gate, and if it disappears so do we. Patrick Henry said it best, " give me liberty, or give me death!)

  • Wolf-Talker-1

    A Civil War is not the answer, if necessary it should be the last resort!

  • polaris

    Sadly, I have to wonder what the US Military would do if asked to dis-arm American citizens. My nefew who is an 82nd Airborn Ranger Sergent says his men will confiscate weapons from American citizens if told to.......he said they would be too afraid that if they didn't, they'd lose their job's. How do ya like that!??

  • shootme

    You are an idiot. The President has no power to strip any Constitutional rights.

  • Walt

    We all know Obama should be impeached and we all know that he will not because Congress does not have the balls to do so. Obama knows it too.

  • Seymour Kleerley

    I truely feel sorry for anyone who believes this garbage and posts such whacko far right hysteria. Don't you realize you're being radicalized for their (Talk Radio, Fox News, NRA.) profit. You can and must do better. America could use your help and you'll certainly feel much better.

  • mom2marine


  • ArmedPatriotsDOTcom

    UN troops?
    Bring it on, b i t c h

  • icetrout

    So whats the U.N. intend to use against the Americans Citizens who OWN AMERICA??? Chemical weapons, biological weapons,nukes??? They better come armed for bear & have an iron will!!!

  • Average Joe

    The title should have said Will or most likely will not may

  • CaMaven

    I think that things would work better if all Americans again underwent militia training, including proper use of guns, including mechanics, morality and justification for use. That was one of the original intentions of the Second Amendment. This would also be a good opportunity to screen out the nuts, or at least identify them.